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Mueller report: How Congress can and will follow up on an incomplete and redacted document

By Charles Tiefer

The release on April 18 of a redacted version of the Mueller report came after two years of allegations, speculation and insinuation but not a lot of official information about what really happened between the Trump...

Notre Dame: a history of medieval cathedrals and fire

By Jenny Alexander

Many great churches and cathedrals have suffered catastrophic fires over their long histories and medieval chronicles are full of stories of devastation and ruin as a result but they also tell of how the buildings were...

Cities and countries aim to slash plastic waste within a decade

By Chelsea Rochman Et Al

If all goes well, 2030 will be quite a special year. Global and local community leaders from more than 170 countries have pledged to significantly reduce the amount of single-use plastic products by 2030. Success would...

A taxing problem: Canadian cities desperately need new sources of revenue

By Sunil Johal Et Al

Canadas municipalities are at the forefront of delivering a growing array of vital services to citizens, ranging from affordable housing, transit and child care to managing more than a trillion dollars of...

Canada's approach to lunar exploration needs to be strategic or we'll be left behind

By Alex Ellery

Should Canada go to the moon? Whats there for Canadians? It is these questions that we should ponder when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently announced that Canada will be participating in the new space exploration...

Earth Day: Colonialism's role in the overexploitation of natural resources

By Joseph McQuade

We are currently experiencing the worst environmental crisis in human history, including a biological annihilation of wildlife and dire risks for the future of human civilization. The scale of that environmental...

Notre Dame: how Christ's Crown of Thorns has survived crusades, political upheaval and a fire (but only just)

By Dr Emily Guerry

When the spire of Notre Dame cathedral collapsed in a fiery blaze on Monday 15 April, it looked as if the priceless treasures inside would be lost forever. This includes sacred paintings, tapestries, sculpture, stained...

Notre Dame: the public and private lives of France's spiritual home

By Michael Rapport

While flames engulfed Notre Dame on the evening of April 15 and the world watched in despair, French president Emmanuel Macron told news cameras that the Paris cathedral was part of the history of all French...

Easter: eggs, hares, lamb and the return of warmth and sunshine – a Christian festival that feels pagan

By Jane Stevenson

Theres a lot of confusion about Easter not least because this most important of all Christian festivals moves around so much from year to year, decided by a complex set of calculations based on the vernal equinox and the...

Nicotine replacement: when quitting cigarettes, consider using more nicotine, not less

By Jamie Hartmann-Boyce Et Al

When delivered through cigarettes, nicotine is considered to be one of the most addictive substances on Earth, so it may seem odd to suggest that people should use more, rather than less, to quit smoking. A recent review...

The legal profession has a mental health problem – which is an issue for everyone

By Neil Graffin Et Al

Set in a fictional firm in New York, the TV series Suits glamorises the life of lawyers working in a modern corporate firm. One of the main characters, Harvey Specter, dresses impeccably in an expensive designer suit and...

Brexit party: Nigel Farage's threat to disrupt EU business is a waste of his energy

By Charlotte O'Brien

The UK has been catapulted into a rather unusual position as a result of the latest Article 50 extension. The European parliament election, which is typically characterised by low turn out and its treatment as a second...

Employers wary of hiring refugees and migrants to help fill shortages need help understanding the law

By Catherine Harris

A recent survey I conducted of employers in Coventry in the West Midlands found that while 80% of the businesses we interviewed had hard-to-fill job vacancies, less than 5% had employed a refugee and nearly one-third had...

A comedian who played a president on TV might actually become Ukraine's president

By Lena Surzhko-Harned

Imagine Martin Sheen, inspired by his role as President Jed Bartlet in The West Wing, tossing his hat into the 2020 U.S. presidential race. Or Julia Louis-Dreyfus, capitalizing on her role as Vice President Selina Mayer in...

Bolsonaro's approval rating is worse than any past Brazilian president at the 100-day mark

By Helder Ferreira do Vale

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was elected last year on a wave of popular anger at the countrys stagnant economy and political chaos, promising voters a better future. After just over 100 days in office, many...

If my measles shot was years ago, am I still protected? 5 questions answered

By Eyal Amiel

As the measles outbreaks spread, many people are growing concerned. New York City declared a public health emergency and mandated vaccinations in four ZIP codes where vaccination rates have been low. A Israeli flight...

