Asia Roundup: Japanese yen hits fresh 2-month low against U.S. dollar after BOJ’s interest rate decision, Asian markets mixed, gold falls below $1,300 mark as FOMC signals rate hike again this year - Thursday, Sept 21, 2017

Sep 21, 2017 06:55 am UTC| Market Roundups

Market Roundup Fed keeps U.S. rates steady, to start portfolio drawdown in October. BOJ keeps policy steady, newcomer to board dissents. Japans Abe promises daring policies to boost economy. BOJ asset...

Americas Roundup: Dollar rises as Fed forecast hints at December rate hike, Gold falls 1 pct, hits three-week low, Treasury yields jump to highest in 6 weeks, Oil up 2 pct despite U.S. crude build-September 21st, 2017

Sep 20, 2017 20:48 pm UTC| Market Roundups

Market Roundup US Fed Funds Target Rate N/A, 1.00-1.25%, 1.125% forecast 1.125% previous. US Existing Home Sales Aug, 5.35M, 5.46M forecast, 5.44M previous. US Existing Home Sales % Change Aug, -1.7%, 0.3%...

Europe Roundup: Sterling spikes on unexpected surge in UK retail sales, dollar subdued, world stocks hit new high as markets wary ahead of Federal Reserve meeting - Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Sep 20, 2017 11:29 am UTC| Market Roundups

Market Roundup EUR/USD 0.07%, USD/JPY -0.25%, GBP/USD 0.18%, EUR/GBP -0.11% DXY -0.08%, DAX -0.08%, FTSE 0.01%, Brent 1.11%, Gold 0.28% Fed conflicted by tepid U.S. inflation, global economic...

Asia Roundup: Japanese yen trades marginally higher despite lower than expected trade balance data, Asian markets mixed ahead of FOMC rate decision, gold flat at $1,312 mark - Wednesday, Sept 20, 2017

Sep 20, 2017 06:41 am UTC| Market Roundups

Market Roundup Fed seen announcing plans to unwind debt portfolio. If threatened, U.S. will totally destroy North Korea, Trump vows. Japan PM Abe to push back timing of balancing primary budget. Japan...

Americas Roundup: Dollar slips ahead of Fed policy meeting, Gold hovers near 2-week low, Wall Street edges up, Oil edges off recent high ahead U.S. stock data, OPEC meet-September 20th, 2017

Sep 19, 2017 20:10 pm UTC| Market Roundups

Market Roundup US Housing Starts Number Aug, 1.180M, 1.175M forecast, 1.155M previous. US Housing Starts MM: Change Aug, -0.8%, -4.8% previous. US Building Permits: Number Aug, 1.300M, 1.220M forecast, 1.230M...

Europe Roundup: Sterling firm above 1.3500, euro hits 1-week high on better-than-expected economic data, European shares off highs - Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Sep 19, 2017 11:30 am UTC| Market Roundups

Market Roundup EUR/USD 0.34%, USD/JPY 0.04%, GBP/USD 0.07%, EUR/GBP 0.27% DXY -0.23%, DAX -0.1%, FTSE 0.33%, Brent 0.52%, Gold 0.15% EUR/CHF rises to its highest since Jan 2015 at 1.1565 Germany Sep...

Asia Roundup: Aussie steadies after RBA minutes, dollar hits 8-week high against yen as investors await Fed meeting for rate clues, Asian shares decline - Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Sep 19, 2017 06:41 am UTC| Market Roundups

Market Roundup Australia jobs pick-up to continue, but leave wages behind RBA Australia Q2 House Prices Index 1.9% vs forecast 1.1%, last 2.2% Japan must keep fiscal discipline if sales tax revenue used...

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New Zealand bonds gain at close on loss of investor appetite despite ruling National Party’s lead at latest polls

The New Zealand bonds gained at the time of closing Thursday as investors poured into safe-haven instruments, away from riskier equities and oil, despite the ruling National Party gaining traction in the latest NZ election...

Malaysia CPI inflation surprisingly rises in August, owing to higher oil prices

Malaysias consumer price-led inflation index (CPI) for the month of August surprised on the upside after four consecutive months of decline, headline CPI inflation picked up in August to register 3.7 percent y/y, from 3.2...

JGBs remain little changed after BoJ stands pat on monetary policy decision

The Japanese government bonds remained little changed Thursday after the Bank of Japan kept monetary policy steady on Thursday and maintained its upbeat view of the economy, signaling its conviction that a solid recovery...

