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Kellogg’s Pringles releases pineapple wavy potato chip flavor

Photo by: Kellogg's Press Release

Kellogg’s that owns the Pringles potato chip brand announced a new flavor is coming for the summer. The food and snack maker company just introduced the Pringles’ Wavy Pineapple Habanero flavor!

It is not something usual since it is a potato chip that everyone knows to taste salty. Since this is a pineapple-flavored Pringles, then it can be assumed the fruity flavor will taste sweet.

The new wavy chips from Pringles

Pringles has been releasing a string of unique tastes in recent months and now another crazy chip flavor is coming. The snack company is calling this new chip snack Pineapple Habanero Pringles and it will only be available for a limited time.

As per Kiss 95.1 FM, the new Wavy Pineapple Habanero will offer a smoky, tangy taste that will remind everyone of summer. Plus, this new Pringles flavor is offering something more than the new flavor as customers can also win a beach tropical vacation package.

It was reported that Kellogg’s is offering a chance for buyers of the new Pringles flavor to win a vacation with their family to Hawaii or Mexico. All that the people should do is to take a photo of the receipt after buying the Pringles’ Wavy Pineapple Habanero and upload it to Kellogg’s Family Rewards by Oct. 14 and they can win the vacation trip.

The new savory flavor of Pringles

Kellogg’s pineapple-flavored Pringles will be crunchy as usual despite being a bit thicker than the usual Pringles potato chips. The thick wavy crisp will be surprising to the taste buds as it is spicy, sweet and smoky.

In any case, this new flavor will be out in the United States and currently already available in Duane Reade Stores and Walgreens according to Food Bev Media. It will be in stores until supplies last so fans should not miss it.

“We love epic flavor combinations at Pringles, and these new tropical-inspired crisps are no exception," Pringles’ senior marketing director, Gareth Maguire, said in a press release. "The sweet and spicy flavor will have snackers in vacation mode all summer long, making backyard grills and local beach trips feel like a getaway."

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