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Women aren't failing at science — science is failing women

By Lorena Rivera León

Female research scientists are more productive than their male colleagues, though they are widely perceived as being less so. Women are also rewarded less for their scientific achievements. Thats according to my teams...

Fact or fiction - is sugar addictive?

By Amy Reichelt

Some of us can definitely say we have a sweet tooth. Whether its cakes, chocolates, cookies, lollies or soft drinks, our world is filled with intensely pleasurable sweet treats. Sometimes eating these foods is just too...

Yes, we can do on-the-spot drug testing quickly and safely

By David Caldicott

The Victorian Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashtons recent claim that its not practical to conduct on-the-spot drug tests safely and quickly is, at best, misinformed. These tests have been taking place successfully in...

Business students willing to sacrifice future salary for good corporate social responsibility: study

By Mehrdokht Pournader Et Al

More than 90% of business students in a study on corporate social responsibility said they would be willing to sacrifice some percentage of their future salary to work for a responsible employer. A surprising number of 14%...

How 'evolving' technology leads to fewer choices and creates mountains of waste

By Sharad Sinha

Let me ask you a question. Are you periodically forced to buy a new laptop because the technology hardware or software in your current laptop is no longer supported even though its fully functional? The Microsoft...

How predictable are the Oscars? More than you might think

By Stephen Woodcock

This week, most of the major figures in film-making will gather in Hollywood for the 89th annual Oscars ceremony. You can bank on seeing a few painfully inane red carpet interviews, several fawning acceptance speeches and...

A horrific accusation against police reignites anger in Paris suburbs

By Fraser McQueen

Protests have broken out in Pariss economically-deprived outskirts (the banlieues) in recent weeks, some of which have degenerated into riots. The unrest was sparked by a shocking case of alleged police brutality in...

Time crystals: how scientists created a new state of matter

By Rodrigo Ledesma Aguilar

Some of the most profound predictions in theoretical physics, such as Einsteins gravitational waves or Higgs boson, have taken decades to prove with experiments. But every now and then, a prediction can become established...

Nurses should not participate in executions by lethal injection

By Roger Watson

In some US states, prisoners condemned to die are killed using lethal injections. This takes place in two steps which make the prisoner unconscious and then stop breathing. Nurses are often present, but do they really need...

Government losing the argument on energy, according to poll

By Michelle Grattan

A series of questions by Essential on energy policy has found the Turnbull government is so far failing to persuade people of either its performance or its arguments on energy security. More than seven in ten (71%) said...

Private military companies don't stand much of a chance against Islamic State

By Ulrich Petersohn

Western governments find themselves in a dilemma in their fight against the so-called Islamic State (IS). The organisation has proved remarkably resilient to military force, which so far has depended heavily on air...

How can we get to the bottom of Hollywood’s diversity problem?

By Julie Lobalzo Wright

The struggles of black individuals in the United States have all shared the attempt to be understood as full complicated human beings, says Jelani Cobb, professor of African-American Studies in Ava DuVernays excellent...

India's demonetisation drive has boosted banks and start-ups, but it's still a failure

By Nafis Alam

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the withdrawal of ₹500 (US$7.40) and ₹1,000 (US$15) banknotes from circulation in November 2016, the government said its demonetisation drive would curb Indias shadow...

There are some difficult questions to ask Netanyahu, but boycotting his visit won't answer them

By Dennis Altman

Tomorrow, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will begin an official visit to Australia. He will spend four days here, a considerable period for an Israeli leader to be away from home. His will be a high-profile...

APRA fiddles on bank risk while Rome burns

By Andrew Schmulow

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) chairman Wayne Byers has made it clear the bank regulator will be cracking down on bank capital levels this year. Bank capital reserves are a loss-absorber, designed to...

In latest skirmish of western land wars, Congress supports mining and ranching

By Adam M. Sowards

Republicans in Congress are enthusiastically using the Congressional Review Act to overturn regulations finalized during the last weeks of the Obama administration. One measure on their list is the Bureau of Land...

How social media stars are fighting for the Left

By Stuart Cunningham Et Al

In the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. elections, numerous accounts surfaced of nefarious content creators profiting by posting fake content on social media. The most successful engaged in anti-Clinton fervor, promoted Donald...

Where is 'rural America,' and what does it look like?

By Kenneth Johnson

Rural people and issues generally receive little attention from the urban-centric media and policy elites. Yet, rural America makes unique contributions to the nations character and culture as well as provides most of its...

Is your smartphone making you shy?

