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Using electricity, not molecules, to switch cells on and off

By Gregory Payne Et Al

Microelectronics has transformed our lives. Cellphones, earbuds, pacemakers, defibrillators all these and more rely on microelectronics very small electronic designs and components. Microelectronics has changed the way we...

Dear Theresa May: if you want partnership, there's nothing better than EU membership

By Brigid Laffan

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has finally begun to elaborate on what she means by her mantra Brexit means Brexit. In a historic speech in London, May set out her 12-point plan for leaving the union. The trade-offs are...

The search for MH370 is over: what we learnt and where to now

By Charitha Pattiaratchi

Almost three years after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared from civilian radar screens, the search for the missing aircraft has come to a close. Malaysia, Australia and China have jointly agreed to suspend the...

Why is the South China Sea so important to the US?

By Leszek Buszynski

Donald Trumps nominee for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made some surprising remarks about China and the South China Sea during his recent Senate confirmation hearings. He said the US should send China a clear signal...

Five ways the media hurts female politicians -- and how journalists everywhere can do better

By Virginia Beaudoux García

What do we see when we look closely at media coverage of female politicians and political candidates? Headlines from Hillary Clintons presidential campaign are indicative of the sexism and stereotypes that dominating...

What does Donald Trump think about drugs?

By Luis Gómez Romero

In recent years, many countries with the conspicuous exception of Indonesia and the Philippines have been rethinking the international war on drugs. The world, it seems, has grown tired of mass incarceration, militarised...

University completion rates won't be improved by looking at isolated causes

By Tim Pitman

News media are widely reporting on new data released by the government showing that one-third of students starting university in 2009 had not finished their studies within six years. This stat makes a good headline, but...

Do 8 men really control the same wealth as the poorest half of the global population?

By Peter Whiteford

A new Oxfam Report has a number of startling claims about wealth inequality around the world the worlds eight richest people control the same wealth as the poorest half of the globes population, Australias two richest...

How professional sport handicaps youth sporting culture

By Steve Georgakis

The recent spate of incidents and reports of doping, match-fixing and wall-to-wall TV coverage of betting, alcohol and junk food advertisements has stimulated considerable debate about the impact of commercialised sport on...

What next for the ASX and Blockchain in 2017?

By Pat McConnell

What a difference a year makes. In January 2016, ASX was bathing in the warm glow of having been acclaimed by Blythe Masters, an American super saleswoman and head of a Blockchain start-up called Digital Asset The...

Xi Jinping may be preaching trade, but China's opening up has slowed

By James Laurenceson

When it comes to offering global economic leadership, the divergence in narrative and optics coming from the US and China could hardly be starker. On Tuesday Chinese President Xi Jinping became the first Chinese leader...

Unpaid work experience is widespread but some are missing out: new study

By Damian Oliver Et Al

Most young Australians undertake unpaid work experience as part of their education or training, to maintain entitlements to social security, or simply to improve their job prospects. But those from more disadvantaged...

Why Theresa May's Brexit speech spurred a sterling recovery – but don't get too excited

By Keith Pilbeam

The pound reacted positively to Theresa Mays Brexit speech, but dont let this give you the impression that it is good news for the UK economy. The bounce from around US$1.2150 to around $1.2380 at 5pm UK time on Tuesday is...

Science must grow young advocates if it wants to connect with the real world

By Tolullah Oni

Science needs more academic hybrids: scientists who buck the stereotype of working in silos. This way of thinking must be broken if the narrative around the reality of sciences role in improving society for future...

Why football bets are far more profitable to bookmakers than gambling machines

By Philip Newall

When the government completes its review of the gambling sector in the coming weeks, a clampdown on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) looks to be on the cards. Dubbed the crack cocaine of gambling for allowing punters...

Theresa May confirms it'll be a hard Brexit – here's what that means for UK trade

By Billy Melo Araujo

Today, Theresa May confirmed that the UK government intends to leave the EUs single market and customs union. The consequences of this decision from a trade perspective should not be underestimated. The single market...

How to be human when technology is driving the new industrial revolution

By Josh Siepel

As the World Economic Forum convenes in Davos, on the agenda for the assembled super-rich, politicians and celebrities will be the implications of a dramatic and impending shift in how our world works. This transition, the...