Jokowi wins Indonesia's election, polls indicate – what does that mean for human rights?

By Asmin Fransiska Et Al

Joko Jokowi Widodo will keep his position as Indonesias president for another term, now with a senior Islamic cleric Maruf Amin as his vice president, according to early results from polling companies that surveyed the...

The quest to save the banana from extinction

By Stuart Thompson

Panama disease, an infection that ravages banana plants, has been sweeping across Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. The impact has been devastating. In the Philippines alone, losses have totalled US$400m. And...

Tribute to biggest collection of artists' books in the southern hemisphere

By David Paton1

There is a very special section of artworks known as artists books. These are artworks in the form of books rather than books about art. South African art collector and philanthropist Jack Ginsberg began collecting in this...

Welcome to the latest wave of 'modernizing,' 'progressive' school reforms in Ontario

By Theodore Christou

In Ontarios recent 2019 budget, the minister of finance says because the previous government failed at teaching the basics, a lack of foundational knowledge has left too many of our kids ill‐prepared for the challenges of...

And now for a newsflash: politicians actually do keep their promises

By Andrea Carson Et Al

A quick scan of political headlines over recent election campaigns will tell you that there is a trust deficit in Australian politics. Alarmingly, surveys uniformly find that public trust is falling in Australia. The...

Here's why electric cars have plenty of grunt, oomph and torque

By Jake Whitehead

Australian politicians, including Prime Minister Scott Morrison, have raised the question of electric vehicles capacity for grunt. Now Im by no means a grunt expert, but when it comes to performance, electric cars are...

High-dose, immune-boosting or four-strain? A guide to flu vaccines for over-65s

By Allen Cheng Et Al

Flu vaccines work by exposing the body to a component of the virus so it can practise fighting it off, without risking infection. The immune system can then mount a more rapid and effective response when faced with a real...

Business-as-usual record on transport leaves next government plenty of room to improve

By Marion Terrill

This article is part of a series examining the Coalition governments record on key issues while in power and what Labor is promising if it wins the 2019 federal election. Election season means transport season: just...

The swamp foxtail's origin is hidden in its DNA

By Roderick John Fensham

Sign up to the Beating Around the Bush newsletter here, and suggest a plant we should cover at [email protected] Swamp foxtail (Cenchrus purpurascens) is a delightful grass that forms a neat tussock up to a...

Music streaming has a far worse carbon footprint than the heyday of records and CDs – new findings

By Matt Brennan Et Al

It is easy to get nostalgic for the era when most music lovers bought LPs. They would save their pennies for a Saturday trip to the local record store, before heading home clutching their glorious new vinyl in a plastic...

$500m for station car parks? Other transport solutions could do much more for the money

By Nathan Pittman Et Al

Half a billion dollars sounds like a lot of money, but that really depends on what youre spending it on. In Tuesdays federal budget, the Coalition government announced its Commuter Car Park Fund, a A$500 million package...

We asked five experts: should we nap during the day?

By Alexandra Hansen

Often during the day I feel the need to have a bit of a lie-down. Whether its been a busy day, I didnt sleep well the night before, or for no particular reason I know of. But some will warn that youll be ruined for sleep...

Mercury pollution from decades past may have been re-released by Tasmania's bushfires

By Larissa Schneider Et Al

Tasmanias bushfires may have resulted in the release of significant amounts of mercury from burnt trees into the atmosphere. Our research shows that industrial mercury pollution from decades past has been locked up in west...

Casual academics aren't going anywhere, so what can universities do to ensure learning isn't affected?

By Dorothy Wardale Et Al

More Australian universities are relying on casual academics to teach their students. Its difficult to estimate the exact proportion of academic staff on casual contracts, but reports suggest up to 80% of undergraduate...

Chinese investment in Australia is down 36%. It's time for a more balanced debate about the national interest

By Hans Hendrischke

Chinese investment in Australia fell 36% in 2018, to A$8.2 billion (US$6.2 billion) from A$13 billion (US$10 billion) in 2017, according to research by KPMG and the University of Sydney Business School. This is despite...

