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Sharkathon 2017 is here: How to watch it like a scientist

By George Burgess

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your television, the Discovery Channels Shark Week and National Geographic Wilds SharkFest are hitting the air with competing daily programming. As director of the Florida...

From self-driving cars to Zoomtubes: an expert imagines the evolution of transport in Mega City One

By Guy Walker

Each year, more than 100,000 people descend on San Diego for Comic-Con International. The largest annual comic and pop culture convention in the world. San Diego Comic-Con offers fans a chance to immerse themselves in the...

Why the advertising industry should cheer new rules on gender stereotypes

By Karen Middleton

Britains advertising watchdog is introducing tough new standards, which could ban adverts which feature potentially harmful gender stereotypes. This could not have come at a better time for the industry. Companies have...

Bleached girls: India and its love for light skin

By Neha Mishra Et Al

Lets scrub out that tan is a common refrain in beauty parlours in India, where girls grow up with constant reminders that only fair skin is beautiful. From Sunday classified ads touting the marriageability of an MBA...

Both franchisees and franchisors benefit from company-owned stores

By Maurice Roussety

Some franchisees of hardware chain Mitre 10 are calling for an end to company-owned stores. These are stores owned and run by Metcash, which owns the Mitre 10 brand and is a supplier to the franchisees. But research...

If the UK is going to make more people retire later, it needs to get creative

By Jane Parry

The UK government has made a surprise announcement that the rise in state pension age to 68 is to be phased in from 2037, instead of 2044. Made just days before the end of an unusually troubled parliamentary session, it is...

Is austerity really to blame for stalling life expectancy in England?

By Richard Faragher

Over the 20th century, life expectancy in the UK increased from 46 to 76 years. But since 2010, that rate of increase is close to having ground to a halt. At any point in living memory this finding would cause serious...

Emmanuel Macron is already showing he is no progressive

By Fraser McQueen

At the Vel dHiv commemoration ceremony on July 16, Frances new president Emmanuel Macron insisted that France must acknowledge its responsibility for deporting thousands of Jews to concentration camps during World War II....

Brexit lessons from Britain's 19th century push for free trade

By Anthony Howe

As Britain prepares to enter what have been widely described as the most complex negotiations in recent history, politicians and civil servants dealing with Brexit can look to the 19th century for inspiration when it comes...

Lions and lambs: can you solve this classic game theory puzzle?

By Amirlan Seksenbayev

How many lions does it take to kill a lamb? The answer isnt as straightforward as you might think. Not, at least, according to game theory. Game theory is a branch of maths that studies and predicts decision-making. It...

Who's who in the Godfather version of Trump's White House

By Martin Carter

The never-ending scandals surrounding the Trump administration reached hysterical levels recently with the allegation that in 2016 Trumps eldest son, Donald Jr., met with Russians allegedly linked with the Kremlin to...

Why the US doesn't understand Chinese thought – and must

By Bryan W. Van Norden

The need for the U.S. to understand China is obvious. The Chinese economy is on track to become the largest in the world by 2030, Chinese leadership may be the key to resolving the nuclear crisis with North Korea and China...

Why the US's 1994 deal with North Korea failed – and what Trump can learn from it

By Maria Ryan

After more than two decades of testing, North Korea finally has a missile that is powerful enough to deliver a nuclear warhead to US territory that is, to Alaska and/or Hawaii, if estimates are to be believed. This is an...

Where the boundaries lie in workplace relationships

By Paul Harpur

In recent weeks two prominent news stories have highlighted workplace romances blowing up into costly public scandals. The romantic relationship between CEO of Seven West Media, Tim Worner, and former executive assistant...

How history can challenge the narrative of blame for homelessness

By Anne O'Brien

Homelessness is a pressing humanitarian problem one that is increasingly in the public eye. The evictions, protests, personal histories and statistical profiles of people experiencing it appear regularly in the...

How we think about our past experiences affects how we can help others

By Adam Gerace

Have you ever told a friend experiencing a troubling situation I know exactly how you feel? This empathic response is usually driven by a connection weve made with our own similar experiences. Having been there, we...

