Why did humans evolve such large brains? Because smarter people have more friends

Jun 19, 2017 15:14 pm UTC| Insights & Views Health

Humans are the only ultrasocial creature on the planet. We have outcompeted, interbred or even killed off all other hominin species. We cohabit in cities of tens of millions of people and, despite what the media tell us,...

Is lead in the US food supply decreasing our IQ?

Jun 16, 2017 04:49 am UTC| Insights & Views Health

The environmental advocacy group Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) on June 15 released a study about dietary lead exposure, with a focus on food intended for babies and young children. Using a Federal Drug Administration...

How a community-based approach to mental health is making strides in Zimbabwe

Jun 16, 2017 00:06 am UTC| Health

In Africa, epidemics are associated with outbreaks like cholera and measles or HIV and tuberculosis. Mental health would possibly be the last item on anyones list of big health challenges. But mental disorders, like...

Why healthcare services have a problem with gambling

Jun 13, 2017 15:57 pm UTC| Insights & Views Health

I have a problem with gambling. Theres not enough of it. That was the admission from billionaire Steve Wynn, a major figure in the casino industry, speaking at a recent gambling research conference in (where else?)...

Choosing healthy food: your surroundings can help or hinder your dining choices

Jun 13, 2017 15:01 pm UTC| Insights & Views Health

Most of us know what sort of food we should eat to optimise our health and help avoid lifestyle diseases like obesity and heart disease. But we dont stick to our ideal diets. Part of the reason is that food producers...

The benefits that a digital healthcare system could bring aren't out of reach

Jun 13, 2017 14:50 pm UTC| Insights & Views Health Technology

Imagine a day where you dont have to wait weeks to see your GP, followed by a further wait for medical test results and then still more waiting before being seen by a specialist. We know that changing demographic trends,...

Social media is as harmful as alcohol and drugs for millennials

Jun 13, 2017 14:48 pm UTC| Insights & Views Health

The word addiction brings to mind alcohol and drugs. Yet, over the past 20 years, a new type of addiction has emerged: addiction to social media. It may not cause physical harms, such as those caused by tobacco and...

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U.S. Treasuries trade lower ahead of FOMC August meeting minutes

The U.S. Treasuries lost ground as investors wait to watch the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting minutes, scheduled to be released today by 18:00GMT. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury, jumped nearly...

UK gilts continue to plunge tracking upbeat employment report, fall in June jobless rate

The UK gilts continued to plunge Wednesday after reading a, upbeat employment report, released today, with the rate of unemployment declining below what markets had initially anticipated amid deeper fall in the number of...

USD/THB likely to end Q3 at 33.4, Q4 at 33.6: says Scotiabank

The THB has appreciated 7.6 percent year-to-date amid large portfolio inflows, the best performing currency in the region. Foreign investors have poured USD 73mn and USD 6.36bn of funds in local equity and bond markets...

German government bonds slump after Eurozone Q2 GDP meets expectations

The Eurozone periphery bonds slumped Wednesday after the eurozones Q2 GDP, released today, matched market consensus; however, on a y/y basis, it came in above what analysts had earlier anticipated. Investors will now...

Singapore NODX likely to register an expansion of 9.1 pct y/y, says DBS Bank

Singapores export performance will likely hold up. Non-oil domestic export (NODX) sales for July due tomorrow will likely register an expansion of 9.1 percent y/y. While this is up from 8.2 percent in the previous month,...


The Goldwater rule prevents psychiatrists diagnosing Trump from afar but some say there's too much at stake

In the late 19th century, Sigmund Freuds colleague Wilhelm Fleiss successfully diagnosed an illness in one of Freuds relatives, without even having met them. Freud was so impressed by Fleisss diagnostic acumen that he went...

How to be a better leader – according to science

Leadership has been in the spotlight as never before, as people around the world look to their leaders in all spheres of social, political and organisational life. Rather than help, though, leaders often seem to be part of...

Explainer: a breakdown of what you need to know about the Kenyan elections

There are eight candidates for the presidency in Kenyas 2017 election. Of these, two are the main contenders; Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and Raila Amolo Odinga. This is a replica of the 2013 polls where the two presidential...

U.S. under Trump Series: Trump’s FBI nominee approved by Senate with overwhelming majority

Given the fact that Democrats always tend to take actions against the Trump administration and delay or oppose the nominees whenever possible, President Trumps nomination for the FBI director, Christopher Wray got approved...

For Venezuela, there may be no happily ever after

Last week, over seven million Venezuelans both at home and abroad voted against president Nicolas Maduros proposed Constituent Assembly, which would have empowered his administration to rewrite the countrys...


Hackers Spread Malware Via DNA, Could Destroy Police Computer Networks

Scientists and engineers have been pushing the digital frontier for decades and they have just pushed the boundaries towards new territory. Encoding a malware in DNA, scientists were able to infect computers that tried to...

Scientists Discover New Type Of Brain Cells That Could Lead To Hyperintelligence

While tech revolutionaries like Elon Musk prefer to merge man with machine in order to make humans smarter, stronger, and better, others prefer a more biological approach. A team of scientists recently discovered new types...

Expert Warns Of CRISPR Causing Class Warfare

Humanity is living in an interesting age, where scientists can finally start manipulating the human genome in ways that were not possible before due to CRISPR. Many have even hypothesized that through these amazing...

CRISPR Helps Scientist Make Huge Strides In Curing Diabetes

Although plenty of advancements in medical science have allowed humans to reduce the health impact of diabetes, a cure is still far off in the distance. With the advent of CRISPR, however, researchers are now much closer...

Scientists Increase HIV Resistance Using CRISPR

HIV is a medical issue that has been confounding scientists for years, eluding effective forms of countermeasures throughout the decades. With the advent of the gene-editing tool CRISPR, however, researchers may have...


Uber Troubles Revealed, Another Executive Leaves While Details Of Tesla Assassination Plan Unveiled

It seems Uber just cant get a break. On top of the lawsuits surrounding the company, it now has to deal with executives leaving. Whats more, it would seem that a former employee planned an attempt to assassinate Tesla CEO...

Tesla Model 3 Drives Older EV Prices By $20,000, Nissan LEAF Now Costs $13,000

The renewable energy race is here and with regards to the auto industry, Tesla is having a considerable effect simply because of its proximity. With the launch of the Model 3, for example, older electric vehicles are...

World’s Largest Single-Tower Solar Plant In The Works

Solar power and renewable energy, in general, are taking over the world. However, there is still a long way to go before they become the main sources of power that people turn to and this will require considerable...

Government Study Warns Minimum Wage Hike Leads To Automation Job Loss

The progressive members of the Democratic party, as well as a considerable number of American workers, have been pushing for the increase in the minimum wage in every state for almost a decade now. However, while doing so...

Facebook Marketplace Now Has eBay Daily Deals Feature

Shopping on eBay is something that a lot of people on the internet absolutely love to do. Now, Facebook users can get updated details on what deals are available on the platform via the eBay Daily Deals feature on...
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