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American Horror Story: how the cult TV show hints at real-world nightmares

By Rebecca Janicker

Following months of media hype, American Horror Story (AHS) returns this September with an election theme that seems set to maintain the TV shows tradition of inspiring controversy and debate. This time around, showrunners...

What could have tipped the EU referendum result in favour of Remain

By Aihua Zhang

Much of the analysis about why the UK voted to leave the European Union in June 2016 has been done by looking at individual factors in isolation, or using opinion poll data from both before and after the vote. In a new...

A new approach to culture

By Julian Meyrick

I cant understand why people are frightened of new ideas, the composer John Cage once remarked, Im frightened of the old ones. Last weeks announcement that the Myer, Tim Fairfax Family, and Keir Foundations are sponsoring...

How subversive artists made thrift shopping cool

By Jennifer Le Zotte

National Thrift Shop Day (August 17) exists alongside other quirky holidays like Play Your Ukulele Day (February 2) and Rice Crispy Treat Day (September 18). Though intended as a lighthearted celebration of an acceptable...

How parents can help their freshman teens cope with stress

By Chris Palmer

Entering high school can be an exciting experience, but for some teenagers it can also be scary, intimidating and confusing. According to one study, approximately half of all high school students feel a great deal of...

Does biology explain why men outnumber women in tech?

By Alice H. Eagly

Its no secret that Silicon Valley employs many more men than women in tech jobs. Whats much harder to agree on is why. The recent anti-diversity memo by a now former Google engineer has pushed this topic into the...

There may be a huge flaw in UK fracking hopes – the geology

By John Richard Underhill

Gas is hugely important to the UK. The country uses over 65 billion cubic metres to heat most of its 25m homes and generate around a quarter of its electricity each year. Despite efforts to move to renewable energy sources...

Quiet Canadian, ugly American: Does racism differ north of the border?

By Melissa J. Gismondi

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, its worth asking: Are Canadians really less racist than Americans? A recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine with a photo of a smiling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the cover -...

The hollow promise of construction-led jobs and growth

By Sally Weller

Any downturn in the construction industry could trigger job losses to a range of sectors that support the building industry, such as planning, project management, real estate and property services. This threat reveals the...

For a true war on waste, the fashion industry must spend more on research

By Mark Liu

The rise of fast fashion in Australia means 6000 kg of clothing is dumped in landfill every 10 minutes. The ABCs War On Waste visualised this statistic by piling a giant mound of clothing waste in the middle of the city....

Costly signals needed to deliver inconvenient truth

By Quentin Douglas Atkinson

A little over half the worlds population sees climate change as a serious problem (54% according to a 40-nation Pew Research survey). Coincidentally, roughly the same number identify as Christian or Muslim (55%). On the...

Why flooding in Nigeria is an increasingly serious problem

By Nelson Odume Et Al

Earlier this year heavy rains and thunderstorms caused havoc in Lagos, Nigerias economic nerve centre and one of Africas most populous cities. Residents woke up in many parts of the city to find their streets and homes...

Heroin trafficking through South Africa: why here and why now?

By Carina Bruwer

A series of large heroin seizures have been made in South Africa since 2016, but the country is just one of the pitstops on Africas heroin highway. The African continent is geographically situated between opium...

Popularity of latest 'honesty app' Sarahah shows how much we desire validation, whatever the cost

By Amy Binns

A new app called Sarahah (which is Arabic for honesty) launched its English-language version this summer, promising an anonymous way of offering supportive criticism for teams in the workplace. It has since attracted 300m...

Soundcloud survives but it's bad news for musicians

By Leah Kardos

Audio streaming website SoundCloud has survived its do or die moment. In the face of serious financial trouble, it secured US$169.5m of investment from merchant bank The Raine Group and investment firm Temasek Holdings. As...

Charlottesville, Virginia: the history of the statue at the centre of violent unrest

By Jenny Woodley

The violent scenes in Charlottesville, Virginia, that led to the death of one woman and left many more injured began as a dispute over a statue of General Robert E. Lee, which sits in a local public park. However, the...

