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Brexit Britain and trade – this is where it gets tricky

By Billy Melo Araujo

The triggering of Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union by Theresa May finally signals the end of the phoney war on Brexit. For months, members of the British government have talked up the prospects of the UK...

Beware of claims that mindful eating will help you lose weight

By Katy Tapper

Mindful eating is increasingly being promoted as a solution to being overweight. Mindful eating, we are promised, will help us eat less, transform our relationship with food and end our battle with weight once and for all....

Demonised migration brokers can point out where policy is going wrong

By Priya Deshingkar

In the fight against human trafficking and the rise of modern slavery, a top priority for governments and human rights organisations has been to break the business model of migration brokers thought to be the main channel...

Run, hide, tell – treat? The public now has a role to play in Westminster-style attacks

By David Lowe

While debate continues about whether the events that unfolded in London on March 23 amounted to an act of terrorism, it has many people thinking about how they would react in a similar situation. The British government...

How WhatsApp encryption works – and why there shouldn't be a backdoor

By Antonis Michalas

A battle between national security and privacy is brewing. Governments and secret services are asking encrypted messaging services such as WhatsApp to allow them access to users data. Most recently, in the wake of the...

How rupture with mainland Europe caused Britain to falter in its first 1,500 years

By Stephen Church

By triggering Article 50 to start Britains process of exiting the European Union, Theresa May will launch the country into the unknown. History provides examples of Britain leaving Europe and sometimes Europe leaving...

How a clever bargaining strategy can secure Britain a good Brexit deal

By Abhinay Muthoo

Once Britains prime minister, Theresa May, has triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, Brexit negotiations can commence. These negotiations will be the most complex and the most important of negotiations conducted by a...

Class pervades the way migrants are viewed in Britain

By Sanja Vico

In a poll of 25 countries by Ipsos MORI published in March 2017, 33% of those interviewed in Britain said immigration was their biggest worry. Although more British people overall were worried about healthcare, only...

Are converts to Islam more likely to become extremists?

By Kim Knott Et Al

The process of conversion to any religion is best thought of as a journey, and this is how it is often described to others by those who undergo it. While conversion happens in many faiths, conversion to Islam has been...

What is fiction good for in a post-truth world?

By Rafe McGregor

Ever since Plato equated poetry with falsehood in the fourth century BC, the value of fiction has been in doubt. No convincing case for its value has since been made, beyond the obvious pleasures experienced by readers and...

New research shows immigration has only a minor effect on wages

By Robert Breunig

Economic arguments against immigration often take two forms immigrants either suppress the wages of workers, or immigration creates higher unemployment. But our research shows that the impact of immigration on the labour...

Climate politics: Environmentalists need to think globally, but act locally

By Aseem Prakash Et Al

As President Trump pivots from a failed attempt to overhaul health care to new orders rolling back controls on carbon pollution, environmentalists are preparing for an intense fight. We study environmental politics, and...

To better fight terrorism, Europe needs more cooperation and money

By Richard Maher

Last weeks terrorist attack in London, which left four people dead, wounded dozens more and led to the temporary lockdown of Parliament, was a grim reminder of the daily threat Europe faces from extremist violence. It...

Houses aren't more unaffordable for first home buyers, but they are riskier

By Jamie Alcock

Climbing house prices seem to scare people but houses are relatively more affordable today than they were in 1990, its actually interest-rate risk thats the bigger problem for first home buyers. If you look at latest...

With wariness on both sides, the US strikes a more conciliatory note on China

By David Walton

A core question in Australian foreign policy circles is how the Trump administration will deal with an increasingly powerful China. The news that US President Donald Trump has invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to a...

A soldier and a sex worker walk into a therapist’s office. Who's more likely to have PTSD?

By Graham Jamieson Et Al

When we think about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), we most often think of soldiers traumatised by their experiences of war. But the statistics tell another story. While about 5-12% of Australian military...

