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Dentists need a licence to practice. Why not economists?

By Ross Guest

The great British economist John Maynard Keynes said he longed for the day when economics could be thought of as a matter for specialists - like dentistry. Its easier to become an economist than a dentist, or a doctor...

Mass-market electric pickup trucks and SUVs are on the way

By Venkat Viswanathan Et Al

Electric vehicles specifically, the Tesla Model 3 are dominating the U.S. market for premium sedans, but are barely even on the radar in the busiest automotive category, which includes SUVs and pickup trucks. The...

Blame wood-burning stoves for winter air pollution and health threats

By Michael D. Mehta

It may be natural, but theres nothing safe or environmentally sound about heating your home with wood. The World Health Organization has ranked air pollution and climate change as the top health threat for 2019. One in...

AI in schools — here's what we need to consider

By Neha Shivhare

Are you ready for artificial intelligence in schools? You may already know that researchers believe AI is likely to predict the onset of diseases in future and that youre already using AI every day when you search...

#MeToo has changed the media landscape, but in Australia there is still much to be done

By Bianca Fileborn Et Al

Emerging in October 2017 in response to allegations of sexual assault perpetrated by Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, #MeToo highlighted the potential for traditional and social media to work together to generate...

No matter who wins the next election, managing the China relationship will be tricky – and vital

By Tony Walker

This is part of a major series called Advancing Australia, in which leading academics examine the key issues facing Australia in the lead-up to the 2019 federal election and beyond. Read the other pieces in the series...

New home, new clothes: the old ones no longer fit once you move to the country

By Rachael Wallis

What happens if you decide to jump in, Escape to the Country-style, and flee the city rat race? Well, for a start, your identity begins to change in response to the new place around you. This change happens inside you,...

Overworked and underpaid: the revival of strikes in New Zealand

By Toby Boraman

Strikes were supposedly something of the alleged bad old days of the 1970s. But during the first year of Aotearoa New Zealands Labour-led government, a strike revival ensued. At least 70,000 people, if not more, walked out...

Brendan Rodgers' Celtic 'betrayal' reveals just what football means in Scotland

By Joseph Bradley

There was a time when it would have been inconceivable a club of Celtics size and history would lose their manager to Leicester City. That was the verdict of player-turned-pundit Jamie Carragher in the Telegraph last...

How alcohol companies are using International Women's Day to sell more drinks to women

By Carol Emslie

International Womens Day on March 8 celebrates womens achievements across the world and calls for action to speed up gender equality. Many alcohol companies also see it as an ideal opportunity to market their products to...

Pakistan forges closer ties with Saudi Arabia – and Iran isn't happy

By Scott Lucas

New relationships are being forged within Pakistan and between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. These relationships and their importance were captured in a single, compelling moment during Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin...

The four key factors that determined the outcome of the Nigeria poll

By Olayinka Ajala

Mixed reactions greeted Nigerias 2019 presidential elections outcome. The 2019 presidential election was expected to be a close race because the two main candidates are from the northern part of the country. But, in the...

Violent crime: decades of research shows punishing 'risky' young people does not work – here's what does

By Jo Deakin Et Al

Violent crime among young people has reached a worrying high in parts of the UK over recent years. Theres been a year-on-year increase in knife offences committed by young people since March 2014. In 2017/18 alone, there...

Is Cryptocurrency Going to Stop The US Pressure on Developing Economies?

By Andrew Zimine

Recently a lot of developing countries turned to cryptocurrency in an effort to avoid consequences of US sanctions and bootstrap their economies. Indeed, the US is known to employ economic pressure as a political tool. We...

New AI art has artists, collaborators wondering: Who gets the credit?

By Aaron Hertzmann

Over the past few years, many artists have started to use whats called neural network software to create works of art. Users input existing images into the software, which has been programmed to analyze them, learn a...

11 things you can do to adjust to losing that 1 hour of sleep this weekend

By Deepa Burman Et Al

As clocks march ahead of time on March 10, 2019 and daylight saving time begins, there is a lot of anxiety around losing the hour of sleep and how to adjust to this change. Usually an hour seems like an insignificant...

