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Subsidized privilege: The real scandal of American universities

By Neil McLaughlin

U.S. federal prosecutors have charged 50 people 38 of them are parents for allegedly being involved in fraud schemes to secure spots at Yale, Stanford and other big-name schools. Prosecutors accused some parents of...

Government funding for journalism: To what end?

By Christopher Waddell

The federal budget has finally answered some of the questions about the Liberal governments plans to subsidize the news business, which were first floated late last year. But the details revealed by Finance Minister Bill...

Australia's animal testing laws are a good start, but don't go far enough

By Jane Kotzmann

Your lipstick and foundation will be less likely to come at the expense of animal welfare, thanks to Commonwealth legislation that passed in recent weeks. The legislation, which will come into play on July 1, 2020,...

From playground risks to college admissions: Failure is good for your kids' health

By Nicole Racine Et Al

With recent news of the college cheating scandal in which parents allegedly paid for their children to gain entrance to the most prestigious post-secondary institutions in the United States, increased attention has been...

Don't wait for a crisis – start planning your aged care now

By Alison Rahn

Most Australians prefer to die at home but few adequately plan for it. Consequently, just one in seven dies at home. Some say they will make plans when the need arises. But what if you have a heart attack, go into a...

Right-wing extremism has a long history in Australia

By Kristy Campion

The first step in coming to terms with the attack in Christchurch is to understand that it has been produced by right wing extremism, both in Australia and internationally. The problem does not lie with immigration...

Skills like 'crap detection' can help kids meet cybersecurity challenges head on

By Matthew Riddle

How well are we preparing the typical primary school kid for life when they graduate in 2032? Current attitudes to education around cybersecurity and online safety skew towards caution at all costs. We often focus on...

Depending on who you are, the benefits of a cashless society are greatly overrated

By Steve Worthington

After recreational cannabis use became legal in Canada last October, research shows the number of bank notes in circulation fell sharply. Before, marijuana buyers used cash to keep their transactions anonymous. After,...

Theresa May requests short Brexit extension: how to understand this reckless move

By Simon Lee

Before the October 1964 general election, Harold Wilson was reported to have stated a week is a long time in politics. Never has that maxim been truer than in relation to the politics of Brexit and the publication of...

A look at how India's Africa strategy is working

By Meera Venkatachalam Et Al

Indias engagement with Africa has involved peacekeeping, student scholarships, humanitarian relief, and private and public sector investments. This has been the case for over half a century dating back to the Bandung...

British army: should 16-year-olds be able to enlist? Academic experts debate

By Matt Fossey Et Al

In the UK, 16 and 17-year-olds can join the British Army as soldiers, with consent from their parents. Soldiers cannot be deployed to the front line until they are aged 18. Here, Matt Fossey and Nick Caddick from the...

Small brewers show how craft principles could reshape the economy – but they're under threat

By Maikel Kuijpers Et Al

Our economy currently relies heavily on unsustainable industrial principles of mass scale, never-ending growth and throwaway consumerism. The transition to a sustainable economy, then, requires a shift in how we think...

Boeing 737 MAX: after two fatal crashes, an expert explains the issues

By Guy Gratton

The Boeing 737 is the most produced commercial aeroplane in history: over 10,000 have been built since it first flew in 1967, with thousands more on order. Even the UKs Royal Air Force is to put them into service as the...

Tick, tock: The countdown to peak tick season is here

By Rosa da Silva

With spring comes glorious sunshine, warmer weather and ticks. Ticks and some insect pests can carry bacteria, viruses and parasites that may cause disease in humans. One in particular, the blacklegged deer tick Ixodes...

Having one mental health disorder increases your risks of getting another

By Christine Bear Et Al

New studies reveal that most psychiatric illnesses are related to one another. Tracing these connections, like the mapping of a river system, promises to help define the main cause of these disorders and the drugs that...

