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US-China trade war's global ramifications explained

By Jonathan Perraton

Economic acrimony has been bubbling between the US and China since Donald Trump became president. Now the tensions have boiled over into escalating tit-for-tat announcements of tariffs on key imports. This is serious not...

Sweden's new road powers electric vehicles – what's the environmental impact?

By Rick Greenough

Sweden has built the first smart road that will allow electric vehicles to charge as they drive. The eRoadArlanda pilot scheme, which covers two kilometres of road outside Stockholm, is an attempt to solve one of the...

How does a city get to be 'smart'? This is how Tel Aviv did it

By Christine Steinmetz

Smart cities, digital cities, virtual cities, connected cities. Are these just trendy buzzwords? Perhaps. But these types of cities are supported by infrastructure that is more than bricks and mortar. These cities are...

The four best cities in the world ... according to the experts

By Vanesa Castán Broto Et Al

More and more people are moving into cities. As growing populations place pressure on urban housing, infrastructure and transport systems, residents, planners and politicians are having to come up with clever solutions to...

Exorcism – how does it work and why is it on the rise?

By Helen Hall

Exorcism is again in the news, as the Vatican announces a new training course will be held to meet increased demand for deliverance ministry. So what does this actually mean, and should it be a cause for reassurance or...

Would America vote for Oprah for president?

By Chryl N. Laird

America has had a black president. Is the country ready for a black president who is also a woman? Speculation about the candidacy of Oprah Winfrey makes clear that some voters think so. Granted, Winfrey says she...

Bitcoin's wild ride and what's ahead for the cryptocurrency

By Thanasis Stengos

Bitcoin has been on a volatile ride in recent times, its value rising and falling like a kite caught in variable winds. Its future will likely be as unpredictable as its past given that its a currency propped up by...

To value companies like Amazon and Facebook, we need to look beyond dollars and assets

By Muhammad Nadeem Et Al

Investors and business people usually value companies based on the balance of assets and debts at the end of a financial year. But our research found they should be valuing their employees ability to innovate while using...

Facebook has become a vital part of our democracy

By Jakob Ohme

In the wake of the scandal over the misuse of user data by Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has been branded a threat to democracy. But would democracy actually function better without the social networks upon which weve come...

Lawyers keep secrets locked up – so they get asked to do the dirty work

By Elizabeth C. Tippett

Lawyers seem to at the center of lot of scandals lately. President Donald Trumps personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, whose office and hotel were raided by the FBI, is only the latest example. Harvey Weinsteins law firm...

Rebuilding trust in the media from the bottom up

By Michael Gordon

America is living in a Facebook moment, where privacy is not private; a Sinclair moment, where local is not local; and a presidential moment, where truth is not true. It seems clear that someone needs to rebuild trust...

Would regulation cement Facebook's market power? It's unlikely

By Catherine de Fontenay

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced a four-hour grilling from the US Senate Commerce and Judiciary panels yesterday in response to a number of revelations that Russian operatives had targeted Facebook users to influence...

To serve a free society, social media must evolve beyond data mining

By Barbara Romzek Et Al

As Congress and the public wrestle with the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, many people are now realizing the risks data collection poses to civic institutions, public discourse and individual privacy. The U.K.-based...

Location and voice technology are the future of retail

By Louise Grimmer Et Al

Retailers, struggling to connect with their customers, have been trialling new technologies to blend in-store and digital experiences. Interactive kiosks, mobile-friendly websites and transactional apps have become the...

Central-bank digital currencies: toward a cashless society?

By Sergio Focardi

While private digital currencies such as the bitcoin are in the news daily, countries including China and Sweden are studying the creation a new form of money a central-bank digital currency (CBDC). The objective is to...

A rubbish idea: how blockchains could tackle the world's waste problem

By Phillip Taylor Et Al

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may fill news headlines, but attention has been shifting to the technology that underpins them: blockchains. Blockchains are virtual ledgers on which data can be permanently stored. They are a...

Why nuclear fusion is gaining steam – again

By Scott L Montgomery

Back when I studied geology in grad school, the long-term future of energy had a single name: nuclear fusion. It was the 1970s. The physicists I studied with predicted that tapping this clean new source of electric power...

CFO survey: firms slow to adopt fintech, executive optimism at all-time high

By Philippe Dupuy Et Al

The International Association of Financial Executives Institutes (IAFEI) and a group of partners including Duke University and Grenoble EM survey CFOs across the world. For the first quarter 2018, the survey ran from...

video I lived through Saddam Hussein's fall – and the horror that came next

By Balsam Mustafa

I was a senior university student in Baghdad, Iraq. It was March 2003, and over the past few months, my classmates had whispered to each other about the possibility of a US-led invasion and the likelihood that 35 years of...

