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Nancy Pelosi blasts SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas following revelations surrounding wife Ginni Thomas

Brian Birzer / Wikimedia Commons

US Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a sharp condemnation of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas this week. Pelosi’s condemnation of Thomas comes amidst scrutiny regarding the involvement of his wife, Ginni Thomas, in the attempted coup by Donald Trump and his allies.

Speaking at the weekly press briefing, Pelosi said that Thomas should never have been appointed or confirmed to the Supreme Court in the first place.

Pelosi went on to take a swipe at Thomas’s wife, Ginni Thomas, for being an “admitted and proud contributor to a coup of our country.” The California Democrat’s comments are described to be the sharpest criticism by a top Democrat following the recent revelations of Ginni Thomas’s involvement in the efforts to overturn the 2020 elections to keep Trump in power.

“I don’t think he ever should have been appointed in the first place,” said Pelosi when pressed on whether she agreed that Thomas should resign. “I’m not going to go with that,” said the top Democrat in response to the question.

“Well, if your wife is an admitted and proud contributor to a coup of our country, maybe you should weigh that in your ethical standards,” said Pelosi.

Thomas was the lone dissenter in the Supreme Court appeal by Trump to block the National Archives from turning over his White House records related to January 6, likely involving the communications his wife made to advisers of the now-former president.

Recent reports found the text message exchange between Ginni Thomas and Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, pushing Meadows to support Sidney Powell, who is known for spreading conspiracy theories about the 2020 elections.

In other related news, Pelosi met with Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Wednesday as the Singaporean leader visited Washington. In remarks before the meeting, Lee referred to Washington’s strategy in the Indo-Pacific region, most especially the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework.

Lee stressed the importance of Washington staying engaged with the Asia-Pacific region, saying that the US plays a big part in the security of the region in terms of its “stability and prosperity.”

Pelosi, who is set to visit Singapore sometime soon, also echoed the importance of relations between the US and Singapore.

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