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Big alcohol is poised to expand into Africa. Why this is bad news for health

By Charles Parry Et Al

The alcohol industry is doing exactly what the tobacco industry did several decades ago to ensure growth and increase profits: expanding into Africa as an underdeveloped market. As a result, exposure to alcohol in African...

Why Italian courts are struggling to protect people's freedom in public spaces

By Anna Di Ronco

Public spaces are by definition open to everyone, regardless of age, gender and social status. But in Italy, national security measures are placing ever-tighter restrictions on what people can and cant do in public. All of...

Manchester attack: an 'arms race' against ever adapting terror networks

By Kris Christmann

The Manchester attack illustrates how Western society is locked in an arms race with an ever adapting group of terrorists who keep changing their tactics and targets. Winning the battle depends on a number of complex...

How Google Street View became fertile ground for artists

By Chris Ingraham Et Al

On May 25, Google Street View celebrates its 10th birthday. A feature of Google Maps, it lets users explore cities and towns around the world and even peer inside businesses and government institutions (including the...

Cannabis isn't the health problem - it's the tobacco you mix with it

By Ian Hamilton Et Al

Europe may seem like an increasingly divided continent, but there is one thing that unites its people: an obsession with using tobacco to smoke cannabis. Up to 90% of Europeans combine tobacco with cannabis, according to...

What is terrorism? What do terrorists want?

By Frederic Lemieux

Editors note: The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for an attack at the Manchester Arena that claimed at least 22 lives and hospitalized 59 more people. One victim was just eight years old. The mayor of Manchester...

video Manchester attack: as bombs return, what can be done to make venues more secure?

By David Lowe

The bomb attack on Manchester Arena comes at a time when the whole of the UK is on high terror alert. Across Europe, there recently have been a number of attacks using vehicles and knives and that has focused many peoples...

The global market for wine: China leads the emergence of a new world order

By Jacques-Olivier Pesme

The latest piece in our ongoing series Globalisation Under Pressure, first published by The Conversation France, looks at wine consumption around the world and how it moves from the local to the global. Recent figures...

Why thinking beyond money is vital for solving the poverty puzzle

By Steven J Lade Et Al

According to the OECD, development aid recently reached a new peak of $US142.6 billion a year. But international assistance that aims to alleviate poverty can have undesirable, and often unintended consequences on both...

China and the US vie for friendship with the Philippines, while Duterte hedges

By Alessandro Uras

The rapprochement between China and the Philippines has ostensibly avoided the prospect of a confrontation in the South China Sea. On the sidelines of a two-day summit about Chinas global development project, held in...

Nineteen dead, 59 injured so far: Carnage at a British pop concert a suspected terrorist attack

By Tony Walker

The pattern has become all too familiar. Young people gathered for a musical event find themselves subjected to what British Prime Minister Theresa May has described as an appalling terrorist attack. While there is no...

Meet the linguists: the new French government is packing some pretty intimidating skills

By Philip Bullock

One of the most striking features of the recent French presidential elections and the subsequent nomination of a new prime minister and his cabinet has been the attention paid by the French media to the linguistic...

Teaching students to survive a zombie apocalypse with psychology

By John A Parkinson Et Al

Playing games is ubiquitous across all cultures and time periods mainly beacuse most people like playing games. Games involve rules, points, systems, as well as a theme or storyline and can be massively fun and...

Female entrepreneurs and the curse of 'male-only' business attributes

By Lianne Taylor

In theory, the world of entrepreneurship should be gender-blind. Start-up businesses are judged on whether they survive or die, and you might have thought that the same stark definition was applied to entrepreneurs...

Arthur: Legend of the Sword – a film obsessed with effect rather than substance

By Marco Nievergelt

Cinematic adaptations of the King Arthur story have frequently assigned a central place to the love triangle between Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot most famously in the saccharine Hollywood remake, First Knight (1995)....

Progressive politics can win in a post-truth world by making myths of its own

By Timothy Stacey

Much has been made of Donald Trumps wanton deployment of myths in the place of facts in recent months. To the dismay of his opponents, challenging these myths with rational evidence or fact checking simply does not cut...

After the 'Facebook Files', the social media giant must be more transparent

By Nicolas Suzor

Most people on Facebook have probably seen something they wish they hadnt, whether it be violent pictures or racist comments. How the social media giant decides what is and isnt acceptable is often a mystery. Internal...

