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‘PUBG Mobile’ tips, update: Arctic Mode in Vikendi lets players cook actual chicken dinner to survive

“PUBG Mobile” Arctic Mode | Photo credit: Tencent Games via PUBG MOBILE / YouTube screenshot

Several month's worth of rumors indicated that a new mode would be released on “PUBG Mobile” that will test the players’ survival skills. That finally became a reality earlier this week as Tencent Games launched the Arctic Mode.

PUBG Mobile’ new mode adds Arctic Mode in Vikendi

There is no other perfect map to add the Arctic Mode to than the already snow-covered Vikendi. However, the game mode offers a new way to enjoy by adding more challenges to winning a “PUBG Mobile.” Aside from making weeding out the competition in every battle, the Arctic Mode requires players to deal with harsh, cold weather conditions.

At certain points in the game, players will be hit with snowstorms that would lower their body temperatures. So aside from stocking up with ammunition, guns, and healing equipment, players will have to find certain items to keep themselves warm. One good way to do it is to shoot down some chicken and cook dinner in “PUBG Mobile.”

PUBG Mobile’ tips: How to survive the cold

That means starting a fire is one of the most essential aspects of Arctic Mode. “PUBG Mobile” players can do it with a lighter. It might not be very wise to do it in real life, but the new game mode lets players start an indoor fire. They can keep it lit by looking for wood or branches in their surroundings. Chicken dinners can be cooked using these fires.

“PUBG Mobile” players trying the Arctic Mode for the first time must keep their eyes peeled for electric heaters and chemical warming equipment to survive. There will be a separate temperature bar in this mode, but as the players get colder, their health goes lower as well.

There will still be the classic battle royale game mechanics in Arctic Mode. But since keeping an indoor fire alive and staying inside is key to maintaining a body warm, players will have access to drones that they can use to find where enemies are camping.

Fires made cannot be brought to a different location. This means that when “PUBG Mobile” players get attacked in Arctic Mode, they have to think fast between gunning down the enemies and finding the next place to hide in and start a fire.

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