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Donald Trump investigation: Ex-federal prosecutor says ex-POTUS should be charged with these two fed crimes based on public info

Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Legal experts have weighed in on the possible list of crimes on both a state and federal level that former President Donald Trump could be charged with. According to former federal prosecutor Barbara McQuade, Trump should be charged with these two federal crimes based on public information alone.

Speaking on MSNBC Tuesday this week, McQuade explained her 26-page “model prosecution memo” for the former president. The memo was published by Just Security detailing which two federal crimes Trump could be charged with solely based on public reporting.

McQuade explained that the former president’s actions and intent were clear from the reports and records obtained by the congressional committee probing the Jan. 6 riots.

McQuade noted that there is a substantial amount of evidence that the former president sought to pressure then-vice president Mike Pence into overturning the 2020 election results. The pressure campaign was solely based on the conspiracy theory that the election was stolen.

The former federal prosecutor then laid out that Trump could be charged with two federal crimes that she outlined in her memo.

“And I submit that these two charges that I’ve laid out here – conspiracy to defraud the United States, and obstruction of an official proceeding – are met by the evidence of Donald Trump pressuring Mike Pence to overturn the election as he did in private meetings, as he did in public remarks, as he did on Twitter,” said McQuade.

McQuade then stressed that all of the information Trump had should have already convinced him that the election was not stolen. McQuade then suggested that no reasonable juror in the country would think that Trump genuinely believed the election was stolen.

With the recent military conflict in Ukraine, the former president has also weighed in on the chaos, but rather than condemn Russia for invading Ukraine through the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, Trump praised the Russian dictator.

Former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul warned that Trump’s praise of Putin as Russian troops continue to invade Ukraine would be “atrocious” considering the number of casualties that would result.

McFaul not only cited Trump’s praise of Putin but also former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s praise of Russia. McFaul explained that should the predictions of tens of thousands of people dying in the invasion be true, then Pompeo and Trump’s comments “are going to look really, really, silly. They’re going to look atrocious that when it was good and evil, they were standing next to evil.”

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