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Parents need to start talking to their tweens about the risks of porn

By Gail Dines

Editors note: This article includes references to graphic sexual content that may be inappropriate for some readers. Today teenagers are viewing far more pornography than their parents realize. And the porn theyre...

Alcohol probably makes it harder to stop sexual violence – so why aren't colleges talking about it?

By Ruschelle Leone Et Al

Several years ago, one of us (Dominic) was consulting with university administration on their sexual violence prevention program. All colleges and universities that receive Title IX funding are federally mandated to...

North Korea's growing criminal cyberthreat

By Dorothy Denning

The countries posing the greatest cyberthreats to the United States are Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Like its counterparts, Kim Jong Uns regime engages in substantial cyber espionage. And like Russia and Iran, it...

GDPR: ten easy steps all organisations should follow

By Maureen Meadows Et Al

Data protection law hasnt undergone a significant update since the EU brought in legislation in 1995 just six years after the birth of the World Wide Web. But GDPR is about to shake things up. Now, 23 years later, the...

Thirty years since the Seoul Olympics, South Korea is still tackling the legacy of overseas adoption

By Jessica Walton

South Korea holding this years Winter Olympics comes 30 years after the country first hosted the Summer Olympics, in the capital Seoul. It has undergone huge social changes since that time, but there is still a long road...

How we can put a stop to the revolving door between homelessness and imprisonment

By Sophie Russell

Homeless people are over-represented in Australias prisons, and previously incarcerated people are over-represented among the homeless. Experiencing homelessness increases the risk of criminal justice system involvement,...

Ramaphosa must fuse fixing broken institutions and economic policy

By Mark Swilling

The state of the nation speech delivered by South Africas new president Cyril Ramaphosa was designed to project an image of hope and change. The new head of state emphasised the fight against corruption, improved...

Life on humanitarian compounds is removed from reality – this can fuel the misconduct of aid workers

By Gemma Houldey

Sexual harassment, exploitation or abuse some of which reportedly occurred at Oxfam in Haiti and has involved staff at other aid agencies elsewhere is never excusable. But the backdrop in which these sorts of acts occur...

Comfortably numb – why some older people turn to cannabis for pain relief

By Tony Rao Et Al

When most people think of cannabis users, they probably think mainly of the younger generations. But its actually the 45 to 64 age group who show the highest proportion of household spending on cannabis. Recent figures...

Millennials' home ownership hopes dashed by a broken housing market

By Chris O'Leary

Speaking to the Conservative Party conference in September 2017, the UK prime minister, Theresa May, gave a stark assessment of the UK housing market which made for depressing listening for many young people: For many the...

How labels like 'addict' and 'junkie' mask class contempt for drug users

By Liviu Alexandrescu

Terms such as drug user, addict or the blatantly pejorative junkie, dope head or stoner, are loaded with moral bias. They suggest that people who consume psychoactive substances are mentally weak and dangerous when in...

Is full transparency good for democracy?

By Austin Sarat

With the approval of President Donald Trump, the House of Representatives released the so-called Nunes memo on Feb. 2. In it, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes describes alleged abuses of surveillance...

Why stock markets crash – lessons from recent history

By Enrico Onali

Stock markets around the world suffered sudden, heavy losses on February 5 and 6. Following a 4.6% drop in the Dow Jones on the Monday, the Japanese Nikkei index fell by 4.6%, and European markets followed suit, with the...

Police mugshots: millions of citizens' faces are now digitised and searchable – but the tech is poor

By Martin Paul Evison

The steady march of technological progress has finally shone its light into the dingy world of the mugshot the commonplace name given to the photograph of a police suspect. The mugshot represents one of the earliest...

Does a sugar tax cause alcohol sales to spike? The research doesn't give a decisive answer

By Heng Jiang Et Al

Consuming sugar-sweetened drinks is associated with a range of health issues including weight gain and obesity. These are risk factors for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes and certain...

I've been diagnosed with iron deficiency, now what?