By Joe Moran

During the three years Ive spent researching and writing about shyness, one of the most common questions people ask is about the relationship between shyness and technology. Are the internet and the cellphone causing...

Which supplements work? New labels may help separate the wheat from the chaff

By Ken Harvey

New proposals from Australias drug regulator should give you a better idea if your complementary medicines do what they say on the packet. One change proposed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is a stamp of...

Algorithms could save your life when the next pandemic arrives

By Stefan Elbe

The world has experienced its fair share of deadly infectious disease outbreaks in the 21st century, but there will be more. And when they come, algorithms could help to save our lives. Infectious disease outbreaks ...

Oroville dam danger shows how Trump could win big on infrastructure

By Jonathan Bridge

Disaster was narrowly averted after Americas tallest dam threatened to release a deluge of water over thousands of homes on February 12. Dramatic scenes of water cascading from the Oroville dam emerged after a hole the...

How Afghans became second-class asylum seekers

By Admir Skodo

When it comes to being a refugee, your nationality really matters. Syrian asylum seekers are routinely prioritised over Afghan ones in what has become a deadly and dangerous hierarchy for Afghans seeking sanctuary in the...

Australia's march towards corporatocracy

By Michael West

Confounding the familiar government narrative of reckless spending binges by Labor, the Coalition actually has the record of greater profligacy when it comes to showering billions of dollars of taxpayers money on external...

Job insecurity cuts to the core of identity and social stability – and can push people towards extremism

By Chris Stride Et Al

Will I lose my job in the near future? For most people this is an unpleasant scenario to ponder, and for many it is a real and pressing concern. Since the financial crisis, more than half of all jobs created in the...

Explainer: trickle-down economics

By Gigi Foster

To anyone who lived through the years of Ronald Reagans US presidency, the term trickle-down economics should already be familiar. While Reagan wasnt the first politician to say trickle down with a straight face, the...

Diminishing city: hope, despair and Whyalla

By Peter Stanley

This piece is republished with permission from State of Hope, the 55th edition of Griffith Review. Articles are a little longer than most published on The Conversation, presenting an in-depth analysis of the economic,...

How much does the Johnson Amendment curtail church freedom?

By Elizabeth Schmidt

On National Prayer Breakfast day in early February, President Donald Trump repeated a pledge he had made several times on the campaign trail that echoed the 2016 Republican Party Platform: I will get rid of, and...

Imaging study confirms differences in ADHD brains

By Alison Poulton

The prestigious journal The Lancet has published a large study identifying differences in the brains of people diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It found ADHD is associated with the delayed...

Europe's far-right parties got a boost from Trump, but will they govern?

By Richard Maher

Since taking office, US President Donald Trump has provoked, exasperated, and unsettled world leaders from Mexico to Australia and the European Union headquarters in Brussels. But there is one constituency that...

Why small business tax cuts aren't likely to boost 'jobs and growth'

By Saul Eslake

The Turnbull governments signature economic policy at last years election was a 5% cut in the company tax rate, over a ten-year period, at a cost to revenue estimated to be in excess of A$48 billion. As the government...

The Death of President Trump

By John Keane

We live in darkening times, so its time for some dark humour. Inspired by the antics of a Big Man with a Big Mouth, think just for a moment about the important subject of how democracies treat their elected leaders....

Organoids - the future of medical research

By Louise Thompson

Most of the research behind new medical advances is carried out using either animal tissues or cancer cells. Both tools have their problems: results from animals and humans do not always match up and cancer cells grown for...

Sharp rise in UK mortality rate may be due to austerity measures

By Mark Green

By the end of 2015 it had emerged that the UK had experienced the largest annual spike in mortality rates for nearly 50 years. The magnitude of the increase in mortality rates was shocking we estimated that during the...

Cyprus talks keep failing – maybe it's time to try something a little different

By Rebecca Bryant

Negotiations on settling the international dispute over Cyprus have hit a wall yet again. For months, the latest round of reunification talks have been touted as a real chance to finally seal a deal, even though people...

Five of the most explosive non-nuclear chemicals ever made

By Laura Finney

A chemistry department at a British university was recently evacuated after a student made the known explosive, TATP. The chemical, tri-cyclic acetone peroxide, or TATP, was made by accident as the product of a...

There's a test that shows doctors if antibiotics will work or not – so why isn't it being used?

By Peter Lambert

It is estimated that antibiotics add an average of 20 years to all of our lives. However, their overuse, misuse and inappropriate use has encouraged microbes to evolve resistance, resulting in the emergence of untreatable...