From Bulgaria to East Asia, the making of Japan's yogurt culture

By Maria Yotova

Yogurt has travelled from Bulgaria to Japan and back, channelling identities and national pride as it goes. The the sixth article of our series Globalisation Under Pressure charts its course. Japan has a new food fad:...

What is positive psychology and how can you use it for yourself?

By Peggy Kern

Many people have probably heard the term positive psychology, but know little about what it means in practice. Positive psychology aims to find ways to make life better for people, and ensure theyre the most mentally...

6 reasons why stopping terrorism is so challenging

By Eileen Trauth

A January 2017 PEW survey showed that Americans rate terrorism as the top priority for the Trump administration and Congress. They put the issue ahead of the economy, education, jobs and health care costs. For the past...

Breaking down their own stereotypes to give veterans more career opportunities

By Eileen Trauth

Military veterans have a higher unemployment rate than nonveterans, according to federal statistics. One reason may be that when veterans seek civilian jobs, they often face stereotypes from hiring managers. But another...

Let cities speak: what sounds define us now?

By Jordan Lacey

This is the first of two Let Cities Speak articles. While Western city soundscapes are increasingly homogeneous, these articles seek to explore the sounds that still define us and the ways in which we might discover new...

Let cities speak: reclaiming a place for community with sounds

By Jordan Lacey

This is the second of two Let Cities Speak articles. While Western city soundscapes are increasingly homogeneous, these articles seek to explore the sounds that still define us and the ways in which we might discover new...

Africa must reboot its health systems to cope with non-communicable diseases

By Neo Tapela

When it comes to killer diseases in Africa many people think of infectious diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, or even Ebola. But the reality is that diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease known as...

Hag, temptress or feminist icon? The witch in popular culture

By Chloe Germaine Buckley

You would have thought that Western society might have grown out of the habit of portraying powerful women as witches, but a trope that usually ended badly for women in the Middle Ages is still being used in the 21st...

How Big Tobacco is losing the fight to stop plain packaging of cigarettes

By Enrico Bonadio

You may already have seen the tobacco packs currently sold in the UK: a dark, murky green colour with large graphic health-warning images and scary messages aimed at informing current and potential smokers about the...

Hassan Rouhani's economic legacy may be his key to winning a second term

By Shahram Akbarzadeh

Todays presidential election in Iran had turned into a vote of confidence for President Hassan Rouhanis four years in office. Irans economic recovery and reintegration into the global economy have become key electoral...

The road to the great regression

By Donatella Della Porta Et Al

In 1980, the novelist Martin Amis attended a meeting in Texas with Ronald Reagan, then in the midst of the campaign that would put him in the White House. Reagan liked to end his electoral activities with some audience...

The BHP rebrand might be a success even if it doesn't drive sales

By Chris Baumann

Mining giant BHP Billiton has finally launched its rebrand - dropping Billiton, removing the four-blobs from its logo; leaving only an upper-case BHP behind. Research shows that rebrands rarely improve...

Explainer: why we should be turning waste into fuel

By Ben Madden Et Al

The federal government recently announced that it is giving recycling company ResourceCo a loan of A$30 million to build two waste-to-fuel plants producing solid waste fuel. Waste-to-energy is an important part of the...

When some US firms move production overseas, they also offshore their pollution

By Yue Maggie Zhou

On April 22, as protesters swelled Earth Day rallies in U.S. cities and around the world, President Trump tweeted that he was committed to keeping our air and water clean but always remember that economic growth enhances...

There are jobs in journalism, just not traditional ones

By Phil Lewis

The recent announcements of the proposed Fairfax sacking of 115 newsroom staff has again focused attention on the future of journalism in Australia. The Fairfax cuts follow the shedding of 120 editorial jobs a year...

Dismal wages growth makes a joke of budget forecasts

By Richard Holden

Vital Signs is a weekly economic wrap from UNSW economics professor and Harvard PhD Richard Holden (@profholden). Vital Signs aims to contextualise weekly economic events and cut through the noise of the data affecting...

Meet Theresa May's Conservatives – they're not the nasty party, honest

By Robin Pettitt

Theresa Mays (not the Conservative Partys more on that later) 2017 general election manifesto is based on dealing with Five Great Challenges. The plan is to ensure a strong economy, manage Brexit, tackle enduring social...

