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Is God really dead? How Britain lost faith in the church

By Meredith J C Warren Et Al

Is God dead? Fifty years ago, on April 8, 1966, a Time magazine cover asked just that question. The same could be asked in Britain today. The Church of England recently announced it was considering dropping the requirement...

What's the point of paracetamol?

By Andrew Moore

Paracetamol has been around for over 50 years. Its safe and many guidelines recommend it as the go-to treatment. At least, thats the conventional view of the drug. Its a view so ingrained that its rarely questioned. The...

The dangers of being a bridesmaid in China mean some brides now hire professionals

By Yang Hu

Concern over traditional wedding practices in China being pushed too far has reached new heights following the death of a bridesmaid in Wenchang, Hainan province in September. It was reported that the 28-year-old was...

How to reverse the dangerous decline in low-carbon innovation

By Antoine Dechezleprêtre

The Paris Agreement goal to limit global warming to less than 2C at the end of the 21st century demands that we sharply reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, reaching near zero in less than 100 years. Achieving this...

Data responsibility: a new social good for the information age

By Stefaan G. Verhulst

As climate change intensifies, catastrophic, record-setting natural disasters look increasingly like the new normal from Hurricane Matthew killing at least 1,300 people in September to Typhoon Lionrock, the previous...

CRISPR gene-editing controversy shows old ideas about East and West still prevail

By Calvin Wai-Loon Ho

The debate that followed initial experiments using the CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing tool show that old stereotypes about Asia still resonate in the West. CRISPR-Cas9 is a gene editing tool that was first demonstrated US...

Solutions beyond supply to the housing affordability problem

By John Daley

Cutting the cost of infrastructure to go with housing Robin Goodman, Deputy Dean of Sustainability at the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies and Joe Hurley, Senior Lecturer, Sustainability and Urban Planning,...

The curious power of hate propaganda in open societies

By Cherian George

This article is part of the Democracy Futures series, a joint global initiative with the Sydney Democracy Network. The project aims to stimulate fresh thinking about the many challenges facing democracies in the 21st...

What Myanmar's bizarre capital tells us about the future of travel

By David Bockino

Naypyidaw, Myanmar, is one of the strangest capital cities in the world. The city, only a decade old, is a sprawling maze of 20-lane highways, government compounds and pastel condominiums. One visitor described it as an...

History of Russian populism provides important lessons for today

By John Keane

When the people are being beaten with a stick, they are not much happier if it is called the Peoples Stick. Mikhail Bakunin, Statism and Anarchy (1873) Populism is in the air: its the topic of the moment, the...

Here's what happened at Habitat III -- the world's biggest conference on cities

By Vanesa Castán Broto

Habitat III the United Nations global conference on the future of cities has come to a close. About 30,000 people gathered in Quito, Ecuador, to discuss the key issues facing cities today and sign off on the New Urban...

How sausages conquered the globe

By Rebecca Earle

Sausages are no joke. Jamie Oliver learned that lesson when he rashly included chorizo in a recipe for paella. WTF, Jamie Oliver? outraged Spaniards asked the Naked Chef in a Twitterstorm of indignation. While the...

The 'legitimation' crisis in the US: Why have Americans lost trust in government?

By John Rennie Short

Elections normally decide who is to govern. This upcoming election is about the very legitimacy of the system. At the final presidential debate, Republican candidate Donald Trump made the remarkable statement that he...

To uncover the secrets of exoplanets, try listening to them

By Michael Quinton Et Al

From rainfall patterns to share price performance, the usual way to analyse any data that shows something changing over a period of time is to put it into a graphic. Making data visual usually makes it much easier to...

How can we make the world's cities safer for women and girls?

By Caroline Moser

One in three women around the world currently experience gender-based violence. Harmful practices such as trafficking, forced marriage, domestic violence and female genital mutilation occur both in public and in private...

FirstBlood to Launch Alpha Version of ESports Platform

By Brandon Kostinuk

Just weeks following successful crowdsale, Boston-based company shifts focus to development The crowdsale was over in just a matter of minutes with the goal of $5.5 million worth in Ether, the native cryptographic...