Inaction on climate change risks leaving future generations $530 trillion in debt

By James Dyke

By continuing to delay significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, we risk handing young people alive today a bill of up to US$535 trillion. This would be the cost of the negative emissions technologies required to...

Populism is splitting Britain but it could herald change for Wales

By Huw L Williams

Split over Brexit, austerity and its place in the world, an unconventional situation has emerged in Britain: both the ruling party and the main opposition have adopted populist politics. Populism traditionally pits the...

A new vaccine is promising to advance the frontier of eliminating malaria

By Simon Kariuki

More than 30 malaria vaccine candidates are at various stages of development. The RTS,S vaccine is at the most advanced stage. The World Health Organisation has recommended the introduction of the vaccine in Ghana,...

A spate of acid attacks in London is part of an international problem

By Brett Edwards Et Al

A series of five acid attacks in one night in London has created a moment for the British government to take a more public stance on this growing problem. A teenager has been charged with 15 offences relating to the...

The gig economy is nothing new – it was standard practice in the 18th century

By Tawny Paul

The Taylor Report, the UK governments recent major review of modern work, paid particular attention to the gig economy. This is the idea that the traditional model of work where people often have a clear career...

Could talking help tackle organised crime?

By Xavier L'Hoiry Et Al

Organised criminals are often portrayed in media and popular culture as ruthless, violent and intent on making money at all costs. Think The Godfather, or the Kray twins. But these stereotypes are unhelpful and often dont...

'Chinks in the world machine' – on the casting of the 13th Doctor Who

By Una McCormack

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed of going into space. She would sit on the floor in the library, cross-legged on the carpet before a big shelf of books and read about a machine that could travel in...

Putin’s opening gambit in the new Great Game outfoxes Trump

By Gregory Stiles

The budding relationship between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit in Hamburg was the crowning image of a fractious gathering of world leaders. Yet the promise that an...

Can tourism alleviate global poverty?

By Susanne Becken

Wouldnt it be great if something as simple and pleasurable as international travel could help end something as grinding and enduring as global poverty? After all, the industry is booming, growing at least 4% a year since...

The strange links between intelligence and prejudice

By Nick Haslam

Human judgement often becomes less accurate when we train it on ourselves. Self appraisals commonly flatter our strengths and minimise our weaknesses. The average man overstates his height by 1.2cm and the average woman...

Human noise pollution is disrupting parks and wild places

By Rachel Buxton

As transportation networks expand and urban areas grow, noise from sources such as vehicle engines is spreading into remote places. Human-caused noise has consequences for wildlife, entire ecosystems and people. It reduces...

The real costs of cheap surveillance

By Jonathan Weinberg

Surveillance used to be expensive. Even just a few years ago, tailing a persons movements around the clock required rotating shifts of personnel devoted full-time to the task. Not any more, though. Governments can track...

Four charts that show who loses out if the White House cut food stamps

By Orgul Demet Ozturk

The White House has proposed cutting 25 percent of SNAPs budget about US$193 billion over the next decade. SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, though its more widely known by its pre-2008 name,...

Why Trump's threat to slap tariffs on foreign steel is a bad idea

By William Hauk

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump attracted a lot of support by promising to restore jobs to the American manufacturing sector. One sector that has been hit hard by purportedly unfair foreign...

Counter-terrorism measures permanently reduce international trade: new study

By Cong S. Pham Et Al

Enhanced counter-terrorism measures help to protect lives, but unfortunately also reduce trade, our study shows. The costs of increased security measures are also not shared equally. While some costs are passed onto...

Gender makes a world of difference for safety on public transport

By Hannah Korsmeyer Et Al

Urban environments are not gender-neutral. Architects and urban designers are increasingly seeking to understand how gender-sensitive design can combat the spatial inequities faced by those who identify as women and girls...

Low-energy homes don't just save money, they improve lives

By Trivess Moore Et Al

Household energy use is a significant contributor to global carbon emissions. International policy is firmly moving towards technology-rich, low- and near-zero-energy homes. That is, buildings designed to reduce the need...