Electric vehicles as an example of a market failure

By Jovana Stanisljevic

Electric vehicle revolution is well under way. Norway ambitiously heads toward having all new cars sold as zero-emission by 2025. China continues to be one of the major drivers of EV boom. The US market experiences strong...

Autonomous transport will shape our cities' future – best get on the right path early

By Peter Newman

A unique opportunity exists for infrastructure investment in Australia as transport as we know it faces disruption from autonomous vehicles. Disruption is not a dirty word. Traditional transport models are being...

Universities must stop relying on software to deal with plagiarism

By Amanda Mphahlele Et Al

Educational software whether its a teaching aid or a program designed to help teachers with administration is big business. The recent multi-billion dollar acquisition of Turnitin, a program that is used around the world...

Does most of your paycheck go to rent? That may be hurting your health

By Jessica Owens-Young

New data on health across the U.S. shows that high housing costs are harming Americans health and that some communities are affected more than others. The 2019 County Health Rankings, an annual collaborative report...

Anxieties over livestreams can help us design better Facebook and YouTube content moderation

By Andrew Quodling

As families in Christchurch bury their loved ones following Fridays terrorist attack, global attention now turns to preventing such a thing ever happening again. In particular, the role social media played in...

A half-century before the hashtag, artists were on the front lines of #MeToo

By Vivien G. Fryd

The #MeToo movement has had a sweeping effect on politics, organized religion, educational institutions, Hollywood, sports and the military. The cultural prominence of rape and sexual assault might be new. Efforts to...

Danger ahead in the constitutional standoff over Trump's emergency declaration

By William E. Nelson

President Donald Trumps emergency declaration to build a border wall has provoked a constitutional confrontation with Congress. Heres how we got to this point. On Feb. 26, the House voted 245-182 under the National...

Student loans and 'risk-sharing' – the problem with penalizing colleges when graduates can't pay

By Kate Padgett Walsh

When a student borrows money from the government to go to college and then has serious trouble paying it back, should the college be on the hook to help pay back the government? That question lies at the heart of a...

Wastewater is an asset – it contains nutrients, energy and precious metals, and scientists are learning how to recover them

By Yalin Li

Most people think as little as possible about the wastewater that is produced daily from their showers, bathtubs, sinks, dishwashers and toilets. But with the right techniques, it can become a valuable resource. On...

We did a breakthrough 'speed test' in quantum tunnelling, and here's why that's exciting

By U. Satya Sainadh

When you deal with things at the quantum scale, where things are very small, the world is quite fuzzy and bizarre in comparison to our everyday experiences. For example, we cant ordinarily walk through solid walls. But...

Politicians suing for defamation is usually a bad idea: here's why

By Michael Douglas

When The Project host Waleed Aly began his editorial in the wake of the Christchurch massacre, he apologised that these wont be my best words. He was wrong. The YouTube clip of his poignant commentary has been viewed...

CRISPR gene editing: Why we need Slow Science

By Landon J Getz

In a newly published article in Nature, a group of prominent scientists and ethicists have called for a moratorium on clinical research using CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing. This moratorium deals with the use of CRISPR/Cas9...

Dentists need a licence to practice. Why not economists?

By Ross Guest

The great British economist John Maynard Keynes said he longed for the day when economics could be thought of as a matter for specialists - like dentistry. Its easier to become an economist than a dentist, or a doctor...

Mass-market electric pickup trucks and SUVs are on the way

By Venkat Viswanathan Et Al

Electric vehicles specifically, the Tesla Model 3 are dominating the U.S. market for premium sedans, but are barely even on the radar in the busiest automotive category, which includes SUVs and pickup trucks. The...

Blame wood-burning stoves for winter air pollution and health threats

By Michael D. Mehta

It may be natural, but theres nothing safe or environmentally sound about heating your home with wood. The World Health Organization has ranked air pollution and climate change as the top health threat for 2019. One in...