When disaster strikes, a prime minister needs to display emotional skill

By Gavin Brent Sullivan

When nations are hit by disturbing events such as the attack on Westminster on March 22, they trigger a range of emotional responses. They not only seize the attention of the nation (and the world), but also spur people to...

What if the London attack wasn’t an act of terrorism?

By Steve Hewitt

A middle-aged man with a history of criminal activity and violence, a variety of aliases, multiple jobs and addresses, and several broken relationships launches an attack on parliament and is killed in the process. This...

Theresa May is a formidable manager – but Brexit will test her leadership skills

By Zahira Jaser

Leadership and management go hand in hand. The first reflects the capacity to envision, focus long term, innovate and inspire; the second the capacity to execute, focus short-term, plan and do. Though they are different...

Born into revolution: reflections on a radical teacher’s life

By Yunus Omar

-Alie Fataar was a teacher. Perhaps that doesnt seem glamorous and very important. But Fataar, who would have turned 100 this month, is one of the many South African unknowns whose life and work can point the country today...

'White monopoly capital': an excuse to avoid South Africa's real problems

By Sean Gossel Et Al

The call for radical economic transformation has grown louder following President Jacob Zumas 2017 State of the Nation Address. Accompanying these calls is a line of argument that says white monopoly capital is to blame...

Australia may be closer to being a cashless society but it won't happen by 2020

By David Glance

The ABC has this week asked the question as to whether Australia is on the brink of becoming a completely cashless society. The question was sparked by the recent release of figures by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)...

Late payments: the policy no-brainer for business

By Michael West

Hammurabi nailed it back in 1772 BC when he declared: The first duty of government is to protect the powerless from the powerful. When it came to common sense, the sixth king of Babylon was an early adopter, earlier...

Chill out: how a new ‘cold economy’ could bring environmental benefits

By Richard Andrew Williams

The ability to keep things cold is a pillar of modern society demand is booming worldwide to deliver air conditioning, data centre cooling and transport refrigeration, particularly in emerging economies. Although our...

Is this the most secure coin in the world?

By Richard Farmer

Although people are becoming increasingly reliant on electronic forms of financial transaction, the introduction of a new coin still feels like an important occasion. The new 1 coin, which enters circulation on March 28,...

How our autistic ancestors played an important role in human evolution

By Penny Spikins

When you think of someone with autism, what do you think of? It might be someone with a special set of talents or unique skills such as natural artistic ability or a remarkable memory. It could also be someone with...

Subsidies for healthy foods are a price worth paying to tackle obesity

By Javier Rivas

The heavy costs of an increasingly obese population are well known. Physical problems associated with a Body Mass Index over 30 include type 2 diabetes, strokes, and certain types of cancer. Psychological issues include...

Hanson stirs the sugar pot and backflips on penalty rates

By Michelle Grattan

The next big judgement day for Pauline Hanson will be the election in her home state of Queensland, due in under a year. Her vote there will determine how much fear she puts into the Coalition ahead of the federal...

Science festivals: knowledge making an exhibition of itself

By Gary W. Kerr

Science was once seen as the stuffy domain of pale male scientists who spent far too much of their time in the laboratory concocting potions in test tubes while avoiding sunlight and human interaction. Occasionally they...

Here is what's needed to kickstart a fairer social care system

By Shirin Rai Rai Et Al

As soon as Philip Hammond, Britains chancellor of the exchequer, announced an extra 2 billion for social care in his first budget in March, jostling began on how the money would be spent. Care providers suggested that...

Climate change and poverty are as much of a threat as terrorism for many young people

By Rhian Barrance

It will probably come as little surprise that recent surveys have found the majority of adults in Europe think that international terrorism is the most pressing threat to the continent. Though this is valuable...

The government is belatedly backing the penalty rates cut it always wanted

By David Peetz

Its impossible for the government to substantially ease the hardship for workers from the Fair Work Commissions decision to cut some penalty rates as the governments submission into its implementation illustrates. Nor can...

