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Amazon to offer 3,000 permanent jobs in Italy

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Amazon will be hiring more workers in Italy this year. Based on the reports, it will add 3,000 new employees, and they will get to enjoy permanent job contracts.

Amazon job hiring in 2021

As per Reuters, this job recruitment spree this year is part of the company’s "Italy Plan" that is aimed at boosting its investments in the Italian region. Amazon revealed this information on Monday, June 7.

Amazon already has 9,500 employees at the end of 2020, and these are working in the company’s 50 sites in the country. Now, as the American multinational Seattle-based tech firm is planning to invest more than $425.74 million or around €350 million to open three new locations this coming autumn, there is a need for more workers this year. The new sites are located in Piedmont, Lombardy, and Emilia Romagna.

"The growth in the digital sector is an opportunity to relaunch the country and we want to give our contribution," Amazon country manager for Italy and Spain, Mariangela Marseglia, said.

New Italian job offerings for Amazon’s expansion

Market Watch reported that Amazon’s permanent job offering in Italy is also to reach its goal of scaling up the company’s operations in the northern part of the country. The 3,000 permanent job additions are expected to ease the growing demand in the territory as more people are relying on the internet for their shopping needs.

Apparently, the investment highlighted the benefit caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since people cannot go out freely these days, technology and e-commerce firms have been seeing a big increase in their revenues due to online transactions for almost everything from food to groceries and other things.

Amazon stated that with the additional new hires this year, its workforce in Italy will grow to over 12,500. In the previous year, it only had 9,500 employees in total. At any rate, the available roles in the company include the areas in marketing, research for technologies, shipping, finance, and packaging.

Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos’ firm previously launched job recruitment in the U.S. and Canada as well. BBC News reported that to meet the surging demand, Amazon looked for 75,000 new staff, but it is not certain if all the posts have been filled in.

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