Defamation in the digital age has morphed into litigation between private individuals

By Derek Wilding

New South Wales District Court judge Judith Gibson recently identified a worrying social trend she sees in running the courts defamation list ordinary people suing over social media posts. In turn, NSW Attorney-General...

What Xi Jinping's grab for power means for Canada

By Charles Burton

Since the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank tweeted last week that Canada is now officially a full member, it hasnt exactly made headlines. Yet this is ostensibly a prelude for trade talks with China in an...

Why the business model of social media giants like Facebook is incompatible with human rights

By Sarah Joseph

Facebook has had a bad few weeks. The social media giant had to apologise for failing to protect the personal data of millions of users from being accessed by data mining company Cambridge Analytica. Outrage is brewing...

Will Amazon be your next bank and health insurance?

By Marcos Lima

One of Mr. Rockefellers most impressive characteristics is patience. This 1902 assertion by pioneering journalist Ida Tarbell described John D. Rockefeller, one of the wealthiest men in the world in the early 20th...

Is the growing Russia crisis another Cold War conflict? Nyet

By Regina Smyth

A crisis erupted this week as Russian diplomats were ejected from European countries and the U.S., and Western diplomats were ejected by Russia. The punitive measures were sparked by outrage in the West over alleged...

Why not nationalize Facebook?

By Blayne Haggart

The Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal is fast emerging as a watershed for our increasingly digitized society. For the first time, how to regulate personal data has become a mainstream public issue, so its important that...

Why are more people doing gig work? They like it

By Cheryl Carleton

Thanks to companies like Lyft, TaskRabbit and Instacart, its never been easier for Americans who can afford it to zip from place to place, get groceries delivered or let someone else walk their dog. Likewise, the number of...

'Big Tech' isn't one big monopoly – it's 5 companies all in different businesses

By Amanda Lotz

Public concern about Facebooks power in society and in politics has skyrocketed in the wake of revelations that users data was analyzed by a U.K.-based marketing firm and used to construct highly targeted political...

Low-carbon computing is needed to avoid a technological collapse

By Oscar Céspedes

Human society has come to rely on superior gadgets being produced every year. Each year, new phones or laptops are faster, sleeker and have even more capabilities. However, electronics are rarely recycled, and the carbon...

Big brands ripping off street art is not cool: why illegal graffiti should be protected by copyright

By Enrico Bonadio

When street artist Jason Revok Williams sprayed his trademark chevrons on a handball court in Brooklyn, he probably didnt imagine he would end up taking a high-street fashion giant to court for breach of copyright. But...

Russians are starved of alternative viewpoints by their media's united anti-Western front

By Natasha Rulyova

When Russia ignored a British government ultimatum to explain whether it was involved in the nerve agent attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, Theresa May quickly announced a set of...

Free divers have long defied science – and we still don't really understand how they go so deep

By Kevin Fong

Free divers swim to extreme depths underwater (the current record is 214m) without any breathing apparatus. Champions can hold their breath for extraordinary amounts of time the record for women is nine minutes, and men...

Some easy fixes for Russia's flagging economy – if only politics didn't get in the way

By Sergey V. Popov

With the outcome of the Russian election almost certainly a return to power for Vladimir Putin, its perhaps more interesting to consider how he could improve the countrys flagging economy. This is more of a...

Is it possible to live off-grid?

By Sharon George

As interest grows in self-sufficient, sustainable communities, and fears over Europes reliance on gas imports increase, more and more people are considering moving off-grid. Pioneering companies are already building...

We need to become global citizens to rebuild trust in our globalised world

By Laura D'Olimpio

This is the third article in a series in which philosophers discuss the greatest moral challenge of our time, and how we should address it. Read the first article here and the second here. The erosion of trust in a...

Why virtual reality cannot match the real thing

By Janna Thompson

Suppose you were offered the opportunity to hook yourself up to a machine that would give you all the experiences you desire. Using this technology you could have the sensations of climbing Mt Everest, enjoying great sex...

Why do gun-makers get special economic protection?

By Allen Rostron

The gun industry is one of very few industries to have congressionally backed immunity from liabilty. As a result, its been largely shielded from responsibility for the deaths and injuries its products cause, with few...

Here are five signs that universities are turning into corporations

By Sioux McKenna

Universities in many parts of the world are buckling under multiple financial, societal and political demands. This has led to increasingly loud calls for what are called enhanced efficiencies a term drawn from the...