Co-working is evolving to combine co-living

By Libby Sander

Recent reports estimate that by 2020 1.55 billion workers will be responsible for work that does not confine them to a desk. Already, up to 80% of employees work at least one day a week out of the office. Co-working,...

Green chemistry is key to reducing waste and improving sustainablity

By Alex Bissember

The development and evolution of the chemical industry is directly responsible for many of the technological advancements that have emerged since the late 19th century. However, it was not until the 1980s that the...

Human costs of nuclear war are driving push towards a ban treaty – finally

By Wakana Mukai

Even though nuclear powers and countries that fall under their security umbrella are expected to resist efforts to ban nuclear weapons, talks begin in New York on March 27 towards an international treaty that does just...

Russia and Iran's growing cooperation hints at a new Middle East

By Clément Therme

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, will meet for the eighth time in four years from March 27 to 29. According to the Tehran Times, both sides are preparing more than ten documents...

Something big exploded in a galaxy far, far away: what was it?

By David Coward

At 10:49pm Western Australian time on February 2 this year, cosmic gamma rays hit the NASA satellite, Swift, orbiting the Earth. Within seconds of the detection, an alert was automatically sent to the University of WAs...

Technology-facilitated abuse: the new breed of domestic violence

By Hadeel Al-Alosi

Domestic violence is a serious national issue in Australia and globally. It is an inherently gendered crime. Research consistently shows the overwhelming majority of offenders are male and the victims are...

Distress, status wars and immoral behaviour: the psychological impacts of inequality

By Nick Haslam

It is well known that economic inequality is rising. In most industrialised nations the distribution of wealth and income is becoming increasingly concentrated. In the United States, the top 10% of earners make more than...

Study: 60 percent of rural millennials lack access to a political life

By Felicia Sullivan

Like older voters, young ones were divided by the 2016 presidential election. A recent study of millennial voters by Tufts University found that young people had starkly different opinions about politics and civic...

How did celibacy become mandatory for priests?

By Kim Haines-Eitzen

Priestly celibacy, or rather the lack of it, is in the news. There have been allegations of sex orgies, prostitution and pornography against Catholic clerics in Italy. On March 8, Pope Francis suggested, in an interview...

Momentum isn't magic – vindicating the hot hand with the mathematics of streaks

By Joshua Miller Et Al

Its NCAA basketball tournament season, known for its magical moments and the March Madness it can produce. Many fans remember Stephen Currys superhuman 2008 performance where he led underdog Davidson College to victory...

Why threats to get votes for health law are more workplace bullying than political tactics

By Joan Cook

In an effort to pass the health care law, Donald Trump placed intense political pressure on members of the House, even telling one key lawmaker Im going to come after you, according to reports. The president has also made...

Pay people to stop smoking? It works, especially in vulnerable groups

By Danielle R. Davis Et Al

Cigarette smoking in the U.S. has dropped dramatically since the landmark publication of the 1964 U.S. Surgeon Generals report on smoking and health. This has led to improved health for millions of Americans. Those...

Indians' 'notes ban' compliance masks a silent crisis of legitimacy

By Esha Sen Madhavan

This article is part of the Democracy Futures series, a joint global initiative between The Conversation and the Sydney Democracy Network. The project aims to stimulate fresh thinking about the many challenges facing...

As the European Union celebrates 60 years, can Asia use it as a model for economic integration?

By Robert Freestone

On 25 March 2017, the European Unions heads of state and government will meet in Rome to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the European project. The date marks the signing of the Treaties of Rome, which established the...

How science is helping the police search for bodies in water

By Alastair Ruffell

Police divers have started searching a canal in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, hoping to find the remains of schoolgirl Moira Anderson who disappeared, suspected murdered, in 1957. The operation follows an investigation by...

BBC 'Brexit bias' claims need to be based on hard evidence

By Stephen Cushion Et Al

The recent letter to the BBC by a group of MPs accusing it of anti-Brexit bias looks like the latest attempt by politicians and press magnates to intimidate the public broadcaster. The letter complains that the BBC has,...

