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Central bank case exposes incompetence of South Africa's public protector

By Jannie Rossouw

The South African Reserve Bank has won a critical court battle. The Pretoria High Court has set aside a ruling by the countrys Public Protector that the central banks constitutional mandate should be changed. The...

Why you should care about China's VPN crackdown

By Omair Uthmani

Internet censors have a new target. The Chinese and Russian governments recently announced plans to block the use of virtual private networks (VPNs), which are a key tool for people trying to avoid internet restrictions...

The big money Mayweather-McGregor fight pits boxing against UFC in a battle of the brands

By Robert O'Neill

Las Vegas is soon to host one of the most lucrative boxing matches of all time. Dubbed The Money Fight it features UFC (which stands for the Ultimate Fighting Championship) star Connor Mcgregor making his boxing debut...

Trump's changing view of Afghanistan: are private armies part of the plan?

By Ulrich Petersohn

Donald Trump has defied expectation by pledging to increase the number of US troops in Afghanistan. In an address from Arlington, Virginia, the president announced that, following a review of the US strategy in...

Why free university tuition doesn't make economic sense

By Clive D Fraser

Who should pay for higher education? This perennial question returned after the 2017 UK general election and Labours bold proposal to abolish student fees. To many, offering free university tuition to all will sound like a...

Ozark, drug cartels and America's changing relationship with Mexico

By Niamh Thornton

The recent violence in Charlottesville and the ever-shifting statements by Donald Trump about national identity bring to the fore the dangers of the recurrent narratives of us versus them and the threats posed to American...

Why China is cracking down on foreign investment

By He Weiping

Big Chinese companies have been on an overseas buying spree in recent years, spending more than US$1.6 trillion scooping up businesses, property and trophy assets like football clubs. But a directive from the Central...

Europe is going grey: can EU countries work together to care for their elderly?

By Milena Pavlova

European societies are ageing. In 1950, only 12% of the European population was over age 65. Today the share has already doubled, and projections show that in 2050 over 36% of Europes population will be 65-plus years...

Finkel's Law: robots won't replace us because we still need that human touch

By Alan Finkel

By now, youve probably been warned that a robot is coming for your job. But rather than repeat the warning, Ive decided to throw down a challenge: man against machine. First, Ill imagine the best possible robot version...

Trump changes his mind on Afghanistan, but will upping the ante win the war?

By Tony Walker

President Donald Trump has upped the ante in Americas longest-running war, but it is not clear whether an all-guns-blazing strategy will bring the long-running conflict any nearer to a conclusion. In a clear departure...

Will CRISPR fears fade with familiarity?

By Patricia Stapleton

The first test-tube baby made headlines around the world in 1978, setting off intense debate on the ethics of researching human embryos and reproductive technologies. Every breakthrough since then has raised the same...

Can corporate America afford to walk away from President Trump?

By Neal Hartman

After campaigning as the candidate best able to work with business, President Donald Trump has shown he is anything but. A stream of resignations from high-level business counsels hit a crescendo recently when Trump was...

For many in Puerto Rico, 'energy dominance' is just a new name for US colonialism

By Catalina M. de Onís

The Trump administration has made achieving American energy dominance a central policy goal. President Trump asserts that energy dominance requires expanding nuclear development, increasing coal and natural gas exports,...

Some nerves: How loud noise may change hearing

By Matthew Xu-Friedman

Our modern world is loud. Just sitting in a car, or an airplane, or watching movie previews, we are bombarded with sound. Even when those noises arent damaging to the sensitive microphone that is our ear, our auditory...

How the smartphone affected an entire generation of kids

By Jean Twenge

As someone who researches generational differences, I find one of the most frequent questions Im asked is What generation am I in? If you were born before 1980, thats a relatively easy question to answer: the Silent...

Why universities can't be expected to police copyright infringement

By Sara Bannerman

As the new school year approaches, Canadian universities are grappling with the Federal Court of Canadas recent copyright decision against York University. The court ruled that York could not rely on its fair dealing...

