Fun Man FUNG

Fun Man FUNG

Assistant Director (Education) at the Institute for Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology, National University of Singapore
Fun Man is a Core Faculty (Education) at the Institute for Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology at the National University of Singapore and holds a joint appointment as an IT-for-Teaching Chemistry Instructor at the Department of Chemistry.

Fun Man serves as a board member of the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) Steering Committee (elected 2014—2016, re-elected 2016—2018). He was formerly the Head Mentor of the Singapore National IChO Team.

He leads the NUS Faculty of Science Laboratory-Video IT Taskforce and trail-blazes novel filming methods using Instructor’s Point of View #IPOV technique, 360-videos and social media.

Fun Man has authored eleven peer-reviewed ACS publications on Technology-Enhanced Education #TEBLE and written 13 EdTech articles for universities.


Institute for Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology, NUS
Assistant Director

Sorbonne Université, Paris, France
Visiting Professor

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Technische Universität München-Asia, Singapore
Adjunct Lecturer

–present Core Faculty (Education) at the Institute for Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology, National University of Singapore
NUS Society Gold Medal for Outstanding Achievement

How to use Snapchat in the laboratory for better student engagement

Nov 26, 2018 17:15 pm UTC| Insights & Views Technology

The Snapchat image and video instant messaging application has rocketed in popularity among teenagers. Since 2012, the number of active users climbed from 10 million to more than 100 million in early 2015. More than 400...



Emirates issues over $517 million in refunds, more reimbursements expected

Dubai-based carrier Emirates has processed nearly 650,000 refunds amounting to over $517 million over the past two months while operating a decreased number of flights on a limited network. According to Chief Commercial...

India invites private firms to run and modernize railways

India is now inviting bids for private firms to invest $39.8 million in running trains along 109 routes to introduce modern technology and boost its virus-hit economy. The private players will have to pay a percentage...

Japan to shut down aging coal-fired power plants to reduce emissions

Japan will close about 100 of its aging coal-fired and inefficient power plants by fiscal 2030 to reduce carbon emissions and shift toward renewable energy. Industry minister Hiroshi Kajiyama is expected to announce the...

S. Korea to back up 1,000 hydrogen businesses over 20 years

South Korea will support 1,000 businesses in the hydrogen industry over the next 20 years to develop a hydrogen-based ecosystem and economy. Consequently, the country will help create at least 500 companies in...

FxWirePro: Can USMCA & PMIs Bring In Optimism For Mexican Peso? Uphold USD/MXN Call Spreads

The recent publication of the PMIs in a number of countries illustrated a significant improvement of sentiment. It seems questionable though whether sentiment in Mexico has improved to the same extent (publication of the...


Donald Trump revelation: Appeals judge partially lifts restraining order blocking publication of niece Mary Trump's book

As Democrats continue to encourage others to register to vote and pushing for mail-in voting in the midst of the pandemic, former vice president Joe Biden hopes to protect the rights of Americans to vote. The Biden...

Donald Trump revelation: Appeals judge partially lifts restraining order blocking publication of niece Mary Trump's book

President Donald Trumps niece Mary Trump is set to publish her tell-all book that sheds more light on the Trump family. Following the temporary restraining order placed on both Mary Trump and publisher Simon Schuster, an...

Former European Council President Donald Tusk shows support for Joe Biden's presidential bid

As the November elections draw closer by the day, more public figures, political or not, are beginning to voice their support for one candidate or another. Among those figures is former European Council Member Donald Tusk,...

Michelle Obama impressed: Ex-FLOTUS praises Princeton for removing Woodrow Wilson's name from public affairs department

The recent events, mainly the protests against systemized racism have sparked institutions, whether national or private, to remove figures and cultural symbols that are deemed as racist. Following ivy league institution...


Archaeologists find skeletal remains of inmates in former NKVD prison

Much like the horrific Holocaust, there was also the regime of Russian dictator Joseph Stalin that led to the imprisonment and killing of thousands of people, with millions more dying under his reign. A recent discovery...

Aliens: Scientists develop calculator to count alien civilizations

The question of whether or not we are alone in the universe has been asked millions of times as far as one can remember. This question was front and center following the space missions that occurred in the 20th century,...

Archaeologists analyze screaming mummy to investigate supposed link to Ramses III's death

Ever since archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of famed Egyptian Pharaoh King Tutankhamun in 1922, there have been unusual deaths that have been linked to it. Scientists since then have tried to test the theory...

Author says 2,400-year old coin artifact may be proof that Atlantis is real

Atlantis is one of the most popular myths in history, with many wondering whether the city is actually real, based on the stories that have been told over time. An author and researcher may have unraveled the mystery...


iPhone 12 could be delayed by four weeks to a couple of months but until 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably rocked the tech world, and Apple was not exempted. A new report offers a more vivid look into the possible delays the company might suffer in terms of releasing the anticipated iPhone...

iOS 14: 4 best security and privacy improvements launching later this year

After countless reports of mobile apps and other entities covertly collecting peoples data through the devices they use, iPhone users should pay attention to the security and privacy features launching on iOS 14. Luckily,...

iPhone SE 2021 will keep the A13 Bionic and that’s fine

Reports have it that the new iPhone SE was planned to arrive in two models this year. However, Apple revived its mid-range smartphone lineup with just one variant last April. Later, there have been claims that the tech...

AirPods to receive Spatial Audio and other upgrades with iOS 14’s launch in fall

Fans of Apples truly wireless earbuds will have several things to look forward to in iOS 14. The next mobile operating system update is confirmed to deliver several upgrades and new functions on the device, some even...
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