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How Australia should react to the Trump tax cuts

By Sara L. McGaughey Et Al

President Donald Trump has proposed cutting the US corporate tax rate from 35% to 15% and ending the practice of taxing the foreign income of US businesses. Trump may be hoping that such a massive corporate tax cut will...

Government's oil & gas tax response will leave regional communities at a loss

By Diane Kraal

Falling revenues from petroleum mining, that spurred a review of the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT), have hit regional communities hard and these same communities arent likely to get any relief from the government...

Trigger Warnings, Evidence-Based Policy and Media Literacy

By Lauren Rosewarne

With complete disregard for irony, Conservatives are sometimes triggered laughably easily. When the brown folks forget their station, for example. When we ladies get too ballsy. And God forbid if anyone dares fuck with...

The end: Chilean legend exits presidential race, ushering in a new political era

By Cristóbal Bellolio

In a dramatic change of heart, former Chilean president Ricardo Lagos, who played a central role in the countrys return to democracy in the 1980s, has withdrawn from the upcoming presidential race. It seems Lagos lengthy...

Holy cow: as Hindu nationalism surges in India, cows are protected but minorities not so much

By Aftab Alam

Indolent Indian cows sitting or eating on the busiest roads of the countrys cities are common sights for anyone who has ever visited the subcontinent. Today, this mammal is at the centre of the countrys increasingly...

Why we shouldn't ignore what 13 Reasons Why is trying to tell us

By Sharyn Burns

The Netflix show 13 Reasons Why has stirred debate recently, with growing numbers of calls to counselling services from those alarmed the shows graphic depiction of suicide could be harmful to vulnerable teenagers. Some...

How Woodrow Wilson's propaganda machine changed American journalism

By Christopher B. Daly

When the United States declared war on Germany 100 years ago, the impact on the news business was swift and dramatic. In its crusade to make the world safe for democracy, the Wilson administration took immediate steps...

Is death penalty anti-Christian?

By Mathew Schmalz

On Monday, April 25, two people convicted for murder were executed by lethal injections in Lincoln County, Arkansas. A few days prior to their execution another Arkansan convict was put to death. One more convict remains...

Vital Signs: what will end up in Scott Morrison's 'good' books?

By Richard Holden

Vital Signs is a weekly economic wrap from UNSW economics professor and Harvard PhD Richard Holden (@profholden). Vital Signs aims to contextualise weekly economic events and cut through the noise of the data affecting...

The multi-billion-dollar subsidy for private health insurance isn't worth it

By Elizabeth Savage

Almost 20 years after the 30% subsidy for private health insurance was introduced, premiums continue to rise every year. This comes at a cost to the federal budget which was forecast at A$6.5 billion in the 2016 federal...

Why diverting more UK aid to fund cost of hosting refugees would be a mistake

By Balazs Szent-Ivanyi

There has been an ongoing debate over the British governments commitment to spend 0.7% of the UKs gross national income (GNI) on foreign aid. First achieved in 2013, and enshrined in law by the Conservative-Liberal...

It's time for France to face its past and debate crimes against humanity

By Abraham Joseph

As Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen continue their quest to secure the French presidency, its time to ask what they think about Frances troubled past. French colonialism and related wars of independence and the...

Explainer: what is reflation and is Australia experiencing it?

By Lee Smales

Since the 2007 global financial crisis, policy makers have been fighting deflationary (falling prices) and disinflationary (prices rising at slow rate) pressures. But the global economy finally appears to be entering...

Macron and Le Pen battle voter disdain as they square off for French presidency

By Natalie Doyle

The first round of voting in the French presidential election delivered a profound blow to the two parties that have dominated the countrys politics since the 1970s. Together, the centre-right Republicans and the...

Investing in rural health brings ten-fold returns to local economies (and improves health)

By Lesley Russell

When we talk about rural health, its easy to focus on health inequalities between the roughly 10% of Australians who live in rural and remote areas and those who live in our cities. Statistics show the further...

Backyard skinny-dippers lack effective laws to keep peeping drones at bay

By Brendan Gogarty

Recent advances in technology mean we can no longer rely on fences or barriers around our homes to protect our privacy. This was certainly the case for Darwin resident Karli Hyatt, who on Tuesday explained to the ABCs Law...