In Québec, Christian liberalism becomes the religious authority

By Hannah Dick

The Québec government is proposing a secularism law to prohibit any new public servants in a position of authority including teachers, lawyers and police officers from wearing religious symbols while at...

The new Brazilian government is devoid of ideas

By Lenin Cavalcanti Brito Gue

Brazil, Latin Americas largest country, had some good years between 2003 and 2013. In 2010, the Brazilian GDP increased 7.5 per cent, two times more than the world average of 4.3 per cent and three times North Americas...

Cutting cancer costs is a worthy policy, but we need to try to prevent it too

By Terry Slevin Et Al

Removing the financial worries from Australians diagnosed with cancer is bound to be a popular move. The Oppositions A$2.3 billion cancer care plan announced in Bill Shortens budget reply speech on Thursday night aims...

In the name of 'amateurism,' college athletes make money for everyone except themselves

By Jasmine Harris

As millions of people tune in to watch the Final Four, much of their focus will be on the numbers on the scoreboard. But a March 2019 report from U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, calls attention to...

Boxing: can the sport really help turn young men away from violent crime?

By Deborah Jump Et Al

Boxing is often praised as a way of teaching discipline, anger management and teamwork. Now, with violent crime on the rise in English cities especially among young men and boys the sport is being used to support those...

Evolution: how the theory is inspiring a new way of understanding language

By Glenn Hadikin

Words are often seen as the building blocks of languages. But as children we dont learn lists of words like we might in a school language class. We learn longer strings of sounds and break them up into words as we grow up....

Artificial intelligence can now emulate human behaviors – soon it will be dangerously good

By Ana Santos Rutschman

When artificial intelligence systems start getting creative, they can create great things and scary ones. Take, for instance, an AI program that let web users compose music along with a virtual Johann Sebastian Bach by...

Smokeless tobacco products flying under the radar of regulation in many countries

By Kamran Siddiqi

Smokeless tobacco products are addictive and cause cancer, yet only a few countries have adequate policies to regulate them. As a result, the global efforts to control smokeless tobacco use are lagging behind the progress...

Those future tax cut promises... they're nowhere near as big as you'd think

By Matthew Gray Et Al

The 2018 budget contained big tax measures worth A$143 billion over the next decade initially targeted at lower and middle income Australians, but after five or so years to be heavily weighted towards higher income...

The 'painless woman' helps us see how anxiety and fear fit in the big picture of pain

By Colin Klein

Imagine a life without pain. No toothache. No period pain. No arthritis. A woman who feels no pain has been in the news recently, linked to a case study published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia. Jo Cameron...

Why it might be time for New Zealand to reconsider the legal definition of murder

By Brenda Midson

The man arrested over the Christchurch terror attacks has appeared in court today, facing 50 charges of murder and 39 of attempted murder. Although further charges relating to terrorism are possible, I argue, as I have...

Seeing the smart city: Mapping technologies in Canada

By Angela K Orasch

The plan for Googles Sidewalk Labs in Toronto has continued to attract criticism. The company has yet to release a clear picture or detailed explanation of what the smart neighbourhood on Torontos waterfront will include....

Most of us support mandatory vaccines for schoolkids, but is it good policy?

By Alison Braley-Rattai

Recently, outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases, including a measles outbreak in British Columbia, have ignited a firestorm of public debate about childhood vaccination and what should be done about current...

The new truth about Aspirin, and your doctor's slow uptake of medical evidence

By Inderveer Mahal

For decades, millions of patients have been taking a daily Aspirin in an attempt to prevent hearts attacks and strokes. But in March 2019, the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association released...

What just happened to our tax? Here's an explanation you'll understand

By Peter Martin1

With all the announcements on tax over the past few days its hard to keep track. So here goes. A year ago the then treasurer Scott Morrison unveiled a seven year personal tax. Some of it involved tax cuts way out...

Invasive ants: federal budget takes aim but will it be a lethal shot?

By Lori Lach

Amid all the usual items we expect to see in the federal budget was one that raised eyebrows: A$28.8 million for three ant eradication programs. Yet amid the inevitable media puns about the government upping the ant-e,...

