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Samsung Galaxy Watch running on Wear OS could be unveiled at MWC Barcelona in late June

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active | Photo credit: Emiliano Cicero (@emilianocicero) / Unsplash

Samsung may not be physically present at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month, but the South Korean tech giant is still gearing up for a virtual presentation. One of the sessions it is going to host hints at the first look at the wearable operating system that merges the features of Tizen and Google’s Wear OS.

Samsung to present Wear OS merged with Tizen at MWC

One of the virtual sessions Samsung will have at MWC focuses on “Galaxy Ecosystem” and a “New Watch Experience.” The event’s description does not specifically mention Tizen and Wear OS, but it provides strong hints that the newly merged OS will be one of the highlights of the June 28 affair.

9To5Google notes that Samsung will present how it is “reimagining smartwatches, creating new opportunities for both developers and consumers” at the said MWC session. When Google announced the unified platform at the I/O conference last month, the company said one of its advantages is the possibility for developers to build more apps for devices powered by the new Wear OS. While the specifics are still under wraps, Google also said the unified platform should deliver faster performance and longer battery life.

The same session will also tackle mobile security and the integration and available services to the Galaxy ecosystem. Based on the event’s description, though, it might not be the venue to unveil the highly anticipated Galaxy Watch 4 series. Samsung previously announced it is not holding in-person events at the MWC Barcelona due to health and safety concerns.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 specs: What to expect

While Samsung remains mum about the Galaxy Watch 4 series, the rumor mill has been pumping out details from leaks about the wearable device’s specs. Last month, it was reported that the upcoming watch, including an “Active” model, will be powered by a new 5nm processor. Samsung is expected to use 2D glass for the display with thinner bezels.

Samsung is also rumored to launch three designs for the Galaxy Watch 4 series. One would be the conventional smartwatch with an aluminum chassis, and two more watches will reportedly have a sporty design. The release date for Galaxy Watch 4 devices is still unknown, but it could be happening soon. Samsung has recently acquired certification from China’s 3C for four “smart watch” products.

Photo by Emiliano Cicero on Unsplash

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