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‘Battlefield Mobile’ early playtests begin in fall 2021 in Indonesia and the Philippines, here’s how to join

From the “Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations” trailer | Photo credit: Official EA UK / YouTube screenshot

While gaming fans around the world are preparing for the imminent launch of “Battlefield 2042,” EA confirmed that its work on the “Battlefield Mobile” is moving forward as well. The first round of playtests is confirmed to happen this year, however, it will be available in a very limited capacity.

How to join ‘Battlefield Mobile’ playtests

EA has posted a new FAQ page for “Battlefield Mobile” recently, revealing the initial details about its early playtest. It will first become available on Android devices for fans in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Players in the said countries can now pre-register for a chance to be selected in the early playtest. Just open the “Battlefield Mobile” Google Play Store page and click the pre-register button.

Note that pre-registration does not guarantee access to the “Battlefield Mobile” playtest. EA says the slots will be limited, and those who will be chosen to participate will receive an invitation. “Please note that this test is invitation only with a server registration limit on a first come first serve basis,” EA says.

EA did not provide a specific date for the early playtests for “Battlefield Mobile,” but the publisher confirmed that it will take place sometime this fall. As with other EA playtests, its availability will expand in size and will reach more countries in the coming months. It is unclear, though, if there are plans to bring the playtests to iOS devices.

What to expect from ‘Battlefield Mobile’

Last April, DICE confirmed that a standalone mobile game has been in the works with developer Industrial Toys taking the lead. The new FAQ page, however, is the first time that EA officially referred to it as “Battlefield Mobile.”

The upcoming game will follow a familiar business model implemented on other first-person shooter titles in the mobile platform. “Battlefield Mobile” will be free-to-play, but there will be paid cosmetics. It will also have Battle Passes and unlockable items “unique to this mobile game.”

However, EA already announced that it will not support cross-play with other platforms with “Battlefield” games. The company has yet to specify a list of eligible devices for “Battlefield Mobile,” but confirmed that it will be available on phones running Android 7.0 or later.

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