AI in schools — here's what we need to consider

By Neha Shivhare

Are you ready for artificial intelligence in schools? You may already know that researchers believe AI is likely to predict the onset of diseases in future and that youre already using AI every day when you search...

#MeToo has changed the media landscape, but in Australia there is still much to be done

By Bianca Fileborn Et Al

Emerging in October 2017 in response to allegations of sexual assault perpetrated by Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, #MeToo highlighted the potential for traditional and social media to work together to generate...

No matter who wins the next election, managing the China relationship will be tricky – and vital

By Tony Walker

This is part of a major series called Advancing Australia, in which leading academics examine the key issues facing Australia in the lead-up to the 2019 federal election and beyond. Read the other pieces in the series...

New home, new clothes: the old ones no longer fit once you move to the country

By Rachael Wallis

What happens if you decide to jump in, Escape to the Country-style, and flee the city rat race? Well, for a start, your identity begins to change in response to the new place around you. This change happens inside you,...

Overworked and underpaid: the revival of strikes in New Zealand

By Toby Boraman

Strikes were supposedly something of the alleged bad old days of the 1970s. But during the first year of Aotearoa New Zealands Labour-led government, a strike revival ensued. At least 70,000 people, if not more, walked out...

Brendan Rodgers' Celtic 'betrayal' reveals just what football means in Scotland

By Joseph Bradley

There was a time when it would have been inconceivable a club of Celtics size and history would lose their manager to Leicester City. That was the verdict of player-turned-pundit Jamie Carragher in the Telegraph last...

How alcohol companies are using International Women's Day to sell more drinks to women

By Carol Emslie

International Womens Day on March 8 celebrates womens achievements across the world and calls for action to speed up gender equality. Many alcohol companies also see it as an ideal opportunity to market their products to...

Pakistan forges closer ties with Saudi Arabia – and Iran isn't happy

By Scott Lucas

New relationships are being forged within Pakistan and between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. These relationships and their importance were captured in a single, compelling moment during Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin...

The four key factors that determined the outcome of the Nigeria poll

By Olayinka Ajala

Mixed reactions greeted Nigerias 2019 presidential elections outcome. The 2019 presidential election was expected to be a close race because the two main candidates are from the northern part of the country. But, in the...

Violent crime: decades of research shows punishing 'risky' young people does not work – here's what does

By Jo Deakin Et Al

Violent crime among young people has reached a worrying high in parts of the UK over recent years. Theres been a year-on-year increase in knife offences committed by young people since March 2014. In 2017/18 alone, there...

Is Cryptocurrency Going to Stop The US Pressure on Developing Economies?

By Andrew Zimine

Recently a lot of developing countries turned to cryptocurrency in an effort to avoid consequences of US sanctions and bootstrap their economies. Indeed, the US is known to employ economic pressure as a political tool. We...

New AI art has artists, collaborators wondering: Who gets the credit?

By Aaron Hertzmann

Over the past few years, many artists have started to use whats called neural network software to create works of art. Users input existing images into the software, which has been programmed to analyze them, learn a...

11 things you can do to adjust to losing that 1 hour of sleep this weekend

By Deepa Burman Et Al

As clocks march ahead of time on March 10, 2019 and daylight saving time begins, there is a lot of anxiety around losing the hour of sleep and how to adjust to this change. Usually an hour seems like an insignificant...

Artificial intelligence must know when to ask for human help

By Sarah Scheffler Et Al

Artificial intelligence systems are powerful tools for businesses and governments to process data and respond to changing situations, whether on the stock market or on a battlefield. But there are still some things AI isnt...

How to prevent the 'robot apocalypse' from ending labor as we know it

By Thomas Kochan Et Al

It seems not a day goes by without the appearance of another dire warning about the future of work. Some alarmists fear a robot apocalypse, while others foresee the day of singularity coming when artificial intelligence...

A prison program in Connecticut seeks to find out what happens when prisoners are treated as victims

By Miriam Gohara

Prisons are full of people who were once victims of violence and abuse. As many as 75 percent of people who are in prison have experienced violence or childhood neglect, according to data from the Department of...