Bolivia's fast-melting glaciers are leaving behind lakes that could cause catastrophic floods

By Simon Cook

Bolivias glaciers have shrunk by more than 40% in the past few decades. This puts further pressure on an already stressed water supply, while the meltwater lakes left behind risk collapsing in sudden and catastrophic...

Special forces should be at the heart of Britain's military planning

By Ian Shields

What sort of military does the UK need to deal with a rapidly changing set of potential threats? Conventional military thinking still holds that the UK needs to retain what the Americans would describe as full-spectrum...

Why anarchy (on screen) is so fashionable right now

By Constance Bantman

The anarchist movement in both its past and contemporary incarnations is back to the cultural fore, and to such an extent that it echoes the surge in anarchist-themed entertainment before 1914. The BBC has just aired...

Trump claims the election is rigged – is it?

By Bryan Cranston

Donald Trump has repeatedly said the presidential election is rigged, and the only way he will lose will be if it is stolen from him. Trump is not known for his measured temperament, nor for rational thinking or...

Moving toward computing at the speed of thought

By Frances Van Scoy

The first computers cost millions of dollars and were locked inside rooms equipped with special electrical circuits and air conditioning. The only people who could use them had been trained to write programs in that...

What missing lander means for Europe’s quest to find life on Mars

By Monica Grady

Researchers at the European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany, had another of those nervous days waiting to hear first from a probe designed to land on Mars surface, and then from the probes orbiting mother...

What is the dark web and how does it work?

By Daniel Prince

We often hear about the dark web being linked to terrorist plots, drug deals, knife sales and child pornography, but beyond this it can be hard to fully understand how the dark web works and what it looks like. So just...

How the war on drugs fuels deadly prison riots in Brazil

By Julita Lemgruber

Brazil has a prison problem. Recent crises have brought renewed attention to mass incarceration, overcrowding, and the lawlessness and inhumanity of Brazils jails issues that are often ignored, but hardly new. Two...

The next king and a new constitution: a dangerous combination for Thailand

By Eugénie Mérieau

The next King of Thailand, Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, has long been notorious for his unpredictability a reputation that appears deserved with his recent refusal to ascend the throne immediately after the death of his...

We need new laws to regulate the world's newest frontier: the datasphere

By Stéphane Grumbach Et Al

The rise of information technologies smartphones, sensors spread across public and private spaces, data analytics has led to the production of considerable amounts of data on human activity and the world around...

Will oil-rich Kazakhstan ever embrace democracy?

By Nurseit Niyazbekov

This year, Kazakhstan celebrates the 25th anniversary of its independence from the USSR. Politicians have already started boasting about the countrys successful socioeconomic reforms and praising President Nursultan...

Big Tobacco sees its future in cigarettes, not vaping

By Simon Chapman

In 2012, in the early days of the rise of e-cigarettes, Kingsley Wheaton, Director of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs at British American Tobacco, said Our core business is, and will remain in, tobacco. So have the...

Why sport is a spiritual experience – and failure can help

By Richard Hutch

We all have heard it said that sport is like religion. The annual cycle of sporting events mimics the yearly sequence of rituals by which traditional religions transform profane time and space into sacred moments and...

Why do wind farms drag down house prices in some places but not others?

By Gwilym Pryce

Two years ago, the London School of Economics delivered bad news to the renewables industry. It published a research paper that showed that house price appreciation was significantly reduced by being near wind farms in...

Biggest map of giant voids and clusters in the universe solves major cosmological puzzle

By Seshadri Nadathur

Since its discovery in 2008, astronomers have been puzzled by a cosmic mystery so vexing that it has even led some to question whether the general theory of relativity Einsteins masterpiece theory of gravity is wrong on...

How Western companies can succeed in China

By Jonathan Brookfield

Not too long ago, when Western CEOs pondered Chinas fast-growing market and billion-plus potential customers, their eyes would fill with dollar signs. But these days, thoughts of China are more likely to elicit serious...