It's hard to find a humble CEO. Here's why

By Mathew Hayward Et Al

Humility is the latest badge of virtue for those in positions of influence. From politicians, to executives, to chart-topping artists. The idea of a humble CEO is a romantic departure from the greedy self-serving...

Australia's car industry needs cybersecurity rules to deal with the hacking threat

By Tanveer Zia

Its common to hear modern cars referred to as computers on wheels. They boast sensors that measure fuel and braking, along with built-in navigation and infotainment systems. These digital systems could be hacked and...

Hundreds of languages are spoken in the UK, but this isn't always reflected in the classroom

By Emma Marsden Et Al

More than 300 different languages are now spoken in British schools. And in England, over 20% of primary school children use English as an additional language. This equates to over 900,000 children for whom English is...

Warning signs of mass violence – in the US?

By Nadia Rubaii Et Al

There are those who say that comparing President Donald Trumps rhetoric to that of Adolf Hitler is alarmist, unfair and counterproductive. And yet, there has been no dearth of such comparisons since the 2016...

Islamic State’s Twitter network is decimated, but other extremists face much less disruption

By Maura Conway Et Al

Alongside the fierce battles that have been raging of late in key strongholds of so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq, intense battles against Islamist extremism have also been taking place online, particularly...

Wasted votes, hyper-marginals and disillusion: reform group issues damning report on election 2017

By Ben Williams

A report by the Electoral Reform Society claims that the outcome of the 2017 UK general election adds weight to the argument that British democracy needs a dramatic overhaul. The report offers a damning analysis on the...

Health Check: can stress during pregnancy harm my baby?

By Monique Robinson

Most pregnant women are aware of the advice to quit smoking, avoid alcohol, and wholeheartedly fear soft cheese in all its forms, but we hear very little official public health advice about stress during pregnancy. Yet...

Teenage heartbreak doesn't just hurt, it can kill

By Lucia O'Sullivan

Most adults recall the breakup of a romantic relationship as the most traumatic event of their youth. Research shows that breakups are the leading cause of psychological distress and a major cause of suicide among young...

How modern technology is inspired by the natural world

By John A. Nychka

What do a kingfisher, cocklebur pods and a Namibian beetle have in common? Besides being living organisms, they have all served as inspiration for creative human technologies to solve challenging problems. The...

Being exploited and breaching your visa: the limited choices of the food delivery worker

By Caleb Goods Et Al

Some of the most vulnerable workers in the Australian labour market are squeezed between a rock and a hard place. You can never do your homework, you are so tired and you just think about how to cook the next meal and...

As Australia becomes less religious, our parliament becomes more so

By Jonathan D James D James

Even though the 2016 Census revealed that more than 30% of the Australian population identify as having no religion a label that overtook the Catholic faith figure Christianitys effect on Australian politics is far from...

How hunger affects the mental health of pregnant mothers

By Zulfa Abrahams Et Al

The mental health of pregnant women can be affected by a range of factors, including partner violence and unemployment. But one of the key drivers that adversely affects a pregnant womans mental health is food insecurity....

How religion motivates people to give and serve

By David King

Saturday, August 19 is World Humanitarian Day a time to remember the tremendous humanitarian need around the world. The stark reality is that the world is facing the greatest humanitarian crisis since 1945: Mass...

Little prospect of regime change in Russia short of a popular uprising – and that's unlikely

By Matthew Wyman

Vladimir Putins power in Russia can often look unassailable. However much Western media might champion potential opponents, the president maintains a tight grip, and its easy to see why. Any successor to Putin who was not...

Barcelona's Las Ramblas: economic powerhouse and symbolic heart of a city

By Mark McKinty

It should come as no surprise that terrorists deciding to attack a target in Spain would choose Barcelonas Las Ramblas. The driver of a van deliberately ploughed into a crowd of pedestrians, killing at least 14 people, and...

How tranquil spaces can help people feel calm and relaxed in cities

By Greg Watts

When you think about somewhere that is tranquil, what do you imagine? Whether its a wide open meadow, a deserted beach, or a river as it lazily flows along on a warm summers afternoon, research shows tranquillity is mainly...

