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It's not clear where Trump's 'Space Force' fits within international agreement on peaceful use of space

By Melissa de Zwart

Overnight US President Donald Trump announced the establishment of a Space Force as a separate force of the US military. Trump has indicated the reasoning behind the Space Force stems from national security concerns...

Could playing Fortnite lead to video game addiction? The World Health Organisation says yes, but others disagree

By Joanne Orlando

Could your child be addicted to playing video games? Maybe. If youre a parent looking for tips on moderating your childs gaming habits, read on. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has, for the first time, recognised...

We're laughing in an echo chamber: it's time to rethink satire

By Katrina Spadaro

In 2017 the BBC asked a timely question: are we living in a golden age of satire? The evidence suggests we might be. From the revitalisation of Americas late night comedy scene to Australian shows such as Shaun Micallefs...

Why electronic surveillance monitoring may not reduce youth crime

By Darren Palmer

Last week, the Victorian government announced a new surveillance monitoring scheme directed at young criminal offenders aged 16 and older. Under the legislation to be introduced later this year, the Youth Parole Board...

Trump-Kim summit: North Korean leader emerges a clear winner as Donald Trump reverts to type

By Virginie Grzelczyk

Virginie Grzelczyk, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Aston University At first glance, it is easy to call the meeting between US president, Donald Trump, and his North Korean counterpart, Kim Jong-un,...

Why religions of the world condemn suicide

By Mathew Schmalz

The recent suicides of fashion designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef and writer Anthony Bourdain have reminded all of us that, even for the wealthy, life can become too painful to bear. The sad truth is that suicide...

Trump-Kim deal: why the two Koreas will probably never become one country again

By Niki J.P. Alsford

It seems ages since a lingering handshake began across the demarcation line that separates North and South Korea. Much has happened since and now, the once unthinkable has happened with a summit between North Koreas Kim...

G7 summit: Trump could be using advanced game theory negotiating techniques – or he's hopelessly adrift

By Charles Hankla

The latest G7 summit, held June 8 to 9 in Quebec, is one of the most contentious in years. Donald Trump and his counterparts from six other industrialized countries have been at loggerheads over the presidents...

'Backstop' option for Irish border after Brexit – the difference between EU and UK proposals explained

By Nikos Skoutaris

As Brexit negotiations near their end point, Theresa Mays government has been trying to find the balance between two seemingly irreconcilable goals. The UK aims to leave the single market and the customs union, without...

AI is acquiring a sense of smell that can detect illnesses in human breath

By Andrea Soltoggio

Artificial intelligence (AI) is best known for its ability to see (as in driverless cars) and listen (as in Alexa and other home assistants). From now on, it may also smell. My colleagues and I are developing an AI system...

Turkey's currency turmoil and upcoming election – what you need to know

By Gulcin Ozkan

The Turkish lira has dropped more than 15% this year against the US dollar and the government is doing all it can to stem the flow. Turkeys central bank just raised the countrys main interest rate by 1.25 percentage points...

Commonwealth Bank's $700 million fine will end up punishing its customers

By Sandeep Gopalan

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) this week agreed to pay a record penalty to settle its violations of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws. The A$700 million fine plus legal costs will become...

Revisiting metadata retention in light of the government’s push for new powers

By Rick Sarre

The Minister for Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity, Angus Taylor, foreshadowed this week that the Turnbull government will continue to pursue new law-enforcement powers that would allow authorities access to encrypted...

Most people don't benefit from vaccination, but we still need it to prevent infections

By Allen Cheng

A recent article in The Conversation questioned whether we should all get flu vaccinations, given 99 people would have to go through vaccination for one case of flu to be prevented. But this position ignores the purpose...

Is Australia's current drought caused by climate change? It's complicated

By Ben Henley Et Al

Much of southern Australia is experiencing severe drought after a very dry and warm autumn across the southern half of the continent. Australia is no stranger to drought, but this recent dry spell, and Prime Minister...