Syria’s forgotten pluralism and why it matters today

By Andrea Williams

The Syrian Civil War has been raging for six years. It has killed nearly half a million people and left over 12 million, about half of Syrias total population, without a home. A few weeks ago, a devastating chemical attack...

Cutting EPA budget puts babies at risk – and makes little economic sense

By Patricia Smith

President Donald Trump recently ordered an air strike on Syria, fueled in part by moral outrage at images of babies being injured and killed by airborne toxins. American babies are under threat as well. In this case,...

'Anumeric' people: What happens when a language has no words for numbers?

By Caleb Everett

Numbers do not exist in all cultures. There are numberless hunter-gatherers embedded deep in Amazonia, living along branches of the worlds largest river tree. Instead of using words for precise quantities, these people...

Stuck in the middle, South Korea has few options for securing peace with its Northern neghbour

By Bernard Loo Fook Weng

In the culmination of weeks of growing tension in the region, the US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and a Navy carrier strike group is expected to arrive off the coast North Korea today, just as the reclusive nation...

Yes, giving money to very poor people will make their lives better — just ask Ecuador

By Andrés Mideros Mora

Is eradicating poverty, a goal the United Nations hopes to achieve by 2030, actually feasible? New research out of Ecuador says yes if governments are willing to pay for it. According to a United Nations University...

Chevron: a game-changer for multinational tax avoiders

By Michael West

The Australian Tax Office had a superb win against Chevron in the Federal Court last week, but there is something everyone is missing, something that will turn the art of tax avoidance on its head; a game-changer for...

Frexit: how a Le Pen victory could unleash a tsunami of economic volatility

By Panicos O. Demetriades

With Marine Le Pen through to the second round of the French presidential elections, the prospect of Frexit, which is at the centre of her economic policies, is beginning to spook financial markets. While the possibility...

Can we trust the opinion polls in election 2017?

By Matthew Wyman

Political opinion polls have taken a bit of a battering in the past few years. There was wide agreement on the eve of the last UK general election that the outcome would be a hung parliament. Few pollsters saw Donald Trump...

What happened to the French Socialist Party?

By Ariane Bogain

The 2017 French presidential election was destined to go down to the wire and it didnt disappoint. The traditional political landscape has been shot through by the victory of two outsiders, Marine Le Pen, the candidate of...

Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2: a scientist's review

By Michael Milford

Star-Lord Peter Quill and the gang are back as Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2 opens in cinemas from today in another outing of the galactic blockbuster. Its one of the most fun films Ive seen in years, combining...

457 visa changes won't impact on wider temporary education workforce. And maybe that's deliberate

By Jock Collins

The Turnbull Governments decision to scrap the 457-skilled temporary worker visa puts the spotlight on temporary migrant workers in Australia. This is not surprising, since each year Australia takes in some 700,000...

Mexico's military is a lethal killing force – should it really be deployed as police?

By Luis Gómez Romero

There is nothing noble about war. In the words of the Spanish-American philosopher and poet George Santayana, it wastes a nations wealth, chokes its industries, kills its flower, and condemns it to be governed by...

Super funds targeted in Shorten's housing affordability package

By Michelle Grattan

Labor will promise to ban direct borrowing by self-managed superannuation funds, as part of a housing affordability policy released on Friday to pre-empt the governments package in next months budget. This limited...

Four charts which should worry you about rising house prices and inequality

By Julius Probst

When we want to measure the economic activity of a country, we tend to reach for the gross domestic product, or GDP. This may be an imperfect measure, but it does allow us to track where the money comes from for every item...

Will the new Jakarta governor be firm against hardline religious groups?

By FNU Testriono

FNU Testriono, Researcher at the Center for the Study of Islam and Society (PPIM), Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Voters in Indonesias capital have chosen a former cabinet minister who sought the...

Not all Brazilians believe that criminals have no rights, but a startling number do

By Leonarda Musumeci Et Al

Bandido bom é bandido morto The only good criminal is a dead criminal. This is the disconcerting cliché used in Brazil to justify the nations staggering levels of police violence. According to data...

A doctor's sexual advances towards a patient are never ok, even if 'consensual'

By Ron Paterson

In a recent independent review, I recommended chaperones no longer be used as an interim protective measure to keep patients safe while allegations of sexual misconduct by a doctor are investigated. The review was...

Budget explainer: if you want to know about the economy, look past the budget forecasts

By Ross Guest

When the federal government releases its annual budget it provides an economic outlook that includes forecasts and key indicators of the state of the economy. But we should be critical of some of these numbers. Many either...