American Horror Story: how the cult TV show hints at real-world nightmares

By Rebecca Janicker

Following months of media hype, American Horror Story (AHS) returns this September with an election theme that seems set to maintain the TV shows tradition of inspiring controversy and debate. This time around, showrunners...

The UK's plan for post-Brexit customs is more hopeful than realistic

By Peter Holmes

The UK government has just issued its official position paper on the issue of the customs union and Brexit. It emphasises a desire for the most frictionless trade possible in goods between the UK and the EU and proposes...

What could have tipped the EU referendum result in favour of Remain

By Aihua Zhang

Much of the analysis about why the UK voted to leave the European Union in June 2016 has been done by looking at individual factors in isolation, or using opinion poll data from both before and after the vote. In a new...

When artists get involved in research, science benefits

By Gabby O'Connor Et Al

When artists and scientists get together, creative sparks can fly. Collaborative sci-art projects are increasingly popular and one obvious benefit is the greater visibility of the research through the artists work. Our...

A new approach to culture

By Julian Meyrick

I cant understand why people are frightened of new ideas, the composer John Cage once remarked, Im frightened of the old ones. Last weeks announcement that the Myer, Tim Fairfax Family, and Keir Foundations are sponsoring...

How subversive artists made thrift shopping cool

By Jennifer Le Zotte

National Thrift Shop Day (August 17) exists alongside other quirky holidays like Play Your Ukulele Day (February 2) and Rice Crispy Treat Day (September 18). Though intended as a lighthearted celebration of an acceptable...

Tracing the sources of today's Russian cyberthreat

By Dorothy Denning

Beyond carrying all of our phone, text and internet communications, cyberspace is an active battleground, with cybercriminals, government agents and even military personnel probing weaknesses in corporate, national and...

Trump's threat to withdraw from NAFTA may hit a hurdle: The US Constitution

By Tim Meyer

On Aug. 16, representatives of the U.S., Canada and Mexico formally begin renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), an accord that has governed matters of trade and security on the continent for 23...

How parents can help their freshman teens cope with stress

By Chris Palmer

Entering high school can be an exciting experience, but for some teenagers it can also be scary, intimidating and confusing. According to one study, approximately half of all high school students feel a great deal of...

Does biology explain why men outnumber women in tech?

By Alice H. Eagly

Its no secret that Silicon Valley employs many more men than women in tech jobs. Whats much harder to agree on is why. The recent anti-diversity memo by a now former Google engineer has pushed this topic into the...

There may be a huge flaw in UK fracking hopes – the geology

By John Richard Underhill

Gas is hugely important to the UK. The country uses over 65 billion cubic metres to heat most of its 25m homes and generate around a quarter of its electricity each year. Despite efforts to move to renewable energy sources...

Quiet Canadian, ugly American: Does racism differ north of the border?

By Melissa J. Gismondi

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, its worth asking: Are Canadians really less racist than Americans? A recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine with a photo of a smiling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the cover -...

The hollow promise of construction-led jobs and growth

By Sally Weller

Any downturn in the construction industry could trigger job losses to a range of sectors that support the building industry, such as planning, project management, real estate and property services. This threat reveals the...

For a true war on waste, the fashion industry must spend more on research

By Mark Liu

The rise of fast fashion in Australia means 6000 kg of clothing is dumped in landfill every 10 minutes. The ABCs War On Waste visualised this statistic by piling a giant mound of clothing waste in the middle of the city....

Costly signals needed to deliver inconvenient truth

By Quentin Douglas Atkinson

A little over half the worlds population sees climate change as a serious problem (54% according to a 40-nation Pew Research survey). Coincidentally, roughly the same number identify as Christian or Muslim (55%). On the...

Why flooding in Nigeria is an increasingly serious problem

By Nelson Odume Et Al

Earlier this year heavy rains and thunderstorms caused havoc in Lagos, Nigerias economic nerve centre and one of Africas most populous cities. Residents woke up in many parts of the city to find their streets and homes...

Heroin trafficking through South Africa: why here and why now?

By Carina Bruwer

A series of large heroin seizures have been made in South Africa since 2016, but the country is just one of the pitstops on Africas heroin highway. The African continent is geographically situated between opium...

