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On Eid 2017, a peek into the lives of Puerto Rican Muslims

By Ken Chitwood

For Juan, Ramadan is a balancing act. On the one hand is his religious faith and practice. On the other is his land, his culture, his home Puerto Rico. Although he weaves these two elements of his identity together in...

University rankings: good intentions, image polishing and more bureaucracy

By Andre Spicer

Some UK universities will be cheering, some groaning, after the release of rankings under the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). My own university received a silver, so were shrugging. Despite all these reactions, we...

After years of destruction, Iraqis are rescuing their cultural identity

By Balsam Mustafa

Just after Iraqi forces declared they were closing in on the old city of Mosul, they announced that the so-called Islamic State (IS) had destroyed the 12th-century al-Nuri Mosque and its famed leaning minaret, known as...

New form of carbon discovered that is harder than diamond but flexible as rubber

By Elton Santos

Scientists have found a way to make carbon both very hard and very stretchy by heating it under high pressure. This compressed glassy carbon, developed by researchers in China and the US, is also lightweight and could...

Still too many holes in Theresa May's promise to EU citizens

By Anne Wesemann

A full year after the EU referendum, the British prime minister has finally issued a statement on the status of the 3m European citizens living in the UK. These people have spent the year lobbying governments, parliaments...

People keep voting in support of the death penalty. So how can we end it?

By Austin Sarat

Ending the death penalty in the United States wont be easy. After death penalty abolitionists slowly pushed toward its elimination for years, supporters of state killing have mounted a fierce effort in the courts and at...

#weakandwobbly: how Twitter revealed the mood that led to a hung parliament

By Amy Binns

The political events of recent few weeks in the UK have thrown up all sorts of interesting questions. Was Theresa May doomed as soon as she called an election? What drove the young people who voted Labour? How can we make...

Confidence can be a bad thing – here's why

By Tim Woodman Et Al

Have you ever felt 100% confident in your ability to complete a task, and then failed miserably? After losing in the first round at Queens Club for the first time since 2012, world number one tennis player, Andy Murray,...

How the duty to be beautiful is making young girls feel like failures

By Heather Widdows

From the daily application of high-tech lotions and potions to non-surgical procedures such as botox, fillers and peels, the beauty industry is booming like never before. With more products and treatments available...

US Supreme Court opens the floodgates for the trademarking of racist slurs

By Enrico Bonadio

You may not have heard of Asian-American dance-rock band, The Slants, but you may soon be very aware of a troubling precedent set after they won a contentious legal victory in the US Supreme Court. Founder and bass...

How to stop city breaks killing our cities

By Xavier Font

Cant wait to pack your bags and head off on holiday again? It used to be that people would look forward to a long break in summer, but now tourists have got used to regular short breaks through the year. We love to jet off...

Tasked with implementing Brexit, the British civil service faces immense change and uncertainty

By John Varano

Leaving the EU is one of the most intricate and transformative challenges that the UK has ever confronted. Brexit has significant implications for the British civil service and its capability to deliver on the governments...

Wonder Woman: feminist icon or symbol of oppression?

By Lina Abirafeh

Its been a busy and controversial year for Wonder Woman. In October 2016, the United Nations made a curious appointment: Wonder Woman would be the global organisations new Ambassador for Womens Empowerment, aligned...

Will Australians ever give up Uber?

By David Oliver Et Al

From the start, the ride-sharing service Uber offered app-based convenience and positioned itself as a saviour to beleaguered taxi customers. But the company, led by one-time chief executive Travis Kalanick, has now found...

Trump’s hawkish Cuba order will damage US influence in Latin America

By Rubrick Biegon

Donald Trump has issued a directive to tighten travel and business restrictions on Cuba. He is effectively reversing Barack Obamas efforts to normalise relations with the island; at a rally in Miami, he said that I am...

Will guilty verdict in teen texting suicide case lead to new laws on end-of-life issues?

By David Rossman

In Massachusetts, a 17-year-old girl named Michelle Carter repeatedly urged her boyfriend, who had a history of mental illness, to kill himself. And then, he did. As Conrad Roy III sat in his truck in 2014 and was...