How companies should fend of attacks from activist investors

By Stefan Petry

Activist investors are often presented as the bad guys of financial markets. They burst onto the scene, shout loudly their plans and can offer brutal verdicts on the performance of company bosses. Naturally, CEOs would...

Forget workers going out on strike – in future it should be consumers

By Aude Cefaliello

I belong to a generation that has been told there is no other choice other than to be flexible in the labour market. It means being flexible about where you go to work, when you go to work, and about what you work you are...

Why upward social mobility means some people move downwards

By Geoff Payne

A damning report into social mobility has concluded that successive UK governments have failed to tackle the issue for the past 20 years. But the analysis by the Social Mobility Commission (SMC) also fails on this front....

Social media genie won't go back in the bottle, so we must teach youngsters to use it wisely

By Vladlena Benson

Teenagers in Britain are fortunate to have access to computers, laptops and smartphones from an early age. A child in the UK receives a smartphone at around the age of 12 among the earliest in Europe. The natural...

Why has healthcare become such a target for cyber-attackers?

By Myrsini Athinaiou

More than 16m patient records were stolen from healthcare organisations in the US and related parties in 2016. That year, healthcare was the fifth most targeted industry when it came to cyber-attacks. And earlier this...

New Home Office drug strategy, same old rhetoric

By Ian Hamilton Et Al

The Home Office has just published a new drug strategy. The last one was published by Theresa May (then home secretary) seven years ago. The world has changed a lot in that time not least for May and so have drugs and...

Fact Check: would banning zero-hours contracts harm more people than it would help?

By Jason Heyes

So while Matthews report is clear that many workers value the flexibility that zero-hours contracts offer them, and that banning such contracts altogether would harm more people than it would help, it is important that we...

Death toll mounts in Rio de Janeiro as police lose control of the city -- and of themselves

By Silvia Ramos

On June 30, a baby was shot in his mothers belly in Rio de Janeiro. After the rifle fire hit 29-year-old Claudinéia in the hip in the Favela do Lixão neighbourhood, her son Arthur was delivered via emergency...

The Islamic State is on its knees, but its legacy will long haunt the Middle East

By Mohammed Nuruzzaman

After three years of violence, Islamic State has encountered a major defeat that could mean that its end is near. On July 10 2017, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi, after a successful nine-month military offensive to...

The future of artificial intelligence: two experts disagree

By Peter Stratton Et Al

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to revolutionise our lives, drive our cars, diagnose our health problems, and lead us into a new future where thinking machines do things that were yet to imagine. Or does it? Not...

We regulate doctors to protect the public from harm - why not journalists?

By David Maslove

In the post-truth haze that has enveloped public discourse, a free press is more crucial than ever in educating the public and holding leaders to account. Reliable, accurate news is an essential public good, while false or...

Why licensing journalists won't end the scourge of 'fake news'

By Christopher Waddell

A good place to start when considering a proposed solution is to ask what problem that solution is aiming to fix. Thats a good way to approach suggestions that journalists should be licensed as a means to address...

As academic hospitals lower mortality rates, should insurers reconsider excluding them?

By Marschall Runge

A comprehensive new study has found that major teaching hospitals in the United States outperformed non-teaching hospitals in the most important of all health care outcomes: reducing mortality rates. Using a traditional...

Digital database captures voices from inside America's prisons

By Doran Larson

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced a return to a pre-Obama policy of seeking maximum penalties for all drug crimes, including low-level, nonviolent offenses. Criticism from politicians, criminologists,...

Taxing empty homes: a step towards affordable housing, but much more can be done

By Hal Pawson

Vacant housing rates are rising in our major cities. Across Australia on census night, 11.2% of housing was recorded as unoccupied a total of 1,089,165 dwellings. With housing affordability stress also intensifying, the...

The blockchain could have better security than the banks

By Luke van der Laan

There are ways to improve the online ledger blockchain by taking some security notes from banks. If people could use both two-step verification and spending limits on the blockchain, this would reduce any economic loss...

Why do human beings speak so many languages?