Popularity of latest 'honesty app' Sarahah shows how much we desire validation, whatever the cost

By Amy Binns

A new app called Sarahah (which is Arabic for honesty) launched its English-language version this summer, promising an anonymous way of offering supportive criticism for teams in the workplace. It has since attracted 300m...

Growing role of artificial intelligence in our lives is 'too important to leave to men'

I must not have got the memo, because as a young lecturer in computer science at the University of Southampton in 1985 I was unaware that women didnt do computing. Southampton had always recruited a healthy number of...

FxWirePro: Relative value options trades between commodity currencies and sterling

12:45 PM| Research & Analysis Insights & Views

The triangles between LoonieSterlingAussie to weaken elevated CAD-correlations: It is noted that umpteen numbers of times over the previous few weeks that CAD-denominated implied correlations are high, and they continue to...

Fundamental Evaluation Series: USD/NOK vs. 2-year yield spread

12:00 PM| Commentary Central Banks

The chart above shows, how the relationship between USD/NOK and 2-year yield spread has unfolded since 2012. It can be seen that the pair and the yield spread between 2-year treasury and 2-year Danish government bond...

U.S. Treasuries slump ahead of FOMC member Kaplan’s speech, Jackson Hole Symposium

11:53 AM| Commentary Economy

The U.S. Treasuries slumped Tuesday as investors remained cautious ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) member Kaplans speech, scheduled to be held on August 23 by 13:05GMT. Also, markets remain focussed to...

Fed Hike aftermath Series: Hike probabilities over next 12 months

10:34 AM| Commentary Central Banks

Despite hawkish rhetoric from FOMC policy makers such as William Dudley earlier this month, the hike odds are declining across the meeting as the economic numbers including inflation continue to disappoint to the downside,...

German bonds flat after economic sentiment disappoints; ECB Vice President Constancio’s speech in focus

09:46 AM| Commentary Economy

The German government bonds traded flat Tuesday after the countrys economic sentiment indicator for the month of August, released by Mannheim-based institute ZEW, disappointed markets, coming in below market expectations...

Global Geo-political Series: President Trump delivers sharp criticism to Pakistan in Afghanistan strategy speech

08:44 AM| Commentary

In a speech last night, President Trump outlined a new approach to United States longest war in history in Afghanistan which continues to rage for seventeen years. While maintaining the military approach, President Trump,...

Asian markets marginally higher, gold down

04:36 AM| Commentary

All the major Asian indices were trading on a higher note on Tuesday. Gold was trading around $1,288 mark while silver was trading around $16.97 mark. Japans Nikkei was trading 0.08 pct higher at 19,408.50...

JGBs narrowly mixed ahead of July consumer price inflation

04:22 AM| Commentary Economy

The Japanese government bonds remained narrowly mixed Tuesday, as investors wait to watch the countrys consumer price inflation for the month of July, scheduled to be released on August 24. The yield on the benchmark...

Japan’s consumer price inflation likely to have remained unchanged at 0.4 pct in July – Wells Fargo

22:51 PM| Commentary

Following the solid Japanese economic growth for the second quarter recorded last week, the upcoming consumer price inflation figure for July is expected to carry slight more weight than normal in a nation that has had its...

Norwegian economy likely to have expanded 0.7 pct in Q2, oil investments to have dropped

22:26 PM| Commentary

The Norwegian economic growth data for the second quarter is set to be released this week. According to a DNB research report, the mainland GDP is expected to grow 0.7 percent in the second quarter, 0.1 percentage point...

Taiwanese government upgrades economic growth projection for 2017 to 2.05 pct

21:10 PM| Commentary Economy

The Taiwanese government upgraded this years projection from 2.05 percent to 2.11 percent during the review last week. The government published its projection for next year for the first time. The economy is likely to grow...

Poland’s industrial output, wages weaken in July, monetary policy likely to stay easy for longer period

17:02 PM| Commentary Economy

The Polish zloty had briefly gained following last weeks solid second quarter economic growth print. However, many unsupportive developments followed rapidly, putting an end to the zlotys rally. Polish industrial...