Trump and the history of the 'First 100 Days'

By Robert Speel

The federal government is currently being funded by a continuing resolution that expires on April 28, 2017 which also happens to be the 99th day of Donald Trumps presidency. If Congress fails to approve a new spending...

How companies like United and Wells Fargo can win back consumer trust

By John Hauser

Its every CEOs worst nightmare: For whatever reason, the CEOs company is engulfed in negative publicity that threatens to damage its brand name, harm sales and alienate customers for months or even years to come. The...

Cycling to work: major new study suggests health benefits are staggering

By Carlos Celis-Morales Et Al

Research has consistently shown that people who are less physically active are both more likely to develop health problems like heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and to die younger. Yet there is increasing evidence that...

Will a conservative Supreme Court give new life to the death penalty?

By Daniel LaChance

For years now, the death penaltys days have seemed numbered. Death sentences and executions are in decline. And some current Supreme Court justices have been pushing the court to revisit the constitutionality of capital...

Why your child still needs vaccines, even if you may not know someone with the disease

By Edward Bell

At the turn of the 21st century, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published an article about the 10 greatest public health achievements over the past 100 years, from 1900-1999. One of them was vaccination,...

Calculating where America should invest in its transportation and communications networks

By Anna Nagurney

The American economy is underpinned by networks. Road networks carry traffic and freight; the internet and telecommunications networks carry our voices and digital information; the electricity grid is a network carrying...

Explainer: The Trumps' conflict of interest issues

By Beth A. Rosenson

Ivanka Trump recently gave an interview to CBS television in which she attempted to answer concerns about her role as an official adviser to her father, President Donald Trump, and potential conflicts of interest from her...

Five tips to get the most out of your workday

By Mary Barrett

Getting a lot done each day is about more than just having the right productivity tools and setup. Its about taking care of your body and mind, and this starts even outside of the workplace. We all need strategies for...

For renters, making housing more affordable is just the start

By Emma Power

Deloitte Access Economics Chris Richardson recently suggested that young Australians would be better off renting than trying to buy a house. He argued: … rents today make a lot more sense than housing...

Defence job is a bureaucratic prize in uncertain times

By Michelle Grattan

One of the most challenging jobs in the federal public service has opened with the retirement next month of the highly regarded secretary of the Defence department, Dennis Richardson. Possible replacements being...

Budget explainer: the federal-state battle for funding

By Adam Webster

There seems to be an ever present struggle for a share of the revenue government collects, not only between states but also between the different levels of government. In each years budget, the federal government...

Why the French presidential candidates are arguing about their colonial history

By Jennifer Sessions

When the French presidential elections begin on April 23, the world will be watching closely. Polls are tightening up, but Marine Le Pen, of the far-right National Front (FN) Party, seems likely to get through to the...

What Netflix can teach us about treating cancer

By Elana Fertig

Two years ago, former President Barack Obama announced the Precision Medicine initiative in his State of the Union Address. The initiative aspired to a new era of medicine where disease treatments could be specifically...

Snap election a win-win for Teresa May: she'll crush Labour and make Brexit a little easier

By Tim Bale

So Theresa May, it turns out, is only human. After months of denying she was going to do it, the British prime minister decided to call an early general election first and foremost because she knows shes going to...

Gloomy economic outlook is why Teresa May was forced to call a snap election

By Richard Murphy

Many are asking why Britains prime minister, Theresa May, has called a general election despite repeatedly saying that she would not do so. From the moment she first stood for the leadership of the Conservative Party in...

Why solving social mobility is a vital political move

By Susan Harkness

The road ahead for social mobility is decidedly rocky. The global economy is changing rapidly, transforming the nature of work. Geographical divisions are widening. Public sector spending is being squeezed, and the booming...

Japan has turned its culture into a powerful political tool

Much has been made of Japans recent turn away from pacifism and growing military muscle, but Tokyo is also extending its global reach in more subtle ways. Japan is especially serious about increasing its soft power, the...

Singapore industrial output delivers solid performance in March driven by gains in electronics

06:10 AM| Commentary Economy

Industrial output in Singapore delivered a solid performance during the month of March, as electronics continued to remain in the driving seat. Headline industrial output for the month expanded by 10.2 percent y/y. This...