Artificial intelligence must know when to ask for human help

By Sarah Scheffler Et Al

Artificial intelligence systems are powerful tools for businesses and governments to process data and respond to changing situations, whether on the stock market or on a battlefield. But there are still some things AI isnt...

How to prevent the 'robot apocalypse' from ending labor as we know it

By Thomas Kochan Et Al

It seems not a day goes by without the appearance of another dire warning about the future of work. Some alarmists fear a robot apocalypse, while others foresee the day of singularity coming when artificial intelligence...

A prison program in Connecticut seeks to find out what happens when prisoners are treated as victims

By Miriam Gohara

Prisons are full of people who were once victims of violence and abuse. As many as 75 percent of people who are in prison have experienced violence or childhood neglect, according to data from the Department of...

Brexit is not a retreat into isolationism – survey suggests public remains committed to global security role

By Thomas Scotto Et Al

Britains vote to leave the European Union has been taken by some as a signal that the British public want to retreat from having a global role. But a survey of their views on NATO and shared European defence suggests...

SpaceX Dragon 2 set for nail-biting landing – here's the rocket science

By Ian Whittaker Et Al

If all goes to plan, a fiery Dragon will light up the sky over the Atlantic before hopefully cooling off with a watery splashdown on March 8. The SpaceX Dragon 2 capsule is of enormous significance for spaceflight as it...

It’s not (just) about the money. How R&D funds are spent matters too

By Jackson Jackson Et Al

Research funding is a hot topic in Indonesia at the moment. The CEO of Bukalapak, an Indonesian e-commerce unicorn, recently criticised the governments lack of investment in RD, prompting an invitation from the...

Remember Blockbuster, Nirvana and pagers? The new Captain Marvel lives in the 1990s

By Michael Milford Et Al

Captain Marvel flies into movie theatres from today, and apart from introducing a great new hero who combines the righteousness of Captain America and the humour of Thor: Ragnarok, its also a cultural reference bonanza for...

Australia's sudden ultra-low economic growth ought not to have come as surprise

By Richard Holden

Australias big little economic lie was laid bare on Wednesday. National accounts figures show that the Australian economy grew by just 0.2% in the last quarter of 2018. This disappointing result was below market...

Don’t ban Michael Jackson's music – talk about the accusations

By Catherine Strong

Many of New Zealands major commercial radio stations, and its public broadcaster, are no longer playing the music of Michael Jackson. This decision comes after the airing of the new documentary Leaving Neverland, in which...

New Zealand’s proposed capital gains tax could nudge taxpayers to invest in art instead of property

By Jonathan Barrett

New Zealands Tax Working Group (TWG) released its final report last month, with the most significant recommendation to introduce a capital gains tax. The key motivation for the Labour-led government in establishing the...

A cure for HIV? Feasible but not yet realized

By Allison Webel

This week a team of scientists and physicians from the U.K. published news of a second HIV positive man, in London, who is in long-term (18-month) HIV remission after undergoing treatment for Hodgkins lymphoma. The...

Five gifs that explain how pumped hydro actually works

By Roger Dargaville

People have used moving water to create energy for thousands of years. Today, pumped hydro is the most common form of grid-connected energy storage in the world. This technology is in the spotlight because it pairs so...

What pill is that? Cheap and easy pill testing could soon be in your own hands

By Vassilis Kostakos

Almost nine out of ten Australians take some form of medication, according to a recent poll. Much of that will be in tablet form, either prescribed or bought over the counter. But in the rush of daily life it can be...

All about juries: why do we actually need them and can they get it 'wrong'?

By Jacqui Horan

There has been some debate over the recent conviction of George Pell, whose first trial ended with a hung jury, and the second a unanimous guilty verdict. People are questioning our justice system, the potential bias of...

Europe's digitalisation delay: help via (higher) education

By Andreas Kaplan

Europe always has been a key player in the run for globalisation, and the European Union has opened up its markets internationally like no other region in the world. Yet as digitalisation has become the new globalisation,...