A major uprising in Jerusalem and beyond is just a few missteps away

By Carlo Aldrovandi

The last thing the Middle East needs is a major conflagration in Israel-Palestine but a summer crisis in Jerusalem made it clear that in the right circumstances, it really could happen. The crisis began in the early...

Pharmacies could do more to help improve everyone’s health

By Janet Krska

Most people arent aware that high street pharmacies offer much more than dispensing and selling medicines. Many also provide a wide range of services designed to improve public health, like supporting people to stop...

Is freelancing the future of employment?

By Anthony Hussenot

Today, freelancers represent 35% of the United States workforce. In the European Union, the rate is 16.1%. Both figures demonstrate the same global trend: from creative entrepreneurs to those paid by the task, freelancing...

'Smart home' gadgets promise to cut power bills but many lie idle – or can even boost energy use

By Yolande Strengers Et Al

Smart home control devices promise to do many things, including helping households reduce their energy bills. Devices such as connected lightbulbs and smart plugs let you operate or automate lights and other appliances...

If Trump is bluffing on North Korea, the results could be catastrophic

By James Samuel Johnson

According to a US Defense Intelligence Agency report, Pyongyangs nuclear capabilities and conventional long range missile programmes are gathering momentum at a rapid clip. The report indicated that North Korea has...

Charlottesville, Donald Trump, and the dark side of American populism

By Todd Landman

Charlottesville, Virginia is home to the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson; he was a slave owner, but today stands as a symbol of the USs egalitarian ethos and political myth. But on August 12, some seven...

India’s torture record is dire – but Britain has little to crow about

By Deana Heath

On this 70th anniversary of its independence from British rule, India is being subjected to the sort of assessment that all post-colonial nation-states are forced to undergo on such occasions. How far have they come since...

The big challenge of the NAFTA renegotiations: dispute settlement

By Ioannis Glinavos

When the US and Canada first signed a free trade agreement in 1987, the biggest sticking point in forging a deal was the inclusion of a dispute settlement clause. The same is true today, with the North American Free Trade...

Beware the border patrol: the nasty history of airport discrimination

By Rachel Bright

This summer, if you go abroad, you will pass through border checkpoints. Not everyone can be checked thoroughly or the system stops, so border guards judge you based on how you look or sound, and they decide how laws are...

Forced conversions of Hindu girls in Pakistan make a mockery of its constitution

By Sadiq Bhanbhro

In a famous speech on August 11 1947, Pakistans founder and first governor general, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, stressed that the new country was being built on the idea of religious tolerance: You are free; you are free to...

How Elvis permanently changed American pop culture

By David Anderson

Its been 40 years since Elvis Presley last swivelled his hips, before his untimely death in 1977 at the age of 42. To date, Elviss singles including Hound Dog, Blue Suede Shoes, and Suspicious Minds as well as...

Our lifestyle, not our innovation, attracts US investment to Australia

By Jared Mondschein

One of the biggest turnoffs for US investment and workers is also the biggest pet peeve for locals housing affordability. Our research finds lifestyle factors are what makes Australia stand out from other international...

Is liking something on Facebook 'protected political speech'? It depends

By Melissa Castan

Australians are often surprised to learn that their Constitution contains no right to free speech. Even the right to political speech, which is constitutionally implied, is increasingly complicated by new online platforms...

How safe is chicken imported from China? 5 questions answered

By Maurice Pitesky

Editors note: Under a trade deal concluded in May, China has begun exporting chicken to the United States. Critics have pointed to Chinas record of food safety issues and argued the deal prioritizes commerce over public...

End-to-end encryption isn't enough security for 'real people'

By Megan Squire

Government officials continue to seek technology companies help fighting terrorism and crime. But the most commonly proposed solution would severely limit regular peoples ability to communicate securely online. And it...

Why didn't sanctions stop North Korea’s missile program?

By Daniel Salisbury

North Koreas long-range missile program has made significant technological advances in the past few months. For most of the past 20 years, the international community has struggled to stop this kind of progress. Kim...

Eclipse of reason: Why do people disbelieve scientists?

By Bryan Gaensler

If youve been paying attention, you know that on Aug. 21, were in for a special cosmic treat: the Great American Eclipse of 2017. The moons shadow will track a 4,000-kilometre course across the continental United States...