Top Stories

Elon Musk Initiative OpenAI Proves Cautious AI Development Is Not Being Anti-AI

14:17 PM| Technology

Many in the tech industry have been raining criticisms on Tesla CEO Elon Musk about his vocal warnings with regards to the reckless development of artificial intelligence. Advocating the creation of careful and measured...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Arizona State University collaborates with Dash to launch Blockchain Research Lab

06:39 AM| Digital Currency

Leading cryptocurrency Dash is teaming up with Arizona State University (ASU) to create a Blockchain Research Lab to work on blockchain technology and teach about its potential, Fortune reported. The initial research...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Australian Senators form ‘Parliamentary Friends of Blockchain’ group

04:57 AM| Digital Currency

In a move to foster blockchain industry, two Australian Senators earlier this month formed a bipartisan group Parliamentary Friends of Blockchain. The announcement was made by co-convenors, Senator Jane Hume (Lib, VIC)...

We don't want AI that can understand us – we'd only end up arguing

By Richard Harper Et Al - 13:24 PM| Insights & Views Technology

Forget the Turing test. Computing pioneer Alan Turings most pertinent thoughts on machine intelligence come from a neglected paragraph of the same paper that first proposed his famous test for whether a computer could be...

Can low doses of chemicals affect your health? A new report weighs the evidence

By Rachel Shaffer - 13:37 PM| Insights & Views Health

Toxicologys founding father, Paracelsus, is famous for proclaiming that the dose makes the poison. This phrase represents a pillar of traditional toxicology: Essentially, chemicals are harmful only at high enough...

Colleges need affirmative action – but it can be expanded

By Eboni Nelson - 13:40 PM| Insights & Views Law

In 2003, Justice Antonin Scalia predicted that the Supreme Courts sanctioning of race-conscious affirmative action in higher education would spark future litigation for years to come. And right he was. From defeated claims...

Google memo completely misses how implicit biases harm women

By E. Anne York - 13:42 PM| Technology Economy

Workplace biases are back in the national conversation, thanks to the recent memo by a Google employee. The memos author challenges the companys diversity policies, arguing that psychological differences between men and...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Alibaba brings blockchain technology to China’s healthcare industry – Report

10:58 AM| Digital Currency

Chinese internet giant Alibabas online health service Alibaba Health Information Technology Ltd. is collaborating with Changzhous government to pilot blockchain solutions for health treatments, Yicai Global...

Digital Currency Revolution

Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange adds support for 0x platform token

10:09 AM| Digital Currency

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has announced support for the token of the decentralized exchange protocol 0x. Backed by Polychain Capital, Blockchain Capital, Fintech Blockchain Group, Pantera, and Jen...

Intermittent fasting could help tackle diabetes – here's the science

By Nick Lesica - 13:47 PM| Insights & Views Health

Intermittent fasting is currently all the rage. But dont be fooled: its much more than just the latest fad. Recent studies of this kind of fasting with restricted eating part of the time, but not all of the time have...

Digital Currency Revolution

Australian government introduces bill to regulate digital currency exchanges

09:21 AM| Digital Currency

In a move to strengthen the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act (AML/CTF), the Australian government is has introduced a new bill. The Ministry of Justice last week announced the reforms included...

Electric Car Series

New Mercedes-Benz Maybach Convertible Is An Electric Car Enthusiast’s Dream

06:24 AM| Technology

Anyone who has been following the development of the electric car for decades will remember a time when analysts and so-called experts said that such vehicles would never be sexy enough for the masses. Then Tesla came...

Econotimes Series


FxWirePro: The Day Ahead- 23rd August 2017

Lots of economic data and events scheduled for today and all with low to medium volatility risks associated. Data released so far: Japan: Flash Nikkei manufacturing PMI improves to 52.8 in...

Japanese bonds steady in lacklustre trade, inflation data in focus

The Japanese bonds traded nearly flat Wednesday as market awaits inflation data scheduled for Thursday, August 24 at 23:30 GMT. Also, little trading activity is observed in the light of no important economic data or...

Australian bonds slump following weakness in U.S. treasuries, Jackson Hole in focus

The Australian bonds slumped Wednesday tracking weakness in the U.S. treasuries as investors digest weak economic data ahead of the Federal Reserves Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium scheduled for this Friday in...