Deepwater Horizon: scientists are still trying to unravel mysteries of the spill

By Tony Gutierrez

The film Deepwater Horizon, starring Mark Wahlberg, captures the chaos and drama that ensued after the massive fireball that engulfed the oil rig of the same name in 2011, which killed 11 people and injured many others....

How NatWest bank became a player in the new propaganda war between Russia and the West

By Francesco Cacciatore

The recent decision of the National Westminster Bank to freeze the UK accounts of Russian international broadcaster RT sparked a furious row, with talk of Kremlin disinformation pitted against accusations of British...

Something good could actually come from Samsung's battery disaster

By Harry Hoster

Most accidents caused by smartphones are caused by distracted drivers or pedestrians. But a phone that bursts into flames as Samsungs Galaxy Note 7s have been doing comes with the scariness of uncertainty, especially...

Is the government pushing for private health insurance over comprehensive care in the NHS?

By Andrew Street

Theresa May has little time for those arguing for NHS funding increases. After all, unlike most government departments, NHS funding has increased over recent years, offering protection against inflation at least. Other...

Thirty years on as 'new Cold War' looms, US and Russia should remember the Rekyjavik summit

By David Reynolds Et Al

In what looks very like a tit-for-tat downgrading of bilateral relations, Russia and America have traded diplomatic insults in recent weeks over nuclear weapons, geopolitics and economics, prompting speculation about a new...

Crown: the trials of a tributary state

By Mark Beeson

Of all the indicators of Australias evolving relationship with China, Crown Casinos current problems are some of the most striking, unexpected and revealing. They present an unflattering but painfully accurate vignette of...

Finding the right model for Indonesia's oil and gas management

By Giri Ahmad Taufik

Indonesia has substantial unexplored basins predicted to hold 43.7 billion barrels of crude oil, according to data from the countrys Upstream Oil and Gas Taskforce (SKK Migas). But companies are reluctant to fund...

Apple Pay dispute may mean less opportunity to pay with your mobile

By Steve Worthington

As people increasingly reach for their phone to pay for goods in Australia, existing players in the contactless payment industry are trying to seek competitive advantage. Four of Australias leading banks are trying to...

The slow climb from innovation to cure: treating anaemia with gene editing

By Merlin Crossley

The ability to precisely edit DNA via CRISPR technology has emerged as the one of the most powerful advances in biology. A new paper showing repair of a genetic mutation in human blood cells represents an important step...

America's Nobel success is the story of immigrants

By Adil Najam

If it were not for Bob Dylan the singer, songwriter and now Nobel laureate 2016 would have become the first year since 1999 without a Nobel winner born in the United States. Since World War II, the U.S. has dominated...

Clinton says the 'clean energy economy' will create millions of jobs. Can it?

By Heidi Garrett-Peltier

Job growth is a prime topic in the U.S. presidential race, but Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have very different takes on the role clean energy could play in creating employment. Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton...

How many genes does it take to make a person?

By Sean Nee

We humans like to think of ourselves as on the top of the heap compared to all the other living things on our planet. Life has evolved over three billion years from simple one-celled creatures through to multicellular...

Can the private rental sector provide a secure, affordable housing solution?

By Rachel Ong Et Al

Despite a relatively healthy supply-side picture for the general housing market, the expected trickle down of housing opportunities to low-income households in Australia has failed to materialise. The UK Department for...

Young people don't expect to rely on the 'bank of mum and dad': study

By Kathleen Riach

Despite the stereotypes of young people as a generation focused on spending with no consequences, young people actually see their money decisions (as well as their mistakes) as their responsibility, our research shows....

What went wrong with Pokémon Go? Three lessons from its plummeting player numbers

By Mark Humphery-Jenner

Pokémon Go is in rapid decline. Since launching in July and soaring in popularity, it had lost at least a third of its daily users by the middle of August. By mid-September, daily revenues had fallen from US$16m per...

Is social media turning people into narcissists?

By W. Keith Campbell

Social media has revolutionised how we communicate. In this series, we look at how it has changed the media, politics, health, education and the law. There has been a massive increase in the use of social media from...

video How listening to music could help you beat insomnia

By Victoria Williamson

In our hectic world, a good nights sleep is worth its weight in gold when it comes to improving physical and mental well-being. Much more than a basic method of energy conservation, sleep is a state during which muscle and...