Fundamental Evaluation Series

Moody's: Higher prices, improved market environment drive outlook change to stable for European steel sector

06:10 AM| Research & Analysis

Recovering steel prices and improved industrial output expected in the European Union are expected to boost producers profits over the next 12 months prompting a change in the outlook for the European steel sector to...

Central Banking Series

BOJ monetary policy: Assessing future bias

05:49 AM| Commentary Central Banks

At todays meeting, policymakers at the Bank of Japan (BoJ) kept the policy unchanged, and the benchmark interest rate at -0.1 percent. Lets look at the current monetary policies, Bank of Japan had already shifted...

Most Asian markets in red, gold stabilizes below $1,270

04:57 AM| Commentary

All the major Asian indices were trading on a lower note on Thursday. Gold was trading around $1,266 mark while silver was trading around $17.46 mark. Japans Nikkei was trading around 0.15 percent lower at 19,260...

Australian bonds jump on safe-haven demand; investors eye RBA Governor Lowe’s speech

04:54 AM| Commentary Economy

The Australian government bonds jumped Thursday as investors poured into safe-haven assets post the unveiling of the United States tax reform by President Donald Trump on Wednesday. Also, investors are eyeing the Reserve...

South Korea’s real GDP grows above forecast in Q1 2017

23:22 PM| Commentary

The South Korean economic growth accelerated in the first quarter of 2017, the advanced estimate of the Bank of Korea showed. The preliminary data for the first quarter indicated that the real GDP grew 0.9 percent on a...

Central Banking Series

PBoC likely to tighten monetary conditions slightly in 2017, inflation to reach 2.2 pct

22:44 PM| Commentary

The Peoples Bank of China has committed to keep a prudent monetary policy stance this year, continuing to fine-tune monetary conditions with targeted policy measures. Deleveraging continues to be a main priority for Chinas...

South African producer price index falls year-on-year in March

22:09 PM| Commentary

South Africas producer price index for the month of March dropped to 5.2 percent year-on-year from Februarys 5.6 percent. On a sequential basis, the PPI for final manufactured goods rose 0.3 percent, as compared with the...

Manufacturing sector likely to drive Singapore’s economic growth this year

21:13 PM| Commentary

The Singaporean manufacturing sector is expected to mainly drive the economic growth in 2017, according to an OCBC research report. The countrys manufacturing output rose sharply in March by 10.2 percent year-on-year and 5...

Expectations for China’s economy rise for third straight month – ZEW

18:07 PM| Commentary

The current survey for April showed that the Chinese economic outlook has improved by 2.3 points, stated ZEW. The CEP indicator at present is at 17.7 points. This indicator has risen for the third consecutive month. The...

CBT hikes late liquidity window by 50 bps, keeps key interest rate on hold

16:29 PM| Commentary Central Banks

The Central Bank of Turkey surprisingly raised its late liquidity window lending rate today by 50 basis points to 12.25 percent. Almost all of this will feed through to the average interest rate that banks pay for central...

API reports deficit while the market awaits EIA report

13:42 PM| Commentary

WTI recovered from the slump of $47 per barrel, as it found support in the recent rise in geopolitical tensions in the Middle East. Earlier this month, the US President Donald Trump launched missile strikes on Syria in...

US under Trump Series

US under Trump Series: Lumber crash between Trudeau and Trump

12:25 PM| Commentary Economy

The relations between the two biggest neighbors in North America deteriorated after the Trump administration in the United States decided to impose countervailing duties ranging from 3-24 percent on five Canadian lumber...

French Election: Mélenchon to quiz supporters’ voting intentions before advising

12:04 PM| Commentary

In last Sundays French election, among 11 candidates, only five were able to receive 5 percent of the votes, a benchmark required to get the campaign fully reimbursed. The top two, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen got...

Fitch: Kazakhstan Starts to Get to Grips With Troubled Banks 

11:30 AM| Research & Analysis

The health of the troubled Kazakh banking sector should start to improve as the authorities push ahead with initiatives to address weak asset quality while the economy recovers following a modest increase in oil prices,...

Top Stories

Verizon Launches Cheap Gigabit Internet Service At $70/Month

06:35 AM| Technology

A few months ago, Verizon tried to trump its competition by boosting its top internet speeds from 500Mbps to 750Mpbs. Apparently, this wasnt enough as the company just announced that it would be offering 1Gbps speeds....