Why there are costs to moral outrage

By Brandon Warmke Et Al

Many Americans are morally outraged that U.S. President Donald Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey, who had been investigating possible links between Trumps election campaign and the Russian government. Many others...

When – and why – did people first start using money?

By Chapurukha Kusimba

Sometimes you run across a grimy, tattered dollar bill that seems like its been around since the beginning of time. Assuredly it hasnt, but the history of human beings using cash currency does go back a long time 40,000...

We need to be cautious when assuming CCTV will prevent family violence

By Caitlin Overington

This years Victorian state budget included a A$1.9 billion package to tackle family violence. Part of this was a statewide Personal Safety Initiative, which expands a trial of installing technology such as CCTV, personal...

Qatar’s conflict with its neighbours can easily set the Horn of Africa alight

By Martin Plaut

It began as a squabble between Arab allies, but the standoff between Qatar and its neighbours is threatening to engulf the Horn of Africa. When Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and the Maldives...

Corrupt state owned enterprises lie at the heart of South Africa's economic woes

By Misheck Mutize Et Al

The prevailing economic crisis sweeping through South Africa is a direct result of economic mismanagement largely shaped by the looting of state owned enterprises. Many are in deep trouble. Sheer incompetence and...

Price hikes in Ether and Bitcoin aren't the signs of a bubble

By Jason Potts Et Al

When there is a rapid growth in any of the crypto-currencies and assets such as Bitcoin, Ether, Zcash and others, many will call it out as a bubble. Indeed, on a relatively short time scale it clearly looks like a...

What we know, don’t know and suspect about what causes motor neuron disease

By Viythia Katharesan Et Al

Since 2014, the ice bucket challenge, which involves people pouring a bucket of icy water over their heads, has raised awareness and much-needed research funds for motor neuron disease. While research for a cure is...

Why should the state wriggle out of providing public housing?

By Kate Shaw

The Victorian governments 2017 housing policy contains a bulk transfer of public housing to housing associations. Housing Minister Martin Foleys explanation is that the state is a terrible housing manager. A similar...

Brexit and weak government: a drama lesson from the Greece economy

By Alexander Tziamalis

The UK is not the first country to stand on the brink of leaving the EU. It may enjoy a far bigger and more productive economy than Greece, but there are alarming structural similarities between the two economies that cant...

Why did humans evolve such large brains? Because smarter people have more friends

By Mark Maslin

Humans are the only ultrasocial creature on the planet. We have outcompeted, interbred or even killed off all other hominin species. We cohabit in cities of tens of millions of people and, despite what the media tell us,...

We do nothing for missing people who come home – here's what should change

By Hester Parr

One prominent finalist on the recent ITV talent show Britains Got Talent was the Missing People Choir, whose haunting voices and accompanying images helped raise consciousness about those who disappear. After the grand...

How President Macron's parliament shapes up

By Paul Smith

After the first round of the French general election, on June 11, the order went out from the Elysée Palace to members of President Emmanuel Macrons La République en Marche (LRM): Pas de triomphalisme no...

Amazon dives into groceries with Whole Foods

By Roger Meiners

Editors note: Amazon became a major player in the supermarket business overnight after the online retailer said it was buying upscale grocery chain Whole Foods for US$13.7 billion, including debt, a premium of 27 percent...

Academics fear the value of knowledge for it's own sake is diminishing

By Jennifer Chubb

A climate of anti-intellectualism, faltering levels of trust in experts and an era of post-truth provides a rather dreary depiction of the state of academia today. Compound this with the reorganisation of higher...

How to build the perfect sandcastle – according to science

By Matthew Robert Bennett

Whether we prefer water sports or relaxing with a good book, the humble sandcastle is often a seaside must. But whats the secret to building a majestic sandcastle that will withstand the tide of time? Luckily, theres a...

Even though genetic information is available, doctors may be ignoring important clinical clues

By Greg Hall

With the availability of home genetic testing kits from companies such as 23andMe and Ancestry DNA, more people will be getting information about their genetic lineage and what races and ethnicities of the world are...