Doug Ford's challenge: Keeping the 'ordered' voter

By Peter Graefe

Elections are defined by swing voters being wooed by the parties: Soccer moms, hockey dads or even Joe the Plumber. The Conservative majority in the Ontario provincial election was about capturing the ordered...

Ford Nation rises again: What Doug Ford means for Ontario

By Brian Budd

Up until a few months ago, discussions of Doug Ford becoming premier of Ontario were relegated to amusing hypothetical conversations. However, the hypothetical what if has become reality. The man many view as a Canadian...

Government needs to slow down on changes to spying and foreign interference laws

By Tony Walker

Whats the rush? If you believe Commonwealth Attorney-General Christian Porter, unless two pieces of security legislation are in place in the remaining two weeks of parliament before the winter recess, the country will be...

A bird’s eye view of New Zealand's changing glaciers

By Brian Anderson Et Al

Every March, glacier watchers take to the skies to photograph snow and ice clinging to high peaks along the length of New Zealands Southern Alps. This flight needs to happen on cloud-free and windless days at the end of...

Turnbull government shrinks Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme register

By Michelle Grattan

Attorney-General Christian Porter has put forward compromise amendments to the governments proposed register of foreign agents that will limit its reach. The changes are designed to meet criticisms from charities,...

Multimedia resources help teachers share Indigenous knowledge in the classroom

By David Taylor

Picture a lake as smooth as polished granite parted by the keel of a narrow vessel with lines that gently curve from stem to stern. This shapely canoe, the icon of Canada, continues to be the most efficient means of...

Canadians deserve a real pipeline compromise

By Peter Dietsch

The Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion is turning into one of the most controversial and divisive issues in Canadian politics in years. On the one hand, proponents point to the economic benefits for Canada, and for...

Social Security’s future is safe

By Christian Weller

Social Security is the bedrock of Americans retirement income security. So you may have been concerned by the news that the federal government needed to dip into the Social Securitys trust fund to pay for the program this...

Bees join an elite group of species that understands the concept of zero as a number

By Scarlett Howard Et Al

When it comes to bees, it seems that nothing really does matter. As shown in a paper published today, our research demonstrates that the honeybee can understand the quantitative value of nothing, and place zero in the...

What might heaven be like?

By Philip Almond

What will Heaven be like? Perhaps not surprisingly, competing images abound. Until around the end of the 17th century, Heaven was primarily about the Beatific Vision. The perfect happiness of eternity in Heaven consisted...

Male dolphins use their individual 'names' to build a complex social network

By Stephanie King

In life it often pays to keep a close eye on competitors and rivals. Historian Doris Kearns Goodwins book, Team of Rivals, tells how US president Abraham Lincoln persuaded each of his political rivals to join his cabinet,...

Live sheep exporters get longer 'grace' period for sub-standard ships

By Michelle Grattan

The government has extended by a year the time it is giving exporters with old ships to continue with sub-standard conditions for sheep carried to the Middle East. Exporters were to be provided with a grace period for...

'Western civilisation'? History teaching has moved on, and so should those who champion it

By Rebecca Cairns

Rebecca Cairns, Lecturer in Education, Deakin UniversityThe Australian National University recently decided not to accept money from the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation to set up a Western civilisation degree. They...

What's driving the sky-high child marriage rates in South Sudan

By Katrina Lee-Koo Et Al

Last month, a Sudanese court sentenced a 19-year-old woman to death for killing her husband who had repeatedly raped her. The prosecution of Noura Hussein, forcibly married at the age of 16, has triggered global outrage...

Kate Spade, the archetypal New Yorker, sold whimsical, affordable luxury to women

By Louise Grimmer Et Al

Kate Spade, who was found dead on June 5 in New York, was a trailblazer who introduced the notion of affordable luxury for women. Starting out in the early 1990s she designed her first handbag, playfully named The Sam. The...

Paramedics need more support to deal with daily trauma

By Andrea Phelps

Among all emergency service workers, paramedics have the highest rate of PTSD, with an estimated prevalence of 14.6%. This compares to 7.3% among firefighters and 4.7% for police. While all emergency service personnel...