Digital Currency Revolution

Cryptocurrencies unlikely to crowd out fiat currency entirely: Bank of Korea paper

05:55 AM| Digital Currency Fintech

The Bank of Korea (BoK) has published a new working paper which analyses a dual currency regime with fiat currency and digital currency. Titled, Crowding out in a Dual Currency Regime? Digital versus Fiat Currency, the...

Digital Currency Revolution

Central bank digital currency could substantially impact traditional concept of banknotes, says BoJ Deputy Governor

05:39 AM| Digital Currency Fintech

Central bank digital currency (CBDC) could have a substantial impact on the traditional concept of banknotes, Hiroshi Nakaso, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Japan, said recently. Speaking at the Forum Towards Making...

Spotify Could Be Offering Headphones, Smartwatches, And Wearables, Job Postings Suggest

06:33 AM| Technology

As one of the most popular and controversial applications in the music business, Spotify holds a place in the hearts and smartphones of millions. This puts it in a very good position to expand in other areas. According to...

Microsoft Just Made Salesforce’s Worst Nightmare Come True With LinkedIn CRM Move

06:33 AM| Technology

Back when Microsoft was in the process of acquiring LinkedIn, Salesforce did everything it possibly could to make sure that it wouldnt go through. Despite its efforts, which included siccing the EU Commission on the...

Genetic surveillance and why it's critical in the fight against antimalarial drug resistance

By Magatte Ndiaye Et Al - 07:08 AM| Insights & Views Health

Efforts to tackle malaria infections over the past decades have yielded impressive results across the tropics, so much so that full elimination is now a public health priority for many malaria endemic...

Flying Cars Now Available For Pre-Order, Starts At $1.3M

01:26 AM| Technology

AeroMobil is the first company to put an actual flying car into the mass consumer market, though, this is already a stretch due to the exorbitant prices of the products. In any case, anyone interested in owning their own...

Glass Industry Is In Trouble, 3D-Printed Crystals Now Possible

06:45 AM| Technology

For centuries, the glass industry has had no competition. It offered pristine options that affected everything from containers to furniture, to decors. Then plastic came along and stole some of its thunder, but it still...

Musk’s Plans For Merging Man And Machine Finally Revealed In Detail

06:45 AM| Technology

For weeks, the tech world has been going wild in speculation with regards to the news that Elon Musk is planning to implant computer chips in the brains of people in order to make them as smart as artificial intelligence....

Amazon Wants To Deliver Via Hyperloop And Build Warehouses Underwater

06:44 AM| Technology

Theres no doubt that Amazon has had a huge impact on revolutionizing the retail market all around the world, but its future plans have the potentially to completely change the game. For one thing, it plans to partner with...

German Universal Basic Income Startup Gives $1,063 A Month To Children Too

06:44 AM| Technology

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is gaining a lot of steam in many areas around the world due to its simple premise of guaranteeing a basic minimum income that is equal throughout the social spectrum. One startup in Germany...

Apple Promises To Be More Eco-Friendly Using Recycled Materials

06:42 AM| Technology

With the majority of the world slowly moving towards a more environmentally conscious mindset, it was inevitable that Apple would try to cater to this sentiment in some way. On top of gradually adopting solar power for its...

Hypnosis may still be veiled in mystery – but we are starting to uncover its scientific basis

By Steven Jay Lynn Et Al - 01:54 AM| Insights & Views Health

Some argue that hypnosis is just a trick. Others, however, see it as bordering on the paranormal mysteriously transforming people into mindless robots. Now our recent review of a number of research studies on the topic...

Electroconvulsive therapy does work – and it can be miraculous

By George Kirov - 01:52 AM| Health

The use of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) to treat psychiatric disorders is on the rise in England, according to a new report in The Guardian. There was an 11% rise in the number of procedures performed on the NHS between...

Econotimes Series


UK gilts slump after reading higher Q1 GDP

The UK gilts slumped Friday after witnessing a rise in the countrys first-quarter gross domestic product (GDP), released today. The yield on the benchmark 10-year gilts, which moves inversely to its price, jumped 3...

German bunds plunge post Eurozone’s higher-than-expected April consumer price inflation

The German bunds plunged Friday after reading the Eurozones higher-than-expected consumer price inflation for the month of April, which added to the disappointment in safe-haven assets. The yield on the benchmark...