Legal weed: An accidental solution to the opioid crisis?

By M-J Milloy Et Al

Its hard to go a day in Canada without hearing about at least one of two types of drugs but for vastly different reasons. One class of drug opioids kills four people a day in British Columbia. The other cannabis will...

Why it costs you so much to see a specialist – and what the government should do about it

By Stephen Duckett

Australians pay too much when they go to medical specialists. The government can and should do more to drive prices down. A current Senate Inquiry on out-of-pocket costs will hopefully lead to some policy action. The...

Spotify may soon dominate music the way Google does search — this is why

By Paul X. McCarthy

While competition online starts the same way as that in offline markets, my research shows it often settles very differently online. Both have seen lots of competitors emerge in a new area underpinned by new...

Zuma won, but the ANC will never be a united party again

By Prince Mashele

To say there is victory in defeat sounds like a contradiction in terms. But, this is exactly what happened when South Africas opposition parties failed to remove President Jacob Zuma through a motion of no...

'Breksit' or 'bregzit'? The question that divides a nation

By Damien Hall

Britain is divided. With the clock ticking on negotiations in Brussels, neither national leaders nor the wider public can agree on one of the most fundamental questions arising from the vote to leave the European Union: is...

North Korea knows it can't afford to go to war

By Ra Mason

The current flare-up over North Koreas missile tests and Donald Trumps belligerent response is frightening for many, but anyone worried that Pyongyang wants to start a war is fortunately mistaken. For all its fighting...

Public v private art collections: who controls our cultural heritage?

By Kathryn Brown

The BMW Art Guide 2016 lists 256 private collections worldwide that are currently open to the public. But this figure omits the swiftly increasing number of multi-million dollar, independently operated gallery spaces that...

Has Facebook finally given up chasing teenagers? It's complicated

By Harry T Dyer

Facebooks latest attempt to appeal to teens has quietly closed its doors. The social media platforms Lifestage app (so unsuccessful that this is probably the first time youve heard of it) was launched a little under a year...

The English Premier League is experiencing a textbook case of hyperinflation

By Josh McLeod

The big summer transfer headline belongs to Neymar and his record-breaking 198m move from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain. But, by anyones standards, the spending across English Premier League football clubs has been...

Even a 'minor' nuclear war would be an ecological disaster felt throughout the world

By David McCoy

President Donald Trumps vow to hit North Korea with fire and fury like the world has never seen is an unveiled threat to unleash Americas most potent weapons of mass destruction onto the Korean peninsula. According to many...

A memo to Google - firing employees with conservative views is anti-diversity

By Akshaya Kamalnath

Googles recent sacking of James Damore for circulating a memo will do the tech giant more harm than good. Not only has the memo been incorrectly dubbed anti-diversity, but the document has also received widespread support...

Love of bookshops in a time of Amazon and populism

By Nathan Hollier

There was genuine positivity at this years Australian Booksellers Association Conference in Melbourne in June. The mood was one of camaraderie and optimism at the sharing of good news. And it only brightened with the news...

Rise in globalism doesn't mean the end for nationalists

By A. Burcu Bayram

Are you more of a nationalist or a cosmopolitan? Or both? Recent events suggest that a nationalist backlash to globalization is on the rise. The United Kingdoms decision to leave the European Union, Donald Trumps win in...

Why the withering nuclear power industry threatens US national security

By Michael E. Webber

These are tough times for nuclear power in the U.S. Power plants under construction are facing serious delays, halts and cost overruns. Utilities in South Carolina abandoned a project to complete construction of two power...

The slippery slope of the oligarchy media model

By Victor Pickard Et Al

On July 28, Apple heiress Laurene Powell Jobs bought a majority stake in The Atlantic. Its the latest media purchase by the billionaire class, a group that includes Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (the Washington Post),...

Nicotine in sports: high use but little evidence of effects on performance

By Toby Mündel

When you think nicotine, you probably think of smokers, addiction, carcinogens and disease - not elite athletes and sporting performance. However, our research published today shows that the use of nicotine among...

The new industrial revolution: robots are an opportunity, not a threat

By David Flynn Et Al

Invasion. Takeover. These are the kind of words that have been bandied about in news headlines about robotics and artificial intelligence in the last few years. The coverage has been almost relentlessly negative, focusing...

