Amy Maguire

Amy Maguire

Senior Lecturer in International Law, University of Newcastle

I am a senior lecturer in international law at the University of Newcastle Law School. Since 2005, I have been engaged in research relating to the collective human right to self-determination, with particular focus on Indigenous peoples in Australia and Irish nationalists in the North of Ireland. My doctoral research explores the self-determination claims of peoples who live a contemporary colonial experience, and I argue that the right of self-determination retains a mission of decolonisation in the twenty-first century.

My other research interests include:

- Human rights and climate change adaptation
- Refugee rights
- Indigenous rights under international and domestic law
- Indigenisation of curriculum
- Domestic implementation of international law
- Peace and conflict studies

Please view my research on my SSRN Author page:

US under Trump Series

If you destroy it, they will come – climate change displacement and the Trump effect

Mar 31, 2017 02:16 am UTC| Insights & Views Politics

US President Donald Trump this week signed an executive order on energy independence. The order rescinds key elements of the Obama administrations Clean Power Plan. Trumps order lifts requirements placed on American...

Briferendum Aftermath Series

Brexit creates a human rights crisis for Ireland

Mar 28, 2017 10:50 am UTC| Insights & Views Law

The UK government will trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on Wednesday. This will serve as a formal notification of the UKs intent to withdraw from the European Union. It will set off two years or more of...

Migrant Crisis Series

Accusations of deliberate, cruel abuse of refugee children must prompt a more humane approach

Oct 18, 2016 00:47 am UTC| Insights & Views

Australias mandatory detention of young people offshore, as part of its asylum-seeker policies, has been frequently cited as evidence of a failure to ensure childrens rights. However, two new reports, from the ABCs Four...

As Indonesia conducts more executions, Australia's anti-death-penalty advocacy is still lacking

Jul 29, 2016 07:21 am UTC| Insights & Views Law

Indonesia has carried out a third round of executions under President Joko Widodo. Attorney-General H. Muhammad Prasetyo had announced that 14 people would face the firing squad, but only four were killed on Thursday night...



Balenciaga just released its newest creation, but it is getting mixed reactions of disgust and amusement.

Balenciaga, one of the luxury fashion houses today, just debuted its newest fashion item, which has now been dubbed the most expensive garbage bag in the world. The company created a buzz online after unveiling its Trash...

KT Telecom and Turk Telekom expand their partnership through a new deal that follows their agreement in March.

KT Telecom and Turk Telekom, a Turkish company, signed a partnership deal to work together in the area of media content. They are looking to foster collaboration for the said field through a private fifth-generation...

Eli Lilly is setting up an extension HQ outside of its home ground in Indiana after the state signed the new abortion law.

Eli Lilly, the American pharmaceutical company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, said it would expand its headquarters outside of its home state. The decision was mainly due to the abortion law that was recently...

Woori Bank will choose 10 startups to invest in through a contest.

Woori Bank is reportedly investing in promising startup companies and will pick 10 through a competition. The South Korean banking company based in Seoul will be spending KRW10 billion or around $7.7 million to support...

Amazon will expand its consumer robot unit through its acquisition of iRobot.

Amazon Inc. is acquiring iRobot, an American technology company that designs and builds consumer robots. It was reported that the deal involves an all-cash agreement worth around $1.7 billion, and this was announced on...


The British defense ministry said in its bulletin that Russian forces are likely using anti-personnel mines in the Donbas region, which would lead to many casualties.

In the fifth month of Russias invasion of Ukraine, its forces are seeking to take complete control of Ukraines eastern territory of Donbas. The UKs defense ministry said Russian forces are likely setting anti-personnel...

Ukraine accused Russia of shelling the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant again over the weekend.

Russia continues to bombard Ukraine in the war Moscow has waged for more than five months already. In the latest escalation of the war, Kyiv accused Moscow of once again shelling its nuclear power plant in...

The White House said it was discussing pushing the bill banning assault weapons to top lawmakers in another step further from the recent legislation addressing gun violence.

The White House is working toward taking additional steps to curb gun violence following the mass shootings that have taken place in the US so far this year. Over the weekend, the White House also said it was discussing...

Foreign secretary Liz Truss may fast-track her plan to introduce tax cuts should she win the race in September.

UK foreign secretary Liz Truss is reportedly moving to fast-track her plan on tax cuts compared to her initial plan. Truss is considering moving six months ahead of schedule to push for tax breaks in an effort to boost the...


When compared to the current approach of extracting methane gas from organic waste resources and then reforming it into hydrogen, the technology SK ecoplant is developing can cut the time needed for the manufacture of hydrogen by more than 20 times.

SK ecoplant Co. plans to develop a technology to produce hydrogen through a fermentation process where microorganisms eat and decompose organic matter in the absence of light When compared to the current approach of...

The research team completed a patent application, trademark application, and vegan certification for the research findings.

A Keimyung University research team has reproduced the taste and fragrance of civet coffee, known as kopi luwak, by scientifically identifying the digestion and fermentation conditions where civets live. Consequently,...

What do molecules look like?

What do molecules look like? Justice B., age 6, Wimberley, Texas A molecule is a group of atoms bonded together. Molecules make up nearly everything around you your skin, your chair, even your food. They vary...

What science says about the best ways to cool down

We spend most of the year complaining that Britain is too cold and wet but gripe with just as much enthusiasm about the heat. Although moaning about the weather is satisfying, its better to take action and cool yourself...

Higgs boson: 10 years after its discovery, why this particle could unlock new physics beyond the standard model

Ten years ago, scientists announced the discovery of the Higgs boson, which helps explain why elementary particles (the smallest building blocks of nature) have mass. For particle physicists, this was the end of a...


Twitter confirms security incident that possibly exposed owners of ‘pseudonymous accounts’

Twitter recently confirmed that its systems suffered a security breach that primarily affected pseudonymous accounts. The exploit, first found last January, reportedly allowed the hacker to figure out if an email address...

‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’ is getting a two-week open beta test in September

Infinity Ward confirmed the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II open beta will kick off next month. Aside from the chance to play the game early, the developer will also release the official preview of its multiplayer gameplay...

The Bundesliga champions aim to create personalized digital experiences in managing relationships with supporters globally to secure their long-term loyalty.

Bayern Munich has signed a multi-year agreement to use Adobes suite of creative and customer management software to accelerate its digital transformation and help grow its fanbase. The Bundesliga champions aim to create...

Report: Tencent aims to increase its stakes in Ubisoft by purchasing shares from the Guillemot family

Tencent is reportedly planning to expand its foreign investments, particularly in Ubisoft. The Chinese firm is eyeing to increase its stakes in the French game publisher to become its largest shareholder. Reuters...
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