Game therapy: serious video games can help children with cerebral palsy

By David Hobbs

Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common childhood physical disability, affecting more than 34,000 Australians, and more than 17 million people worldwide. The condition results when there is an injury to the developing...

The Great Wall fails to bring down the barriers in a lacklustre Chinese-US epic

By Joyleen Christensen

Matt Damon was right to insist that commentators wait to see the finished film before making judgements about his role as a white saviour of China in the new Chinese-US coproduction, The Great Wall. That being said, the...

Trump's moves on the Dakota Access Pipeline portend more clashes with states

By Keith Hirokawa Et Al

During the Obama administration, the Army Corps of Engineers (COE) slowed the regulatory review process of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) to accommodate the cultural and environmental concerns of the Standing Rock Sioux...

Could your Fitbit data be used to deny you health insurance?

By Andrew Boyd

Wearing a fitness tracking device could earn you cash from your health insurance company. At first, this sounds lucrative for the people who participate, and good for the companies, who want healthier insurance customers....

Russia, Trump and the 2016 election: What's the best way for Congress to investigate?

By Jordan Tama

Exactly how will the U.S. conduct a fair and accurate investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and links with President Donald Trumps campaign? U.S. congressional leaders are discussing options. Senate...

Words, Tweets and Stones in the "Political Correctness" Wars

By Matthew Sharpe

Last year, a friend alerted me to an opinion article which included the unusual story of Tim Hunt, a Nobel-Prize winning chemist. At a conference in Korea, Hunt ventured regrettably outside of his expertise. He...

Five lessons Trump could learn from Lincoln

By Donald Nieman

How will Donald Trump observe Presidents Day? Will he have the inclination or take the time to read about or reflect on the qualities of our greatest leaders? Given how busy Trump is issuing executive orders,...

Australia's electricity market is not agile and innovative enough to keep up

By Hugh Saddler

On the early evening of Wednesday, February 8, electricity supply to some 90,000 households and businesses in South Australia was cut off for up to an hour. Two days later, all electricity consumers in New South Wales were...

Vital Signs: business confidence spikes but uncertainty reigns

By Richard Holden

Vital Signs is a weekly economic wrap from UNSW economics professor and Harvard PhD Richard Holden (@profholden). Vital Signs aims to contextualise weekly economic events and cut through the noise of the data affecting...

Organic molecules found on giant asteroid Ceres – why that's a such a huge deal

By Monica Grady

Sometimes, I think scientists are just that little bit too modest. A new paper in Science has a humdinger of a title: Localized aliphatic organic material on the surface of Ceres. It doesnt exactly trip off the tongue and...

The design tricks that made the Nokia 3310 world-beating

By Becky Mallaband

The Nokia 3310 mobile phone has near iconic status. Released in 2000, it is among the best-selling phones of all time, with 126m units produced. It was renowned for being virtually indestructible and for launching many of...

Living through the Greek crisis: an anthropologist reports from Thessaly

By Daniel M. Knight

The prospect of another Greek crisis could be back on the cards if things do not go to plan at an upcoming meeting of European finance ministers on February 20. With a 10.3 billion loan repayment due in July, the meeting...

Population versus targeted – which approach is best for preventing heart disease?

By Ellie Paige

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer worldwide and the second biggest killer in the UK. However, most cases of heart disease can be prevented by managing risk factors. The risk of getting heart disease in...

Peugeot prepares to bulk up for a battle over GM Europe takeover plan

Why is one of the worlds resurgent car companies trying to buy a troubled, loss-making division from one of its rivals? PSA Group, the maker of Peugeot, Citroen and DS brands, is in advanced talks to buy General Motors...

Eurozone manufacturing PMI strongest since April 2011, GDP growth of 0.6 pct likely in Q1

16:14 PM| Commentary

The pace of economic growth in the eurozone improved markedly to hit a near six-year high in February. Markit Eurozone manufacturing PMI printed at 56.0 in February, according to the preliminary flash estimate. Flash...

Greece agrees new structural reforms in exchange for bailout payments

15:47 PM| Commentary Economy

Eurozone finance ministers and the Greek government reached an agreement on Monday to begin negotiations over the much-needed overhauls in exchange for bailout payments. It is a positive sign ahead of a meeting this week...

France final inflation in Jan below initial estimates, but at highest level since Nov 2012

15:13 PM| Commentary

France final inflation for the month of January was released earlier on Tuesday by the statistical office Insee. Data showed that Frances inflation accelerated less than initially estimated in January. Nonetheless,...