How the courts gave us EU citizenship, and how Britons can keep it after Brexit

By Susan Millns

One of the most keenly fought battles in the run-up to Britains exit from the European Union has been over the existence and nature of citizenship. EU nationals in the UK have become bargaining chips before negotiations...

FBI's Russia probe threatens a reckoning for team Trump

By Adam Quinn

So now we know: the FBI has for months been investigating not only Russian interference in the US presidential election, but also Russian contacts with members of the Trump campaign team. Its scope includes the possibility...

Is violent political protest ever justified?

The mass protests against Donald Trumps election, inauguration, and executive actions might subside but based on the scale and intensity of whats already happened, theres probably more to come. So far, most protesters...

French consumer sentiment remains unchanged in March, remains stable for third consecutive month

14:02 PM| Commentary

French consumer confidence remained unchanged in March, survey results from the statistical office Insee showed Wednesday. French consumer confidence index came in at 100 in March in line with expectations. The index...

Difficult labour market conditions in Singapore likely to persist - ANZ

13:55 PM| Commentary Economy

Singapores labour market remains characterised by weak job creation and slowing wage growth. According to the most recent Manpower of Ministrys (MOM) unemployment report, unemployment in Singapore has risen slightly from...

FX Hedging Strategy Series

FxWirePro: Uphold longs in Jun’17 CME gold as bullion’s safe-haven sentiment back in action on political risks engulf real interest yields

13:53 PM| Central Banks Commentary

In this latest quarterly report on metals, our emphasis is that based on our analysis, gold should likely trade within a narrow range of about $170/oz this year and should be fairly valued between $1,130-1,300/oz as higher...

Central Banking Series

Bank of Thailand holds interest rate at 1.50 pct, likely to maintain current policy rate through 2017

13:40 PM| Commentary Central Banks

The Bank of Thailand (BoT) left its policy rate unchanged at 1.50 percent as widely expected. All seven members of the monetary policy committee (MPC) unanimously voted to keep rates unchanged. The BoT acknowledged that...

U.S. Treasuries gain modestly ahead of FOMC members’ speech, Q4 GDP

11:37 AM| Commentary Economy

The U.S. Treasuries modestly gained Wednesday ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) members Rosengren and Williams speech, scheduled to be held later in the day. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury...

Global Geopolitics Series

Global Geo-political Series: Russia & Iran strengthen ties despite Washington’s terrorism rhetoric towards Iran

11:20 AM| Commentary

While the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump continues to brand Iran as a terrorist state, his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin is strengthening ties with the country. The Syrian president Bashar-al Assad...

Fed Hike Aftermath Series

Fed Hike Aftermath Series: Key comments from Stanley Fischer and dashboard update

10:01 AM| Commentary Central Banks

In an interview with CNBC yesterday, the vice-chair of the US Federal Reserve said that the Feds March projections that forecasttwo more hikes in 2017,is about right. He stressed that its is his forecast as well. In the...

French Election: Former Socialist Prime Minister Valls abandons party candidate in favor of Macron

09:56 AM| Commentary

The Socialist candidate in this years French election, Manuel Valls, the former Prime Minister of France has abandoned his candidacy and instead, he would vote for the independent centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron in...

Migrant Crisis Series

Migrant Crisis Series: Greece and Italy look to back away from taking further refugees

08:32 AM| Commentary

United Nations International Organization for Migration reported that 20,484 refugees from entered Europe this year by traveling via sea, according to data collected till mid-March. More than 80 percent of them came to...

Briferendum Aftermath Series

Briferendum Aftermath Series: Key dates ahead

07:49 AM| Commentary

Today, at 11:30 GMT, the UK government is expected to trigger the Article 50 formally by submitting an exit intended letter to the European Council President Donald Tusk. The event means nothing in itself but what happens...

JGBs remain mixed ahead of February consumer inflation, industrial production

06:30 AM| Commentary Economy

The Japanese government bonds remained mixed Wednesday as investors remain keen to watch the countrys February consumer price inflation as well as industrial production data, scheduled to be released on March 31. The...