Why do we mix up faces? Game of Thrones might help us find the answer

By Christel Devue Et Al

In the Game of Thrones universe, confusing a photograph of actor Jack Gleeson, who played the popular HBO TV shows despised sadist Joffrey Baratheon, for one of Maisie Williams, the beloved Arya Stark, is an egregious case...

Cyclone Idai showed how some countries battle to handle disasters

By Femi Amao

Cyclone Idai has caused enormous damage in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Hundreds of people have died, about 400,000 people lost their homes and an estimated 2.9 million people have been affected by the...

Japan: spring and prosperity the watchwords as country announces a new era

By Nicolas Tranter

When Emperor Akihito abdicates on April 30 it will, quite literally, be the end of an era for Japan. Crown Prince Naruhito will formally accede to the Chrysanthemum Throne and the event will be marked by a change of era...

Trump declares economic war on Cuba

The Trump administration has declared the most severe new sanctions against Cuba since President John F. Kennedy imposed an economic embargo banning all trade with the communist island in 1962. Speaking in Miami on...

U.S. initial jobless claims falls in mid-April to lowest levels in five decades

17:16 PM| Commentary

U.S. initial jobless claims dropped in mid-April. In the week ended 13 April, the initial jobless claims fell 5k to 192k, the lowest levels in five decades and, as a share of employment, stand at all-time record lows. The...

Canadian retail sales grow above expectations in February, retail activity likely to weaken in Q1 as whole

19:16 PM| Commentary

Canadian retail sales grew above expectations in February. Sequentially, retail sales rose 0.8 percent, as compared with consensus expectations of a rise of 0.4 percent. This came on the heels of a disappointing January...

U.K. retail sales growth accelerates in March

13:52 PM| Commentary

The pace of U.K. retail activity accelerated in March. Todays release showed that the headline sales volumes rose 1.1 percent sequentially. Excluding the sale of motor fuel, sales volumes rose even more, rising 1.2...

FxWirePro: Key charts explaining crude oil inventories and production report of EIA

13:33 PM| Commentary

Here are some key charts based on data from the United States Energy Information Agencys (EIA) latest report that explains the level of inventories, refinery demand, and production. Chart 1 shows crude oil production...

Australian employment grows strongly in March, employment growth likely to slow in months ahead

11:59 AM| Commentary

Australian labor market recorded strong results in March. Employment grew by 26k after an upwardly revised rise of 10.7k in February. While the ongoing strength is good news, leading indicators are pointing towards slower...

Euro area’s flash services PMI index falls surprisingly in April, economic growth to remain soft for some time

12:37 PM| Commentary

The euro areas purchasing managers index for the service sector dropped surprisingly in April. Services PMI index dropped 0.8 points to 52.5. The index for the manufacturing sector, which is greatly responsible for the...

Global Geopolitical Series: EU at crossroads over Middle East peace process

08:58 AM| Commentary

The European Union is at a critical juncture when it comes to peace in the Middle East, At least that is the view of reputed former European Union diplomats and there are 37 of them, who wrote an open letter in UKs...

Global Geopolitical Series: Is Indonesia headed towards political trouble?

06:24 AM| Commentary

Indonesian Rupiah is up 0.32 percent for the day so far as the early count of Wednesdays Presidential election shows that incumbent President Joko Widodo is set to rule for another five years. Indonesian benchmark stock...

JGBs close higher ahead of March national consumer price inflation data

06:22 AM| Commentary Economy

The Japanese government bonds closed higher Thursday as investors wait to watch the countrys national consumer price inflation (CPI) data for the month of March, scheduled to be released today by 23:30GMT. The yield on...

Chinese GDP to further witness solid outcome in Q2 2019, support global growth picture: DBS Group Research

05:54 AM| Commentary Economy

Chinas gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to further witness a solid outcome in the second quarter of this year, which should offer further crucial support to the global growth picture, according to the latest report...

Top Stories

Crypto Technicals: Tezos retraces slightly from 6-month highs at 1.4306, shows signs of exhaustion above 61.8% Fib

12:41 PM| Digital Currency Technicals

XTZ/USD chart - Trading View Exchange - Bifinex Support: 1.2550 (5-DMA); Resistance: 1.43 (Trendline) Technical Analysis: Bias Bullish (signs of exhaustion) - XTZ/USD has slipped lower from 6-month highs at...