CZK likely to remain volatile in coming weeks and months, says KBC Research

The EUR/CZK has moved back about the former (FX) intervention level set by the CNB at the 27.00. After CNBs exit from the intervention regime (April 6) the koruna has only twice briefly touched this level, but it had never...

Australia business outlook remains optimistic; profit, pricing expectations lift

The Australian economy is into its eighth year of economic expansion and while business confidence is well off its peak, survey indicators are still pointing to solid growth. Firms are optimistic about their own...

New Zealand bonds close higher on short-covering; investors await March trade balance

The New Zealand bonds closed lower Friday as investors covered previous short positions. Also, the countrys trade surplus for the month of March limited the rise in bonds. At the time of closing, the yield on the...


The Kremlin has its watchful eyes set on the French elections

The Ukrainian crisis, from the Maidan protests and the annexation of Crimea to the violent conflict in Donbass, has led to an unprecedented deterioration of relations between Russia and the West. As early as 2014, the West...

Jakarta governor election results in a victory for prejudice over pluralism

The long, divisive campaign for governorship of Indonesias capital city Jakarta is finally over, with unofficial results showing a decisive victory for the challenger Anies Baswedan over the controversial incumbent...

How will the federal government protect nuclear safety in an anti-regulatory climate?

The Trump administration and congressional Republicans have undertaken a wide-ranging effort to shrink the federal governments regulatory footprint. Much attention has focused on high-profile targets, such as the...

Will Trump's global family planning cuts cause side effects?

President Donald Trump is leading an assault on family planning around the world. Most recently, his administration cut off U.S. contributions to the United Nations Population Fund, which provides and funds reproductive...

Ethiopia needs a multi-party democracy to end the crushing impact of corruption

A paradox has played out in Ethiopia over the last decade. While its economy has thrived, its political landscape has been overwhelmed by rampant corruption. In 2013, for example, more than 50 high profile people,...


Earth Day Protest Highlights Desperate Situation Of Science And Existing Hope

A few days ago, the world celebrated Earth Day. It was meant to be a time when humanity recognized the importance of Mother Nature, highlighting its plight in some form of solidarity. However, what ended up happening is...

Degrees of separation: companies shed degree requirements to promote merit over qualifications

At the end of 2016, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) revealed that close to two-thirds of all Australians had completed a degree or apprenticeship. The growth in the number of people attending a university or...

Death metal: how nickel played a role in the world's worst mass extinction

Around 250 million years ago, life on Earth nearly came to an end, in a mass extinction between the Permian and Triassic periods known as the Great Dying. Some 90% of the species in the oceans and 70% of vertebrate...

Proof: Saturn moon Enceladus is able to host life – it's time for a new mission

Ever since studies started suggesting that chemical reactions between water and rock on Saturns moon Enceladus could provide enough energy in the water to feed microbial life, scientists have been searching for proof that...

"Pathogen hunters": citizen scientists track plant diseases to save species

Plant diseases threaten food security and sustainability. They affect ecosystems and change natural environments. They cost money, too. An enormous amount is spent globally each year to control these diseases; the damage...


Mission Impossible Voice Duplicator Finally Exists, Machine Can Copy Anyone’s Voice

One of the most prominent sci-fi technologies on the movie franchise Mission Impossible is the voice duplicator and synthesizer that allowed Tom Cruises character Ethan Hunt to speak with another persons voice for one...

How Blockchain Could Rewrite The Internet And Humanity Itself

Since it was born from the mind of Satoshi Nakamoto, Blockchain has grown to become a significant force in the financial and information industries, effectively reorganizing some of the concepts that were thought to be set...

Call Of Duty: WWII Will Focus On More Mature Themes, Holocaust And Civilian Casualties

While Call of Duty games do deal with serious topics like war, death, and loss, most of the games present these subjects with a more distanced approach. COD: WWII is expected to be a different title out of others in the...

Apple’s Money Transfer Ambitions Reinitiated According To Reports

Once again, Apple could be thinking about launching its own money transfer system after several attempts in the past ended up going nowhere. This has been something of an itch for the iPhone maker, which it just cant seem...

Acer Unveils New Gaming Laptops, Shows It’s Serious About Going Big

In order to prove that its ready to enter the arena of PC gamings big boys, Acer recently held an event for the sole purpose of unveiling its own take on gaming laptops. To say that its flagship unit is unusual would be an...
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