Briferendum Aftermath Series

Briferendum Aftermath Series: Much anticipated Brexit letter flies to Brussels

05:29 AM| Commentary

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has signed the Brexit letter to invoke the Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty last evening and the letter is on its way to Brussels to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk....

Asian markets mixed, gold falls below $1,250

03:12 AM| Commentary

All the major Asian indices were trading on a mixed note on Wednesday. Gold was trading around $1,248 mark while silver was trading around $18.03 mark. Japans Nikkei was trading around 0.14 percent lower at 19,176...

Moody's: China's economy faces heightened risks from a potential future property downturn

01:30 AM| Research & Analysis

Moodys Investors Service says that Chinas economy would face heightened risks from a potential future property downturn compared to when Moodys previously analyzed the macroeconomic importance of the countrys real estate...

Chart of the Day Series

Chart of the Day: Gordhan effect

16:46 PM| Commentary

It is just two days into the week and the South African rand (ZAR) is already down more than 5 percent against the dollar. The rand is currently trading at 12.94 per dollar. The speculation that the President Jacob Zuma...

US under Trump Series

US under Trump Series: Germany allegedly slammed with $374 billion NATO bill

16:20 PM| Commentary

The Trump administration has reportedly chalked up a bill and intimidated Chancellor Merkel with unpaid dues of as much as $300 billion towards NATO. Germany previously slammed the US administration by saying that the...

Italy industrial orders slip -2.9 pct m/m, fall more-than-expected in January

16:00 PM| Commentary

Italys seasonally adjusted industrial orders fell 2.9 percent month-on-month in January, after rising 3 percent in December, data released by national statistics office ISTAT showed on Tuesday. New industrial orders were...

Spanish economic growth could exceed 2.5 pct for the next 2-4 years - Economy Minister Luis de Guindos

15:37 PM| Commentary Economy

The Spanish economy expanded at 0.7 percent in both the third and fourth quarters of 2016. Spain maintained an economic growth of 3.2 percent in 2016, unchanged from the previous year. The economy expanded for the third...

Briferendum Aftermath Series

Briferendum Aftermath Series: Scottish parliament backs second independence referendum

06:47 AM| Commentary

In a setback to the British Prime Minister Theresa Mays government, the regional parliament in Scotland backed Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeons demand for a second referendum. The members of the Scottish Parliament...

Top Stories

Singapore and France establish Fintech Bridge to foster innovation

09:59 AM| Fintech

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced that it has signed cooperation agreements with the Autorité de Contrle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR) and the Autorité des Marchés...

Microsoft Gets Sued For $5M Over Disastrous Windows 10 Upgrades

08:43 AM| Technology

Security experts have been lauding Microsofts Windows 10 OS for its impressive security system, but not everyone is happy with it. In fact, users are now suing the tech giant for $5 million to compensate them for damages...

Facebook Messenger’s Short-Lived ‘Live Location’ Feature Goes Live

08:42 AM| Technology

A few days after Google Maps launched its own Live Location feature, Facebook also released a similar service via its Messenger app. The biggest difference with Googles own offering is the lifespan of Messengers location...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Finance Bureau of Beijing official urges government to adopt blockchain standards

07:07 AM| Digital Currency

China should adopt a standardized approach to blockchain development, secretaryof Beijings Municipal Bureau of Finance Huo Xuewen said recently. In a speech published bySina Finance, Xuewen reflected on the technology...

Digital Currency Revolution

Bitcoin is legal under all existing laws in India – Zebpay

06:14 AM| Digital Currency

Leading Indian bitcoin startup Zebpay has issued an official statement falsifying recent reports that suggested that bitcoin has been declared illegal by the Indian government. Nothing has changed regarding bitcoins...

Facebook ‘Town Hall’ Feature More Efficient Than Government, Tracking Politicians Made Easy

06:16 AM| Technology

Government Town Hall meetings are some of the most important aspects to Democracy that often come with some frustrating blunders that inconvenience people. Facebook just found a way to make political involvement a lot...