Swiss trade surplus rises notably in January on strong retreat in imports

15:03 PM| Commentary

Switzerlands trade surplus increased notably in January, data from the Federal Customs Administration showed on Tuesday. Swiss trade surplus rose to CHF 4.7 billion in January from CHF 2.7 billion in the previous month....

RBA expects Australia GDP to rebound after weak Q3 reading

14:47 PM| Commentary Central Banks

The Reserve Bank of Australia released minutes of the board meeting held on February 7 where policymakers voted to leave the cash rate unchanged at 1.50 percent. RBA continued with its broadly upbeat commentary in the...

Chart of the Day Series

Chart of the Day: Inflation March

12:41 PM| Commentary Economy

This chart shows what exactly has been keeping central bankers on the edge; the forward March of inflation, which seems to be accelerating, and more interestingly it is a global phenomenon this time around. Blame pound...

US under Trump Series

US under Trump Series: Trump, Sweden and Media

11:53 AM| Commentary

After Donald Trump cited the example of Sweden and several other European places such as Nice France, where more than 80 people were killed last year in an incident by Islamic extremist, during his rally in Florida in...

U.S. Treasuries dive as market awaits FOMC members’ speeches

10:58 AM| Commentary

The U.S. Treasuries dived Tuesday as investors remain cautious ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) members Neel Kashkari and Patrick T. Harkers speech, scheduled to be held later in the day. The yield on...

German bunds fall modestly following higher-than-expected manufacturing PMI; Eurozone January CPI in focus

08:48 AM| Commentary

The German government bunds declined modestly Tuesday, following higher-than-expected manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) during the month of February. Also, investors are looking forward to the release of...

Fundamental Evaluation Series

Fundamental Evaluation Series: Long-term yield spread vs. EUR/GBP

08:35 AM| Commentary

This chart shows the performance of EUR/GBP exchange rate in contrast to the performance of long-term yield divergence between 10-year German bund and 10-year UK gilt. During our evaluation period beginning August 2015, we...

Central Banking Series

Bank Indonesia likely to hike 25 bps in 3Q17 on hopes of upbeat GDP growth, says DBS

07:03 AM| Commentary Economy Central Banks

Bank Indonesia (BI) is expected to hike its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points to 5.00 percent by the third quarter of this year, following hopes of a strong growth in the countrys gross domestic product (GDP)....

Australian bonds plunge as RBA members maintain modest optimism on economic growth, inflation

04:58 AM| Commentary

The Australian government bonds plunged Tuesday after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) members remained optimistic over the economic growth of the country. Also, investors will now look forward to read the comments made...

Greece will probably need less emergency loans than originally agreed in third bailout program - ESM head

15:17 PM| Commentary Economy

Eurozone finance ministers are scheduled to meet in Brussels today to assess Greeces progress in fulfilling the conditions of its bailout. Athens and its European Union and International Monetary Fund creditors are in...

Germany's producer price inflation rises at fastest pace in nearly 5-years in Jan

14:59 PM| Commentary

Germanys producer prices for industrial products was released earlier on Monday by Destatis - Germanys Statistics Office. Data from Destatis showed that Germanys producer prices climbed at the fastest pace in nearly five...

Rise in U.S. drilling and record stockpiles offset OPEC cuts, oil prices rangebound

14:45 PM| Commentary

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and other producers, including Russia, agreed last year to cut output by almost 1.8 million barrels per day (bpd) during the first half of 2017. The deal took...

Central Banking Series

PBoC likely to proceed cautiously in raising interbank rates

11:50 AM| Central Banks Commentary

The Peoples Bank of Chinas (PBoC) easing cycle since late 2014 has been accompanied by a buildup in borrowing. By end-2016, the nations debt to GDP ratio swelled to 270 percent from 150 percent in 2008. On 24 Jan, the PBoC...

Top Stories

Blockchain Revolution Series

Necessary to prepare for challenges and opportunities presented by blockchain technology – EU Parliament report

05:56 AM| Digital Currency

The European Parliamentary Research service has released a report on an in-depth analysis of how blockchain technology could change our lives. Although blockchains are not the solution for every problem and even if they...

Yahoo Bought At Damaged Goods Price, $350M Loss

04:23 AM| Technology

Last year, Verizon was supposed to buy Yahoo for $4.83 billion. When news broke out regarding several security breaches at the tech company, negotiations became rocky. Now, the buying price is down $350 million, which is...

