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S. Korean employers agreed to paid vaccination leave for workers

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People need to get vaccinated to fight COVID-19, and since most of the citizens in S. Korea are working, it was reported that the Korean Financial Industry Union and the Finance Industry User Council have agreed to grant paid leaves for them.

This means that workers will get to enjoy days off within their vaccination schedule. Plus, they do not have to worry about missing work because they will still get their salary despite the absences.

The paid leave details for vaccination

As per The Korea Herald, under the agreement, workers in S. Korea who will receive their COVID-19 vaccine are entitled to a paid leave of up to three days. This information was revealed on Sunday by the union and council officials.

It was added that the agreement will take effect on Monday, June 7. Then again, for the workers of 22 financial institutions that are duly registered with the Korea Federation of Banks, they will only get a maximum of two days off, which include the day of the vaccination and the next day, so they can rest a bit.

However, in case some workers experience adverse effects after the COVID-19 jab, they can take a longer day off even without a doctor’s note. It was mentioned that at the moment, only major banks have set up their own leave schemes for the vaccination of their workforce. These financial institutions include Hana, Shinhan, KB Kookmin, Woori and NH NongHyup, and the internet-based KakaoBank.

COVID-19 cases in S. Korea dips

Meanwhile, the S. Korean government is targeting the vaccination of at least 13 million people by the end of this month so that a herd community could be created by November. It is also good news that the number of cases in the country is going down again. Yonhap News Agency reported that it has fallen to 500s as the government speeds up vaccination of the citizens.

The rollout of vaccines in the country has also picked up the pace, thus more and more Koreans are getting their vaccines to be protected from the highly contagious coronavirus. Finally, S. Korea is planning to inoculate 36 million individuals by September and eventually reached the herd community status two months after that.

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