Star Trek's Holodeck: from science fiction to a new reality

10:40 AM| Insights & Views Technology

Many of the technological advances predicted in Star Treks fictional universe have become reality, such as the mobile communicator and hand-held tablet computers. Others, such as tractor beams and warp drives, are still...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Frost & Sullivan maps 130 blockchain startups into key activity areas

05:51 AM| Digital Currency

Leading consulting firm Frost Sullivan, together with Outlier Ventures a Europe-based dedicated blockchain venture builder, has evaluated the blockchain ecosystem and mapped 130 major blockchain startups into their key...

Blockchain Revolution Series

European Commission proposes pilot project to improve blockchain expertise of national regulators

05:16 AM| Digital Currency Fintech

The European Commission has proposed a pilot project on blockchain or distributed ledger technology with regard to regulation. In a draft communication to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Central Bank,...

Uber Self-Driving Tests Resumed After Disastrous Crash, Pittsburgh Not Concerned

06:16 AM| Technology

After sustaining a setback on Friday when one of its self-driving test cars was flipped on its side during an accident, Uber is now resuming its roads tests. The autonomous cabs will be back on the roads of the three...

Briferendum Aftermath Series

Brexit creates a human rights crisis for Ireland

By Amy Maguire - 10:50 AM| Insights & Views Law

The UK government will trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on Wednesday. This will serve as a formal notification of the UKs intent to withdraw from the European Union. It will set off two years or more of...

Elon Musk’s New Company Will Merge Human Brain With Machines To Combat AI

06:15 AM| Technology

With so many companies in the tech industry working on more advanced artificial intelligence technologies, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is doing something from the opposite direction. With the new company he procured, Musk wants to...

We’re suing the federal government to be free to do our research

By Alan Mislove Et Al - 10:56 AM| Insights & Views Law

Many apps and algorithms that feature prominently in our lives are, essentially, black boxes: We have no idea how they accomplish what they do; we just know they work. Or at least we think we do. Most recently this became...

Did medical Darwinism doom the GOP health plan?

By Michael L. Millenson - 11:00 AM| Insights & Views Health Politics

We are now contemplating, Heaven save the mark, a bill that would tax the well for the benefit of the ill. Although that quote reads like it could be part of the Republican repeal-and-replace assault against the...

How Facebook – the Wal-Mart of the internet – dismantled online subcultures

By Jessa Lingel - 11:03 AM| Insights & Views Technology

Before the internet, people interested in body modification not just tattoo and piercing enthusiasts, but those drawn to more unusual practices like ear pointing, tongue splitting, suspension, scarification and the...

Whatsapp, Chat Apps Backdoor Revisited Following London Attack

10:20 AM| Technology

In the wake of last weeks attack on the Houses of Parliament in London, British politicians are now making demands for chat apps, including WhatsApp, to provide backdoor access to police and security forces. The Financial...

The next cyberattack could come from sound waves

By Bill Buchanan - 15:56 PM| Insights & Views Technology

You might think your smartphone or laptop is relatively safe from cyber attacks thanks to anti-virus and encryption software. But your devices are increasingly at risk from side-channel attacks, where an intruder can...

Econotimes Series


U.S. consumer confidence spikes to 16-year high, raises upside prospects for economic growth in the coming months

U.S. consumer confidence defied economists expectations for a fall and unexpectedly improved in the month of March. Data showed that U.S. Conference Board consumer confidence index jumped to 125.6 in March from a revised...

UK gilts trade flat ahead of Q4 GDP

The UK gilts traded flat Wednesday as investors remain keen to watch the countrys fourth-quarter gross domestic product (GDP), due to be release by the end of this week, which will remain crucial in deciding further...

German bunds remain mixed ahead of March unemployment rate, consumer inflation

The German bunds remained narrowly mixed Wednesday as investors await the countrys unemployment rate and the consumer price inflation, during the month of March, scheduled to be released March 30 and 31...