There's a technology that could stop Facebook Live being used to stream murders – but it has a cost

By Honglei Li

It took 24 hours before the video of a man murdering his baby daughter was removed from Facebook. On April 24, 2017, the father from Thailand had streamed the killing of his 11-month-old baby girl using the social networks...

All roads to sustainable energy lead to the sun

By Werner van Zyl

Humans consume 221 tonnes of coal, 1,066 barrels of oil, and 93,000 metric cubes of natural gas per second. These materials were wonderful for the industrial revolution that started in Britain in the 18th century and...

Academics can't change the world when they're distrusted and discredited

By Lyn Snodgrass

There have been persistent calls for academics and scientists to venture forth from academias ivory towers to engage with a wider audience on the critical issues facing society. Its a reasonable argument. Academics...

To stay in the game universities need to work with tech companies

By Martin Hall

The world of higher and professional education is changing rapidly. Digitally-enabled learning, in all its forms, is here to stay. Over the last five years, massive open online courses (MOOCs) have enabled universities to...

How World War I changed the weather for good

By Barry Sheils

Culture has rarely tired of speaking about the weather. Pastoral poems detail the seasonal variations in weather ad nauseam, while the term pathetic fallacy is often taken to refer to a Romantic poets wilful translation of...

High-tech China-US arms race threatens to destabilise East Asia

By James Samuel Johnson

After decades of peace, East Asia is racked with tension and its two dominant military powers are jostling for supremacy in an extremely alarming way. The US and China are accumulating increasingly advanced military...

How UKIP’s decline could provide a major boost for Theresa May

By Ron Johnston

The British prime minister Theresa May called a snap general election in the expectation that it will deliver her a substantially increased parliamentary majority. This in turn would give her the strong and stable...

A report says that Mexico is the second-deadliest conflict zone in the world – it's just not true

By Patricio R. Estévez-Soto

According to a report published in early May, Mexico has become the second-deadliest conflict zone in the world in 2016. The claim came from a press release for the 2017 edition of the Armed Conflict Survey (ACS) by the...

Electioneering in the social media age

By Sharon Coen

Britain is engaged in a General Election contest and once again political parties are investing money, time and energy in their online presence. The Tories are ploughing cash into Instagram adverts and Labour is doing its...

How WannaCry caused global panic but failed to turn much of a profit

By Bill Buchanan

The recent WannaCry cyber-attack led to panic across the globe, showing just how important it is for organisations to have secure operating systems. This was not even the most sophisticated malware around. Numerous...

What's at stake in China's plan to blow up islands in the Mekong

By Alan Marshall

Its the largest freshwater fish in the world and, once upon a time, these fish swam the great lengths of the mighty Mekong River from southern China, through Burma, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia, all the way to the rivers...

Shinzo Abe pushes ahead on Constitutional reform amid heated debate within Japan

By Nick Bisley

On May 1, the largest vessel in the Japanese Maritime Self Defence fleet, the vast helicopter carrier Izumo sailed out of Yokosuka. Its mission was to escort the US naval contingent that was deployed off the Korean...

Do Australian banks have double the return on equity of banks in other developed economies?

By Jim Minifie

The banks in Australia have a return on equity which is about twice, if not more than that, what you see particularly in other parts of the advanced developed economies of the world. Treasurer Scott Morrison, ABC Insiders,...

From Nazis to Netflix, the controversies and contradictions of Cannes

By David Scott Diffrient

On May 17, the 70th edition of the Festival de Cannes kicked off with the opening-night screening of director Arnaud Desplechins Ismaels Ghosts. It will wrap up 11 days later, when the Pedro Almodovar-led jury bestows the...

Beyond Brexit: ‘Global Britain’ looks to the emerging Anglosphere for new opportunities

By Andrew Mycock Et Al

What lies beyond Brexit? This is not just a question for the United Kingdom and the European Union, but also one that will reverberate around the world. One answer is the Anglosphere. Often spoken of as an...

Guilt-free online shopping: can parcel deliveries ever be truly carbon-neutral?

By David M. Herold

Whether youre a fashion junkie or a reluctant shopper, there is no denying that buying online is hugely convenient a couple of clicks and your order is on its way to your door. But we are all aware that these goods need...