Older people can feel left behind by new technology – so we built a device especially for them

By Gabriella Spinelli

Only 20% of over-75s in the UK have a smartphone compared to 95% of 16-to-24-year-olds. Digital technologies change fast, become obsolete quickly and usually need you to spend a bit of time learning how to use them. This...

Nuclear war between India and Pakistan? An expert assesses the risk

By Dr Annie Waqar

Of the numerous areas of global tension, arguably the most perilous is that between India and Pakistan. And recent events in Kashmir have made the situation even more dangerous. The reason is straightforward: India and...

Opioid crisis shows partnering with industry can be bad for public health

By Jonathan H. Marks

Show me the bodies! someone demanded at the end of my lecture a few years ago. As a scholar of public health ethics, law and policy, I had just warned an audience of professors and university administrators about the...

Venezuela's economic collapse is laid bare when you look at how little energy the country is consuming

By António Carvalho Et Al

The country with the most oil reserves on the planet is facing a total economic crash, with wildly conflicting inflation estimates as high as 10,000,000% if the IMFs projections for this year are correct. There has been...

What if England voted to leave the EU in a second referendum but the rest of the UK wanted to stay?

By Gareth Evans1

The Brexit process has exacerbated many of the disunities within the UKs territorial constitution. Division rules at Westminster, Stormont remains deadlocked, and the Scottish National Party is poised to call for a second...

Fingerprint and face scanners aren’t as secure as we think they are

By Wencheng Yang Et Al

Despite what every spy movie in the past 30 years would have you think, fingerprint and face scanners used to unlock your smartphone or other devices arent nearly as secure as theyre made out to be. While its not great...

Addressing the crisis in arts criticism

By Suzy Freeman-Greene

Over the past few years arts coverage in newspapers and magazines has been shrinking. Staff cuts have hit arts journalism hard, with expert writers and critics disappearing in alarming numbers. Yet considered criticism is...

What the next government needs to do to tackle unfairness in school funding

By Peter Goss

School funding debates in Australia are complex and messy. Stakeholders routinely complain about being hard done by. But the real unfairness is that state schools get less government funding than governments themselves say...

Why your tourist brain may try to drown you

By Chris Houser

During the mid-winter break, many vacationers head south to sandy beaches and turquoise waters. But in their efforts to unwind and warm up they often put themselves at risk of drowning by committing a simple cognitive...

Higher, further, faster: Marvel's first female cinematic superhero

By Kenneth MacKendrick

Being a woman in a male-dominated industry sort of sucks, but it doesnt suck any more than being a woman in the world. My advice? Be terrifying. Kelly Sue DeConnick, Captain Marvel comic book writer. When the Captain...

Full-day kindergarten - the best of what we imagined is happening in classrooms

By Charles E. Pascal

The classroom is bright with enough room for 26 kindergarten kids to move around their stations of discovery. A girl plays with water, pouring too much from a big container into a smaller one, watching the overflow, trying...

High-tech agriculture: farmers risk being 'locked in' to unsustainable practices

By Xavier Reboud Et Al

Since World War II, Europes agricultural sector has been very receptive to new technology, and the result has been staggering productivity gains for four generations, farmers have produced more than their parents did. At...

Media companies on notice over traumatised journalists after landmark court decision

By Matthew Ricketson Et Al

A landmark ruling by an Australian court is expected to have international consequences for newsrooms, with media companies on notice they face large compensation claims if they fail to take care of journalists who...

Are you at risk of being diagnosed with gestational diabetes? It depends on where you live

By Rae Thomas Et Al

Sarah lives in London. She is pregnant with her first child. Her mother had gestational diabetes and Sarah is told this puts her into a higher risk category for the condition, thus she should have a test. At 26 weeks,...

Students don't feel safe on public transport but many have no choice but to use it

By Carolyn Whitzman Et Al

The worst-case scenario has happened twice for young women using public transport in Melbourne in the past nine months. In June 2018, Eurydice Dixon, 23, was walking from the tram to her home, through a well-used park just...