Whatsapp launches Snapchat “Status”, Instagram Stories-Like Feature, Claims "Unique" And Improved 2009 Version

00:14 AM| Technology

A new rollout by Whatsapp looks like encrypted versions of Snapchat and Instagram features. Techcrunch reports that the WhatsApp Status tab now allows its users to share jazzed-up photos, videos and GIFs on the platform,...

SoftBank Gets Shares Boost After Ceding To T-Mobile Regarding Control Of Sprint

00:18 AM| Technology

Reuters recently broke the news that Japanese financial firm SoftBank might be ceding control of mobile carrier Sprint over to T-Mobile just to get the merger over with. In the hours that followed, SoftBanks shares got a...

Global Geopolitics Series

Bioterrorism To Kill 30M In The Near Future, Warns Bill Gates

07:01 AM| Science

He might be most well-known for founding the international tech behemoth Microsoft and for having the title of richest man in the world several times, but Bill Gates is also an active player in the health industry. Most of...

Google And Bing To Favor Legitimate Music And Movie Sites Over Pirated Ones In UK Accord

06:59 AM| Technology

Piracy in music and music has always been a problem for those in the industry, with many companies pushing world governments and private entities to implement harsher measures against those participating in the practice....

Digital Currency Revolution

Digital currencies could circulate widely but only with appropriate government regulation: Bank of Canada

06:39 AM| Digital Currency

The Bank of Canada has released a new paper that draws several lessons for digital currencies based on the evidence from Canada and the United States with bank notes and government issued notes. Titled Canadian Bank...

Snapchat Stories Comes To WhatsApp, The Copying Comes Full Circle

06:59 AM| Technology

For a while now, Facebook has been trying to steal Snapchats thunder by basically copying what it thinks makes the popular teen app such a hit. As a result, it has been copying Snapchat Stories for Instagram with...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Exclusive: Bank of Korea, R3 consortium to carry out blockchain project Translated

03:55 AM| Fintech Digital Currency

The Bank of Korea said it willcarry out the Proof-of-Concept project with R3 consortium by using blockchain technology. Kim Jung-hyuk, head of the e-finance planning team at the Bank of Koreas Financial Supervisory...

How governments and companies can prevent the next insider attack

By Scott D. Sagan Et Al - 04:59 AM| Insights & Views Technology

Now that they are in office, President Donald Trump and his team must protect the nation from many threats including from insiders. Insider threats could take many forms, such as the next Edward Snowden, who leaked...

PewDiePie, new media stars and the court of public opinion

By Marcus Maloney Et Al - 05:08 AM| Insights & Views Technology

PewDiePie is the username of the worlds most famous YouTube video blogger, 27-year-old Swede, Felix Kjellberg. PewDiePies vlogs, centred on his comedic video game commentaries, attract more than 53 million (mostly young)...

GM And Lyft To Deploy Largest Fleet Of Driverless Vehicles In The Market

08:09 AM| Technology

It would seem that the partnership between cab hailing service provider Lyft and auto giant GM will finally bear fruit. Although there has yet to be any confirmation from either company, there are now reports that the two...

Bill Gates Supports Robot Taxation When Used To Replace Jobs

08:08 AM| Technology Law

Scientists have declared automation as being the biggest threat to jobs in the future. With research into smarter artificial intelligence and more efficient machines progressing smoothly, its expected that millions will...

Digital Currency Revolution

Bitcoin IRA offers free bitcoins in New York City to educate public on digital currency

05:28 AM| Digital Currency

Bitcoin IRA (Individual Retirement Account) that enhances individuals returns by helping them invest in bitcoin, has distributed free bitcoins in New York City on 17th February2017, in a move to educate the public on the...

Econotimes Series


Billionaires Clash Opinions Over Universal Basic Income, ‘One Of The Worst Possible Responses’

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is one of the best responses that many in the world see to the rising rate of poverty and the inevitable dominance of automation. As expected, opinions conflict on the matter, with some...

Euro zone inflation confirmed at 1.8 pct y/y in Jan, driven by energy prices

The European Unions statistics agency on Wednesday confirmed Euro zone January inflation at its earlier estimates. Eurostat said that Euro zone inflation rose to an annual rate of 1.8 percent in January. Data was up from...

FxWirePro: Can South African budget intensify fiscal stimulus amid bearish ZAR appears? Uphold call spreads to tactically hedge upside risks of USD/ZAR

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan will present the new budget to parliament today. That means the conflict between Gordhan and President Jacob Zuma will enter the next round. So as to convince the rating agencies and ensure...