How US gun control compares to the rest of the world

By John Donohue

The shooting in Virginia that wounded House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, as well as the shooting in a San Francisco UPS facility that left four dead on the very same day, have generated yet again the standard set of...

Do happy faces or sad faces raise more money? It depends

By Xiaoxia Cao

To encourage giving, many charities that serve people in need use photos depicting either happy people or sad ones in their pitches. These pictures symbolize the people who will benefit from donations made in response to...

How to protect 4.5m people from becoming Brexit bargaining chips

By Stijn Smismans

Both the EU and the UK have repeatedly stated that they want to secure the rights of the 3m EU citizens in the UK and the 1.5m British citizens in the EU as they negotiate their separation. But those rights have still...

Mexico's corruption problems are still among the world's deepest

By Costantino Grasso

Mexico has struggled with corruption for a long, long time, but recent events indicate that the situation is now at a truly intolerable pitch. This spring, two fugitive state governors were arrested in a joint operation...

Surprising ways to beat anxiety and become mentally strong – according to science

By Olivia Remes

Do you have anxiety? Have you tried just about everything to get over it, but it just keeps coming back? Perhaps you thought you had got over it, only for the symptoms to return with a vengeance? Whatever your...

Are heatwaves 'worsening' and have 'hot days' doubled in Australia in the last 50 years?

By Andrew King

The release of the Finkel report has refocused national attention on climate change, and how we know its happening. On a QA episode following the reports release, Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said that weve...

What can Europe expect from a Macron government

By Richard Maher

French President Emmanuel Macrons party, La République en Marche (Republic on the Move), captured a decisive majority on Sunday June 19 in elections for the National Assembly, Frances lower and more powerful...

Amazon poses a double threat to Australian retailers

By David Bond

E-commerce giant Amazon has struck a deal to acquire Whole Foods Market, an American supermarket chain with more than 400 stores. The move has put even more pressure on Australian retailers as Amazon sets up shop in...

Emergency doctors are using acupuncture to treat pain, now here's the evidence

By Marc Cohen

Emergency medicine is not all about life and death situations and high-tech solutions. Our study, the largest of its kind in the world, shows using acupuncture in the emergency department can relieve acute pain. The...

'The way they manipulate people is really saddening': study shows the trade-offs in gig work

By Sarah Kaine Et Al

Uber driver Michelle, thinks her job is fantastic when shes only after part-time hours. But shes given it a couple of months and she says shes not getting anywhere. To be able to earn A$800 she has to actually pull in...

Psychogeography: a way to delve into the soul of a city

By Siobhan Lyons

Psychogeography, as the term suggests, is the intersection of psychology and geography. It focuses on our psychological experiences of the city, and reveals or illuminates forgotten, discarded, or marginalised aspects of...

Zambia slides towards authoritarianism as IMF props up government

By Nic Cheeseman

The speaker of the Zambian National Assembly, Patrick Matibini, has suspended 48 opposition legislators for 30 days as a punishment for unauthorised absence from the parliament. Their offence? To have been missing for...

Social media is nothing like drugs, despite all the horror stories

By Amy C Orben Et Al

Letting your child use social media is like giving them cocaine, alcohol and cigarettes all at once, or so were told. If you have been following recent press reports about the effects of social media on young people, you...

Twenty years after the handover, Hong Kong proves itself a headache for China

By Nick Bisley

Hong Kong had suffered more than a century of vicissitudes. So declared Jiang Zemin on July 1, 1997, at the return of the colony to the motherland. Twenty years on from the handover of the British Crown colony, the people...

Once at the vanguard of national policy, California plays defense under Trump

By Char Miller

Xavier Becerra, Californias combative attorney general, has become the Golden States face of resistance to the Trump administrations domestic initiatives, the blunt voice rejecting the presidents attempts to roll back the...

Trump nods to Cuban exiles, rolls back ties: Experts react

By Brian Gendreau Et Al

Editors note: President Donald Trump announced on Friday a partial reversal of former President Barack Obamas policy of engagement with Cuba. Trump restored travel restrictions and prohibited financial transactions with...