Why the BRICS coalition still matters

By Oliver Della Costa Stuenkel

For years, Western newspapers have depicted the BRICS grouping comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa as either nonsensical or threatening. Indeed, after Brazil and Russia entered recession and growth...

Sharp Yuan depreciation largely market-driven

Market forces rather than PBOC intention for competitive devaluation have been the driving factors behind the recent sharp weakening of the CNY, as well as the CNH, during the past two weeks. In the past two weeks, the...

Metal Supply & Demand Series

Key factors at play in gold market

07:42 AM| Commentary

Gold has suffered a serious setback after it failed to break above a key resistance around $1380 in June and since then it has struggled to maintain the upside pressure. $1300 area acted as key support until late...

U.S. new home sales likely to have remained at same levels in September

07:18 AM| Commentary

U.S. new home sales might have been little changed. After rising sharply by 13.8 percent in July to 659,000 units annualized, the new home sales had dropped 7.6 percent in the following month. But the third quarter average...

Fed Hike Aftermath Series

Fed Hike Aftermath Series: Rate hike odds continue to rise

07:08 AM| Commentary Central Banks

The market pricing of a hike from the US Federal reserve continues to climb higher, despite mixed bags of data that shows aslowdown in some sections of the economy, while inflation pressure continues to rise. Comments from...

Chinese bond yields continue to recover as investors remain optimistic about economic growth

06:47 AM| Commentary

The Chinese sovereign bonds continued to recover Tuesday after falling to a decade low last week as investors maintained optimism over stabilising economic growth. The yield on the benchmark 10-year bonds, which moves...

US Election Series

US Election Series: Why you shouldn’t count Trump out?

06:07 AM| Commentary Politics

If you look at the recent polls and electoral map from the majority of the news media websites, it would tell you that Hillary Clinton is going to win the Presidency of the United States and Republican nominee Donald Trump...

FxWirePro: The Day Ahead- 25th October, 2016

05:17 AM| Commentary

Not many economic dockets scheduled for today and all with low to medium volatility risks associated. Upcoming: France: Business climate data for October will be released at 6:45 GMT. Germany: IFO current...

Chart of the Day: More money please

14:59 PM| Commentary Economy

Recent global fund managers survey by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) showed that vast majority of the fund managers are worried over the health of the European banks. They are right in doing so. This chart...

Oil markets under pressure as Iraq seeks exemption from OPEC output limits

14:46 PM| Commentary

Oil prices remained under pressure on Monday after Iraq said it wanted to be exempt from an OPEC deal to cut production. Iraqi oil minister Jabar Ali al-Luaibi said Baghdad wants to be exempt from any production cut the...

Global Geo-political Series: China mocks waning US influence

13:59 PM| Commentary

US election has exposed the United States elite as it became an open discussion that what the western countries did to Iraq and Libya was wrong. Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump even accused President Barrack...

U.S. Government bonds narrowly mixed ahead of Fed policymakers’ speech

12:26 PM| Commentary

The U.S. Treasuries traded narrowly mixed Monday as investors await Federal Reserve policymakers speech in an attempt to estimate the Feds most likely policy step during a relatively quiet session that saw no data of great...

Fundamentals to watch out for this week

12:03 PM| Commentary Economy

This week is relatively less risk heavy in terms of data and events. What to watch for over the coming days: US earnings: Earnings season remains in focus. SP 500 as well as stocks around the world would be...

CEE economies likely to receive support from ECB in local currency bond markets

08:28 AM| Commentary Economy

The economies of the Central and Eastern European region are expected to receive support from the European Central Bank (ECB) in local currency bond markets. Looking forward, the ECB-driven environment will definitely...

Top Stories

Why companies like Wells Fargo ignore their whistleblowers – at their peril

By Elizabeth C. Tippett - 04:46 AM| Insights & Views Law

Enron. Worldcom. The Madoff scandal. The mortgage meltdown. Now Wells Fargo. High-profile corporate frauds like these all seem to follow the same pattern. First the misconduct is discovered, and then we learn about all...

