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Monday, Jun 27, 2016 as of 12:37 PM UTC

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Brexit vote drives Eurozone bonds higher

The Eurozone government bonds climbed on Monday after UK voters decided to leave the European Union in last week's referendum. The benchmark German 10-year bonds yield, which moves inversely to its price fell 5 basis...

Independence Day: what alien invasions tell us about current global politics

By Gregory Frame - 12:31pm UTC Insights & Views

When Soviet communism disintegrated, political scientist Francis Fukuyama famously declared that it was the end of history. He argued that Western liberal democracy and capitalism had triumphed as the worlds only viable...

FX Hedging Strategy Series

FxWirePro: How to position Swiss franc option trades on IVs fading against dollar and euro?

12:22pm UTC Research & Analysis

We spot out the massive drops in 1w-3m IVs, 13.2% in 1w expiries and 9% in 3m tenors, while risk reversals favor bulls in Swiss franc for which SNB is unhappy with. Since the minimum exchange rate in EURCHF was...

Eurozone private sector loans edge higher in May despite Brexit reality

11:58am UTC Commentary

Private sector loans edged higher in Eurozone for the month of May despite the United Kingdoms historic decision on June 23 to leave membership of the European Union. Though the data has been compiled before the UK voted...

China Crisis Series

Structural weakness persist in China as weak monetary data looms on

11:35am UTC Commentary

Chinas monetary data for the month of May, point to a set of structural weakness in the economy, as Chinese commercial banks extended loans worth USD 149.56 billion in new yuan loans. This well exceeded market expectations...

Direct impact of Brexit on Asia Pacific economies likely to be limited, output growth to slowdown

10:50am UTC Commentary

A significant investor risk aversion and volatility in the financial market has been set off following the Brexit decision. The consequential implications on the economy are still quite uncertain. However, it is evident...

Briferendum Series

Brexit is not good news for the NHS – here's why

10:38am UTC Insights & Views

The run up to the Brexit referendum saw Leave campaigners such as Boris Johnson claiming that uncontrolled immigration puts unsustainable pressure on our vital public services including the NHS. But the evidence suggests...

Emerging Market Crisis Series

Brazil’s credit growth likely to have decelerated in May; trend to continue throughout 2016

10:05am UTC Commentary

In 2016, Brazils outstanding credit has fallen in each month and is likely to have continued with the trend in May. Outstanding credit is expected to have dropped 0.1 percent m/m to BRL 3.140 billion, said Societe Generale...

China Crisis Series

China’s fixed asset investment declines in May after rebounding in March

09:45am UTC Commentary

Fixed asset investment in China for the first five months of this year declined, dragged by significant faltering of investment growth in the month of May. Recent data flow suggests that Chinas growth momentum has started...

Outcome of EU referendum generates new risks for US economic outlook

09:31am UTC Insights & Views

The British vote to leave the EU has rattled markets across the globe, dampening the already weak global growth outlook. Initial extreme moves during the UK trading session were pared back with a chorus of central bankers...

Artificial Intelligence Learns How Predictable Humans Are By Binge Watching

09:47am UTC Technology

Watching videos for over 600 hours straight hardly pays off for humans, particularly once the headache and general degeneration of the body sets in. However, for an Artificial Intelligence created by MIT engineers, it...

Fundamentals to watch out for this week

05:26am UTC Commentary

In terms of scheduled events, this week isnt that risk heavy but post-Brexit scheduled and unscheduled commentaries and actions make it extremely risk heavy. What to watch for over the coming days: Brexit...

Small firms can provide jobs, but big firms are the key to economic growth in Africa

18:53pm UTC Insights & Views

Almost all developing countries have policies to promote small and medium-sized firms. The reasons for this choice are clear. Small firms appear to create lots of job with relatively little capital and jobs are desperately...

Briferendum Series

African exporters face choppy waters in the wake of Brexit

19:00pm UTC Insights & Views

One would certainly be forgiven if, like us, you found yourself doing a double take at the news that Britains public voted in favour of leaving the EU. This is because shortly before the Brexit polls closed, opinion polls...

Why the GM food labeling debate is not over

19:16pm UTC Insights & Views

The U.S. Senate this week reached a compromise to require food manufacturers to label foods that contain genetically modified (GM) ingredients, a bill that would preempt state-level laws. The deal comes only one week...

Deadlocked: what a nine-word decision means for five million undocumented immigrants

19:22pm UTC Insights & Views

Yesterday, the Supreme Court deadlocked on U.S. v. Texas, the most important immigration case of the year. Nearly five million people stood to benefit from President Obamas ambitious policy. It would have delayed...

60 pct odds of a UK recession within the next 12 months, says TDS

14:07pm UTC Commentary

UK economy enters a period of huge uncertainty and weakness as a result of UK's vote to leave the EU. Pound bashed to multi-year lows against majors and follow-through selling likely to continue as markets digest the...

Downside risks to Japan’s economic outlook increase following Brexit; BoJ likely to expand QE

11:20am UTC Commentary

The Brexit decision today has increased risks on the downside to Japans economic outlook. The financial channel is expected to have the most impact. The Japanese yen appreciated sharply amidst risk off sentiment. The...

Upcoming Economic Calendar Monday, Jun 27

Time left
21:00 Released KR Consumer Sentiment Ind* Jun 99 bln $ 99 bln $
13:45 Released US Markit Svcs PMI Flash Jun 51.3 bln 51.3 bln
00:00 2016-06-28T00:00:00+00:00108m US Central Govt Balance May 9.751 bln
00:00 2016-06-28T00:00:00+00:00108m BR Central Govt Balance May -17 bln 9.751 bln
06:00 2016-06-28T06:00:00+00:00468m GB Import Prices YY May -5.8 % -6.6 %
06:00 2016-06-28T06:00:00+00:00468m DE Markit Comp Flash PMI May -5.8 % -6.6 %
06:00 2016-06-28T06:00:00+00:00468m DE Import Prices MM May 0.6 % -0.1 %
06:45 2016-06-28T06:45:00+00:00513m FR Consumer Confidence Jun 97 bln $ 98 bln $
06:45 2016-06-28T06:45:00+00:00513m BR Consumer Confidence Jun 97 % 98 %
08:00 2016-06-28T08:00:00+00:00588m US Consumer Confidence Jun 112.7 %
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