South Africa's economy is badly skewed to the big guys: how it can be changed

By Simon Roberts

The South African economy looks uncomfortably the same to the one inherited when the country transitioned from apartheid to democracy in 1994. Which is why its time for a robust economic policy agenda to make it more open,...

#MeToo on the 1930s silver screen

By Marsha Gordon

Times 2017 Person of the Year was The Silence Breakers, a growing contingent of women who have been speaking out about sexual harassment by men in positions of power. But the sexual exploitation of women is hardly...

London congestion charge: why it's time to reconsider one of the city's great successes

By Nicole Badstuber

It has been 15 years since Londons congestion charge was introduced by the citys first mayor, Ken Livingstone. Livingstone hoped the charge would reduce congestion, radically improve bus services, make journey times more...

When the Internet goes down

By Hervé Debar

A third of the Internet is under attack. Millions of network addresses were subjected to distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks over two-year period, reports Warren Froelich on the UC San Diego News Center website. A...

Before hitting the road, self-driving cars should have to pass a driving test

By Srikanth Saripalli

What should a self-driving car do when a nearby vehicle is swerving unpredictably back and forth on the road, as if its driver were drunk? What about encountering a vehicle driving the wrong way? Before autonomous cars are...

Why energy-sapping bitcoin mining is here to stay

By Michel Rauchs

The enormous use of energy needed to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is proving to be very contentious, but alternative methods pose far too much of a security risk. The recent warning that electricity use at...

Debate: On secularism in the 21st century

By Jeremy Ghez

In January 2018 the French commemorated the Charlie Hebdo attacks that occurred three years earlier. The expression of American solidarity then toward the victims in France was quick and unwavering just as it was in the...

Why economists are calling for the RPI inflation measure to be scrapped

By Robert O'Neill

The RPI measure of inflation is without merit. The retail price index has been an official measure of inflation for close to 50 years in the UK, but it requires a deliberate and carefully timed withdrawal. Thats according...

Why we developed a microscope for your phone – and published the design

By Antony Orth

My colleagues and I have developed a 3D printable clip-on that can turn your smartphone into a fully functional microscope. Weve released the design online so that anyone can print it and modify it to suit their...

Parents need to start talking to their tweens about the risks of porn

By Gail Dines

Editors note: This article includes references to graphic sexual content that may be inappropriate for some readers. Today teenagers are viewing far more pornography than their parents realize. And the porn theyre...

Alcohol probably makes it harder to stop sexual violence – so why aren't colleges talking about it?

By Ruschelle Leone Et Al

Several years ago, one of us (Dominic) was consulting with university administration on their sexual violence prevention program. All colleges and universities that receive Title IX funding are federally mandated to...

North Korea's growing criminal cyberthreat

By Dorothy Denning

The countries posing the greatest cyberthreats to the United States are Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Like its counterparts, Kim Jong Uns regime engages in substantial cyber espionage. And like Russia and Iran, it...

GDPR: ten easy steps all organisations should follow

By Maureen Meadows Et Al

Data protection law hasnt undergone a significant update since the EU brought in legislation in 1995 just six years after the birth of the World Wide Web. But GDPR is about to shake things up. Now, 23 years later, the...

The calm before the storm in US-China trade

This week: the US administration continues its anti-trade rhetoric, China grows a little faster than expected, Australian employment figures underwhelm, and the RBA seems unperturbed by household borrowing...

U.S. Leading Economic Index rises in March

20:05 PM| Commentary

The U.S. Leading Economic Index for March rose after rising in the prior months. The LEI continued with its upward movement, rising 0.3 percent to 109, following a rise of 0.7 percent in the prior month. The index has not...

March global PMI surveys give warning shorts on global growth

19:15 PM| Commentary Economy

In the midst of increasing chorus of rising positive views regarding the global economic health, March PMI surveys showed a warning short. The surveys indicated the rate of global economic growth warning for the first time...

Has Bitcoin dust settled? Minor trend seems constructive, intermediate trend yet to confirm – FxWirePro prefers CME BTFs

12:32 PM| Digital Currency Research & Analysis Insights & Views

On daily plotting, BTCUSD was sliding through sloping channel, but bulls, for now, has managed to havebroken out the channel resistance. Strong support was taken at $6,408 levels. Ever since then bulls have held very...

U.S. Treasuries suffer ahead of initial jobless claims, host of FOMC members’ speeches

11:27 AM| Commentary Economy

The U.S. Treasuries suffered Thursday as investors wait to watch the countrys initial jobless claims, scheduled to be released today by 12:30GMT. Also, the Federal Open Market Committees (FOMC) members Brainard, Quarles,...