US Election Series

Fact-checking Clinton and Trump is not enough

By Gleb Tsipursky - 04:44 AM| Insights & Views Politics

During the debates, fact-checkers like CNN and Politifact focus on evaluating the truthfulness of what each candidate said. While it is important to get the facts straight, focusing on the truth of the candidates...

How pharmaceutical companies profit from drugs for rare diseases

By Jannine Poletti-Hughes Et Al - 18:16 PM| Insights & Views Business

Pharmaceutical companies traditional focus on discovering the next US$1 billion blockbuster drug has shifted in recent years, from products for common diseases to treatments for rare conditions. And in new research weve...

Annual performance review looming? How to give and receive feedback

By Michelle Luke - 14:21 PM| Insights & Views

Feedback is a daily occurrence. Workers get it constantly from their managers and colleagues, and how we react to it can have implications for job performance and career success. Staff at companies around the world will...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Visa launches Visa B2B Connect built on Chain’s blockchain technology

12:50 PM| Digital Currency

Visa Inc. has announced a preview of its international Visa B2B Connect, a new platform that is being developed to provide financial institutions simple, fast and secure way to process B2B global payments, built on Chains...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Blockchain and big data make inroads to China via IBM Bluemix

11:39 AM| Digital Currency

IBM has announced that it has partnered with 21Vianet Group, Inc., a leading Chinese carrier-neutral internet data center services provider, in order to make its cloud computing platform Bluemix available in China. As...

US Election Series

Facebook Internal Upheaval, Zuckerberg Faced Mass Resignation Over Hate Speech

05:06 AM| Technology

This election season seems to be giving Mark Zuckerberg a lot of headaches, largely because of his steadfast commitment to not censor anyone. One of his biggest problems stem from Donald Trumps many acid-ridden tirades,...

The Internet Is Under Attack, IoT Future Uncertain

04:26 AM| Technology

Last Friday, the internet was hit with a large-scale attack that took out a lot of major online services for a time, including PayPal, Netflix, and Amazon. The damage was minimal and services resumed shortly after....

Samsung’s Note 7 Production And Replacement Haste Big Factor In Downfall

04:27 AM| Technology

By now, Samsungs fall from grace is well-documented, what with the second gigantic recall of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones and all the related gaffes that followed making headlines. Now, people are wondering exactly why...

Electric Car Series

Why are the tech giants struggling to build their own driverless cars?

By Siraj Ahmed Shaikh - 04:42 AM| Technology

We may have just seen a major player in the drive towards autonomous cars apply screeching brakes. Apple has reportedly abandoned its plans to build its own self-driving electric vehicle and is instead going to focus on...

Britain's great meritocracy gap – why businesses must widen their talent pool

By Louise Ashley Et Al - 12:24 PM| Insights & Views Economy

Britains new prime minister has put meritocracy at the heart of her governments agenda. Its a noble goal. This idea of allowing those with the most talent to rise to the top of society and occupy the best jobs must surely...

US Election Series

Religious feelings could sway the vote in 2016 election

By Eric McDaniel - 10:32 AM| Insights & Views Politics

Political scientists have long noted that politics is a competition between groups with diverse and competing interests. During campaigns, candidates actively attempt to sway certain groups and vilify others in order to...

Econotimes Series


Bank of Canada renews inflation targeting mandate for next five years, still targets 2 pct with tweaks

The Canadian central bank and the Federal Department of Finance yesterday stated the renewal of the Bank of Canadas inflation targeting mandate for the next five years, noted TD Economics. The central bank would keep on...

U.S. home price index likely to maintain modest support in August

The home price index in the United States is expected to have remained modestly upbeat during the month of August. However, this is likely to yield modest downward pressure on the composite-20 measure on a y/y basis, to...

U.S. consumer confidence likely to decline below the 100-point threshold mark in October

Consumer confidence in the United States is likely to have declined during the month of October, dropping below the 100-point threshold mark that separates optimism from pessimism. The October Conference Board consumer...