How the Aramco IPO will make history and transform Saudi Arabia's economy

The US and Saudi Arabia have signed hundreds of billions of dollars worth of business deals following Donald Trumps trip to the oil-rich state. The biggest deal was for nearly US$110 billion worth of weapons (extending to...

Fed Hike Aftermath Series

Fed Hike Aftermath Series: Hike probabilities strengthen; still far from pricing two more

12:27 PM| Commentary Central Banks

As the markets recover from last weeks jolt triggered by allegations by Washington Post and New York Times that President Trump urged director Comey to end investigations into General Michael Flynn, who was forced to...

Global Geopolitics Series

Global Geo-political Series: South Korea fires at unknown projectile from North Korea

11:08 AM| Commentary

South Korean military has reportedly fired as many as 90 shots to an unidentified projectile that flew from North Korea and crossed the border as well as the demilitarized zone between the two nations, which have been at...

Oil in Global Economy Series

Oil in Global Economy Series: US oil production recovery continues to overwhelm

10:44 AM| Commentary

While the OPEC ministers are preparing to meet in their Vienna headquarter on Thursday, the financial market continues to get overwhelmed by the recovery in the US oil production since last July. The shale oil recovery...

FxWirePro: Pound struggles over Manchester terrorist attack

07:57 AM| Commentary

A terrorist attack last night at the heart of the UK has shocked the country to its core just weeks before an important general election that will be held on 8th of June. As of latest reporting, 22 people have been...

Asian markets mixed, gold back above $1,260 mark

04:33 AM| Commentary

All the major Asian indices were trading on a mixed note on Tuesday. Gold was trading around $1,262 mark while silver was trading around $17.15 mark. Japans Nikkei was trading 0.04 pct higher at 19,670.50...

Australian labor costs growth likely bottomed, may rebound slightly in 2017 - ANZ

23:21 PM| Commentary Economy

The ANZ wage gauge, which is a survey-based measure of Australias wage costs rose in April. The rise in the gauge was driven by a rebound in the companies component as Australian businesses appear to expect marginally...

China’s economic growth to further decelerate to 6.6 pct in 2017 and to 6 pct in 2018 - Westpac

23:19 PM| Commentary

Chinas economic growth is expected to decelerate further this year and in next year. According to a Westpac research report, the Chinese economy is likely to expand 6.6 percent in 2017 and slowdown to 6 percent in 2018....

University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index likely climbed in May

23:18 PM| Commentary

The University of Michigans consumer confidence index had stayed elevated in April and into the initial few weeks of May. It is expected to have come in at 97.7 in May, according to consensus expectations. The confidence...

Core inflation to remain subdued in advanced nations, likely to gradually accelerate in near future

16:55 PM| Commentary

Global headline inflation seems to have peaked at the beginning of this year as the base effects of higher energy prices has washed out, noted ANZ in a research report. Underlying inflation continues to track sideways and...

U.S. Treasuries lose ground on strong cues from global equities; FOMC speeches in focus

11:47 AM| Commentary Economy

The U.S. Treasuries lost ground at the start of the week on Monday in reaction to strong cues from the Wall Street ahead of a host of speeches by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) members Harker and Kashkari,...

Fitch: Saudi 1Q Deficit Narrows, Some Allowance Cuts Reversed

11:56 AM| Research & Analysis

Saudi Arabias sharply narrower first quarter deficit highlights the positive fiscal impact of higher oil prices. But the partial reversal of a cut in public sector allowances shows reforms are not yet well entrenched,...

Moody's: Weak structures of cov-lite loans, now the majority of US leveraged loan market, suggest lower-than-average recoveries in the next downturn

11:20 AM| Research & Analysis

Poorly structured covenant-lite loans today make up a much larger proportion of the US leveraged loan market than they did before the credit crisis, and this does not bode well for investor recoveries during the next...

Moody's: Low interest rates partly offset risks from UK consumers' high over-indebtedness levels

07:37 AM| Research & Analysis

Low interest rates mean that despite recent looser underwriting of unsecured debt, consumers in the United Kingdom (UK) will continue to be able to service their high debt levels in a base case scenario, according to...

Fitch: Recovery in Belarus Bank Lending is Still Some Way Off 

10:34 AM| Research & Analysis

A return to growth in Belarusian bank lending is still some way off, Fitch Ratings said at its annual conference on Belarus in Minsk today. We expect new lending (excluding exchange-rate effects) to be at best flat in...