Global Geopolitical Series: Russia says militants blocking OPCW inspectors from chemical attack site

13:33 PM| Commentary

As the UN team of inspectors came under gunfire earlier this week while trying to access the site of the alleged chemical attack, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov has accused the militants of blocking OPCW...

BOC monetary policy decision: Assessing future bias

14:26 PM| Commentary Central Banks

Bank of Canada (BOC) at yesterdays meeting chose to keep the policy rates unchanged at 125 basis points (bps), after three rate hikes since 2017. The overnight lending rate is at 125 bps, the bank rate is at 150 bps and...

U.K. retail sales fall in March, consumer sector outlook likely to remain constructive

16:33 PM| Commentary

U.K. underlying retail sales dropped in March. Sales, excluding auto fuel fell 0.5 percent to deliver a bigger fall than markets expected but it was closer to the consensus expectations of a fall of 0.4 percent. The...

Euro area current account surplus eases in February

20:33 PM| Commentary

Current account surplus in the euro area eased in the month of February. Surplus narrowed by EUR 4 billion to EUR 25.1 billion, showed ECB figures today. But that level is still quite high by historical standards, matching...

FxWirePro: Asian markets in red, gold hovers around $1,340 mark

05:20 AM| Commentary

All the major Asian indices were trading on a lower note on Friday. Gold was trading around $1,340 mark while silver was trading around $17.15 mark. Shanghai composite index to open down 0.4 pct at 3,105.46 points and...

Shedding some light on Bitcoin futures market mechanism

08:12 AM| Digital Currency Research & Analysis Insights & Views

Its been almost more than a quarter that the worlds largest futures exchange, CME, has launched and has finalized self-certification with the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) of its first bitcoin futures...

Top Stories

Blockchain Revolution Series

Dubai’s DTCM launches blockchain-based Tourism 2.0 marketplace

04:01 AM| Digital Currency

Dubais Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) has announced the launch of a blockchain-based marketplace connecting potential buyers directly to hotels and tour operators. Dubbed Tourism 2.0, the initiative...

Class action against Facebook over facial recognition could pave the way for further lawsuits

By Sandeep Gopalan - 06:02 AM| Insights & Views Technology Law

Facebooks privacy problems suffered a major setback in a US Federal Court this week. Judge James Donato of the Northern District federal court in San Francisco allowed a class action brought by Facebook users in Illinois...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Banking consortium executes pilot transactions on blockchain trade finance platform

03:10 AM| Digital Currency

A consortium consisting of Bank of Montreal (BMO), CaixaBank, Commerzbank, Erste Group, IBM, and UBS, has developed a blockchain-based global trade finance platform, dubbed Batavia, which has successfully completed its...

Facebook’s Extremely Underhanded Method To Avoid EU Privacy Laws, Moving 1.5 Billion Users Around

04:54 AM| Technology

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was meant to be the European Unions way of ensuring that the data of its citizens will be protected from misuse such as in the case in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It was...

Mental illness on campus really is 'a thing'

By Ivor Shapiro - 06:04 AM| Insights & Views Health

Unlike his former classmates, Alex isnt writing final exams right now, or searching for a summer job, or choosing electives for next year. Alex is no longer a student at all. As an academic leader responsible for...

Global Geopolitics Series

Could the US win World War III without using nuclear weapons?

By Dan Plesch - 05:59 AM| Insights & Views

In the last few years, as the US, Russia and China test each others patience and strategic focus, speculation about the chances of another world war has hit a new high. But many of the people seriously engaged in this...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Chinese telecom titan Huawei launches Blockchain Service platform

10:19 AM| Digital Currency

Chinese telecom giant Huawei this week launched its blockchain-as-a service (BaaS) platform, CoinDesk reported. Called Blockchain Service or BCS, the new platform would help companies build smart contracts on top a...

Initial Coin Offering Series Digital Currency Revolution

South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb to issue own token

05:57 AM| Digital Currency

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has plans to issue its own cryptocurrency BITHUMB Coin, TokenPost reported. Recent reports suggest that the startup recently announced the establishment of its unit in...

Apple’s New ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ Feature Is Actually Effective

04:05 AM| Technology

Modern society seems to have come to accept that people drive and use their smartphones at the same time. Its neither safe nor practical, but with so many things that demand attention being cramped into the devices, it can...

Digital Currency Revolution

New York Attorney General launches inquiry into 13 crypto exchanges

04:57 AM| Digital Currency

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on Tuesday announced the launch of an inquiry into cryptocurrency exchanges. The Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative will look into the policies and practices of digital...