The UK's plan for post-Brexit customs is more hopeful than realistic

The UK government has just issued its official position paper on the issue of the customs union and Brexit. It emphasises a desire for the most frictionless trade possible in goods between the UK and the EU and proposes...

U.S. initial jobless claims fall more than expected, suggests strong hiring

15:03 PM| Commentary

U.S. jobless claims fall in the survey week for August employment. For the week ended 12 August, the initial jobless claims fell 12k to 232k. This is a larger fall as compared with the consensus expectations of a fall to...

FxWirePro: U.S. Natural gas inventory preview

13:21 PM| Commentary

Natural gas is currently trading at $2.88 per MMBtu. We expect the gas price to decline towards $2.52 per MMBtu. Key factors at play in natural gas market Russia and the United States are set to fight for...

Fitch Affirms Malaysia at 'A-'; Outlook Stable

10:56 AM| Economy Research & Analysis

Fitch Ratings has affirmed Malaysias Long-Term Foreign- and Local-Currency Issuer Default Ratings (IDRs) at A- with a Stable Outlook. A full list of rating actions is at the end of this rating action commentary. KEY...

Global Geopolitics Series

Global Geo-political Series: China calls on North Korea and United States to reduce tempo

09:12 AM| Commentary

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi called on both the United States and North Korea to reduce their war of words tempo by hitting the break. Over the past few weeks, the United States and North Korea had been engaged in war...

Fundamental Evaluation Series

Fundamental Evaluation Series: USD/CHF vs. yield divergence

08:50 AM| Commentary

During our evaluation period beginning 2012, the yield spread between the US 2-year bond and a Swiss equivalent has widened by almost 200 basis points but the exchange rate hasnt followed through as much as it should have...

Fitch: China Debt-Equity Swaps to Have Limited Leverage Impact

10:00 AM| Research & Analysis

Chinas debt-for-equity swap (DES) scheme is unlikely to reach a scale at which it addresses corporate sector leverage in a meaningful way, given a lack of investor interest and the capital constraints of banks, says Fitch...

Riksbank likely to adopt first rate hike by mid-2018, says Commerzbank

08:27 AM| Commentary Central Banks Economy

Swedish inflation rates surprised markedly to the upside in July. The headline rate rose to 2.2% on the year, the core rate (with constant mortgage rates) to 2.4 percent. Both rates are thus moving above the inflation...

Fundamental Evaluation Series

Fundamental Evaluation Series: AUD/USD vs. 2-year yield spread

08:17 AM| Commentary

The chart above shows, how the relationship between AUD/USD and 2-year yield divergence has unfolded since 2012. It can be seen even with a naked eye, that the pair and the yield spread between 2-year treasury and...

JGBs tad lower following upbeat exports, higher-than-expected trade balance in July

05:49 AM| Commentary Economy

The Japanese government bonds remained tad lower Thursday, following higher-than-expected trade balance for the month of July, with exports remaining upbeat during the period. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury...

Moody's: Singapore shows diverse and competitive economy, strong fiscal metrics

01:39 AM| Research & Analysis

Moodys Investors Service says that Singapores (Aaa stable) credit profile reflects the city states very high per-capita income, a diverse and competitive economy, strong fiscal metrics, and robust...

Fed Hike Aftermath Series

U.S. Fed meeting minutes show policymakers worried about inflation

21:05 PM| Commentary Central Banks

The U.S. Fed meeting minutes were released on Wednesday. The Federal Open Market Committee members have noted slight change to the economic and labor market outlook; however, they have spent significant time pondering the...

Singaporean economy to grow steadily in next few years, MAS to maintain neutral policy stance - ANZ

20:23 PM| Commentary

The Singaporean economy is expected to witness a stable growth in the coming few years. According to an ANZ research report, Singapores economy is likely to expand 2.5 percent in the next few years. Administrative price...

South African retail sales grow strongly in June

19:16 PM| Commentary

The South African retail sales grew strongly in June. On a year-on-year basis, the retail trade sales rose 2.9 percent in the month, following a revised 1.6 percent rise in May, showed Statistics South Africa. The June...