Top Stories

Time travel: a conversation between a scientist and a literature professor

By Simon John James Et Al - 12:38 PM| Science

Literature professor Simon John James and physicist Richard Bower were both involved in the curating the exhibition, Time Machines the past, the future, and how stories take us there. Their conversations quickly revealed...

Digital Currency Revolution

Japanese airline Peach Aviation to accept payment in bitcoin for airline tickets

10:33 AM| Digital Currency

Peach Aviation Ltd, one of Japans largest discount airline providers, has become the first in Japan to accept bitcoin as a payment option for airline tickets with an aim to attract more tourists from Asian region,...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Toyota, MIT Media lab partner to explore blockchain for driverless cars

09:11 AM| Digital Currency

Toyota Research Institute (TRI), a unit of Toyota Motor North America, has partnered with MIT Media lab and five other firms in a move to explore blockchain technology for the development of driverless cars. The...

Is The Fourth Industrial Revolution Here? Human Workers Fused With Machines

09:14 AM| Technology

Over the last few centuries, the world has undergone three industrial revolutions. The first involved steam technology, which was then followed by the assembly line, and finally by electronics. With the advent of new...

Viable Professional Networking Replacements To LinkedIn

08:59 AM| Technology

For years, LinkedIn was considered the default networking service for professionals. From posting jobs to making connections, the property that Microsoft recently acquired allowed millions of workers to come together....

Clothes Made Of Living Cells For No-Sweat Sports Sessions

07:11 AM| Technology

There are a lot of materials that can be used for clothing. From plant fibers to cotton, to leather, and even plastic. However, scientists recently came up with a way to create clothing made of living cells. Not only that,...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Nasdaq and Citi leverage Chain’s blockchain technology for new payment solution

05:30 AM| Digital Currency

Nasdaq, Inc. and Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions have announced a new integrated payment solution that leverages Chains blockchain technology to address the challenges of liquidity in private securities by streamlining...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Blockchain platform ShapeShift launches trustless portfolio market platform ‘Prism’

11:51 AM| Digital Currency

Blockchain asset exchange platform ShapeShift has introduces trustless portfolio market platform Prism that is built entirely upon Ethereum-based smart contracts. Prism platform enables humans and machines to acquire...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Legal Landmines Preventing Global Adoption Of Blockchain

08:44 AM| Technology Law

While Blockchain is getting widespread interest and use in various industries now, there are quite a few legal hurdles that are preventing global acceptance of the revolutionary concept. A lot of this has to do with the...

Explainer: how the internet knows if you're happy or sad

By Lewis Mitchell - 11:34 AM| Insights & Views Technology

Think about what you shared with your friends on Facebook today. Was it feelings of stress or failure, or perhaps joy, love or excitement? Each time we post on social media, we leave traces of our mood. Our emotions are...

Blockchain Revolution Series

Financial ecosystem SALT launches blockchain-based loan platform

04:56 AM| Digital Currency

Financial ecosystem SALT announced that it has introduced first blockchain-based lending platform in a move to support loans that are denominated in national currencies collateralized by blockchain assets. Secured...

How data are transforming the music industry

By Brian Moon - 11:42 AM| Insights & Views Business Technology

Fifteen years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the iPod. Since then, most music fans have understood this has radically changed how they listen to music. Less understood are the ways that raw information accumulated via...

Resistance to hydropower is evaporating as science takes centre stage

By Mike Muller - 13:25 PM| Science

Big dams have a bad reputation. Theyre often associated with social disruption and environmental damage. That perception is now shifting. The challenges of climate, urbanisation and economic growth in countries and...

Why augmented reality is triggering cultural conflict and religious controversy

By Robert Seddon - 13:28 PM| Technology

A Russian man was recently given a three-and-a-half year suspended sentence for inciting religious hatred. His crime? Playing the popular augmented reality (AR) game Pokémon Go on his smartphone in a...

An ethical hacker can help you beat a malicious one

By Georg Thomas - 08:08 AM| Technology

The recent spate of cyber attacks on computer systems across the world shows how some organisations are not doing enough to protect their systems against malicious hackers. But if organisations had engaged the services...

Econotimes Series


Australia's Q1 economic growth likely to be dented by sharp fall in construction activity

Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Wednesday showed that total value of construction in Australia, including residential building and engineering work, during the first quarter of this year fell by 0.7...