The new superpowers in the global land grab and how they operate

By Nikita Sud

Much of the global south broadly comprising the continents of Asia, Africa, and Latin America was shaped by colonialism. The so-called great game and the scrambles between Britain, Portugal, Belgium, France and other...

Liberal or conservative? Most of our beliefs shift around

By Neil Levy

One common reaction to the election of Donald Trump (and perhaps to a lesser extent, the Brexit vote) among liberals like me is an expression of dismay that some of our fellow citizens are more racist and more sexist than...

Trumpus Andronicus? What the Byzantine Empire can tell us about the rise of populist leaders

By Maximilian Lau

The approaching Donald Trump presidency has taken quite a battering from historians. Comparisons have abounded with the 20th centurys greatest villains, including Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, even if some have...

Brexit, Trump and the TPP mean Australia should pursue more bilateral trade agreements

By Giovanni Di Lieto

Brexit, Trumps protectionist agenda and the debacle of getting everyone to ratify the unpopular Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are all a global trend towards bilateral trade agreements. This is good news for Australia....

How progressives can still make change in the age of Trump

By Sandra Waddock

Things are not looking good for American progressives. President-elect Donald Trump is poised to put in place many regressive policies in his quest to make America great again that are fundamentally at odds with what...

Is mass murder becoming a form of protest?

By Lisa Wade

If theres one thing Americans can agree upon, it might be that people no matter how angry they are shouldnt be indiscriminately firing guns into crowds. Yet mass shootings are on the rise, with the shooting at the Fort...

When politicians become pundits

By Brian McNair

Former prime minister Tony Abbotts weekend column in The Australian was a good example of professional politicians intervening in the public debate through guest punditry. Abbott has a journalistic background, and is...

When care becomes control - financial abuse cuts across cultures

By Supriya Singh

Carol, in her late 60s, had a joint bank account with her second husband. She put her A$60,000 in savings into it. Her husband didnt have a regular wage but controlled the money, Carol also had a credit card but her...

A new twist on fusion power could help bring limitless clean energy

By Matthew Hole

In a world struggling to kick its addiction to fossil fuels and feed its growing appetite for energy, theres one technology in development that almost sounds too good to be true: nuclear fusion. If it works, fusion...

Britain's criminal justice system doesn't know what to do about autism

By Antonia Wood

Prison is not an easy ride not least for those with autism spectrum disorder. We know from experience that some prisoners are more vulnerable to bullying and victimisation, more likely to be easily led and manipulated,...

Why a speedy US-UK trade deal is easier said than done

By David Collins

When Donald Trump promised to return the bust of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office, upon moving into the White House, it was a sure sign of good things to come in US-UK relations. Now he has offered a quick trade deal...

What to expect from Xi Jinping's first trip to Davos

By Winnie King

President-elect Donald Trump may be dominating headlines in the build up to his forthcoming inauguration. But another world leader is also taking main stage. President Xi Jinping joins the global elite in attending the...

Britain's laser quest for a weapon that really works

By Guy Gratton

The British government recently signed a 30m contract with a defence and aerospace consortium to deliver a brand new prototype laser weapon. The announcement of the project, named UK Dragonfire, coincided with the release...

Russia has yet to decide what it wants from Donald Trump – or how to get it

By Cristian Nitoiu

The dossier reportedly drawn up by former MI6 agent Christopher Steele has everyone pondering Russias potential ability to manipulate Donald Trump once hes in office. In reality, most of the dossiers claims arent very...

A new deal with capitalism requires a revolution in politics and markets

By George Feiger

Many people feel that the capitalist economic system delivers wealth to a few and somehow cheats the rest of opportunity. I agree: our market system is being looted by a small minority and the only real solutions call for...

The five-step manufacturing process that could make you a better writer

By Julian Bass

If you want to be a better, faster writer, you should treat your writing as a lean manufacturing process. Lean is an engineering technique for making manufacturing less wasteful and has been used in industrial production...

Less pain, more gain – improving health and fitness with minimal exercise

By Niels Vollaard Et Al

When it comes to exercise, if there was a way to get more health benefits by doing less, then its likely a lot of people would be interested. This is probably the reason that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) gets a...