By Amanda Patterson Et Al

Iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in the developed world, affecting around one in three women of reproductive age. It can develop when iron intakes or iron absorption rates are unable to meet the...

Sense, think, act: the principle that governs everything from rocket landings to interest rates

By Christopher M Kellett

The successful first test flight of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch vehicle Wednesday morning was an amazing technological feat and fantastic theatre. The Falcon Heavy is the second most powerful rocket ever launched,...

2018 Winter Olympics set to begin against the backdrop of warm words and cold politics

By David Rowe Et Al

Mega sporting events are always heavily infused with politics, but the impending Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, have almost been buried in a geopolitical avalanche. Global tensions over North Koreas...

Why privatizing Puerto Rico's power grid won't solve its energy problems

By Arturo Massol-Deyá

Perhaps nothing is clearer to Puerto Ricans right now than the importance of having a good power grid. Hurricane Maria battered the island months ago, yet for many people the blackout continues. Not even the alleged 70...

Why the annual winter health crisis could be solved in homes, not hospitals

By Richard Morris

As winter continues, so does the usual soul searching about the state of the UKs National Health Service (NHS). Images of ambulances backing up outside emergency departments and patients lying on trolleys in corridors...

Amazon's new headquarters: here's what it will take to be the winning city

By Jim Coleman

Cities across the US are locked in fierce competition to host Amazons second headquarters known as HQ2. This is a big race: a shortlist of 20 cities seems to think this particular corporate investment can go a long way to...

Falcon Heavy: amazing launch – but what about the environmental impact?

By Ian Whittaker

SpaceX has now launched the most powerful spacecraft since the Apollo era the Falcon Heavy rocket setting the bar for future space launches. The most important thing about this reusable spacecraft is that it can carry a...

South Africa's future hinges on Ramaphosa's strategic skills

By Jakkie Cilliers

South Africas 2018 State of the Nation address by the president of South Africa has been postponed. This unprecedented step makes it clear that the country is seeing the final days of Jacob Zuma as president although it...

How the digitalisation of everything is making us more lonely

By Chris Allen

The UK government recently appointed its first minister of loneliness. The move came in response to increasing concern of a loneliness epidemic sweeping Western society. Psychologists define loneliness as a subjective,...

Gesture politics and foreign aid: evidence vs spin

By Pablo Yanguas

Secretary of State for International Development Penny Mordaunt has warned recipient governments that they face cuts in UK aid if they dont put their hands in their pockets. Her warning is grounded on a claim of public...

How neoliberalism is damaging your mental health

By Ruth Cain

There is a widespread perception that mental ill health is on the rise in the West, in tandem with a prolonged decline in collective well-being. The idea that there are social and economic causes behind this perceived...

Critical infrastructure firms face crackdown over poor cybersecurity

By Eerke Boiten

An EU-wide cyber security law is due to come into force in May to ensure that organisations providing critical national infrastructure services have robust systems in place to withstand cyber attacks. The legislation...

California's other drought: A major earthquake is overdue

By Richard Aster

California earthquakes are a geologic inevitability. The state straddles the North American and Pacific tectonic plates and is crisscrossed by the San Andreas and other active fault systems. The magnitude 7.9 earthquake...

Here's how workers would spend the corporate tax cut – if they had a voice

By Thomas Kochan

Over 200 CEOs have said they will raise wages or give bonuses as a result of the large corporate income tax cut passed late last year by Congress. Some view their plans as simply a public relations move, others as a...

Nassar's abuse reflects more than 50 years of men's power over female athletes

By Anne Blaschke

Youve got a lucky boyfriend. These were the words the physicians assistant conducting my gynecological exam in 1998 uttered as he suggestively smiled down at me over my paper gown. I lay on the exam table, 20 years old,...

Why ignoring mental health needs of young Syrian refugees could harm us all

By M. Zaher Sahloul

When a seven-year-old student in eastern Aleppo was asked at the peak of the bombardment campaign by the Assad regime in 2015 to draw a picture, he did not draw children playing, nor did he draw a blue sky or a smiling...