Receiving a login code via SMS and email isn't secure. Here's what to use instead

By Mike Johnstone

When it comes to personal cybersecurity, you might think youre doing alright. Maybe youve got multi-factor authentication setup on your phone so that you have to enter a code sent to you by SMS before you can login to your...

Why the 'perfect' office temperature is a myth

By Fan Zhang Et Al

It might be blisteringly hot outside, but if you work in an office building, the chances are its always reassuringly cool (or cold, depending on your preference) once you walk inside. In Australia and much of the rest...

It's more than a free trade agreement. But what exactly have Australia and Indonesia signed?

By Pat Ranald

Australias trade minister Simon Birmingham and his Indonesian counterpart Enggartiasto Lukita signed the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement on Monday. Only afterwards (as is often the case)...

Why the meat industry could win big from the switch to veggie lifestyles

By Malte Rödl

One of the largest meat processors in the UK, supplying supermarkets across the country with beef, pork, and lamb, has launched a plant-based meat alternative. ABP is the first UK meat producer to do so and its decision...

Formula One motor firms are becoming textbook cases in how to successfully branch into other sectors

The new Formula One season is getting underway with the Australian Grand Prix. Like every year, there are changes afoot: new drivers, tweaks in vehicle aerodynamics, revised rules and regulations. But behind the scenes,...

Fed Hike aftermath Series: Hike probabilities over coming meetings

06:07 AM| Commentary Central Banks

FOMC followed through its promise and hiked rates four times in 2018 and forecasted two more rate hikes for 2019. Current Federal funds rate - 225-250 bps (Note, all calculations are based on data as of 18th...

German 10-year bund yields set to remain close to zero for rest of this year, says Danske Bank

05:14 AM| Commentary Economy

German 10-year bund yield is expected to remain close to zero for the rest of 2019; however, as some of the risks disappear and growth starts to improve, yields could move to the high end of the range, according to the...

FxWirePro: USD under fresh assault to begin the week

04:23 AM| Commentary

No respite for USD bulls, After last weeks sizable sell-off in the USD, it is once again under selling pressure on Monday morning as investors bet that commentaries from the U.S. Federal Reserve at its monetary...

Oil in Global Economy Series: Key highlights from IEA’s OMR

14:27 PM| Commentary

The International Energy Agency (IEA) released its monthly oil market report. The report suggests an easing oil market. Here are the key highlights, Global supplies: Global oil supplies declined for the fourth...

Turkish retail sales fall year-on-year in January

13:56 PM| Commentary

Turkish retail sales dropped in January. On a year-on-year basis, retail sales volume with constant prices dropped 6.7 percent. In the same month food, drinks and tobacco sales dropped 2.9 percent, while non-food sales and...

Australian bonds remain flat in muted trading session ahead of RBA’s March meeting minutes

04:02 AM| Commentary Economy

Australian government bonds remained flat during Asian trading session Monday amid a muted day that witnessed data of little economic significance as investors wait to watch the Reserve Bank of Australias (RBA) March...

FxWirePro: Take a look at G7 versus EMFX vol spreads

13:52 PM| Research & Analysis

An odd by-product of the nosedive in G7 vol has emerged: EM vs. G7 vol spreads are re-widening, not because risk premia in EM are rising as was the case last year quite the opposite in fact but because G7 options have...

FxWirePro: Target for Brent revised higher to $74 per barrel

12:56 PM| Commentary

Bulls in charge. Earlier this week, we warned that bulls might be taking a breather, as the price of oil has been consolidating in a tight range; both North American benchmark WTI (57.7-54.5), and global benchmark...

Italian industrial sales and new orders indices rise in January

12:06 PM| Commentary

Italian industrial turnover index rose in January. On a seasonally adjusted basis, the turnover index rise 3.1 percent sequentially, according to Istat. Turnover index in the domestic market saw a rise of 2.3 percent,...

Top Stories

Social media creates a spectacle society that makes it easier for terrorists to achieve notoriety

20:35 PM| Insights & Views Technology

The shocking mass-shooting in Christchurch on Friday is notable for using livestreaming video technology to broadcast horrific first-person footage of the shooting on social media. In the highly disturbing video, the...