Scottish media is in dire straits – it's why alternatives like Bella Caledonia are vital

By Neil Blain

As the Scottish independence movement contemplates a possible second referendum, it has been rocked by news that an online magazine that established a significant voice in the first vote could close. Bella Caledonia is...

Police forces need to better understand why perpetrators sexually abuse children

By Graham Hill

The recent revelations about disgraced professional football coach Barry Bennell, who has now been charged with eight new offences, show how adults with a perceived level of power and influence can exploit their position...

Eating standing up – is it really bad for you?

By James Brown

These days, many of us are flooded with advice on what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. Alongside this calorie and nutrient-based advice you may even have heard that you should avoid eating while standing up or...

The African towns falling into decline and poverty after mining companies use resources then exit

By Penda Diallo

The town of Fria in Guinea was built around bauxite mining in 1957. It used to have good facilities: water, electricity, schools, housing and hospitals. But since the last company mining there began to decrease activities...

Europe must open up to new ideas about the secular state

By Gurpreet Mahajan Et Al

Religion is one of the toughest challenges facing modern secular societies in their search for identity, equality and cohesion. Its increasingly a stronger source of identity than nationality or ethnicity for minorities...

In Mexico, gas is fueling the flames of revolt

By Luis Gómez Romero

It is already clear that 2017 will be a difficult year for Mexico and not just because it will (or wont) have to pay for a big, beautiful wall. On New Years Day, gas prices in the country jumped 14% to 20% after the...

Was 2016 the year the world turned its back on free trade?

By Qian Wang Et Al

Fear of and misunderstanding about free trade and globalisation brought us a turbulent 2016. And the last few months have been a wake-up call about the dramatic slowdown in international trade, presaging a major change in...

What we can all learn from the VW emissions saga

By Andrew Linden

A year and a half after the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) alleged Volkswagen had installed software to circumvent emissions standards, the company has plead guilty to three criminal felony counts. Volkswagen...

What does Trumps election mean for digital freedom of speech?

By Luis Hestres

As the shock of Donald Trumps election victory is giving way to analysis about how his presidency will affect Americans lives, our digital freedom of speech deserves special consideration. The ability to express ourselves...

What shaped King's prophetic vision?

By Kenyatta R. Gilbert

The name Martin Luther King Jr. is iconic in the United States. The outgoing 44th president, Barack Obama, spoke of King in both his Democratic National Convention nomination acceptance and victory speeches in...

Is snoring anything to worry about?

By Jason Amatoury

Theres nothing quite like the sound of snoring as the ultimate sleep interrupter. But snoring can be more than just a frustration to those in your vicinity. Sometimes snoring is linked to more serious health problems,...

The mosquito-borne Zika virus can also be transmitted by sexual activity

By Jayne Lucke

The Zika virus (ZIKV) dominated global public health concerns during 2016. Affecting over 60 countries, this primarily mosquito-borne disease has been associated with serious birth defects including microcephaly, and...

What's the point of sex? It's communication at a biological level

By Sarah Robertson

The act of penetrative sex has evolved over millions of years as a mechanism to deliver sperm to eggs and initiate pregnancy. But theres more to sex than just the meeting of two sets of genes. The Whats the point of sex?...

Game, set and match-fix: what more can be done to stop corruption in tennis?

By Diarmaid Harkin

The charges brought recently against reigning Australian Open junior champion Oliver Anderson, and the suspensions of three low-ranking Australian players for match-fixing, highlight the ongoing issue of corruption in...

McDonald's has been forced to make a U-turn on battery eggs. Here's how

By Deidre Porthen

South Africans have been known to be an activist bunch in recent times there have been a number of high profile campaigns, often with varying degrees of success. These include the #feesmustfall protests against high...

Struggling to stay healthy in 2017? Bad marketing could be to blame

By Isabelle Szmigin

Are you trying to lose the weight that you put on over the holiday period? You may have already been bombarded with articles on willpower, exercise regimes and dieting to help shift those extra pounds. A big problem...

How the City of London is preparing for a hard Brexit

Theresa May has made clear that the UK governments Brexit strategy is to leave the single market and customs union. It ends months of speculation over whether or not it will be a hard or soft Brexit. The one audience...