Top Stories

Toyota Is Reportedly Working On A Cloaking Technology

09:16 AM| Technology

Cloaking technology is something that has long been theorized, dreamed of, and imagined, but has never really come to pass. Well, Toyota might be the first to actually bring such a technology to the masses since it...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Japanese IT firm NTT Data announces new blockchain consortium

06:48 AM| Digital Currency

Japans leading IT services provider NTT Data has announced its plans to launch a new consortium focused on blockchain technology which will include representatives from across industries. According to the official...

Initial Coin Offering Series

ICOs creating dangerous bubble driven by speculation: BBVA

06:00 AM| Digital Currency

Spanish multinational banking group BBVA has said that Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), a form of funding which has become very popular in recent times, is facing a dangerous bubble driven by speculation. At a round table...

Uber In Big Trouble With Judge Presiding Over Waymo Case, ‘Misled The Court’

09:15 AM| Technology

Anyone looking at the Uber/Waymo court battle can see that the cab-hailing firm is already at a huge disadvantage. Now, even the judge presiding over the case is starting to put some pressure on Uber. Apparently, U.S....

Apple Reportedly Going Hollywood, With $1B Original Content Investment

09:15 AM| Technology

In many ways, Apple is already present in the movie industry, what with Apple TV, iTunes, and with the smart products allowing for movie streaming. However, it seems the Cupertino firm is planning a more direct...

Tech Companies Unite Against White Supremacy, It’s All Pointless Though

09:14 AM| Technology

In the wake of the Charlottesville terror attack, tech companies have been releasing statements one by one, denouncing the act and promising to combat the epidemic of hate speech on their respective platforms. While this...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Thailand’s railway and postal services to use IoT and blockchain technology – Report

09:14 AM| Digital Currency

Two of Thailands state-owned agencies are going to apply cutting edge technologies to improve their logistics services. Bangkok Post reports that the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) and Thailand Post are going to...

Uber Troubles Revealed, Another Executive Leaves While Details Of Tesla Assassination Plan Unveiled

12:13 PM| Technology

It seems Uber just cant get a break. On top of the lawsuits surrounding the company, it now has to deal with executives leaving. Whats more, it would seem that a former employee planned an attempt to assassinate Tesla CEO...

When artists get involved in research, science benefits

By Gabby O'Connor Et Al - 15:24 PM| Science

When artists and scientists get together, creative sparks can fly. Collaborative sci-art projects are increasingly popular and one obvious benefit is the greater visibility of the research through the artists work. Our...

Digital Currency Revolution

Bitcoin Could Reach $4,800, According To Goldman-Sachs Analyst

12:12 PM| Digital Currency

With the rally that cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) saw last this week, it was only a matter of time before it crashes, according to several financial experts and publications. However, before this happens, one Goldman-Sachs...

Government Study Warns Minimum Wage Hike Leads To Automation Job Loss

12:11 PM| Technology

The progressive members of the Democratic party, as well as a considerable number of American workers, have been pushing for the increase in the minimum wage in every state for almost a decade now. However, while doing so...

Tracing the sources of today's Russian cyberthreat

By Dorothy Denning - 15:14 PM| Insights & Views Technology

Beyond carrying all of our phone, text and internet communications, cyberspace is an active battleground, with cybercriminals, government agents and even military personnel probing weaknesses in corporate, national and...

Trump's threat to withdraw from NAFTA may hit a hurdle: The US Constitution

By Tim Meyer - 15:12 PM| Insights & Views Law

On Aug. 16, representatives of the U.S., Canada and Mexico formally begin renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), an accord that has governed matters of trade and security on the continent for 23...

Econotimes Series


Malaysia registers better-than-expected economic growth, driven by private consumption

Malaysias better-than-expected economic performance was largely driven by private consumption, which printed much stronger than we had expected. Fixed investment, which was the mainstay of GDP growth in the first quarter,...

Russian economy grows sharply in Q2 but may slow down in H2 – Nordea Bank

In the second quarter of this year, the Russian economic growth accelerated sharply, owing to a positive basic industries performance. But several factors might slow down economic activity in the second half of this year,...