Parliament may not have what it takes to fix its crumbling house

By Matthew Flinders

Back in 2015, a detailed analysis of the Palace of Westminster concluded that the risk of catastrophic failure is increasing … a major failing of the existing service infrastructure is inevitable. As the subsequent...

Jakarta: social and housing justice should not be a gamble on global market's table

By Alessandra Renzi

As a sociologist and media scholar with an interest in emerging forms of civic engagement, I initially came to Jakarta - the worlds Twitter capital - to research innovative social media uses. Instead, my first visits to...

What the Coincheck hack tells us about how Australian regulators will handle a cryptocurrency hack

By Philippa Ryan

New risk rules for cryptocurrency exchanges will be put to the test with the latest hack on Japanese exchange Coincheck. Hackers stole US$660 million worth of NEM (its native cryptocurrency). In the past eight years,...

Empowering the powerless: Let's end energy poverty

By Jatin Nathwani

Power to the people, the activists chanted in the 1960s. The revolutionaries of yesteryear never dreamed of the scientific and technological innovations that could light up distant shelters and communities in the...

Why the e-cigarette industry needs global regulations

By Tanusree Jain

The e-cigarette industry has been increasingly viewed as one of the most disruptive changes in the tobacco market, with vapes now commonly perceived as an alternative to traditional tobacco products. In my own survey of...

Cyber peacekeeping is integral in an era of cyberwar – here's why

By Helge Janicke

Cyber warfare is upon us, from interference in elections to a leak of cyber weapons from a national stockpile. And, as with most evolutions in warfare, the world is largely unprepared. Cyber peacekeeping presents...

Startup investors don't get the same tax breaks with crowd-funding

By Stephen Graw

New crowd-sourced funding legislation for startups is meant to provide incentives for investors - but it doesnt quite achieve that goal. Not, that is, when compared with the tax and other concessions that apply to other...

Asia is set for a difficult year in 2018 – much of it centred around China

By Nick Bisley

In 2017 we finally realised that the four decades of geopolitical stability enjoyed by Asian countries and societies had come to an end. In 2018, the major patterns that will come to dominate the region will become...

Don't waste your time taking antioxidant supplements after exercise

By Mayur Ranchordas

The antioxidant market is big business and millions of pounds are spent every year on antioxidant supplements such as vitamin A, C and E as well as fruit and vegetable extracts and juices. Antioxidants are so popular ...

How the mothers of dead soldiers may be what reins in Vladimir Putin's ambitions

By Jennifer Mathers

Vladimir Putin seeks to present an image of Russia as a country that is strong, decisive, and able to reshape the world to its own ends. One of Moscows favourite tactics is to use military intervention even while Russian...

The next generation of cameras might see behind walls

By Stephen McLaughlin Et Al

You might be really pleased with the camera technology in your latest smartphone, which can recognise your face and take slow-mo video in ultra-high definition. But these technological feats are just the start of a larger...

Why Bitcoin is taken more seriously than Dogecoin

By Dimaz Wijaya

As Bitcoin loses value, it may seem like its just as useful as the cryptocurrency invented for a joke - Dogecoin. But there are genuine differences between these cryptocurrencies, and its not just because one is much...

What the government shutdown means for the health of Americans

By Gerald W. Parker Et Al

Morten Wendelbo, Lecturer, Bush School of Government and Public Service; Research Fellow, Scowcroft Institute of International Affairs; and, Policy Sciences Lecturer, Texas AM University Libraries, Texas AM...

How blockchain is strengthening tuna traceability to combat illegal fishing

By Quentin Hanich Et Al

In a significant development for global fisheries, blockchain technology is now being used to improve tuna traceability to help stop illegal and unsustainable fishing practices in the Pacific Islands tuna industry. The...

In The Post, Hollywood reminds us what true news should look like

By Denis Muller

Thank God for the Americans! Strange words to be uttering at this time, and yet within the space of three years their mighty image-making machine, Hollywood, has produced two masterpieces sheeting home to us all the...