U.S. manufacturing PMI shows strong improvement in October as output, new orders rise

Manufacturing conditions in the United States witnessed a strong improvement during the month of October, buoyed by asharp rise in output as well as new orders. Also, higher demand helped lift the countrys manufacturing...

Canada’s wholesale trade climbs for fifth straight month in August, agri goods' demand extend help

Wholesale trade in Canada climbed for the fifth straight month during the period of August, with demand for agricultural supplies and farm equipmentextending help to the rise. Month-over-month wholesale trade rose 0.8...


Trump Turns To Facebook Live To Fight ‘Biased’ Mainstream Media

Donald Trump has been cursing and casting blame at the mainstream media for defaming him since he announced that he would be running for president. It would seem he finally had enough because his campaign is launching its...

US Election Series: Bet on IBD/TIPP poll

Except for few pollsters, most are predicting a decisive victory for Clinton and even the Clinton campaign is acting as if they have won the game. The pollsters, who have been predicting decisive victory for Clinton, have...

video Watch: Video Of ‘GTAV’ Exploding ‘Galaxy Note 7’ Mod Removed By Samsung

Samsung is really getting pummelled from all sides now. First was its second recall of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, then there was the FAA ban. Now, the company has to contend with Grand Theft Auto V modders who made...

Zuckerberg Says Thiel’s Support For Trump Is Okay Because Of ‘Diversity’

Peter Thiel publicly announced his support for Presidential Candidate Donald Trump recently and donated $1.25 million to his campaign. This drew the collective ire of a few Silicon Valley entities and certain left-leaning...

Where To Watch The 3rd Clinton/Trump Debate Online

The third presidential debate is almost here where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will go head to head for the last time before the November 8 election day. The event will be shown live on major network channels in the...


NASA Astronaut Shane Kimbrough, Crewmates Launch to Space Station to Continue Research

WASHINGTON, Oct. 19, 2016--Three crew members representing the United States and Russia are on their way to the International Space Station after launching from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 4:05 a.m. EDT...

Shape-shifting materials could be crucial in tight spaces – such as inside our bodies

The rise of 3D printing means its now easy to create objects to any design we like from scratch, something thats already finding particular use in medicine, with 3D printed customised prosthetics or even replacement bones...

Why insights of Nobel physicists could revolutionise 21st-century computing

British scientists David Thouless, Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz won this years Nobel Prize in Physics for theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter. The reference to...

One reason so many scientific studies may be wrong

There is a replicability crisis in science unidentified false positives are pervading even our top research journals. A false positive is a claim that an effect exists when in actuality it doesnt. No one knows what...

video Play video games, advance science

Computer gaming is now a regular part of life for many people. Beyond just being entertaining, though, it can be a very useful tool in education and in science. If people spent just a fraction of their play time solving...


video ‘Dishonored 2’ Live-Action Trailer Offers A Brief Glimpse Of A Full Movie Production

Plenty of video games have been turned into movies recently, with more already on the way. With the recently launched live-action trailer for Dishonored 2, Bethesda is basically offering a glimpse of what a full movie...

New Surface All-In-One To Headline Microsoft Event

Microsoft is about to introduce its newest lineup of hardware products following Google and Apples own events. Expected to headline the reveal is the latest Surface all-in-one computer, which is coming on the heels of a...

MIT Is Teaching An AI To Terrorize People

Halloween is almost here and in celebration of the ghoulish holiday, engineers at MIT have created an artificial intelligence specifically design to instill terror in the hearts of people. Luckily, the scare factor only...

Reckless Drivers Beware, Smart Cameras Can Catch Texting Or Calling While Driving

Chip maker Movidius is opening the floodgates for a new breed of security cameras that can recognize and understand the things they are looking at. By using Computer Vision and artificial intelligence, the company can...

PayPal Payment When Shopping Via Facebook Messenger Now Available

It was reported last month that Facebook is adding some new features to its Messenger app that would allow users to shop via chat bots from retailers. Some of the options available to pay with included PayPal and it would...
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