Australia reports strong labor market conditions again in July, jobless rate down at 5.6 pct

Australia posted another strong labour market report for Australia in July, showing employment up 28k and unemployment at 5.6 percent. Some of the detail was a bit softer than the headline; full-time jobs fell, hours...

New Zealand bonds jump at close after reading upbeat producer prices in Q2

The New Zealand bonds jumped at the time of closing Thursday after the countrys producer price index for the second-quarter of this year registered higher figures than the previous readings in the Q1. At the time of...

Australian bonds sharply rebound despite upbeat July employment report

The Australian bonds sharply rebounded Thursday as investors have largely shrugged-off the upbeat reading of the countrys employment report for the month of July, with the jobless rate matching expectations, albeit lower...


Donald Trump, loyalty and the 'emotional regime' in the White House

Donald Trump demands loyalty from those working close to him. According to former FBI director James Comey, the president told him at a private meeting: I need loyalty, I expect loyalty. Comeys response? I...

Why governmental transparency will not work without strong leadership

Walter Shaub, the former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, has warned that President Donald Trumps conflicts of interest could put America at the risk of becoming a kleptocracy: that is, a country led by...

Democracy is on the brink in Hungary, so why is no one talking about it?

When Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission met Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Riga in May 2015, he greeted him by saying hello dictator. Junckers words were perhaps an ironic...

The Goldwater rule prevents psychiatrists diagnosing Trump from afar but some say there's too much at stake

In the late 19th century, Sigmund Freuds colleague Wilhelm Fleiss successfully diagnosed an illness in one of Freuds relatives, without even having met them. Freud was so impressed by Fleisss diagnostic acumen that he went...

How to be a better leader – according to science

Leadership has been in the spotlight as never before, as people around the world look to their leaders in all spheres of social, political and organisational life. Rather than help, though, leaders often seem to be part of...


Scientists Advance 3D-Printed Living Tissue, Artificial Organ Creation

When most people think of 3D-printing, they imagine plastic or metal objects such as furniture or machine parts. However, scientists have been working on printing living tissue as well, which would allow scientists to...

Hackers Spread Malware Via DNA, Could Destroy Police Computer Networks

Scientists and engineers have been pushing the digital frontier for decades and they have just pushed the boundaries towards new territory. Encoding a malware in DNA, scientists were able to infect computers that tried to...

Scientists Discover New Type Of Brain Cells That Could Lead To Hyperintelligence

While tech revolutionaries like Elon Musk prefer to merge man with machine in order to make humans smarter, stronger, and better, others prefer a more biological approach. A team of scientists recently discovered new types...

Expert Warns Of CRISPR Causing Class Warfare

Humanity is living in an interesting age, where scientists can finally start manipulating the human genome in ways that were not possible before due to CRISPR. Many have even hypothesized that through these amazing...

Beyond graphene: scientists are creating an atomic 'Lego set' of 2D wonder materials

The strongest material known to mankind was first discovered with sticky tape. Today, this two-dimensional (2D) version of carbon known as graphene is the subject of intense research around the world. Many hope its unique...


Deep Silver Takes On Shenmue III As Publisher, Not Just Crowdfunded Anymore

The Shenmue series is not exactly the most prolific property in the video game industry, but it does have a fair bit of following among loyal fans. In fact, this is what allowed the creator to actually crowdfund his game,...

Scotland To Build Country’s Largest Solar Farm

While the US president and his administration continue the war against renewable energy and sensible regulations against carbon emissions, other countries are taking drastically different routes. Proving that a sunny...

Engineers Create Robot Spider That Anyone Can Reprogram

When it comes to the field of robotics, its just a fact that engineers of every firm and agency are competing to create the best examples of machine intelligence and movement available. However, there is a company that...

Facebook Is Finally Combating Clickbait Videos, This Is War

Veering away from its hands-off approach when it comes to the contents that users or media outlets post on its platform, it seems Facebook is finally taking the fight to some of the most harmful elements on the web. Aside...

Fun And Creative Text Adventure Video Game Serves As Grim Commentary On Automation

Text adventure games have gone down in popularity somewhat as video-based titles have started popping up. A recent entry in this field called Subsurface Circular is making rounds for its stunning 3D background and...
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