Looking at the universe through very different 'eyes'

By Michael J. I. Brown

We are bathed in starlight. During the day we see the Sun, light reflected off the surface of the Earth and blue sunlight scattered by the air. At night we see the stars, as well as sunlight reflected off the Moon and the...

Tech diplomacy: cities drive a new era of digital policy and innovation

By Hussein Dia

France recently appointed a tech ambassador to the Silicon Valley. French President Emmanuel Macron named David Martinon as ambassador for digital affairs, with jurisdiction over the digital issues that the foreign affairs...

Ethiopia's hotel industry needs help to encourage tourism

By Orthodox Tefera

The global tourism industry has huge economic importance. It contributes 10% of the worlds gross domestic product and 6% of exports. One billion people a year travel somewhere in the world. Africas natural and cultural...

Will a federal government shutdown damage the US economy?

By Scott R. Baker

The federal government is on the brink of shutting down for the first time in a little more than four years after Republicans and Democrats appeared unable to agree on a last-minute deal to keep funds flowing for another...

Huge pension fund deficits are a global crisis in waiting

In the past decade, the banking industry has been a central focus of attention for regulators, academics and the general public. The 2007-08 financial crisis led to new regulations and institutions to keep things in...

UK gilts continue to fall ahead of January employment report, Brexit Minister Davis’ speech

08:52 AM| Commentary Economy

The UK gilts continued to decline during European session Tuesday as investors wait to watch the countrys employment report for the month of January, due on February 21 by 09:30GMT. Also, of utmost importance is Brexit...

FxWirePro: Radar on precious metals and RV derivative trades

08:58 AM| Research & Analysis Insights & Views

On the back dollar strength, gold futures were down 1.07% at $1,341.7 a troy ounce by 02:00 a.m. ET. Gold vols skews should stay well supported and have room to widen striking 3M delta-hedged 25 delta riskies as a good...

RBA likely to leave interest rates unchanged throughout this year, says St. George Economics

07:14 AM| Commentary Central Banks Economy

The Reserve bank of Australia (RBA) is expected to leave its benchmark interest rate unchanged throughout this year and the responsiveness of wage and inflation pressures to strength of the labour market will be key...

Fed Hike aftermath Series: Hike probabilities over next 12 months

06:54 AM| Commentary Central Banks

FOMC increased interest rates again in December for the third time in 2017 and projected three more hikes in 2018. However, debates among policymakers are growing over hikes as inflation remains low. Charles Evans joined...

Australian bonds slump after policymakers remain optimistic over growth outlook in February minutes

03:00 AM| Commentary Economy

Australian bonds slumpedon Tuesdayafter policymakers showed optimism over economic growth outlook in February minutes, mapping out a steady course for rates at its first meeting of 2018 this month. The yield on the...

Euro area’s current account surplus narrows in December

18:11 PM| Commentary

The euro area saw a current account surplus of EUR 29.9 billion in the month of December, large by historical standards but over EUR 5 billion lower than in November. A fall in the primary income surplus to a two-year low...

Hong Kong’s labor market likely to have remained tight in January, inflation to have stayed at 1.7 pct

14:28 PM| Commentary

Hong Kongs labor market is expected to have remained tight in the month of January, given the favorable local economic conditions. Rebound in inbound tourism and the buoyant equity market might have underpinned the overall...

Sweden’s housing starts fall in 2017, likely to decline further in 2018

14:09 PM| Commentary

Swedish housing starts have leveled out; however, they have not fallen. The wobbling housing market is the second half of 2017 is yet to be seen in the housing starts data. Over the past year, Swedens housing starts...

Fundamentals to watch out for this week

12:37 PM| Commentary Central Banks

In terms of volatility risks, this week is relatively calm, compared to the previous few weeks. What to watch for over the coming days: Central Banks: Bank of Japan (BoJ) board member Funo is set for a speech...

Global Geopolitical Series: Key updates from across the world

11:57 AM| Commentary

Here are some key events to keep a tab on, Israel-Palestine-Jerusalem: Palestinian Authority, which is responsible for the peace negotiations on behalf of the Palestinians insisting that the peace talks be held under...