Brexit is not a retreat into isolationism – survey suggests public remains committed to global security role

By Thomas Scotto Et Al

Britains vote to leave the European Union has been taken by some as a signal that the British public want to retreat from having a global role. But a survey of their views on NATO and shared European defence suggests...

SpaceX Dragon 2 set for nail-biting landing – here's the rocket science

By Ian Whittaker Et Al

If all goes to plan, a fiery Dragon will light up the sky over the Atlantic before hopefully cooling off with a watery splashdown on March 8. The SpaceX Dragon 2 capsule is of enormous significance for spaceflight as it...

It’s not (just) about the money. How R&D funds are spent matters too

By Jackson Jackson Et Al

Research funding is a hot topic in Indonesia at the moment. The CEO of Bukalapak, an Indonesian e-commerce unicorn, recently criticised the governments lack of investment in RD, prompting an invitation from the...

Remember Blockbuster, Nirvana and pagers? The new Captain Marvel lives in the 1990s

By Michael Milford Et Al

Captain Marvel flies into movie theatres from today, and apart from introducing a great new hero who combines the righteousness of Captain America and the humour of Thor: Ragnarok, its also a cultural reference bonanza for...

Why some counties are powerhouses for innovation

By the time the application window closed, Amazon had received 238 proposals from cities and regions throughout North America looking to become the second headquarters of the behemoth tech company. Amazon invited...

Australian employment rises modestly in February, jobless rate likely to remain flat in months ahead

13:08 PM| Commentary

Australian labor market continues to be strong. Employment rose modestly in February after rising strongly in January. Leading indicators point to further growth in employment, albeit at a slower rate, noted ANZ in a...

FxWirePro: Shining Bulls in Bullion - Spotlight on Long Hedges

12:33 PM| Research & Analysis

Gold has continued to sense buying price sentiments. The major driving forces of bullish scenarios of gold prices: The US Fed has confirmed last night what they had already signaled in January, by maintaining status...

Bank Indonesia keeps key interest rate unchanged, likely to adopt wait-and-see stance

12:09 PM| Commentary Central Banks

Bank Indonesia has maintained its 7-day reverse repo rate at 6 percent, as was widely anticipated. Todays decision is the fourth straight meeting that BI has kept its interest rate on hold. The central bank also continues...

Philippine central bank keeps overnight RRP on hold at 4.75 pct, likely to be cut by 75 bps by end-2019

11:36 AM| Commentary Central Banks

The Philippine central bank kept its overnight RRP on hold at 4.75 percent, as was expected. Prevailing monetary settings were characterised as appropriate. The BSP has further lowered its inflation forecast for 2019. The...

BOE monetary policy preview

10:57 AM| Commentary Central Banks

The pound has been struggling amid domestic political trouble, toning down of hawkish rhetoric from Bank of England (BoE), uncertainties surrounding the Brexit agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom....

German bund yields jump after Fed hints at brake on raising rates; EU leaders’ summit in focus

10:30 AM| Commentary Economy

The German bund yields slumped during European session Thursday after the Federal Reserve hinted at putting a brake on further rate hikes. Now, investors will take a close look at todays European Union leaders summit, for...

FOMC Monetary Policy March 2019: Assessing future bias from statement and projection materials

04:29 AM| Commentary Central Banks

As expected, the policymakers at FOMC kept the interest rate unchanged at yesterdays meeting. Current Federal funds rate target 225-250 basis points. Lets first assess the bias in monetary policy statement...

U.S. Leading Economic index likely to have risen modestly in February

18:11 PM| Commentary

The U.S. Conference Boards Leading Economic Index data for the month of February is set to release tomorrow. The index highlights how the U.S. economy has lost some momentum in recent months. The index has stalled since...