By Michael Gavin

The thatched roof held back the suns rays, but it could not keep the tropical heat at bay. As everyone at the research workshop headed outside for a break, small groups splintered off to gather in the shade of coconut...

Mexico: The Cactus Democracy

This research note on Mexican politics and society was inspired by a recent visit to Mexico City, Puebla and Oaxaca, as a guest of the countrys Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE). Visitors to Mexico are almost always...

U.S. jobless claims drops in mid-July, support some rebound in July employment

16:20 PM| Commentary

The initial jobless claims in the U.S. dropped in the week ended July 15. The initial jobless claims fell by 15k to 233k, against consensus expectations for a largely unchanged reading of 245k. Claims data for the earlier...

FxWirePro: A glimpse through global derivatives markets

12:43 PM| Research & Analysis Insights & Views

G10 central banks have taken over as drivers of FX, benefitting CAD and European currencies at the expense of USD and JPY in G10. Do you think mitigating foreign exchange risk right for your business? Gamma is...

FxWirePro: Is BoJ stuck with vulnerability to deal with inflation? What-if scenario analysis of Yen

12:21 PM| Research & Analysis Insights & Views Central Banks

BoJ maintained status quo in its yesterdays monetary policy review. And by now, it is not really a piece of news anymore: The Japanese central bank has again postponed the date by which it expects to reach its inflation...

U.S. Treasuries tad lower ahead of initial jobless claims, 10-year auction

11:53 AM| Commentary Economy

The U.S. Treasuries remained flat ahead of the countrys initial jobless claims, scheduled to be released today, besides the 10-year auction, due later in the day. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury, rose nearly...

Global Geopolitics Series

Global Geo-political Series: German-Turkey relation deteriorates as Berlin brands travel to Turkey as unsafe

10:34 AM| Commentary

Germany has issued a warning to its citizen saying that traveling to Turkey is deemed no longer safe for German citizen after Turkish authority arrested a German human rights activist, Peter Steudtner, charging him of...

Eurozone periphery bonds mixed ahead of ECB’s monetary policy decision

09:47 AM| Commentary Economy

The Eurozone periphery bonds traded slightly mixed Thursday as investors wait to watch the European Central Banks (ECB) monetary policy decision, scheduled to be later today. The benchmark German 10-year bond yields,...

UK gilts slump post sharp rebound in retail sales for June

09:14 AM| Commentary Economy

The UK gilts slumped Thursday, following a rebound in the countrys retail sales for the month of June, released today, largely owing to rise in demand for clothing during the summer season. The yield on the benchmark...

Oil in Global Economy Series

Oil in Global Economy Series: Key factors at play in oil market

08:23 AM| Commentary

The North American benchmark WTI and the North Sea benchmark Brent have continued to push higher despite bearish news hitting the market and inventories remaining higher than anticipated. WTI crude is currently trading at...

BOJ monetary policy: Assessing future bias

06:04 AM| Commentary Central Banks

At todays meeting, policymakers at the Bank of Japan (BoJ) kept the policy unchanged, and the benchmark interest rate at -0.1 percent. Lets look at the current monetary policies, Bank of Japan had already shifted...

JGBs lose ground after BoJ delivers unchanged decision, revises higher GDP forecasts

04:08 AM| Commentary Economy

The Japanese government lost ground Thursday after the Bank of Japan (BoJ) delivered along the line of market expectations, keeping its monetary policy unchanged at the two-day meeting that concluded early today. The Bank...

Canada’s manufacturing sales rise above expectations in May

15:48 PM| Commentary

Canadas manufacturing sales rose in May, coming in above market expectations. Manufacturing sales rose 1.1 percent, as compared with market expectations of a rise of 0.8 percent. However, Aprils print was downwardly...

API reports build while the market awaits EIA report

13:00 PM| Commentary

There has been a lot of fundamental shift both on the upside and the downside. The North American benchmark WTI is currently trading at $46.5 per barrel and Brent at $2.5 per barrel premium to WTI. Key factors at play...

Top Stories

Blockchain Revolution Series

R3 blockchain consortium considers opening office in Russia – Report

11:04 AM| Digital Currency

Financial innovation firm R3 leading a blockchain consortium of global financial institutions may open an office in Russia, Russian payments provider and consortium member Qiwi told RNS. Speaking with the news agency, a...

