How did celibacy become mandatory for priests?

Mar 28, 2017 11:26 am UTC| Insights & Views Life

Priestly celibacy, or rather the lack of it, is in the news. There have been allegations of sex orgies, prostitution and pornography against Catholic clerics in Italy. On March 8, Pope Francis suggested, in an interview...

Are converts to Islam more likely to become extremists?

Mar 28, 2017 10:35 am UTC| Insights & Views Life

The process of conversion to any religion is best thought of as a journey, and this is how it is often described to others by those who undergo it. While conversion happens in many faiths, conversion to Islam has been...

Global Geopolitics Series

Terror in London: Western cities will always be vulnerable to these attacks

Mar 23, 2017 06:16 am UTC| Insights & Views Life

Just when the Western world had absorbed the shock of a truck bombing in Berlin in December that claimed 12 lives, it is reminded again of the dangers of lone-wolf attacks inspired by Islamic State (IS) that are almost...

What's the point of an ethics course?

Mar 23, 2017 02:26 am UTC| Life

Earlier in March, news broke that the White House had declined to award a contract for an ethics course aimed at senior staffers, Cabinet nominees and others holding political appointments in the Trump...

Migrant Crisis Series

Immigrants deported under Obama share stories of terror and rights violations

Mar 23, 2017 01:32 am UTC| Insights & Views Life

Although it is difficult to get exact numbers, some estimates show Immigration and Customs Enforcement home raids have never resulted in more than 30,000 apprehensions in any given year. At that rate, it could take 366...

EU court allows companies to ban headscarves. What will be the impact on Muslim women?

Mar 18, 2017 07:44 am UTC| Insights & Views Law Life

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) that interprets EU law issued a landmark judgment on March 14 that upheld the right of private companies in EU member countries to enact policies barring employees from...

There's cause for celebration and concern in how Australians are giving to charity

Mar 14, 2017 07:24 am UTC| Insights & Views Life

Australians are a famously giving people, but what are some of the issues surrounding charities in this country? You can see our infographic snapshot here, and follow our series Charities in Australia here. Some 80.8%...

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Softer inflation data from Spain and Germany dampen speculation of earlier unwinding of ECB stimulus

National CPI inflation releases today from Germany, eurozones largest economy point to price growth falling back from a four-year high this month. Flash German inflation data considered as a precursor to Fridays Eurozone...

U.S. Treasuries jump ahead of FOMC members’ speech, Q4 GDP

The U.S. Treasuries jumped Thursday as investors await the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) members Mester, Kaplan and Williams speech, scheduled to be held later in the day. The yield on the benchmark 10-year...

UK gilts jump after PM May begins Brexit process; investors eye Q4 GDP

The UK gilts jumped Thursday after Prime Minister Theresa May invoked the Article 50 of the Brexit Negotiations. It will now take around 2 long years for the process to end and officially declare Britain no more a part of...

USD/CAD likely to reach 1.40 level by mid-2017, says Scotiabank

The Canadian dollar performed relatively well in the early stages of 2017; in fact, the Bank of Canada Governor Stephen S. Poloz was forced to remind investors that broader CAD strength would hurt Canadian exporters which...

German bunds gain on expectations of fall in March consumer inflation

The German bunds gained Thursday, following expectations of a fall in the countrys consumer price inflation during the month of March. Also, investors remain keen to read the unemployment rate and the eurozones March CPI,...


German election: Merkel’s CDU wins big in regional election

The final crucial election in the European continent will take place in Germany on September 24th. Incumbent German Chancellor Angela Merkel is hoping to become Germanys longest serving chancellor by winning the fourth...

Study: 60 percent of rural millennials lack access to a political life

Like older voters, young ones were divided by the 2016 presidential election. A recent study of millennial voters by Tufts University found that young people had starkly different opinions about politics and civic...

Why threats to get votes for health law are more workplace bullying than political tactics

In an effort to pass the health care law, Donald Trump placed intense political pressure on members of the House, even telling one key lawmaker Im going to come after you, according to reports. The president has also made...

Indians' 'notes ban' compliance masks a silent crisis of legitimacy

This article is part of the Democracy Futures series, a joint global initiative between The Conversation and the Sydney Democracy Network. The project aims to stimulate fresh thinking about the many challenges facing...

BBC 'Brexit bias' claims need to be based on hard evidence

The recent letter to the BBC by a group of MPs accusing it of anti-Brexit bias looks like the latest attempt by politicians and press magnates to intimidate the public broadcaster. The letter complains that the BBC has,...


Momentum isn't magic – vindicating the hot hand with the mathematics of streaks

Its NCAA basketball tournament season, known for its magical moments and the March Madness it can produce. Many fans remember Stephen Currys superhuman 2008 performance where he led underdog Davidson College to victory...

How science is helping the police search for bodies in water

Police divers have started searching a canal in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, hoping to find the remains of schoolgirl Moira Anderson who disappeared, suspected murdered, in 1957. The operation follows an investigation by...

Let me entertain you – that's how to get a science message across

Communicating science to the public can be hard. Climate change is the most notorious example, but the public debates around vaccinations and evolution have also exposed a lack of understanding of how the public engages...

National Science Statement a positive gesture but lacks policy solutions: experts

Today the Australian government launched the National Science Statement, outlining its commitment to science as part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda. This comes in advance of the 2030 Strategic Plan, with...

It’s the age of the antibiotic revolution, not apocalypse

Bad news sells papers. Or as Elliot Carver, the media mogul set on world domination in the Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies put it: Theres no news like bad news. As a scientist, my responsibility is to separate fact from...


Microsoft Racks Praise With Windows 10 Creators Update, Big Gaming Features And More

While Microsoft has been getting a lot of flak for its botched Windows 10 rollout years after its initial launch, its updates seem to be receiving the opposite reaction. The Windows 10 Creators update has been particularly...

Artificial Intelligence Optimizes Traffic Flow Right Now If Humans Give Up Freedom Of Choice

Traffic jams are among the worst things about the modern world that practically everyone can agree on. No one wants to be stuck in a car for hours on end with a slow-moving line ahead. While there are several solutions...

Civilian Allowed To Fly A Jetpack In Historic Demo

After decades of broken promises, it seems the time has finally come. Jetpack Aviation just mad industry news by allowing a minimally trained civilian to try out its innovative mode of transport and nobody died. This marks...

Trump Gets A China-Made iPhone Despite Calling For An Apple Boycott And Anti-China Stance

The American people have been given plenty of reasons to doubt anything that President Trump has to say since his inauguration, with so many of his promises coming to nothing. Now, they can add his call to boycott Apple...

video Internet Privacy Is Dead, VPN Or Otherwise

Now that Congress has officially killed privacy for internet users, a new day is dawning over the World Wide Web. For starters, people are going to have to get used to the fact that every single thing they do over the...
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