CRISPR gene editing: Why we need Slow Science

By Landon J Getz - 20:37 PM| Insights & Views Science

In a newly published article in Nature, a group of prominent scientists and ethicists have called for a moratorium on clinical research using CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing. This moratorium deals with the use of CRISPR/Cas9...

Cryptocurrency Derivatives Series - Investment flows into Bakkt’s counterpart Coinflex

10:59 AM| Research & Analysis Digital Currency Insights & Views

Coinflex, the major counterpart of Bakkt, who is the worlds first physically-delivered cryptocurrency futures exchange, made buzzing announcement. Physically-delivered bitcoin futures are at the core of another much...

IBM's Expedition Turns Into Crypto-Custodian Services

13:27 PM| Research & Analysis Digital Currency Insights & Views

IBM has time and again laid emphasis on the facts of cryptocurrency prospects and has promoted the integration of Blockchain based system with the conventional business environments, such as banking, trade finance, supply...

Stablecoins Series – Expedition from USDT to JPM Coin and speculated Facebook’s coin

12:59 PM| Research & Analysis Digital Currency Insights & Views

The prime objective and prerequisite of cryptocurrency invention during last decades recession (in 2008-09) was to establish fidelity among investors class and to provide the anonymous method of mobilizing funds...

Trend of Tokenization Series – COSIMO VC Firm Staged for Investments in Tech Companies

07:50 AM| Research & Analysis Digital Currency Insights & Views

COSIMO Ventureshad unveiled the first tokenized VC fund COSIMO X. The tokenized venture fund implies higher liquidity; while the most conventional VC funds have a lodging span of around seven to ten years, opening the VC...

The art and science of analyzing Big Data

03:51 AM| Insights & Views Technology

There has been recent discussion on the existence of several different data gaps across economic, social and political divides deficits that are left unaddressed at our own peril. But there is another deficit that has, I...

HIV/AIDS Cure 2019: Hopes Are Up for Potential Cure as 2nd Patient Goes on HIV Remission

09:30 AM| Science

The whole world is still on the lookout for the ultimate cure for patients infected with human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). A recent development sparked hope as one patient...

Swiss Exchange lines up for the launch of XRP-based ETP instrument

09:44 AM| Research & Analysis Digital Currency Insights & Views

Weve recently reported Switzerlands primary stock exchange, SIX Group knocking R3s Corda enterprise for blockchain-driven trading platform SDX and listing Ethereum-based ETP. SIXhas recently announcedSDXs full-fledged...

Econotimes Series


U.S. Treasuries tad up as investors await Fed’s policy decision, post-meeting press conference

The U.S. Treasuries gained slightly during afternoon session Wednesday ahead of the Federal Reserves monetary policy decision, scheduled to be unveiled today by 18:00GMT. Also, investors will keep a close eye on the...

FxWirePro: U.S. economy unlikely to face recession heading into 2020

There are many indicators like PMI reports, jobs reports, inflation, industrial output, business sales etc. that we take a look into in determining whether the US economy is slowing down and heading for a recession but...

UK gilts surge despite better-than-expected February CPI; PM May to request extension of Article 50 deadline

The United Kingdoms gilts surged during Wednesdays afternoon session, after investors have largely shrugged-off the better-than-expected consumer price inflation for the month of February. Also, British Prime Minister...

BRL likely to move more or less sideways vs USD until any concrete progress on pension reform, says Commerzbank

The Brazilian real is expected to move more or less sideways against the greenback in a wait-and-see stance as long as there is no concrete progress on the countrys pension reforms, according to the latest research report...

NZ Q4 annual CAD remains touch narrower than market estimates; net international liability position worsens

New Zealands annual current account deficit came in a touch narrower than what markets had initially anticipated during the fourth quarter of last year at 3.7 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP). Further, the...