From Kilauea to Fuego: three things you should know about volcano risk

By Heather Handley

Recent photographs and video from the devastating eruption of Fuego volcano in Guatemala show people stood watching and filming hot, cloud-like flows of gas, ash and volcanic material (known as pyroclastic flows)...

Obese dogs could have similar 'personality' traits to overweight humans - new study

By Naomi Harvey

Were all told we need to eat healthier and exercise more to combat obesity, but did you know that theres also an obesity epidemic among pets, at least in the West? Between 39% and 59% of pet dogs in Europe, Australia and...

Video gamers may soon be paid more than top athletes like LeBron

By Laurel Walzak Et Al

Your interest in sports may have started out as a hobby when you were just a kid. You were better at it than others, and some even said you were gifted. Maybe you had a chance to develop into a professional...

How youth activism is kicking unpaid internships to the curb

By Nicole Cohen Et Al

Its job search season for students and fresh graduates, which means a bump in media interest in internships. Barely a decade ago, wed expect news articles to include tips for landing a dream internship or to quote an...

How a humanities degree will serve you in a disruptive economy

By Anna Moro

I dont know why we call them soft skills. Theyre certainly not easy to learn, although they are as valuable and necessary as the skills doctors use in surgery, bankers use to assess risk and physicists use to split...

Making a global agenda work locally for healthy, sustainable living in tropical Australia

By Silvia Tavares Et Al

Life in the tropics is often seen as living in paradise, a place where everything grows and flourishes. This picture-postcard environment is not the year-round reality. At certain times of year, intense heat, humidity and...

Fear not, shoppers: Amazon's Australian geoblock won't cramp your style

By Gary Mortimer

Online retail giant Amazons decision to block Australian shoppers from its US website has prompted an outpouring of anger from its customers. However, economic statistics indicate the actual value of online purchased...

Growing cities face challenges of keeping the masses moving up, down and across

By Donald McNeill Et Al

Cities worldwide face the problems and possibilities of volume: the stacking and moving of people and things within booming central business districts. We see this especially around mass public transport hubs. As cities...

Trolls, fanboys and lurkers: understanding online commenting culture shows us how to improve it

By Renee Barnes

Do you call that a haircut? I hope you didnt pay for it. Oh please this is rubbish, youre a disgrace to yourself and your profession. These are just two examples of comments that have followed articles I have...

Is Elon Musk a super‑hero?

By Isabelle Chaboud

On May 2, 2018, after the announcement of the results for the first quarter of 2018, Teslas stock fell by 6%, showing the limits of the super powers of Elon Musk. Is reality finally catching up? Elon Musk, human after...

Four things that should happen before Irish unity

By David Mitchell

Irish unity is on peoples minds and lips in a way it hasnt been for decades. The referendum on abortion reform in the Republic of Ireland on May 26 is the latest in a series of developments (Brexit, Stormonts collapse, the...

Why foreign investment is no easy fix for Africa's energy needs

By Philipp Trotter Et Al

Foreign investment in sub-Saharan Africas power sector has reached a record-high. Spurred on by the United Nations goal to ensure modern energy access for all by 2030, international donors have focused on increasing the...

US fertility is dropping. Here's why some experts saw it coming

By Caroline Sten Hartnett

The Centers for Disease Control reported this month that the number of births in the U.S. is down 2 percent the lowest number in 30 years. These reports were met with surprise and alarm. ScienceAlert, for example, led...

Will Amazon do to the grocery industry what it did to ecommerce?

By Richard Markoff Et Al

Amazon has been busy lately. After entering the grocery delivery market with Amazon Fresh and buying Whole Foods, it is now in the process of launching its own supermarket, Amazon Go. These moves have many wondering if...

Does cannabis cure cancer? We asked an expert

By David Robert Grimes

For thousands of years people have used cannabis for recreational, ritualistic and medicinal purposes. In the modern era, the latter property excites a lot of people, and there is no shortage of wild claims about the...