Malaysia's Bank Negara likely to hold benchmark policy rate at 3.00 pct despite spike in inflation

The Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) in its first monetary policy meeting of 2017 on 16th January held its benchmark overnight policy rate at 3.00 percent and said that the decision was supported by stronger household demand,...

FxWirePro: Stimulants and Anomalies engulf around TRY – “Diagonal Credit Calls Spreads” to address both momentary slumps and price surges

The Turkish lira has staged a notable recovery in the past month. In our view, this has been driven largely by a turnaround in the risk appetite for EM assets as markets shrugged off Trumpflation worries. The central bank...


Dems Want To Probe Trump Over Lax Security Practices

Just to add to Donald Trumps increasingly full plate of political troubles, House Democrats are now pushing for an investigation into the new presidents tendency to practice weak security measures. The representatives are...

US under Trump Series: Learn honesty from Berkshire Hathaway’s Charlie Munger

Data from Edelman Trust Barometer of 2017 shows that the public trusts in the news media in the United States have declined to the lowest level ever. Only 32 percent of the American Public trusts the news media, which is...

Universal Credit: from benefits panacea to government blunder

Only a fraction of the households in the UK originally intended to be receiving a new one-stop benefit payment in 2017 are currently doing so. As of January 12 2017, 960,000 claims have been made for Universal Credit and...

Inside the British Asian Brexit vote – and why it contains a few surprises

Months on from the EU referendum, our understanding of the Leave vote is still patchy in certain areas. Weve learnt that older people and the less affluent were more likely to choose Brexit, but we know less about how the...

What a philosopher and the Thirty Years War tell us about Donald Trump

Michel Foucault, who died more than 30 years ago, has something to tell us about Donald Trump. The French philosopher once delivered a famous lecture which sought to explain why the people of Europe had done away with the...


Scientists Created Foldable Shields That Can Stop Bullets, Light And Portable Protection

Law enforcement officials are facing constant danger as part of their duties, which is why they need all the protection that they can get. Body armor, helmets, and padding are all provided to police officers, FBI agents,...

We need to think about redefining citizenship in the Anthropocene

The hottest year on record was 2016. It was also the year scientists advised that Earths citizens were now living in the Anthropocene, the name proposed for an epoch in which humans influence geology and environment on a...

If atoms are mostly empty space, why do objects look and feel solid?

Chemist John Dalton proposed the theory that all matter and objects are made up of particles called atoms, and this is still accepted by the scientific community, almost two centuries later. Each of these atoms is each...

Human genome editing report strikes the right balance between risks and benefits

If you recognise the words CRISPR-mediated gene editing, then youll know that our ability to alter DNA has recently become much more efficient, faster and cheaper. This has inevitably led to serious discussions about...

Perceptions of genetically modified food are informed by more than just science

When people dont seem to use science to make decisions, it is tempting to assume that its because they dont understand the underlying science. In response, scientists and science communicators often just try harder to...


Artificial Intelligence Cuts Tumor Diagnosis Time By 90% With Near-Perfect Accuracy

Diagnosis is one of the most important parts of medicine since doctors can hardly do anything to cure a patient if they dont know what the illness is. When it comes to tumors, the process is lengthy and complicated,...

Save 92% On Electricity Bill With Tesla Powerwall, From $572 To $45

Even for those who are practically swimming with money, power bills are still a huge concern, particularly with large homes that have plenty of rooms and appliances. With Teslas Powerwall, this could become a much smaller...

Overwatch New Hero Speculations Range From Young Girl To Robotic Spider; Who Or Which Is Blizzard’s 24th Hero?

Since last week, there has been much speculation amongst Overwatch fans on who is the video games new hero. According to Paul Tassi on Forbes, the speculation started when a curious message in the games forums read, 24...

video “Horizon Zero Dawn” Update: New Trailer Promises No Loading Screens, Facial Animation Features

Ahead of the games debut next week, anew trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive RPG game Horizon Zero Dawn showed fascinating features. Gamespot said the video was about the making of the game from the viewpoint...

Uber CEO Apologizes To Company Staff In Meeting; Meeting Said To Be “Honest, Raw and Emotional”

Following an ex-employee claims of sexual harassment and gender bias at ride-sharing giant Uber, CEO Travis Kalanick led an all-hands meeting at the companys headquarters in San Francisco. Several employees who attended...
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