New Zealand bonds slide at close following global rout in debt market

The New Zealand bonds slid Wednesday at the time of closing, tracking rout in theglobal bond market amid a session that witnessed data of little economic significance and as investors moved away from safe haven assets amid...

Australian bonds slump tracking softer U.S. Treasuries

The Australian bonds slumped Wednesday, tracking softness in the U.S. counterpart. Also, broad gains in equities led to the slide in the countrys money market. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note, which...


German election: Merkel’s CDU wins big in regional election

The final crucial election in the European continent will take place in Germany on September 24th. Incumbent German Chancellor Angela Merkel is hoping to become Germanys longest serving chancellor by winning the fourth...

How the Spanish political laboratory is reconfiguring democracy

This article is part of the Democracy Futures series, a joint global initiative with the Sydney Democracy Network. The project aims to stimulate fresh thinking about the many challenges facing democracies in the 21st...

Latin American presidents love Twitter – and that's not a good sign

The Conversation Globals series, Politics in the Age of Social Media, examines how governments around the world rely on digital tools to exercise power. Latin American democracy was born with an original sin: income...

Why polls seem to struggle to get it right – on elections and everything else

I am a professor of mathematics, so my ears perk up when I hear someone say that polls seem inaccurate. The public understandably focuses on polling results and how much these results seem to vary. Take two presidential...

Trump's credibility takes a hit as FBI finds no evidence of Obama 'wiretap'

FBI Director James Comey and National Security Agency Director Michael S. Rogers have both testified before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that they do not have any information or evidence to support...


Let me entertain you – that's how to get a science message across

Communicating science to the public can be hard. Climate change is the most notorious example, but the public debates around vaccinations and evolution have also exposed a lack of understanding of how the public engages...

National Science Statement a positive gesture but lacks policy solutions: experts

Today the Australian government launched the National Science Statement, outlining its commitment to science as part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda. This comes in advance of the 2030 Strategic Plan, with...

It’s the age of the antibiotic revolution, not apocalypse

Bad news sells papers. Or as Elliot Carver, the media mogul set on world domination in the Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies put it: Theres no news like bad news. As a scientist, my responsibility is to separate fact from...

New Drug Destroys Breast Cancer In 11 Days, Study Indicates

Breast cancer is one of the most frightening diseases that afflict women and even some men in all walks of life. While some treatment plans have been proven to work in the past such as chemotherapy, many of them are too...

Can science produce better passport control officers?

Passport officers often have to scrutinise hundreds of people each day. They have just a few seconds to stare through their glass screens at the impatient and perhaps slightly dishevelled traveller facing them and decide...


Android Co-Founder Makes His Own Smartphone, The God Creator Comes

Andy Rubin is one of the founders of the Android mobile operating system, which effectively makes him a God within the Android development community. In a recent Tweet, Rubin hinted that his new company called Essential...

New Tesla Roadster, Coming Right Up; Fastest EV Car

The Tesla Roadster was the first car that the popular electric car company ever built and it broke a lot of conventions. For one thing, it was the first all-electric sports car that was meant to be both fast and efficient....

Google Creates Dedicated Page For Free Paid Apps On Play Store, ‘Free App Of The Week’

At this point, everybody already knows that there are free apps and there are paid apps on stores like Google Play and the Apple App Store. Sometimes, however, paid apps are available for free. Google just made it a lot...

Apple Might Finally Start Selling iPhones In China Again

Apple and China havent really been seeing eye-to-eye over the last few years, with the second largest consumer market having its own ideas of what the American company should be sharing that the latter just did not like....

Tesla Model 3 Dashboard The Same As Model S, Will Have Better Range Than Chevy Bolt Though

The Tesla Model 3 is the companys attempt at finally accessing that coveted mass consumer market and a lot is riding on it. If fans were hoping for a more futuristic dashboard, however, it seems CEO Elon Musk popped that...
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