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Melania Trump encourages Americans to donate to the Red Cross, netizens wonder if FLOTUS has donated blood herself

Joyce N. Boghosian/Wikimedia Commons

Melania Trump recently encouraged Americans to donate to the Red Cross amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“If you are healthy, please consider donating blood to help save lives! The @RedCross is taking extraordinary precautions to ensure the environment is safe,” she tweeted.

Netizens couldn’t help but wonder if the FLOTUS has also donated blood to help those in need. But it is possible that she’s not qualified because she previously underwent a kidney procedure.

“Have you given? Set an example, princess,” Twitter user @longviewsky said.

“How much have you donated, Melania… Remember, be best!!!” Twitter user @sanmamacap said.

“You go first! Video it,” Twitter user @JerseyGirl2115 said.

“Can’t argue with that… Let’s see you and #CrookedLyingRacist Comrade @realDonaldTrump set the example… No, no, no, I take that back… Who would your blood floating through them… But yes, that is something otherwise healthy people should consider doing…” Twitter user @ea_neil said.

“Let’s see a video of you, Trump, and the kids donate first!!” Twitter user @GailBodin1 said.

“Did you and Donnie donate? Did Jared and Ivanka? Mike and mother? Why not set an example for everyone?” Twitter user @betsybaumb said.

“Instead of working on a tennis pavilion during a #COVID19 pandemic, perhaps you could donate blood. Life over tennis,” Twitter user @Nursesleadwell said.

“Did you donate?” Twitter user @421karl said.

Other netizens couldn’t help but ask what the FLOTUS has been doing to the kids in cages amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“What about the kids in cages???” Twitter user @nwseal11 said.

“Release the families from your concentration camps! Eva,” Twitter user @fkamberaj said.

“Hey, how are the babies in cages doing?” Twitter user @DaisyTom5 said.

“So, are you tested for coronavirus first? Maybe the only way to get tested,” Twitter user @l_lisaw said.

“Have your husband go… encourage him to do something to help us,” Twitter user @lorriem1969 said.

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