How the spectre of Yugoslavia looms over EU's handling of the refugee crisis

By Irial Glynn

With peak season approaching for refugees making treacherous crossings to Europe, dont be surprised if we are told again that this is unprecedented. That would certainly be in keeping with what news organisations,...

It's all too easy to switch off from bad news – and it's dangerous too

By John Jewell

The full horror of the Grenfell Tower fire in west London is still to emerge. Like millions of others, I watched live as TV breakfast reports showed the blaze in its intensity and eyewitnesses told of their devastating...

Uber's problems highlight silicon valley's faltering vision for the future

It would be nice to think that Ubers problems are going to be fixed with the resignation of its CEO Travis Kalanick. Of course, the shareholders who instigated the demand for his resignation were not necessarily expressing...

U.S. Treasuries remain flat ahead of FOMC speeches, 5-year auction

12:44 PM| Commentary Economy

The U.S. Treasuries remained flat Friday as investors remain geared up to witness a host of speeches by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) members by late today. Further, the countrys 5-year auction, due early next...

FxWirePro: Hedging seems highly essential for Chinese importers and exporters on turbulent Renminbi

13:05 PM| Research & Analysis Insights & Views

As per NASDAQ, Chinas yuan softened against the U.S. dollar on Friday and is set for its worst week in more than three months, dampened by weaker guidance and rising corporate demand for the greenback. In late May, the...

U.S. new home sales rebounds in May, housing sector likely to see steady recovery

16:07 PM| Commentary

The U.S. new home sales recovered in May, coming in stronger than anticipated. The new home sales rose 2.9 percent sequentially to 610k, as compared with consensus expectations of 590k. Part of the miss relative to the...

Canada’s consumer price inflation decelerates in May, likely to rise higher in H2 2017

17:43 PM| Commentary

Canadas consumer price inflation slowed in May on a year-on-year basis and on sequential basis, coming in below consensus expectations. The headline inflation decelerated 0.2 percent month-on-month in May after gaining 0.4...

Oil in Global Economy Series

Oil in Global Economy Series: A major fallout of OPEC deal

11:03 AM| Commentary

Last year, in November OPEC countries, along with 11 participating non-OPEC countries including Russia agreed to reduce oil production by 1.76 million barrels per day, beginning this year. The initial deal was agreed for...

Global Geopolitics Series

Global Geo-political Series: Turkey sends troops and foods to Qatar

10:17 AM| Commentary

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has been a vocal critique of the Arab blockade of Qatar and called for a diplomatic solution to the problem has sent first Turkish ship carrying food aid to Qatar and a small...

FxWirePro: Global FX market regulations and USD/G7 vol curve prices

07:26 AM| Research & Analysis Insights & Views

The Regulators and leading financial firms launched a new code of conduct for global currency trading on Thursday, including measures aimed at forcing its universal adoption by the worlds major financial...

Singapore inflation likely to spike up in May, to register 1.3 pct y/y: DBS Bank

05:44 AM| Commentary Economy

Inflation in Singapore is expected to spike up. Headline CPI inflation for May is expected to register 1.3 percent y/y, up from 0.4 percent previously. However, the previous reading is more of an abnormality. That was...

Moody's comments on the State of South Australia's fiscal 2018 budget

02:28 AM| Research & Analysis Economy

Moodys Investors Service says that the state of South Australias fiscal 2018 budget projects wider average fiscal deficits than expected when compared to the fiscal 2017 forecasts. These are driven by larger expenses,...

Australian bonds tad lower on profit-booking in silent trading session

03:41 AM| Commentary Economy

The Australian bonds remained tad lower Friday as investors booked in profits on the last trading day of the week amid a muted trading session that witnessed data of little economic significance. The yield on the...

RBI June meeting minutes show most member in wait-and-see mode, risks of rate cut rising

23:09 PM| Commentary Central Banks

The Reserve Bank of Indias June 7 policy meeting minutes indicated that most members were still in a wait-and-see mode in spite of the constant slowdown in inflation. Out of six members, five voted to keep rates on hold at...