Digital Currency Revolution

Blockchain tokens platform Waves launches ether gateway

09:15 AM| Digital Currency

Waves, a decentralized blockchain platform focusing on custom blockchain tokens operations, has announced the launch of an ether gateway within the lite client. Waves launches #Ether gateway #Waves #DEX #exchange...

Antidepressants and pregnancy: study didn't find they actually cause autism

By Helen Leonard - 17:03 PM| Health

A new paper published today has reported a small increase in the number of children born with autism in mothers who were using antidepressant medication while pregnant. But the increase was small, and the study did not...

Hackers exploit bug to steal $30M in ether from Parity multisig wallet

06:42 AM| Digital Currency

Parity, a UK-based VC backed company founded by Ethereum co-founder Dr. Gavin Wood, on Wednesday issued a security alert stating that it has identified a vulnerability in Parity Wallets variant of the standard multi-sig...

Elon Musk Called An Alarmist By AI Experts, Machine Overlords A Far-Fetched Idea

14:46 PM| Technology

Theres no denying that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is one of the most influential figures in the tech industry today. So when he says that humanity should be careful when developing artificial intelligence, people tend to listen....

Amazon Launches Its Own Social Media Platform Called Spark

07:20 AM| Technology

In a world where practically every other tech giant is gunning for Facebook by launching its own social media platform, its not exactly surprising that Amazon joined in. The online retail giant just launched Spark, a...

Apple Gets Four Major Allies In Fight Against Qualcomm

07:20 AM| Technology

With Qualcomm becoming increasingly confident that it can twist Apples arm with the lawsuit between the two companies, the chip maker just got brought down to earth. Four more companies have come out and started accusing...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Indian state government and 33 other organisations join Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

10:59 AM| Digital Currency

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), an enterprise collaboration focused on Ethereum blockchain technology formed earlier this year, has announced that 34 organisations have joined the initiative, bringing the total...

China, India lead in fintech adoption: E&Y report

09:48 AM| Fintech

China is spearheading fintech adoption, followed by India and the United Kingdom, consulting firm EY has said in a new report. Titled EY FinTech Adoption Index 2017, the report is based on a comprehensive research of 20...

Humans Are Only Using 25% Of Their DNA, Study Says

11:12 AM| Science

Remember that popular misconception that humans only use about 10 percent of their brains power at any given time? It looks like something similar is about to start circulating the web with a new study indicating humans...

Digital Currency Revolution

13 Japanese bitcoin exchanges to suspend bitcoin transactions on August 01 over UASF concerns

05:14 AM| Digital Currency

Japans Cryptocurrency Business Association (JCBA) has announced that 13 digital currency exchanges operating in the country will temporarily suspend deposit and withdrawal of bitcoins due to the upcoming Bitcoin User...

China Censors WhatsApp To No One’s Surprise

11:11 AM| Technology

In what has become practically expected news, China recently enacted a partial ban on the use of Facebooks WhatsApp messaging service. Users are finding it impossible to send photos or videos through the platform in the...

Econotimes Series


U.S. Treasuries gain on short-covering amid muted trading session

The U.S. Treasuries jumped in an uneventful day with no economic data of note due for release. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury, slumped 2-1/2 basis points to 2.24 percent, the super-long 30-year bond yields...

UK gilts tad higher in silent trading; investors eye Q2 GDP next week

The UK gilts traded tad higher Friday ahead of the countrys Q2 gross domestic product (GDP), scheduled for release early next week amid a silent trading session that witnessed data of little economic significance. The...

FxWirePro: Recession in US still far-fetched idea

There are many indicators like PMI reports, jobs reports, inflation, industrial output, business sales etc. that we take a look into in determining whether the US economy is slowing down and heading for a recession but...

Eurozone periphery bonds jump ahead of benchmark German manufacturing PMI

The Eurozone periphery bonds jumped as investors wait to watch the benchmark Germanys manufacturing PMI, scheduled for release early next week. The benchmark German 10-year bond yields, which moves inversely to its...

