Fun Man FUNG

Fun Man FUNG

Assistant Director (Education) at the Institute for Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology, National University of Singapore
Fun Man is a Core Faculty (Education) at the Institute for Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology at the National University of Singapore and holds a joint appointment as an IT-for-Teaching Chemistry Instructor at the Department of Chemistry.

Fun Man serves as a board member of the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) Steering Committee (elected 2014—2016, re-elected 2016—2018). He was formerly the Head Mentor of the Singapore National IChO Team.

He leads the NUS Faculty of Science Laboratory-Video IT Taskforce and trail-blazes novel filming methods using Instructor’s Point of View #IPOV technique, 360-videos and social media.

Fun Man has authored eleven peer-reviewed ACS publications on Technology-Enhanced Education #TEBLE and written 13 EdTech articles for universities.


Institute for Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology, NUS
Assistant Director

Sorbonne Université, Paris, France
Visiting Professor

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Technische Universität München-Asia, Singapore
Adjunct Lecturer

–present Core Faculty (Education) at the Institute for Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology, National University of Singapore
NUS Society Gold Medal for Outstanding Achievement

How to use Snapchat in the laboratory for better student engagement

Nov 26, 2018 17:15 pm UTC| Insights & Views Technology

The Snapchat image and video instant messaging application has rocketed in popularity among teenagers. Since 2012, the number of active users climbed from 10 million to more than 100 million in early 2015. More than 400...



FxWirePro: Spotlight On CBT Amid Sluggish Turkish Growth – Bid 3M USD/TRY Skews Ans Hedge

Turkeys central bank pulled forward a scheduled MPC meeting by two days and implemented a 100bps emergency rate cut yesterday. The CB reduced the 1-week repo rate from 10.75% to 9.75% and lowered RRR on all FX deposits by...

FxWirePro: BoC’s Rate Cuts on Cyclical Effects of Covid-19 - USD/CAD Risk-Off Call Ratio Spread

Over the weekend, the Bank of Canada cut its key interest rate by another 50 bp, after it had lowered its key interest rate from 1.75% to 1.25% at its regular meeting. The BoC also said that it was ready to take further...

Coronavirus and Spanish flu: economic lessons to learn from the last truly global pandemic

As news of the global spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) emerged, global financial markets reacted pessimistically and behaved in ways not seen since the 2008 financial crisis. But fully understanding the potential...

Cash handout of $750 for 6.5 million pensioners and others receiving government payments

A payment of $750 will be made from the end of this month to about 6.5 million people as part of the governments $17.6 billion stimulus package aimed at keeping Australia out of a recession caused by the impact of the...

Tokyo Olympics: how coronavirus is affecting preparations

The World Health Organizations decision to officially recognise the coronavirus outbreak as a global pandemic means organisers are facing difficult decisions on whether to go ahead with major sporting events. There were...


Melania Trump shares encouraging messages for front line responders and family members separated due to physical distancing

With the entire country under the threat of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is trying to help out each other get through the ordeal. For Melania Trump, she took the time to make a series of tweets offering ways to bond...

Ivanka Trump describes President Donald Trump signing $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package the ‘boldest action in history’

After disrupting U.S. commerce for weeks, the coronavirus pandemic is expected to financially devastate to the nations citizens and businesses. To mitigate the economic effects, President Donald Trump signed the $2.2...

US President Donald Trump backtracks on the goal of lifting social distancing restrictions by Easter

Previously, President Donald Trump expressed his desire to see the social distancing period lifted by Easter Sunday. However, his recent remarks seem to backtrack those statements. Bloomberg reports that while speaking...

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticizes Donald Trump of 'fiddling' as COVID19 deaths rise

The Trump administration has often been criticized by both sides for their slow response to the coronavirus pandemic. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been especially vocal about her discontent with the response and accused...

Joe Biden expresses frustration on Trump administration's slow coronavirus response

Recently, President Donald Trump announced that the period for self-quarantine, self-isolation, and social distancing would remain to be in effect until the end of April. However, former vice president Joe Biden expressed...


Asteroids: Potentially hazardous asteroid already on 'close approach' trajectory

Space agencies all over the world are keeping tabs on one particular asteroid that is bound for Earth by April. Recent reports reveal that the asteroid in question is already on a close approach trajectory. Express...

Dr. Anthony Fauci predicts over 100,000 coronavirus fatalities in US

As the world is currently struggling to contain the pandemic that is the coronavirus, it appears that the situation would only get worse before it could get better. According to Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony...

Asteroids: NASA releases a detailed map of asteroid Bennu's surface

One of the asteroids that NASA is keeping tabs on is referred to as Bennu, and the agency is currently on a mission to collect samples from the space rock. At the same time, NASA has put together photos taken of the...

NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir shares photo of Earth at night

In the midst of all the fear and panic surrounding the coronavirus pandemic all over the world, many are also in search of some good news. Recently, NASA astronaut Jessica Meir shared a photo of the Earth being illuminated...


Nintendo Switch games: ‘Tropico 6,’ ‘Super Mario 64,’ ‘Super Mario Sunshine,’ and ‘Super Mario Galaxy’ arriving to the console this year

With its portability, the Nintendo Switch console is one of the most popular consoles around and has been the best-selling hardware for a couple of years now. It looks like Switch console gamers are in for a treat in the...

Will ‘The Sims 5’ have a Nintendo Switch version?

To this day, there has yet to be a definitive indication that The Sims 5, or any The Sims game, would be released on Nintendo Switch. However, the recent success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons might convince EA this...

‘Kingdom Hearts 4’: Will Square Enix start developing the next game soon?

Video game companies typically do not start a full-on development of a new installment while more content is planned for the latest title of a series. In the wait for Kingdom Hearts 4, it is then worth asking whether or...

Surface Book 3 specs: Leaks suggest different variants might sport Tiger Lake-U, Intel Core i5-1035G1 and Ryzen 4000 CPUs

While no definite Microsoft Surface Book 3 release date has been announced, the gadget is expected to arrive sometime this year. Various leaks suggest that buyers will have plenty of options when it comes to the devices...

‘Domestic Girlfriend’ season 2: Natsuo will marry one of her step-sisters

Some anime fans might still be insisting on not reading the manga while hoping that the animated adaptation will be renewed. However, knowing how this love triangle story will pan out might help them decide whether to keep...
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