Brazilian mid-January inflation likely to have moderated further

09:25 AM| Commentary

The Brazilian mid-January inflation is likely to have moderated further; however, the pace is expected to slow in 2017. The 2016 year-end inflation had come in at 6.3 percent year-on-year, which is below the Brazilian...

UK unemployment report likely to boost pound

07:57 AM| Commentary Economy

Another post-referendum unemployment report will be published today, however, todays report may not be a major market mover for the pound but rather work as a support for all pound based pairs, which got energized by an...

Australian Westpac consumer sentiment remains broadly unchanged in January

07:15 AM| Economy Commentary

The Westpac Melbourne Institute Index of Consumer Sentiment rose by marginally 0.1 percent in January, from previous 97.3 to 97.4. Following December fall of 3.9 percent, the sentiment was little changed in January, moving...

Canadian economic growth likely to accelerate beyond 1.5 pct potential in 2017-2018, says Scotiabank

07:09 AM| Commentary

In the second half of 2016, Canadas economic performance seems to have been mixed; however, activity is expected to bolster in 2017. During 2016, underlying output growth averaged around 1.5 percent year-on-year in the...

JGBs nearly flat as investors remain sidelined amid lack of major domestic events

06:44 AM| Commentary

The Japanese government bonds traded nearly flat Wednesday as investors remain sidelined in any big deal amid lack of any major domestic events. However, market participants will remain focussed on the month-end monetary...

Eurozone current account surplus widens in 3Q16, Brexit developments to have a major impact

06:40 AM| Economy Commentary

The Eurozone current account surplus continues to widen, with a stable external sector providing inherent support to the euro. The zones current account surplus jumped to 3.5 percent of GDP in the third-quarter of 2016,...

Bank Indonesia to cut interest rate in January, inflation likely to accelerate slowly as base effect wanes

06:20 AM| Commentary

Bank Indonesia is likely to lower its key interest rate for one last time before a long pause. According to a Societe Generale research report, the Indonesian central bank is expected to cut its interest rate by 25 basis...

Dairy prices rise slightly at New Zealand GlobalDairyTrade auction

05:41 AM| Commentary

During last nights GlobalDairyTrade auction, dairy prices remained widely stable. In all, prices were up 0.6 percent, after previous auctions 3.5 percent decline. After a 7.7 percent decline last auction, prices of whole...

Asian markets mixed, gold hits fresh 2-month high at $1,218

04:13 AM| Commentary

All the major Asian indices were trading on a mixed note on Wednesday. On the other side gold hits fresh 2-month high at $1,218 and silver was trading around $17.15 marks. Japans Nikkei was trading around 0.08 percent...

Chart of the Day Series

Chart of the Day: Inequality at its best

15:35 PM| Commentary Economy

This chart probably explains, why socialism is on the rise all acrossthe world, along with the right-wing nationalists. Once is challenging the order od the corporates, while the other is challenging globalism. The...

U.S. 10-year Treasury yields hit near 2-month low as UK PM May confirms Brexit deal

12:44 PM| Commentary

The U.S. 10-year Treasury yields hit nearly 2-month low Tuesday, following comments from the United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May, confirming the execution of the Brexit deal, along with a Parliament vote on the...

UK versus US CPI - Done with upbeat UK inflationary prints? What next with US inflation?

12:40 PM| Insights & Views Commentary

UK CPI inflation continued its surge in December, as the annual rate firmed to 1.6% y/y from 1.2% y/y in November, the highest since July 2014, well above expectations (CON: 1.4%, LBCB: 1.3%). The CPI core rate (excluding...

U.S. industrial production likely to have recovered in December

12:20 PM| Commentary

The U.S. industrial production is expected to have rebounded in December. In the prior month, the industrial output growth dropped 0.4 percent largely because of a 4.7 percent drop in electricity output that more than...

Ambiguous external, domestic demand outlook challenging for Japan’s economy to meet Abenomics target

12:19 PM| Commentary

In spite of Japanese economy expanding at a strong momentum in 2016, a clouded outlook for external and domestic demand makes it challenging to meet Abenomics ambitious targets, noted Nordea Bank in a research report. The...

