ErisX Joins hands With Etale For Serving Institutions

The renowned crypto derivatives exchange, ‘ErisX’ has entered in to partnership pact with ‘Etale’ which is an institutional grade platform. The clients of the ErisX, backed by investing powerhouse TD Ameritrade, will now be accessed to real-time market data through this joint-venture with Etale. Thereby, ErisX customers will also be able to initiate orders and check their account balances through Etale.

ErisX, which is the US-based crypto exchange, has obtained a derivatives clearing organization (DCO) license from the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

The head of product at ErisX, Ian Grieves, stated, “we want to align the ErisX platform with best-in-class technology providers who will enhance the trading experience for our Members. We are impressed with the functionality of the Etale platform and pleased to work with them to offer our Members a high quality solution to trade digital assets.”

The company has recently reached out to its users with a notification of trading hours for futures digital currency products. The contractual details are made publicly available today.

Thereby, we kept reiterating crypto-derivative avenue has been obtaining the myriad interests after the recent trends in Bitcoin price sentiment, ErisX’s physically deliverable bitcoin futures contracts are the next step in building out the intermediary-friendly model for digital assets.

The CEO of Etale, Matthew Cushman, stated on ErisX’s latest partnership, “we are thrilled to be working with ErisX and believe they are setting the bar for traders and investors in the digital asset space. Their familiar infrastructure for institutional investors, unified platform for spot and regulated futures as well as state and federal licenses to help protect market integrity make the ErisX offering an attractive marketplace.”

Well, with the new range of trading setup, ErisX intends to penetrate the market for regulated crypto products in an industry that has gained a reputation as something of a Wild West as their contracts traded at and cleared through our CFTC regulated Designated Contract Market (DCM) and Derivatives Clearing Organization (DCO), the futures contracts trade alongside the spot market on an innovative and unified platform bringing price transparency and collateral efficiency.

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