Why we perceive ourselves as richer than we think we are

By Alberto Cardaci

Everyday billions of people make countless decisions that have economic implications. Buying new clothes, having dinner at a Japanese restaurant, renting a house: most of our decisions determine how much money we spend or...

Wall Street regulations need a facelift, not a minor Dodd-Frank makeover

By Karen Kunz Et Al

Republicans finally managed to roll back some of the Wall Street regulations passed by Congress in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis after years of trying. While it wasnt a full repeal as some had hoped, its the...

The US overtakes Hong Kong to rank first among world's most competitive economies

By Arturo Bris

The US has leapfrogged Singapore and Hong Kong to top IMDs latest World Competitiveness Rankings. The top five most competitive economies in the world remain the same since 2016, but their order has changed. With the US at...

Six tips to make your airdrop a success

By Gabriele Giancola

Airdrops are becoming increasingly frequent and are a common trend in the crypto space. With thousands of tokens currently in existence and a constant stream of more in development, the number of scam airdrops is also on...

Bank of International Settlements Release Doomsday Report On Cryptocurrency

Many financial analysts, experts, economists, and institutions are investing in cryptocurrency. However, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) just released a report indicating its reservations on the matter. This...

U.S. existing home sales likely to have increased slightly in May

21:13 PM| Commentary

U.S. existing home sales are likely to have increased slightly in May. In April, existing home sales fell 2.5 percent to 5.46 million unit annual rate, after rising in the prior two months. The softness was in...

U.S. University of Michigan’s preliminary consumer sentiment index rises in June

20:22 PM| Commentary

The preliminary estimate of the University of Michigan index of consumer confidence rose in the month of June to 99.3 from Mays 98. Barclays expectation was of a modest fall to 97.5. The rise was mainly because of a...

Canadian existing home sales come in flat in May, activity likely to find support and recover in H2 2018

19:26 PM| Commentary

Canadas existing home sales came in flat in the month of May. Sales dropped 0.1 percent, marking the best performance so far in 2018 after activity fell sharply by 21 percent through April. About half of all local housing...

U.S. industrial production drops in May on sharp decline in manufacturing production

18:47 PM| Commentary

U.S. industrial production came in below expectations in May, mainly due to a sharp decline in manufacturing production. In all, the industrial production dropped 0.1 percent sequentially and manufacturing IP fell 0.7...

Finnish economy expands above expectations in Q1, growth likely to reach 3 pct in 2018

13:19 PM| Commentary

Finlands economic growth is on the way to meet the 3 percent growth forecast for this year; however, quarter growth rates are likely to decelerate in the near future, noted Nordea Bank in a research report. Finnish...

JGBs remain narrowly mixed after BoJ keeps interest rate steady, 10-year yield target at around zero pct

05:19 AM| Commentary Economy

Japanese government bonds remained narrowly mixed on the last trading day of the week after the Bank of Japan (BoJ) held its benchmark interest rate steady at its momentary policy meeting concluded early today, with the...

Australian 10-year bond yield falls to 2-week low as trade concerns curb risk appetite

03:58 AM| Commentary Economy

Australian government bonds gained on last trading day of the weekFridayafter the Federal Reserve hints at faster rate hikes, while concerns about a US-China trade war also hurt sentiment. The yield on Australias...

BoJ likely to maintain current degree of monetary policy accommodation for foreseeable future

21:05 PM| Commentary

The Bank of Japan is set to meet tomorrow for its interest rate decision. According to a Wells Fargo research report, the central bank meeting is expected to be a quieter meeting as compared with the Fed and ECB meeting....

ECB announces to reduce monthly net asset purchases to EUR 15 billion after September

19:47 PM| Commentary Central Banks

The European Central Bank surprised the market today. Firstly, the central bank stated that monthly net asset purchases would be lowered from EUR 30 billion to EUR 15 billion after September and then stopped at the end of...

U.K. retail sales rises strongly in May, GDP growth likely to accelerate in Q2

15:51 PM| Commentary

U.K. retail sales rose again in May after rising strongly in the prior month. This eased concerns regarding the health of the U.K. consumer. On a sequential basis, retail sales rose 1.3 percent, as compared with consensus...