Torrent 2019: Why Canadians Should Be Wary of Illegally Downloading ‘Game of Thrones’

05:07 AM| Technology

A few of weeks ago, reports came in that the season premiere of the Game of Thrones eighth installment will bring in massive numbers for HBO, both legally and illegally. For the former, the premiere accumulated 17.4...

HIV/AIDS Cure: FDA Approves New Two-Drug Regimen for Patients With No Treatment History

05:07 AM| Science

Infections from the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) it subsequently causes remain some of the most harrowing epidemics around the world. This is mainly because...

How the UK is leading the world on flu research, ready to kick in quickly when the next pandemic hits

By Colin Simpson - 11:27 AM| Insights & Views Health

The next influenza pandemic is a case of when, rather than if. In the last major influenza pandemic in 2009, 201,200 people worldwide died. The UK is now leading the world in how it prepares for such outbreaks, thanks...

FxWirePro: Crypto arbitrage opportunity for the day

13:32 PM| Research & Analysis Digital Currency Insights & Views

As the cryptocurrency avenue shows the spark of bullish pressure from the recent past, pricing disparities at different exchanges offer to lure arbitrage opportunities to exploit. As the potential yields may vary from...

Brain scans help shed light on the PTSD brain, but they cannot diagnose PTSD

By Arash Javanbakht - 11:36 AM| Insights & Views Health

Celebrities and public figures have recently been more open about mental health conditions they deal with. This is a positive sign of shrinking stigma around mental illness, and it also helps in reducing it. The most...

As governments adopt artificial intelligence, there's little oversight and lots of danger

By James Hendler - 11:40 AM| Insights & Views Technology

Artificial intelligence systems can if properly used help make government more effective and responsive, improving the lives of citizens. Improperly used, however, the dystopian visions of George Orwells 1984 become more...

Explainer: what is quantum machine learning and how can it help us?

By Betony Adams Et Al - 11:45 AM| Insights & Views Science

Artificial intelligence refers, among other things, to machines capacity to demonstrate some degree of what humans consider intelligence. This process is being driven by the rapid advancement of machine learning: getting...

How science fiction and fantasy can help us make sense of the world

By Gwen Ansell - 11:42 AM| Insights & Views Science

The worlds a mess. How do thoughtful people make sense of it all? In this series weve asked a number of our authors to suggest a book, philosopher, work of art or anything else, for that matter that will help to make...

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NZ records larger-than-expected monthly trade surplus in March; export outlook remains solid going forward

New Zealand record-high exports in March saw a larger-than-expected monthly trade surplus, and a narrower annual deficit; demand from China remains robust. The unadjusted monthly trade balance posted a solid $922 million...

Chinese yuan likely to remain supported or advance further vs CFETS basket of currencies ahead of US-China trade talks, says Scotiabank

The Chinese yuan is expected to remain supported or advance further versus a CFETS basket of currencies ahead of the 10th and 11th round of US-China trade talks, according to the latest research report by...

Australian bonds slightly gain following disappointing Q1 producer price index

Australian government bonds slightly gained during Asian trading session Friday following disappointment in the countrys producer price inflation (PPI) data for the first quarter of this year, which added to hopes of a...

U.S. Treasuries remain steady ahead of 7-year auction, initial jobless claims

The U.S. Treasuries steadied during Thursdays afternoon session ahead of todays 7-year auction, scheduled to be held today at 17:00GMT. Investors will also be tracking the countrys initial jobless claims, also due for...

German bunds remain flat amid silent trading session ahead of ECB’s De Guindos’ speech

The German bunds remained flat during European trading session Thursday amid a muted trading session that witnessed data of little economic significance ahead of European Central Bank (ECB) Vice President De Guindos...


Donald Trump 2019: The Problems Facing the POTUS’ Proposed Nuclear Pact with Russian and China

A new plan of Donald Trump involving a nuclear deal with Russia and China has a lot of people worried that it might spark an arms race. The reason behind this drastic plan is the supposed desire of the POTUS to bring...