Top Stories

Accenture's Fintech Innovation Lab London picks Digital Fineprint

12:09 PM| Fintech

Digital Fineprint, UK-based InsurTech startup, announced that it has been selected from more than 300 applicants to participate in Accentures Fintech Innovation Lab in London. The announcement follows after Digital...

Scientists Found A Way To Make Pacemaker Batteries Obsolete

13:42 PM| Technology Health

Pacemakers have saved a lot of lives over the years by helping to regulate the heartbeats of those with arrhythmia. The problem, however, is that those pacemakers run on batteries that have a tendency to run out of juice...

Completely Solar Powered Luxury Yacht, No Need To Refuel

08:54 AM| Technology

Luxury yachts can either be powered by the wind blowing on thesails or through gas via engines. Now, a ship-building company in Turkey called Ned Ship made a partnership with the renewable energy firm Solarwave in order to...

Why we should send Bill Gates to Mars

By Michael Molitor - 15:22 PM| Insights & Views Science

Bill Gates, along with a few of his billionaire friends, has launched a US$1 billion fund to support research into energy technologies that will help us address climate change. The idea behind Breakthrough Energy...

Bee Makes Endangered Species List, Scientific Community Alarmed

08:47 AM| Science

Bees are often considered the single most important pollinators in the natural world, helping to spread life all across the land by coming in contact with pollens and spreading them everywhere. Now, one species of these...

Detecting methane leaks with infrared cameras: They're fast, but are they effective?

By Arvind P. Ravikumar - 15:14 PM| Insights & Views Technology

Methane is the major component of natural gas, which heats our homes and recently surpassed coal as the top fuel for generating electricity in the United States. But methane is also a powerful greenhouse gas that...

White House sets forth fintech framework for United States

04:12 AM| Fintech

The White House National Economic Council has published a white paper, titledA Framework for FinTech, which expresses the forward-leaning posture of the administration to innovation and entrepreneurship, generally, and...

Airbus Is Planning To Launch Flying Taxi Tests This Year

04:20 AM| Technology

Airbus is the company that is hoping to introduce flying transportation to replace ground-rooted ones in the future and it would seem that its gearing up to test one of its prototypes this year. The company is thinking...

The trouble with 'microaggressions'

By Nick Haslam - 15:08 PM| Law

Few psychological concepts have caught on as successfully as the idea of the microaggression. The term gained wide currency only ten years ago, but by 2015 it had been crowned the word of the year by the Global Language...

Space Science Series

Astronomers spot strange, bow-like structure in Venus' atmosphere

By Andrew Coates - 15:01 PM| Science

Venus is known both as the planet of love and the Earths evil twin. And although research suggests its environment is more hellish than romantic, theres actually a lot we dont know about our celestial neighbour. Now...

Electric Car Series

China And Europe Leaves US In The Dust In Electric Car Shift

11:56 AM| Technology

Tesla may be one of the most recognizable brands in terms of electric cars in the world right now, but according to new data, the U.S. is lagging behind in the adoption of green vehicles compared to China and Europe. This...

Amazons Mysterious Wireless Tests Require FCC Permission

08:14 AM| Technology

This is the age of wireless connectivity and it would seem that every major company is trying to get in on the action. Amazon already did that with phenomenal Alexa artificial intelligence, but now the retail giant just...

China Wants App Makers To Register With The Government

06:46 AM| Technology Law

China wants developers of mobile apps to register with its Cyberspace Administration beginning January 16, 2017, if they want their products to become available in the region. The government says that this is a way to...

How wearable devices are reinventing our cities as open-air gyms

By Carlo Ratti - 03:56 AM| Technology

When Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, arguably the father of gymnastics and the inventor of the horizontal and parallel bars, opened his first gym (or Turnplatz) in 1811, he decided to locate it outdoors in Berlin. At the time ...

Econotimes Series


FxWirePro: Indian rupee likely to trade with weakening bias in January ahead of Union Budget

The Indian rupee is expected to trade with a weakening bias this month given ongoing portfolio outflows, ahead of the presentation of Union Budget FY2017-18 on 1 February and the Reserve Bank of Indias (RBI) next MPC...