Top Stories

Digital Currency Revolution

SEC paves the way for CBOE’s Ethereum Futures

18:55 PM| Research & Analysis Digital Currency Insights & Views

Ever since the futures market were announced for Bitcoins, a lot of Bitcoin users were extremely excited and a few sets were hyperactive. Divulging institutional investors to Bitcoins price swings sounds very powerful....

Blockchain Revolution Series

Ripple backs blockchain innovation and research at McCombs with $2M donation

09:16 AM| Digital Currency

Blockchain startup Ripple is going to donate $2 million to the McCombs School of Business over the next five years, according to The Daily Texan. The donation is aimed at funding blockchain research by the schools...

Digital Currency Revolution

Spotlight: The perception of Bitcoin merits as shortcomings

08:52 AM| Digital Currency Research & Analysis Insights & Views

Despite the exponential capital appreciation in BTCUSD in 2017, the same has the awful flinch to begin with 2018 which is concerning matter for few class of investors and is prominent appeal for other class, like, the...

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Is Expected to Be Launched in Early August

08:53 AM| Technology

For the past couple of years, Samsung has had a pretty consistent pattern in the announcement and retail release of its flagship devices belonging to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. Now that the Galaxy S9 has been...

Walmart Wins Patent for Blockchain-Assisted Design for Managing Power Consumption of Appliances

07:08 AM| Technology

The growing concern over the energy consumption of blockchain tech is one of the things about it that are being criticized. However, it seems that blockchain itself is trying to alleviate the problem by creating designs...

Former White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon Plans to Enter Crypto Market

03:56 AM| Technology

Control of currency is control of everything. This is what former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon said during a recent interview with the New York Times, as reported by Cointelegraph. During the interview,...

Thai SEC Approves 5 of 50 ICO Applicants; Authorized Entities Now Allowed to Raise Funds

02:42 AM| Technology

A new law in Thailand saw the fast-tracking of government regulations on cryptocurrency and the fund-raising capabilities of initial coin offerings (ICOs). Now, the countrys Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)...

Users Are Relying Less on Facebook for News in Favor of WhatsApp, Study Finds

02:52 AM| Technology

Just a year ago, nearly 70 percent of American adults were getting their news from Facebook, according to the Pew Research Center. Now, a new survey finds that this number has dropped, with the changes being most prominent...

Internal Meeting Details Reveal Mozilla’s Plans to Create Voice-Controlled Browser

00:25 AM| Technology

Mozilla Firefox is currently one of the most popular web browsers around. Although it cant compare to Google Chrome, it has a sizeable following of its own. However, its no secret that Mozilla wants to expand its influence...

Initial Coin Offering Series

ICOs to relax with a sigh of relief on both US SEC and Thailand SEC

14:06 PM| Research & Analysis Digital Currency Insights & Views Commentary Fintech

Investing In America: At the Town Hall Meeting held in Atlanta, the SEC Chairman has reiterated in his speech where he pointed out that ICOs should be considered as securities, that need regulation. The town hall was...

Econotimes Series


UK gilts narrowly mixed ahead of BoE’s monetary policy decision, Governor Carney’s speech

The UK gilts remained narrowly mixed during European session Wednesday ahead of Bank of Englands (BoE) monetary policy meeting, scheduled to be held on June 21 and Governor Mark Carneys speech, following the decision, for...

Euro area’s lower growth indicators, Italy’s political uncertainty dampen prospects of higher Nordic exports: Danske Bank

Lower growth indicators in the euro area dampen the prospects for the most important markets for Nordic exports, and the political uncertainty in Italy also risks undermining European growth, according to the latest...

Upward pressure on USD/CNY likely to affect remaining Asian exchange rates, says Commerzbank

An upward pressure on the USD/CNY exchange rate is expected to affect the remaining Asian exchange rates, according to the latest research report from Commerzbank. The Chinese stock market fell sharply yesterday in...