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CoinMarketCap indices to feature on Reuters, Bloomberg and Nasdaq

13:14 PM| Research & Analysis Digital Currency Insights & Views Commentary

CoinMarketCaps two benchmark indices for predominant cryptocurrencies have beenunveiledon its native platform as well as on the leading global financial data feeds, such as Bloomberg Terminals, Thomson Reuters Eikon...

Crypto fund raisers’ trending alternative - IEOs i/o ICOs

08:20 AM| Research & Analysis Digital Currency Insights & Views

The cryptocurrency avenue is still in the growing phase of the industry, the better clarity on the regulatory framework of the underlying asset itself is the perplexing substance, they also presented risks to investors...

Regulatory Series on Cryptocurrencies: Harvard associate and former CFTC chief mulls over bitcoin slippage through gap between US SEC & CFTC

07:14 AM| Research & Analysis Digital Currency Insights & Views

A senior associate at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and former chairman of theCommodity Futures Trading Commission,Timothy Massad, thinks deeply and at length about a loophole that the US regulators...

Six images reveal how we ‘see' data and capture invisible science

By Andrea Rassell - 13:10 PM| Insights & Views Science

As an experimental video-maker working at scales smaller than molecules, I surround myself in a variety of scientific visualisations. In reading popular media on scientific discoveries, I sometimes encounter claims that...

Teens have less face time with their friends – and are lonelier than ever

By Jean Twenge - 13:13 PM| Insights & Views Life Technology

Ask a teen today how she communicates with her friends, and shell probably hold up her smartphone. Not that she actually calls her friends; its more likely that she texts them or messages them on social media. Todays...

Domestic abuse: the psychology of coercive control remains a legal battlefield

By Charlotte Bishop - 13:16 PM| Insights & Views Health Law

Not everyone was celebrating when Sally Challens murder conviction for killing her husband was quashed. The backlash on social media indicates we still have a long way to go before domestic abuse is properly...

Regulatory Series on Cryptocurrencies: Canadian authorities to abandon shorting cryptocurrencies

10:45 AM| Research & Analysis Digital Currency Insights & Views

Canada has always been at the forefront when it comes to the gamut of cryptocurrency. As per a survey by the Bank of Canada, Canadiansawarenessof Bitcoin rose from 64% to 85%, but ownership doesnt seem to be...

A case against a moratorium on germline gene editing

By G. Owen Schaefer - 13:17 PM| Insights & Views Science

Should researchers put the brakes on genetically engineering babies? Leading scientists and ethicists recently called for a moratorium on clinical applications of germline gene editing: inheritable alterations to the DNA...

Econotimes Series


UK gilts rally after EU leaders agree to Article 50 deadline extension to avoid no-deal Brexit next week

The United Kingdoms gilts rallied during Fridays afternoon session, after the European Union leaders have finally agreed to an extension of the Article 50 deadline to avoid a no-deal Brexit next week. If the House of...

German bunds jump following lower-than-expected March manufacturing PMI

The German bunds jumped during European session Friday after the countrys manufacturing PMI for the month of March came in lower than market expectations. This mornings European dataflow has added new downwards pressure to...

Germany manufacturing PMI for March registers lowest reading in over six-and-half years

Germanys manufacturing PMI for the month of March, released by IHS Markit, registered 44.7 in March, down from 47.6 in February and its lowest reading in over six-and-half years. The index has now fallen in 14 of the past...

JGB 10-year yield slump to over 2-year low tracking global peers after Fed delivers dovish stance

The Japanese 10-year government bond yield slumped to over 2-year low Friday tracking a buying in the global debt market after the Federal Reserve delivered a dovish stance at its monetary policy meeting held on...

Australian 10-year bond yield dips to 2-1/2 year low as global central banks adopt dovish stance; focus on Brexit uncertainty

Australian government bonds gained during Asian trading session Friday as investors moved towards safe-haven assets amid end of monetary-policy normalization by major global central banks. Market attention was largely...