China's measures to deflate potential housing bubble likely taking effect

Property is a fundamental driver for Chinas economy and the nation has become over-reliant on the property market for economic growth over the past decade. Despite series of government measures aimed at stemming...

FOMC members seem optimistic over 3 interest rates hike in 2017

The United StatesFederal Reservespeakers weeks have delivered a hawkish tone overall, with three voting members this year (Harker, Evans and Brainard ) suggesting that three quarter-point hikes in rates over the course of...

Subdued inflation and negative demonetisation effect to pressurize RBI for rate cut in February

Indias inflation continued to remain subdued during the month of November, exerting deeper pressure on the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to undertake to ease policy in the next 2-day bi-monthly monetary policy scheduled to...

Watch US inflation numbers to assess further rate hike possibilities

The FOMC has projected three rate hikes for this year; however, the actual path would depend a lot on inflation figures over the year. Today, at 13:30 GMT, December inflation figures will be released from the US. Why...


Plough on or change to win? Theresa Mays progressive dilemma

Modern British history tells us that when a government minister becomes prime minister between elections, rather than by winning one, they confront a strategic political and ideological balancing act. They must...

The fake news that changed the course of Roman history

The papers and social media are today full of claims of fake news; back and forth the accusations fly that one side of the political divide in the US has been filling the world with lies in order to discredit the other. We...

Five things to consider when designing a policy to measure research impact

This year will see the Australian government pilot new ways to measure the impact of university research. As recommended by the Watt Review, the Engagement and Impact Assessment will encourage universities to ensure...

video For the sake of democracy the US media pack needs to rediscover its teeth

In the style of some thuggish boxing promoter at a weigh in, the US president-elect, Donald Trump, gave us a clear and unsavoury flavour of the style of White House press conferences to come. And its not tasting...

New index of economic marginalisation helps explain Trump, Brexit and alt.right

If 2016 brought Brexit, Donald Trump and a backlash against cosmopolitan visions of globalisation and society, the great fear for 2017 is further shocks from right-wing populists like Geert Wilders in Holland and Marine Le...


Scientists Create Li-Ion Batteries With Built-In Fire Extinguishers

Following the wake of widely covered incidents involving exploding lithium-ion batteries in products like the infamous hoverboard and the unfortunate Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the fire hazard posed by the power source has...

Menopause Reversing Treatment To Start Clinical Trials

A lot of things in life are thought to be irreversible and menopause has been one of the most devastating for a lot of women. Now, a new treatment that is meant to reverse menopause is about to go on clinical...

How old is our moon?

Most scientists agree that the Earth has pretty much always had its moon. Details of the moons composition (in particular the isotopic mixture of heavier and lighter versions of various elements) are too similar to the...

How to talk to your dog – according to science

Dogs are special. Every dog owner knows that. And most dog owners feel their dog understands every word they say and every move they make. Research over the last two decades shows dogs really can understand human...

MIT Just Made Strongest Material In Existence

Thanks to advancements in metallurgy and material science, humans have been able to create objects that surpassed the toughness of diamonds for decades. Now, a new advancement in the field was just achieved by researchers...


Nioh Is A Sadistic Game, But Not A Complete Dark Souls Clone

Since the first footage of the game was shown at E3 last year, Nioh was quickly pegged as a clone of the critically-acclaimed Dark Souls franchise. Based on the fact that the developers made this title specifically for...

AT&T Kills Original iPhone, No More 2G

Yes, the original iPhone is still alive in the hands of many users, but not for long. ATT is finally letting go of the first generation of smartphones that Apple created along with 2G wireless connection. Before the...

Memory Implants Come Closer To Reality, No Need To Cheat During Exams

As the world progresses to a more technologically advanced state, it has had a staggering effect on the attention span and memory of humans. With the prospect of challenges related to retaining good memory as people age...

Renewable Energy First, Renewable Electronics Follow

Much of the focus regarding the fight for environmentally friendly technology revolves around renewable energy, forgetting that there are also other facets of modern industries that cause harm. Electronics are prime...

US Suing Qualcomm Over Accusations Of Strong-Arming Apple Into Anti-Competition Deal

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is currently suing the chip maker Qualcomm, accusing it of forcing Apple to only use its chips for its devices and cutting off the competition. This puts the government agency directly in...
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