Australian bonds plunge following weakness in U.S. treasuries; RBA Governor Lowe's speech in focus

The Australian bonds plunged Thursday, following weakness in the U.S. counterpart after the Federal Reserve announced its policy decision yesterday, announcing that it will begin its balance sheet normalization next month....

RBA likely to adopt tightening policy by 50 bps in 2018, says ANZ Research

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is expected to adopt a tightening monetary policy in 2018 is boosted by the hawkish shift in the RBAs language. This would reverse the rate cuts of 2016 and take the real cash back to...


Undocumented youth divided over how to fight back against Trump immigration clampdown

Young immigrants from across the US participated in the first act of civil disobedience by undocumented youth under the Trump administration on July 26 in Texas. After protesters sat in the street outside the state capitol...

India at 70: after the celebrations, single-party dominance menaces democracy

Seventy years ago, Jawaharlal Nehrus famous Tryst with Destiny speech not only marked Indias independence from British rule but also expressed the vision for a united, democratic, egalitarian and modern country. Not...

Can corporate America afford to walk away from President Trump?

After campaigning as the candidate best able to work with business, President Donald Trump has shown he is anything but. A stream of resignations from high-level business counsels hit a crescendo recently when Trump was...

Little prospect of regime change in Russia short of a popular uprising – and that's unlikely

Vladimir Putins power in Russia can often look unassailable. However much Western media might champion potential opponents, the president maintains a tight grip, and its easy to see why. Any successor to Putin who was not...

Warning signs of mass violence – in the US?

There are those who say that comparing President Donald Trumps rhetoric to that of Adolf Hitler is alarmist, unfair and counterproductive. And yet, there has been no dearth of such comparisons since the 2016...


Scientists Create Robots The Size Of DNA Strands That Can Rearrange Molecules

Robots are great for a lot of things and can perform functions that humans would either have a hard time accomplishing or simply would not be able to do. Among the latter case is rearranging the molecules of a living...

China Signs Deal With Israel Over Lab-Grown Meat, Food For The Future

With the world facing the global crisis known as climate change, most countries are doing whatever they can to reduce carbon emissions. However, one of the biggest contributing factors to greenhouse gasses that is rarely...

Denmark Finally Sells Last Oil Company For $7.45 Billion

As a country committed to fighting climate change and reducing its carbon footprint, Denmark is finally selling off the last remaining oil company in the country. The oil firms were owned by A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S and the...

Trump’s Pick For NASA Head Is Not A Scientist And A Prominent Climate Change Denier

The Trump administration has proven to be incompetent in filling crucial roles with qualified people, evidenced by an anti-EPA EPA head and an anti-DOE head of DOE. Now, the president has nominated a non-scientist who is...

Scientists Can Now Bioengineer Lungs, Reducing Potential Deaths Due To Organ Shortage

At this point, its no secret that being placed on the organ transplant list is no guarantee of survival if patients are in need of a new heart, or liver, or lung. One of the ways that this problem can be solved is by...


Electric Bus Breaks World Record In Long Distance Driving In A Single Charge, 1,100 Miles

Range is the biggest problem that most people have when it comes to electric vehicles, but as one company that made an electric bus just proved, this is really not an issue. Packing some really big batteries, a bus by a...

Nintendo Finally Issues Take Down For Super Mario 64 Online

Well, it was only a matter of time and it seems Nintendo has finally noticed the Super Mario 64 Online mod. As expected, the video game giant has issued a takedown notice to the people behind the project, which it has done...

Hidden Switch NES Golf Is Apparently A Tribute To Late Video Game Legend Satoru Iwata

Recently, reports of the Nintendo Switch having a hidden NES Golf game in its codes started circulating. At the time, it was thought to be a fun little detail in a console thats simply rocking the industry with its...

Apple Intentionally Makes iPhones Vulnerable To Hacking With iOS 11

With the tech world constantly being besieged by hacking threats at every single moment of every day, users expect companies like Apple to make them safer, not more vulnerable. However, it would seem that the Cupertino...

HTC Suspends Trading Amid Google Acquisition Rumors

HTC just suspended trading of its stocks in the Taiwan Stock Exchange, which is reportedly due to the matter of Googles impending acquisition of the company. Neither company has yet to confirm if this is actually...
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