Melania Trump Did Not Let Ivanka Trump Take Over the White House East Wing, 'Kushner, Inc.' Author Alleges

Since United States President Donald Trump and his family occupied the White House, there have been several books released allegedly exposing the behind-the-scenes interactions among the first family and other Presidential...

Donald Trump 2019: Nancy Pelosi is Surprisingly Against His Impeachment and Here’s Why

The Democrats want Donald Trump to be impeached as soon as possible. They have been calling for the Congress to start the impeachment proceedings now but it appears that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not for it. In a...

Vladimir Putin 2019: Activist Jailed for Putting Up Russian President’s Gravestone

Vladimir Putins hater set up a fake gravestone in the middle of the Russian city, Naberezhnye Chelny, and the act landed him in jail. The fake gravestone featured the presidents picture and the year 1952-2019 was written...

Melania Trump’s #FakeMelania Conspiracy Theory Resurfaced; People Think There Is Someone Pretending to be the FLOTUS

Melania Trump is being accused of casting someone to fill in for her in events like visits to states. The FLOTUS is said to be using a body double so it will appear that she is present on occasions that she should...

Vladimir Putin Claims Russia Stopped 600 Spies in 2018, Passes Law that Will Imprison People Who Will Disrespect Government

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, alleged that the foreign intelligence services stepped up activities after discovering that hundreds of spies attempted to carry out their works in the country. The president claimed...


Cancer Cure 2019: Possible Treatment for Cancer Caused by Severe Skin Disease Is Being Developed

A group of researchers is recently focused on coming up with a cure for skin cancer that developed from a severe skin disease called recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB). This medical progress is especially...

HIV/AIDS Cure 2019: Advancements in Treatments and Therapies Continue Now Help Patients Return to ‘Non-Frail State’

For decades, scientists and researchers have been working hard in finding the complete cure for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). While the ultimate cure for HIV/AIDS is not...

Cancer Cure 2019: University of Colorado Research Sparks Hope as AML Patient Marks 2nd Anniversary of Remission

Despite the advancement of science and technology that the world has seen through the past decades, cancer diagnoses remains a piece of very heavy news to whoever receives it. Humanity has yet to find the ultimate cure for...

HIV/AIDS Cure 2019: Hopes Are Up for Potential Cure as 2nd Patient Goes on HIV Remission

The whole world is still on the lookout for the ultimate cure for patients infected with human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). A recent development sparked hope as one patient...

Mining the Moon

If you were transported to the Moon this very instant, you would surely and rapidly die. Thats because theres no atmosphere, the surface temperature varies from a roasting 130 degrees Celsius (266 F) to a bone-chilling...


Oculus Rift S: Is It Worth The Money?

Impressions with regards to the Oculus Rift S have been coming in and it would appear that the new VR headset has been making a mark in reviewers minds. However, while the general discussions with regards to the device...

‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Updates: DLCs Are Finally Confirmed; It Starts With the Addition of Critical Mode ‘Soon’

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the final installment of the popular video game series, so gaming fans are hoping that they could get more of it through post-launch downloadable contents. Luckily, directors Tetsuya Nomura and Tai...

iPhone X Mini Is Not Included in Apple's iPhone 2019 Lineup

One of the rumored Apple projects was a device dubbed in reports as the iPhone X Mini. However, tech fans can still expect the Cupertino, California-based company to unveil a lineup of all-new iPhones in 2019. Early...

Torrent Site Admins Sentenced to 4.5 Years for Releasing Sylvester Stallone Movie Before Official Premiere

Four administrators of a torrent website were recently sentenced of up to four and a half years in the United Kingdom. They are known for releasing torrents for a number of movies even before it is officially out in the...

‘Borderlands 3’ Release Date, Latest News: Game’s Official Announcement Happens Next Week

Borderlands 3 has been on many gaming fans radar for years now. They would be delighted to know that Gearbox Software recently dropped a major hint at a big announcement about the franchise. Earlier this month, Gearboxs...
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