U.K. manufacturing sector sentiment remains positive in August

The CBI Industrial Trends survey showed that confidence in the U.K. manufacturing sector continued to be positive in August, with the output index dropping slightly from its record reading of 31 percent in July to 30...

German ZEW index drops to ten-month low in August

The initial of the several economic surveys for the month of August due this week was a mixed bag. The German ZEW survey of investor analysts saw the outlook index dropped by the most in thirteen months to a ten-month low...


A major uprising in Jerusalem and beyond is just a few missteps away

The last thing the Middle East needs is a major conflagration in Israel-Palestine but a summer crisis in Jerusalem made it clear that in the right circumstances, it really could happen. The crisis began in the early...

Charlottesville, Virginia: the history of the statue at the centre of violent unrest

The violent scenes in Charlottesville, Virginia, that led to the death of one woman and left many more injured began as a dispute over a statue of General Robert E. Lee, which sits in a local public park. However, the...

Charlottesville, Donald Trump, and the dark side of American populism

Charlottesville, Virginia is home to the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson; he was a slave owner, but today stands as a symbol of the USs egalitarian ethos and political myth. But on August 12, some seven...

Is liking something on Facebook 'protected political speech'? It depends

Australians are often surprised to learn that their Constitution contains no right to free speech. Even the right to political speech, which is constitutionally implied, is increasingly complicated by new online platforms...

Why the withering nuclear power industry threatens US national security

These are tough times for nuclear power in the U.S. Power plants under construction are facing serious delays, halts and cost overruns. Utilities in South Carolina abandoned a project to complete construction of two power...


Scientists Advance 3D-Printed Living Tissue, Artificial Organ Creation

When most people think of 3D-printing, they imagine plastic or metal objects such as furniture or machine parts. However, scientists have been working on printing living tissue as well, which would allow scientists to...

Eclipse of reason: Why do people disbelieve scientists?

If youve been paying attention, you know that on Aug. 21, were in for a special cosmic treat: the Great American Eclipse of 2017. The moons shadow will track a 4,000-kilometre course across the continental United States...

Hackers Spread Malware Via DNA, Could Destroy Police Computer Networks

Scientists and engineers have been pushing the digital frontier for decades and they have just pushed the boundaries towards new territory. Encoding a malware in DNA, scientists were able to infect computers that tried to...

Scientists Discover New Type Of Brain Cells That Could Lead To Hyperintelligence

While tech revolutionaries like Elon Musk prefer to merge man with machine in order to make humans smarter, stronger, and better, others prefer a more biological approach. A team of scientists recently discovered new types...

Expert Warns Of CRISPR Causing Class Warfare

Humanity is living in an interesting age, where scientists can finally start manipulating the human genome in ways that were not possible before due to CRISPR. Many have even hypothesized that through these amazing...


AI’s Music Album Released With Song Lyrics From YouTuber

For some time now, artificial intelligence and machine learning have been the subject of intense debate and speculation as to what they are capable of. Recently, an album was released with the music created completely by...

BioShock 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Is Coming, It Costs $200

BioWare is about to give collectors who are fans of the BioShock franchise a treat come November when its BioShock 10th Anniversary Collectors Edition package arrives. Its a limited offer that comes with a BioShock: The...

Shenmue 3 Trailer Finally Released, Tempering Expectations Advised

The action RPG Shenmue franchise has had a cult following since its launch in earlier console generations. Since then, the third title has had to be crowdfunded, with expectations for the end result being high. A trailer...

HTC Vive Gets $200 Cheaper Following Similar Oculus Rift Tactic

Last month, Oculus decided to slash the price of its high-end virtual reality headset, the Rift in order to make it more appealing to mass consumers. This time, its HTCs turn to make its incredibly expensive Vive unit...

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition Sold Out In All Stores

During the 2017 Gamescom event on Sunday, Microsoft finally launched pre-orders for the special edition of its upcoming super-powered console the Xbox One X called the Xbox One X Project Scorpio. The name is obviously an...
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