Bank Negara Malaysia likely to maintain OPR at 3.25 pct for rest of this year, says ANZ Research

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) is expected to maintain the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) at 3.25 percent for the rest of this year and the appointment of a new Governor is unlikely to change the central banks reaction function,...

Global Geopolitical Series: U.S. imposes AD on imports of low melt polyester fiber from South Korea and Taiwan

Yesterday, U.S. Commerce Department slapped anti-dumping duty (AD) on imports low melt polyester staple fiber from South Korea and Taiwan as it announced final results of an AD investigation that was initiated by the...


Venezuelans are boycotting their presidential election

Venezuelas May 20 presidential election may be an election in name only. Nicolás Maduro is widely expected to be reelected as Venezuelas president despite his 20 percent approval rating and profound mismanagement...

Ramaphosa's new dawn: much better, but not nearly enough

Cyril Ramaphosas rise to power has been greeted enthusiastically by most South Africans. Their hope is that the new president represents a leadership cohort within the governing African National Congress (ANC) thats...

Profile: Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's hardline defence minister

One of the most divisive figures in Israeli politics, Avigdor Lieberman, has been his countrys defence minister since May 2016. Despite his publicly acrimonious relationship with the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu,...

The first terrorist act in Indonesian prison: the triggers and how to prevent them

Indonesia witnessed another terrorist act last week. But, this time, it occurred in a maximum-security detention centre located at the polices Mobile Brigade headquarters in Depok, West Java. More than 150 terrorist...

South Africa's print media is failing to empower citizens on corruption

The mainstream media can play an important role in fighting corruption. Investigative journalists in South Africa, for instance, helped to expose how the politically connected Gupta family captured elements of the...


Bacteria Could Be the Key To Breathing on Mars, Study Says

The atmosphere on Mars is so thin that humans wont be able to breathe on the red planet unless they are wearing space suits. With plans to colonize it, wearing the bulky apparel would pose a considerable level of...

Magnets Could Be the Key to Better Wine, Study Finds

Humans have been making wine since pre-historic times, with the discovery of alcoholic beverages made from honey dating thousands of year back. Throughout the millennia, new methods for wine-making have cropped up. This...

Antipsychotic Drugs Increases Risks Of Obesity and Diabetes In Children, Study Says

Update: The article previously mentioned that antipsychotic drugs were used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The study does not mention this fact and we apologize for the inaccurate statement....

Scientists Just Found A Black Hole That Is Eating Everything In Its Path

Black holes are some of the most terrifying subjects in the realm of science. Not only do they offer a glimpse into the raw power that is present in the universe, they also invoke undefinable terror in those who imagine...

Salt Could Prevent Hearing Loss After An Explosion

In movies, whenever a bomb goes off or an explosion occurs, there is that iconic moment where sounds are muffled and there is a high-pitched ring that pervades the whole scene. While films can go over-the-top with regards...


Employees Ask Microsoft CEO to Cut Ties with ICE Following Family Separations at U.S. Borders

Just like many people in and outside of the United States, employees of tech giant Microsoft have expressed their disappointment over the issue of family separation at the U.S. borders and called on CEO Satya Nadella to...

Keepsafe Launches Its Own Browser for 'Discreet' Surfing

Software company Keepsafe further expands its online security-focused services by introducing its very own mobile browser app. In the past several years, major online companies such as Google and Mozilla have introduced...

Developers Part Ways with Analytics Software Red Shell Following Claims That It's Spyware

Recently, a lot of video game fans have raised concern that the analytics software Red Shell is a type of spyware. So, several video game developers responded by dropping their partnership with the company. First, what...

Leading South Korean Crypto Exchange Bithumb Hacked; $31.5M Stolen

Bithumb, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, has been hit by hackers, Cointelegraph reported. The attackers made off with 35 billion won ($31.5 million), which resulted in the exchange ceasing its deposit,...

Facebook Develops AI Program That Fixes Photos with Blinking Subjects

The use of artificial intelligence extends to fixing photos where subjects, by accident, have their eyes closed, and a Facebook research aims to introduce a program that can produce realistic results. Facebook engineers...
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