FxWirePro: Bulls eye on bullion – Add longs in XAU and XAG on CME

11:42 AM| Research & Analysis Insights & Views

We turned bullish on precious metals last Friday as we see strengthening demand fundamentals and higher pricing over the late stages of the current economic expansion. Gold futures contracts for April delivery eased 0.21%...

Top Stories

Digital Currency Revolution

Cryptocurrencies need some regulation to influence financial markets: S&P

08:50 AM| Digital Currency

The explosive growth of cryptocurrencies in the past couple of months has grabbed the attention regulators all across the globe. While some financial regulators see these emerging asset class as a potential threat to...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Citi and Credit Agricole buy stakes in blockchain startup SETL

06:15 AM| Digital Currency

London-based blockchain startup SETL has announced that Citi and Credit Agricole have joined Computershare, S2iEM, and Deloitte as shareholders in the company. In addition to Citi and Credit Agricole taking stakes in...

Digital Currency Revolution

Deutsche Bourse to hold crypto asset competition in March

05:46 AM| Digital Currency

Deutsche Bourse is going to hold a competition focused on crypto assets in March as it makes efforts to become a part of the crypto revolution. The Crypto asset dojo 2018 will be held on 16 and 17 March. The...

Digital Currency Revolution

Don't put in more money in cryptocurrencies, than you can afford to lose, cautions Vitalik Buterin

04:56 AM| Digital Currency

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin last week warned investors about the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments. Reminder: cryptocurrencies are still a new and hyper-volatile asset class, and could drop to...

Potential Tests For Autism Using Blood And Urine Developed

01:02 AM| Science

Autism remains one of the biggest mysteries in the medical industry right now, with the root cause still being unidentified. Whats worse is that early detection of the illness has been rather unreliable. This may soon...

Perfumes, Cologne And Other Chemicals Contribute To Air Pollution As Much As Cars

01:05 AM| Science

Environmentalists often blame cars for being the biggest contributors to air pollution thanks to the smog coming out of them. However, recent data shows that aerosol chemicals are also huge contributors to making the...

Nike And Snap Inc. Partner To Market New Air Jordan With Snapchat

01:07 AM| Technology

An arrangement between Snap Inc. with Nike to market its upcoming Air Jordan III Tinker sneakers have been revealed, and it showcases Snapchats potential for advertising exclusivity. This could work to offset the...

Japanese Electric Super Car Takes On Tesla Roadster’s 0-60Mph in 1.9 Seconds Record

03:58 AM| Technology

When Elon Musk revealed the Tesla Roadster 2.0, it was promised to be the fastest mass production car ever. However, one Japanese firm seems intent on challenging this claim by matching the Roadsters record. Called the Owl...

How artificial intelligence will transform how we gesture

07:07 AM| Insights & Views Technology

Over the last decade, the machine learning, which is part of artificial intelligence (AI), has given us self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, effective web search, and a vastly improved understanding of the...

Facebook Resorts To U.S. Mail For Verifying Ad Buyers, Confirmation Via Postcards

04:06 AM| Technology

Despite touting that its a technology company, it seems Facebook is starting to see the value of old-school communication methods. The social network just announced that it would be relying on U.S. Mail to verify any...

Econotimes Series


Polish industrial output and retail sales data come in strong in January, GDP growth likely to be strong

Polands official statistics office released another set of monthly macroeconomic data, which indicate towards very robust performance of the Polish economy in the first quarter of this year. While the Polish industrial...

Polish industrial output and retail sales data come in strong in January, GDP growth likely to be strong

Polands official statistics office released another set of monthly macroeconomic data, which indicate towards very robust performance of the Polish economy in the first quarter of this year. While the Polish industrial...

UK gilts jump after unemployment rate worsens beyond expectations in December

The UK gilts jumped Wednesday after the countrys unemployment rate for the month of December came in worse than market expectations, leading investors to flock into safe-haven instruments. Markets will now focus on Bank of...