Vladimir Putin Critic Calls Russian President ‘F***wit’ Online, Gets Fined for 30,000 Rubles

Calling Vladimir Putin names can really cost a hefty amount of money. A 34-year-old man in Russia becomes one of the first people to be penalized for unfavorable remarks on the Russian President. A local court ordered him...

Melania Trump, Donald Trump Problems: ‘Forced’ Holding Hands at Easter Event Suggests Rumored Fight Not Over Yet?

Melania Trump and Donald Trump are once again being rumored having some issues as a married couple. After an alleged dinner fight at Mar-a-Lago, a body language expert reports there were red flags during their appearance...

Vladimir Putin Salary: Over 50 Percent Decline Seen in Russian President’s Pay From 2017 to 2018

Vladimir Putin, as the president of Russia, is regarded as one of the most influential leaders of the world. With that comes the scrutinizing of eyes of critics and his citizens on whatever money he has on the bank. And...

Melania Trump’s Spokeswoman Calls Vogue’s Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour ‘Small-Minded’ After Stating FLOTUS Will Never Be on Mag’s Cover

Melania Trump was snubbed and rejected by Vogues editor-in-chief Anna Wintour when the latter vowed that the FLOTUS will never find herself on the cover of their famed magazine again. The First Lady responded to such...


HIV/AIDS Cure 2019: Patients Confirmed in HIV Remission Spark Hope That Epidemic Can be Cured

HIV/AIDS cure is still elusive but the first half of 2019 has already been promising in this field. A second patient was confirmed to have been in HIV remission for about two years since having a bone marrow transplant a...

Cancer Cure 2019: Cow Urine Heals Breast Cancer, Claims Aspiring Indian Politician; Aims to Promote Its Use Once Elected

Scientists are still working on developing a cancer cure but Indias aspiring politician Sadhvi Pragya it can be found in cow urine. She maintains that it is what healed her breast cancer. Cancer cure is one of the...

Cancer Cure: Latest Development in Improving Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer Reported

The World Health Organization lists cancer as the second most deadly diseases worldwide. In 2018 alone, around 9.6 million people reportedly passed away due to cancer-related causes. One of the possible reasons why the...

HIV/AIDS Cure 2019: Researchers Eye Clinical Trials for ‘All-in-One’ Treatment That Can 'Kick and Kill' Virus

There is still a very long way to go before the world actually sees an ultimate cure for HIV. But significant developments are being reported almost every day. One of the most recent good news came from the researchers of...

Can bacteria help us prevent salt damage to concrete roads and bridges?

Bacteria, which have been working for millennia as natures stonemasons, could soon be enlisted to help neutralize the destructive effects of road salt. According to the Transportation Research Board, it takes about 10...


‘Days Gone’ Review Roundup: Critics Agree On Fun Factor and Absolute Pointlessness, Not for Serious Gamers

Fans have been waiting for the release of Days Gone for a long time and now that it is finally here, it would seem that critics are not impressed. While many reviewers agree that there are a lot of things about the game...

Bitcoin Latest News: Hacked Funds from Bitfinex in 2015, 2016 Moved Amidst Accusation of Fraud from NY Attorney General

Bitcoin is currently down by 2.17 percent in a 24-hour period, with the cryptocurrency trading at $5,220 as of this writing. One of the major reasons for Bitcoins price falling down is the latest news surrounding...

MacBook Pro 2019 Release Date, Latest News, Update: Upcoming Device Could Hit Shelves this Summer Based on Apple’s Previous Pattern

Apple has yet to make an announcement when the MacBook Pro 2019 will be released. However, judging by the Cupertino-based companys previous moves, this new iteration might hit the shelves on the summer of this year. The...

‘The Elder Scrolls 6’ Possible Release Date: 2024 Launch Foreshadowed in Earlier Interview With Bethesda Exec?

Bethesda Game Studios has been mum about the release date window of The Elder Scrolls 6. But eagle-eyed fans might have cracked the companys pattern. Also, an executive officer might have already given away a significant...

OnePlus 7 Pro Release Date, Latest News, Update: Why Upcoming Device Will Cost Significantly More than Its Predecessor

The OnePlus 7 Pro is going to be launched on May 14 and fans of the smartphone series cant wait to see if the rumors are true. The Shenzhen-based company has long established the fact that its smartphones are going to pack...
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