Melania Trump Did Not Let Ivanka Trump Take Over the White House East Wing, 'Kushner, Inc.' Author Alleges

Since United States President Donald Trump and his family occupied the White House, there have been several books released allegedly exposing the behind-the-scenes interactions among the first family and other Presidential...

Donald Trump 2019: Nancy Pelosi is Surprisingly Against His Impeachment and Here’s Why

The Democrats want Donald Trump to be impeached as soon as possible. They have been calling for the Congress to start the impeachment proceedings now but it appears that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not for it. In a...

Vladimir Putin 2019: Activist Jailed for Putting Up Russian President’s Gravestone

Vladimir Putins hater set up a fake gravestone in the middle of the Russian city, Naberezhnye Chelny, and the act landed him in jail. The fake gravestone featured the presidents picture and the year 1952-2019 was written...

Melania Trump’s #FakeMelania Conspiracy Theory Resurfaced; People Think There Is Someone Pretending to be the FLOTUS

Melania Trump is being accused of casting someone to fill in for her in events like visits to states. The FLOTUS is said to be using a body double so it will appear that she is present on occasions that she should...

Vladimir Putin Claims Russia Stopped 600 Spies in 2018, Passes Law that Will Imprison People Who Will Disrespect Government

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, alleged that the foreign intelligence services stepped up activities after discovering that hundreds of spies attempted to carry out their works in the country. The president claimed...


Cancer Cure 2019: Possible Treatment for Cancer Caused by Severe Skin Disease Is Being Developed

A group of researchers is recently focused on coming up with a cure for skin cancer that developed from a severe skin disease called recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB). This medical progress is especially...

HIV/AIDS Cure 2019: Advancements in Treatments and Therapies Continue Now Help Patients Return to ‘Non-Frail State’

For decades, scientists and researchers have been working hard in finding the complete cure for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). While the ultimate cure for HIV/AIDS is not...

Cancer Cure 2019: University of Colorado Research Sparks Hope as AML Patient Marks 2nd Anniversary of Remission

Despite the advancement of science and technology that the world has seen through the past decades, cancer diagnoses remains a piece of very heavy news to whoever receives it. Humanity has yet to find the ultimate cure for...

Mining the Moon

If you were transported to the Moon this very instant, you would surely and rapidly die. Thats because theres no atmosphere, the surface temperature varies from a roasting 130 degrees Celsius (266 F) to a bone-chilling...

Why we see hope for the future of science journalism

Eat blueberries for the antioxidants. Exercise daily at a moderate intensity for optimal heart health. Get the vaccine to prevent the disease. Our decision-making and conduct is influenced by what we read, see or hear....


AirPods 2 Release Date, Latest News, Update: Wireless Earphones Speculated to Come Out This Week Due to Apple’s Recent Moves

Apple has been making huge waves this week after it released two new models of the iPad on Monday and followed it up with updates about the iMac on Tuesday. As such, people are wondering if the tech giant will be releasing...

‘PUBG Mobile’ Season 6 Release Date, Update: Exciting Changes are Coming Following Game’s First Year Anniversary

PUBG Mobile Season 6 will be rolling out soon and players can expect new skins for the first-person shooter. Apart from skins, however, there will also be new weapons, vehicles, emotes, dance moves, and more. The new...

iPhone Foldable Design Teased in Concept Video; Real Device Arrives in 2020?

Smartphones that can be folded were once just mere concept until Samsung and Huawei introduced the Galaxy Fold and Mate X, respectively, this year. Now, smartphone fans are quite certain that Apple will come up with its...

Apple Watch Series 5: Is Apple’s Own Sleep Tracking System Ready for This Year’s Flagship Wearable Device?

Apple Watch Series 5 needs to have an all-new feature to encourage smartwatch fans to consider buying it. One of the highly anticipated additions in the upcoming device is its very own sleeping tracking system. However, is...

iOS 13 Is the Star of Apple’s WWDC 2019, Anticipated to Bring Much-Awaited Features and UI Overhaul

In a few months, Apple fans will finally get a glimpse of the new features arriving with the release of iOS 13. The said operating system update is expected to be the vessel of some of the much-requested features and user...
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