German bunds jump ahead of February manufacturing, services PMI

The German bunds jumped during early European session Wednesday as investors wait to watch the countrys manufacturing as well as services PMI for the month of February, both scheduled to be released today by 08:30GMT...

USD/INR likely to head for 65.00 mark amid intensifying risk aversion arising from India’s widening trade deficit, says Scotiabank

The USD/INR currency pair is expected to head for the 65.00 mark amid intensifying risk aversion arising from Indias widening trade deficit, the PNB fraud, and rising 10-year U.S. Treasury yield, after rallying through the...


Hunger in the lucky country – charities step in where government fails

The non-profit organisation Foodbank released its report Fighting Hunger in Australia this month. Like earlier research it reported that around 15% of Australians experienced food insecurity an extraordinary figure...

For black celebrities like Oprah, it's impossible to be apolitical

Oprah Winfreys rousing Golden Globe speech has many speculating whether the media mogul will become a presidential candidate in 2020, with some pundits questioning the merits of another celebrity president. But to...

Politicians are inflating the evidence used to justify tax increases

Chris Doucouliagos, Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Deakin Business School and Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation, Deakin University Many government policies are flawed because...

GOP tax plan doubles down on policies that are crushing the middle class

The U.S. middle class has always had a special mystique. It is the heart of the American dream. A decent income and home, doing better than ones parents, and retiring in comfort are all hallmarks of a middle-class...

What does Ramaphosa's victory mean for South Africa's economy?

A great deal is expected from Cyril Ramaphosa who was elected as the president of South Africas governing party, the African National Congress (ANC). This positions him to become the countrys president in 2019. Sibonelo...


UBI Helps People Be More Productive And Work More, Study Claims

The topic of universal basic income (UBI) has been a hot-button issue among economists, financial experts, legislators, and tech industry giants for years. Some say that it will increase productivity while others claim the...

Startup Raises $250M To Use Placenta To Extend Life And Cure Cancer

Companies have been trying to unlock the secrets to regenerative medicine for years and one startup just raised $250 million by intending to use human placenta to do so. The company believes that using the disposable...

Ozone Layer Update; Not Recovering As Expected For Unknown Reasons

In the late 90s, the issue regarding the hole in the ozone layer was big in the public consciousness, but it quickly faded in light of a new gigantic threat in the form of climate change. In recent years, scientists have...

Early Britons Had Dark Skin And Curly Hair, Research Claims

Most people have gotten used to the idea that the British Isles have always been populated with light-skinned, straight-haired humans that are predominantly found in todays UK. However, research indicates that this was...

Scientists Wants To Use Poison As Male Birth Control

The pharmaceutical industry or indeed the drug market has historically used a variety of organic substances and resources to create medicine for various applications. Several poisonous plants, for example, have been turned...


UN Chief Wants A Geneva Convention For Cyber Warfare

Over the decades, member countries of the UN have agreed to certain stipulations related to the matter of war. Basically, certain practices are to be banned and there are rules to be observed, particularly with regards to...

More Signs Of Spotify’s Hardware Ambitions Crop Up

While Spotify did build its business as a software entity, signs that it plans on selling hardware have become more and more apparent. Now, several job descriptions posted by the company are adding a tank of fuel on this...

Doom Gets Motion Control On The Switch, Follows Splatoon Formula

Motion controls have always been a tricky subject in the video game industry. So far, Nintendo has been the reigning king in this arena, what with its excellent Wii hardware. With the Switch, the company has taken things...

Amazon Uses Cashback To Increase Whole Foods Shopping By Prime Members

When it was announced that Amazon was buying Whole Foods, many wondered what changes the merchant giant would implement. As it turns out, not that much, at least for now. One of Amazons more major moves with regards to the...

This SSD Can Hold Up To 30TB Of Data, Props To Samsung

With digital media eating up more and more space, the need for bigger storage has been at the forefront of tech companies strategies in developing various products. In the case of Samsung, it recently unveiled an SSD that...
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