U.S. Treasuries gain ahead of Fed meeting minutes

The U.S. Treasuries gained as investors await to read the Federal Reserves minutes of the last policy meeting, scheduled to be released later in the day. Also, todays 5-year note auction will be closely eyed by market...

UK gilts gain on safe-haven demand after PM May warns of 'critical' threat

The UK gilts gained Wednesday as investors poured into safe-haven instruments after Prime Minister Theresa May, commented, post the terrorist attack in Manchester, that the level of threat has become critical. Also,...

German bunds gain ahead of ECB President Draghi’s speech

The German bunds gained on Wednesday as investors wait to watch the European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghis speech, scheduled to be held later in the day. However, prior, to that, the market is now reacting to...

EUR/HUF likely to rise to 315.00 by end of this year, says Commerzbank

The EUR/HUF currency pair is expected to rise to a level of 315.00 by the end of this year after the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB) left all monetary policy parameters on hold yesterday as markets had anticipated. The statement...


US under Trump Series: Appointment of Mueller as special counsel is good news for policies

Last week, the US deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein appointed the former FBI director Robert Mueller as a special counsel to the investigation to Russias meddling with the US election and alleged collusion between the...

China's new anti-corruption body raises worrying questions about the rule of law

Corruption is thought to cost China US$86 billion each year. Widespread corruption at all levels of Chinese society also worsens economic inequality, which could potentially lead to social unrest. Although no one doubts...

The firing of James Comey: Psychology helps explain what Trump got wrong

Why has President Trump failed to convince anyone other than his ardent supporters that he was justified in firing FBI Director James Comey? Even more, why did he fail to realize that the firing would call up strong...

Merkel's way looks clear after German regional elections derail her main rival

Angela Merkels Christian Democratic Union has won a resounding victory in a regional election in Germanys most populous state, North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW). The CDU is now in pole position to be the largest party when...


There Are Now Tattoos That Can Say It Was Stupid To Get A Tattoo Out Loud

Humans have had a long history with tattoos, going back to the hunter-gatherer days when primitive tribes would mark themselves after a successful hunt or winning a war. These days, tattoos have become a fashion statement,...

Gas Station On The Moon Planned, Mars Mission Jump Point

There are several developments in the space sector right now, one of which is the effort to colonize Mars. However, this project has quite a few obstacles with energy burnout being a major factor. This is where a Caltech...

Arms Early Impressions Favorable, Nintendo Switch Motion Control Seems Good

When it was announced that Nintendo was going to be released a fighting game with motion controls called Arms, many were concerned that the response wouldnt be up to par. Based on early impressions, however, both the game...

Scientific Proof That Vegans Are Right, Going Meatless Will Save The World

In developed communities, particularly in the US, Vegans have earned unfortunate reputations for being a little annoying. However, new scientific research suggests that they may actually have the right standpoint on the...

Inoculation theory: Using misinformation to fight misinformation

As a psychologist researching misinformation, I focus on reducing its influence. Essentially, my goal is to put myself out of a job. Recent developments indicate that I havent been doing a very good job of it....


Five surprising ways holograms are revolutionising the world

We seem to be fascinated by holograms or at least the promise of what they can do. Think the famous Princess Leia projection in Star Wars; holographic fashion shows in New York, Hamburg and Beijing; the massive success of...

Dubai Wants A Quarter Of Its Police Force To Be Robocops By 2030

Judging by how the tech industry has become more and more invested in robotics and artificial intelligence, anyone who knows anything could already see robotic law enforcers coming. So when Dubai unveiled its own police...

Prevent Pregnancies By Weakening Sperm, New Male Contraception Method

It seems scientists are always finding ways to stop accidental pregnancies and the latest method discovered involves actually weakening sperm cells. This type of contraception only applies to males and involves a little...

Sorry everyone: on the internet, you're always the product

Anyone who spends much time online knows the saying: If youre not paying, youre the product. Thats not exactly correct. On the internet, youre nearly always the product. And while most internet users know that some of...

Toyota Considers Blockchain To Collect Data For Self-Driving Technology

While the auto industry is racing towards an autonomous driving future, theres still the question of actually developing the technology that is giving companies pause. Even with a brand as big as Toyota, resources for...
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