Econotimes Series


USD/INR likely to trade even higher towards 68.00 level, to start consolidating if 10-year UST yield stabilizes: Scotiabank

The USD/INR currency pair is expected to trade even higher towards the 68 level, although the pair has been technically overbought according to the RSI index. Further, the pair is also seen to start consolidating if the...

Japan 10-year bond yield hits over 7-week high after U.S. counterpart extends gains beyond 3 pct mark

The Japanese 10-year government bond yield climbed to over 7-week high during late Asian session Thursday after the United States counterpart breached the 3.00 psychological mark overnight, owing to rising expectations of...

Australian 10-year bond yield hovers near 2-month high following heavy sell-off in U.S. Treasuries  

Australian government bonds slumpedon Thursdayfollowing heavy sell-off in the U.S. Treasuries, pushing the U.S. 10-year Note yield above 3 percent mark for the first time in 4-1/2 years. The yield on Australias...

10-year UST yield breaches 3.00 psychological level first time in 4-1/2 years on hopes of higher inflation, faster Fed rate hikes

The U.S. Treasuries finally breached the 3.00 psychological mark after a span of 4-1/2 years, hovering around that level in the overnight session. However, it started to jump back again on market expectations of a rising...

German bunds struggle in silent session ahead of ECB’s monetary policy decision

The German bunds struggled during European session Wednesday amid a silent trading day that witnessed data of less economic significance. Investors will now be eyeing the European Central Banks (ECB) monetary policy...


Rise of cryptocurrencies could curb American power

There has been a lot of talk in foreign policy circles of the coming post-American world in which the international system will transition from a unipolar to a multipolar system. But, as we currently stand, the US remains...

South Africa's future hinges on Ramaphosa's strategic skills

South Africas 2018 State of the Nation address by the president of South Africa has been postponed. This unprecedented step makes it clear that the country is seeing the final days of Jacob Zuma as president although it...

Is full transparency good for democracy?

With the approval of President Donald Trump, the House of Representatives released the so-called Nunes memo on Feb. 2. In it, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes describes alleged abuses of surveillance...

Empowering the powerless: Let's end energy poverty

Power to the people, the activists chanted in the 1960s. The revolutionaries of yesteryear never dreamed of the scientific and technological innovations that could light up distant shelters and communities in the...

How neoliberalism is damaging your mental health

There is a widespread perception that mental ill health is on the rise in the West, in tandem with a prolonged decline in collective well-being. The idea that there are social and economic causes behind this perceived...


Eyebrows Were Crucial For Human Survival, Study Says

The human eyebrows are often two of the most underrated and yet essential physical aspects of a persons appearance that influences interactions. For example, a unibrow can often result in mockery and the same goes for...

Undetected Asteroid Nearly Missed The Earth, Shows Glaring Holes In Detection Capabilities

Its a general rule to trust governments and space agencies to be able to do things like detect oncoming asteroids that might impact the earth at some point. However, a recent incident proves that there are still holes in...

Elon Musk Proves How Crazy He Is With Party Balloon And Bouncy House Idea

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is considered something of a mad scientist by a lot of people, but not all for the wrong reasons. He has taken huge risks and leaps of faith that would have caused many to age prematurely with dread but...

USDA Is Cool With Scientists Genetically Editing Food

In case anyone was wondering what the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) was doing with all of the genetic engineering thats going on in the world of food, the answer is absolutely nothing. The agency recently...

Reputed Journal Retracts Flawed CRISPR Paper A Little Too Late

Science is a process that is often riddled with issues that affect the results of the work being done. This is why multiple experiments need to be conducted first before making conclusions and why papers need to be...


Facebook Shrugs Off Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Business Is Booming

If anyone actually expected the Cambridge Analytical debacle and the various other privacy scandals afflicting Facebook to affect its bottom line, they have not been paying attention. The social network was never going to...

Google To Offer YouTube Remix As Music And Music Video Streaming Service

Right now, Google actually already has an existing music streaming service via Google Play Music, but its upcoming YouTube Remix is likely to kill that option. This new project is reportedly going to be the companys answer...

Beyond Two Souls And Rayman Legends Is Free Via PlayStation Plus This May

PlayStation Plus users will have a new set of free games to look forward to next month as Sony is releasing some new titles that are up for grabs all throughout May. As always, these free games are for the PlayStation 4,...

Even New EU Privacy Laws Can’t Prevent Facebook From Abusing User Data

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was supposed to be the first, real legislation that users could count on to help safeguard their data against the predatory practices of companies like Facebook and prevent...

Japan Is Building Robots To Replace Its Aging Workforce

While the rest of the world is worried that automation will make their jobs obsolete, Japan is scrambling to make sophisticated robots that can help it do exactly this as its workforce ages. This is especially the case in...
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