Bank Indonesia unlikely to change current monetary policy stance thorough 2017, says ANZ Research

Bank Indonesia (BI) is expected not to change its current monetary policy stance through 2017 and is keen to preserve the on-going stability in the bond and FX markets. The central banks decision to remain on hold in its...


Law expert: where the Brexit battles over the Repeal Bill will be fought in parliament

The most important national law governing the Brexit process has been tabled before parliament by the UK government. The proposed European Union (Withdrawal) Bill previously known as the Great Repeal Bill is likely to...

Modi's polarising populism makes a fiction of a secular, democratic India

After Donald Trump was sworn in as US president, The Times of India published a piece titled Why both Modi and Trump are textbook populists. Citing Jan-Werner Mllers What is Populism?, the journalist, Amit Varma, was...

Politicians jeopardise the safety of whistleblowers with bad technology

The Western Australian Liberal Party has created a website,, encouraging whistleblowers to report on WA public officers, government ministers and members of parliament. The site has already been...

Malawi set out to give students skills to support democracy. But it's not been easy

Like many other countries, Malawi was caught in the wave of democratic change that swept sub-Saharan Africa in the early 1990s. The wave was triggered by the fall of communism along with military and civilian dictatorships...

US under Trump Series: Donald Trump Jr. may be called to testify before Senate over his meeting with Russian lawyer

President Trump eldest son Donald Trump Jr. might be called upon by the Senate Intelligence Committee to question about a meeting that took place in June 2016 at the Trump Tower between Trump Jr., President Trumps...


Scientists Create Material 5x Stronger Than Steel And Soft As Rubber

Researchers in Japan recently succeeded in creating a soft and flexible material that is five times stronger than steel but feels like rubber. Such a material could have numerous applications including the development of...

Scientists Create Super Spinach That Can Function As Bomb Detector

For the most part, the leafy green spinach has only ever been super in the animated classic Popeye the Sailor Man when the quirky main character would down a whole can of the leaves to gain strength. Recently, scientists...

The Most Advanced Artificial Heart Can Perform As Well As A Real One

Scientists have been trying to create artificial versions of human organs for decades, be it the liver, skin, eyes, and above all, the heart. These efforts are aimed at solving one of the biggest challenges in the medical...

93% Of Patients Prefer Medical Marijuana To Opioids, Study Says

For years, medical marijuana was the only means of people to legally acquire a batch of cannabinoids. It was used by folks who suffered from actual medical problems and those who just preferred to get high alike. In a...

Google Subsidiary Wants To Eliminate Zika Virus By Releasing 20 Million Mosquitos

Fighting fire with fire is a phrase that many have used over the years to indicate the intent to answer aggression with the same. A Google subsidiary called Verily is taking the concept a step further with its goal of...


Musk Announced New York To D.C. Hyperloop Given The Go-Ahead

In case there was any doubt that Elon Musk can do the impossible, the Tesla boss recently announced via Twitter that he received a verbal green light regarding plans to create a Hyperloop connection from New York to...

Nintendo N64 Classic Could Be Coming, Trademark Filings Indicate

The SNES Classic isnt even out yet and already, there are indications that Nintendo could be producing N64 Classics down the road. This is what publications are interpreting from trademark filings that the company recently...

Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy Is Offering A Free Previously Unreleased Level, Limited Time Offer

The Crash Bandicoot franchise has been around for a long time but it seems the original games still had content that players never got to try. One previously unreleased level is actually on offer right now for free, but...

It Could Fail, Elon Musk Dampens Expectations Regarding Falcon Heavy Launch

SpaceX is set to launch its Falcon Heavy rocket, the much bigger brother to the Falcon 9 soon, but the companys CEO is already trying to dampen expectations. According to Elon Musk himself, the launch could end up as a...

YouTube Finally Gets Serious About ISIS Recruitment On The Platform, It’s About Time

While it might sound odd that YouTube, one of the biggest and most influential video sharing platforms in the world has not exactly stamped out ISIS recruitment videos yet, this is exactly the case. Somehow, there are...
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