Top Stories

What happens when the federal government eliminates health coverage? Lessons from the past

By Simon Haeder - 17:39 PM| Insights & Views Politics Law

After much secrecy and no public deliberation, Senate Republicans finalized release their draft repeal and replace bill for the Affordable Care Act on June 22. Unquestionably, the released draft will not be the final...

Blockchain Revolution Series

DLT less vulnerable to single point of failure, could prove resilient to cyberattacks: Christine Lagarde

05:42 AM| Fintech Digital Currency

Blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) could help in protecting financial systems against cyber-terrorism and cyberattacks, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said recently. Speaking at the FATF Plenary...

Blockchain Revolution Series

E&Y sets up Financial Services Innovation Center in New York

05:00 AM| Fintech

Ernst Young LLP has launched Financial Services Innovation Center in New York, which will be a flagship location for EY wavespace, its global growth and innovation network. According to the official release, the new...

Samsung’s Korean Release Of New Flip Phone Causes Grief Among Western Publishers

04:37 AM| Technology

In a bid to cash in on the rising trend of nostalgia-fueled products in the smartphone market, Samsung just released another flip phone in its native land of South Korea. This is causing no small amount of grief among...

Tesla Could Be Offering Music Streaming, Talks To Music Industry

04:34 AM| Technology

Elon Musk has created some of the most revolutionary companies in the tech industry. By consolidating the different assets of Tesla to create one giant hub, the tech renegade is set to change the course of humanity. Now,...

Online news is highly polarised in some countries – but technology's not to blame

By Richard Fletcher - 09:21 AM| Insights & Views Technology

More and more people are getting their news online. This worries those that think the internet and the technologies that underpin it will produce highly polarised news environments, with little potential for the shared...

The iPhone Was Born Out Of Steve Job’s Hatred For Microsoft

08:44 AM| Technology

Its no secret that there was a time when Microsoft and Apple were butting heads over hardware technology. The iPod and Zoon, anyone? However, it was recently revealed that the rivalry between the two companies was actually...

$1 For 1 Year Unlimited Data Service At Virgin Mobile

08:33 AM| Technology

Competition in the mobile carrier arena is really heating up now. T-Mobile might have recently lit its competitors feet on fire by offering to pay off consumers plans if they switched from Verizon, but another carrier...

Google Just Made Job Hunting A Lot Easier, All Top Listings In One Place

08:37 AM| Technology

With so many websites that post job listings on the web, its not really that hard to find a job when searching hard enough. However, Google decided to make things easier for job prospects by taking all of the listings from...

Five ways virtual reality is improving healthcare

By Wendy Powell - 07:23 AM| Technology Health

Virtual reality is much more than just a new form of entertainment, it is increasingly being used in a wide range of medical applications, from treatments to training. Here are a few of them. 1. Pain management There...

How secure are today's ATMs? 5 questions answered

By Pradeep Atrey - 16:48 PM| Insights & Views Technology

Editors note: Automated teller machines, better known as ATMs, are turning 50 on June 27. Computer science professor Pradeep Atrey, from the University at Albany, State University of New York, explains the security...

Econotimes Series


German business confidence sees fifth consecutive rise, underpins optimism for H2 growth

The Munich-based Ifo institutes business climate index rose to 115.1 in June from 114.6 in May, exceeding analysts expectations for a value of 114.4. Ifos two sub-indices measuring current conditions and future...

UK gilts remain downbeat ahead of BoE’s Financial Stability Report, Governor Carney’s speech

The UK gilts remained downbeat at the start of the trading week as investors remain focused to watch the Bank of Englands (BoE) Financial Stability Report (FSR) and Governor Mark Carneys speech, both scheduled on June 27....

Eurozone periphery bonds rally ahead of ECB President Draghi’s speech; investors defy stronger German Ifo business index

The Eurozone periphery bonds rallied Monday as investors wait to watch the European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghis speech later in the day. However, the market has largely shrugged off the benchmark Germanys...

Thai bond curve likely to ease by another 10–15bps on short covering flows from onshore NBFIs, says ANZ Research

In the near-term, the Thai bond curve is expected to ease by another 1015 basis points on the back of short covering flows from onshore NBFIs that had missed the rally. However, flush liquidity condition should continue to...

JGBs trade modestly lower on hopes of slightly higher consumer inflation; markets await BoJ Governor Kuroda’s speech

The Japanese government bonds traded modestly lower Monday, following hopes of a slight rise in the countrys consumer price inflation for the month of May, scheduled to be released on June 30. In addition, the Bank of...


US under Trump Series: Trump pours on cold water on 'Comey tapes' speculation

With a series of tweets, President Donald Trump poured cold water over the hot speculations that has been brewing for months that there are tapes of conversations between him and the former FBI director James Comey. After...

Why Lesotho's in such a mess and what can be done about it

In an interview following his recent return as Prime Minister of Lesotho, Tom Thabane has blamed the army for the countrys chronic political instability. Stating that his previous administration (after an election in 2012)...

US under Trump Series: US department of Justice launches investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal

According to a Fox News report, which was confirmed by Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley, the U.S. Department of Justice has launched a formal inquiry into whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton...

Data Of Almost 200M Americans Collected By GOP Leaked, No Protection Whatsoever

When collecting data from citizens for use in things like winning elections, it makes sense to afford hoard with heavyweight protection. Not only did the GOP fail to do this, which led to the leak of data of 198 million...

Julius Caesar in our times

All the worlds a stage, Shakespeare once wrote. In recent weeks, that Shakespearean adage has been particularly resonant, with the New York Public Theaters production of Julius Caesar attracting worldwide scrutiny...


Elon Musk Tells Climate Change Deniers To Get A Thermometer

The vast majority of scientists agree that climate change is real and that it is being sped up by human activity, theres no debate there. Unfortunately, there are still those with influence in the political sphere that...

Scientist Say Lack Of Funding Is Biggest Obstacle To Immortality

For centuries, humanity has been searching for ways to live longer, resist diseases, and generally have a happier life. Throughout the centuries, people thought that the biggest challenge to discovering the secret to...

Electric Cars Can Also Power Buildings When Parked, Researchers Say

It seems there is one more reason to get an electric car other than to protect the environment. According to researchers, vehicles running on electricity can also power buildings without suffering battery drain or...

10% Of US Energy Harvested From Renewables, There Is Hope

When President Donald Trump announced that he was going to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, hardly anyone was surprised. Even so, many still despaired regarding the future of renewable energy. Fortunately, it seems...

Driverless Cars Gets Neil deGrasse Tyson Seal Of Approval

As one of the most popular and beloved scientific figures in the world, if Professor Neil deGrasse Tyson says that a particular scientific trend is great, most people tend to pay attention. Thats why his words of...


Valve’s New Knuckles VR Controller Supports All Five Fingers

Right now, the most responsive VR controller in the market is arguably the Oculus Touch, but it does come with a few issues. For one thing, it doesnt provide support for individual digits on the hands. With Valves new VR...

Get $120 Off Of Unlockable iPhone SE At Virgin Mobile

While the iPhone SE is not exactly the sexiest product in Apples lineup, its still a functional smartphone with decent features. Customers who would like to get their hands on the device for cheap can buy it for $120 off....

Caltech Creates Cameras Without Lenses, Thinner Smartphones Coming Up

Just when it was thought that smartphones could not get any thinner, Caltech engineers just had to be creative and muck everything up. By creating a camera technology that does not require a lens, these Brainiacs basically...

Steam Summer Sale Is Here And Dark Souls III Is At 60% Off

As promised, the annual Steam Summer Sale is here and boy does it deliver on the hype. Multiple AAA games are up for grabs at ridiculously low prices, along with their various DLCs and extra features. Some indie titles...

Steam Summer Sale Date Has Been Announced, Extra Discount Via PayPal

Every year, PC gamers look forward to the Steam Summer Sale, which has become something of a holiday to fans. This years launch date has already been announced and its set for June 22nd. This means that gamers will try in...
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