Julie Gilson

Julie Gilson

Reader in Asian Studies, University of Birmingham
Julie Gilson has been a member of Polsis since 2003. Her main interests at present focus on interpreting ‘civil society’ in Asia, with a particular focus on transnational advocacy groups. Previously she has written work on East Asian regionalism, Asia-Europe inter-regional relations and Japanese foreign policy.

Research interests:
– Civil Society in Asia
– Asian Regionalism
– Japanese Foreign Policy
– Asia-Europe Relations

Current and recent projects:
– The spatiality of transnational advocacy: examples from Asia
– Transnational governance & legitimacy
– Resource nationalism: Russia and Japan
– Social learning and NGOs in Asia
– Japanese foreign policy

Post-Brexit trade with Japan in jeopardy while uncertainty persists

Feb 10, 2019 10:52 am UTC| Insights & Views Economy

Nissan has said it will no longer be producing its new X Trail car at its Sunderland plant in north-east England. They will instead be produced in Japan. Although no current jobs are scheduled to be lost, the region was...



U.S. Treasuries gain on hopes of Fed’s 25bp policy easing, August industrial production

The U.S. Treasuries gained during Tuesdays afternoon session ahead of the Federal Reserves monetary policy meeting, scheduled to be held on September 18 by 18:00GMT, where it is widely expected to cut interest rates by...

UK gilts rise ahead of August consumer price inflation, BoE’s policy rate meeting

The United Kingdoms gilts rose during European trading hours Tuesday, ahead of the countrys consumer price inflation (CPI) data for the month of August, scheduled to be released on September 18 by 08:30GMT and the Bank of...

German bunds remain mixed after September ZEW economic sentiment improves, albeit in contraction

The German bunds remained mixed during European trading session Tuesday after the countrys ZEW economic sentiment improved, albeit still in contraction while investors keep a close eye on the eurozones consumer price...

Government bonds likely to benefit less from ‘safe haven’ inflows going forward due to worries over valuation and volatility, says DNB Markets

While the bond market rally is expected to resume as global growth weakens and trade tensions continue to build, government bonds could benefit less from safe haven inflows going forward, due to worries over valuation and...

Developments surrounding Brexit do not justify a GBP rally seen since mid-August, keep close eye on options market: Commerzbank

Developments surrounding Brexit do not justify a GBP rally that markets have seen since mid-August; instead keeping a close eye on the options market is recommended, according to the latest research report from...


Melania Trump faces backlash over fashion choices on 9/11 anniversary

Melania Trumps commemoration of the September 11 attacks 18th anniversary has been marred with yet another fashion-related controversy. Online critics claimed that the stitch work on the back portion of the First Ladys...

Destroying parliaments leads to war – just look at history

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnsons recent prorogation of parliament has led many to fear that parliamentary democracy in Britain is unravelling. And now the High Court has ruled that Johnson acted lawfully in suspending it....

John Legend tweets Melania Trump should praise Donald Trump more

The United States President Donald Trump has once again had a tweetstorm directed, this time, at John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. The All of Me singer responded by suggesting that POTUS might have calmed down if only the...

UK general election: when and how could it happen?

Despite repeatedly insisting he didnt want a general election, Johnson has now tried and failed to get parliament to support one. It now looks like hell try again or seek a vote by some other route. Having lost his...

Donald Trump insists she loves Tiffany Trump

Over the past week, another member of Donald Trumps family made headlines following alleged explosive revelations from a fired White House staff. The United States Presidents daughter with Marla Maples, Tiffany Trump, is...


Can we really know what animals are thinking?

Sarah, the worlds smartest chimp, died in July 2019, just before her 60th birthday. For the majority of her life she served as a research subject, providing scientists with a window into the thoughts of homo sapiens...

Cancer cells naturally die in microgravity, scientist finds

The possibilities are endless when it comes to studying potential factors that could stop the growth of cancer cells. For one, a scientist based in Australia discovered that cancer cells naturally die when exposed to...

HIV cure study finds good results from a rare muscle illness

One of the greatest tasks of medical science experts today is finding a cure for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). While that has not been achieved yet, many studies have resulted in further understanding the...

Indonesian students treat cancer tumors on a mouse with a local plant

A couple of Indonesian high school students are catching worldwide attention after winning an international invention contest. They were awarded the gold medal for reportedly showing proof they were able to treat cancer on...

HIV suppression can be prolonged even without ART, study shows

There is not a complete cure found yet to eradicate HIV from a patient. But medical science has come a long way in developing other treatment strategies to suppress the virus. So even if it stays dormant in a patients...


‘The Sims 5’ will not be released before a University-themed expansion

It now looks like The Sims 5 will not be released before the life simulation video game franchise reaches its 20-year mark. That begs the question of what new gameplay features and contents can players expect from it since...

‘NBA 2K20’ wins big in opening week despite online flak

Determining whether or not NBA 2K20 had a successful opening week now seems to be a tricky task. Online social media platforms were flooded with complaints about glitches on various game modes within a day since it...

‘The Elder Scrolls 6’ release date: Next installment should take inspiration from NPCs in ‘RDR2’

The Elder Scrolls 6 is still years away, but speculation on the game is already widespread on the web. There are also suggestions that have been put forward by the most hardcore of fans, ranging from battle mechanics to...

Nvidia may face potential backlash due to confusing RTX series having large performance disparity on its mobile, desktop variants

After releasing the GTX 16 series, a lot of people have been complaining about Nvidias naming schemes and the confusion of its GPU lineup. Now, more complains are being voiced online after it found out that the laptop and...

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ release date: Minor quests will be short but will be packing interesting lore.

Cyberpunk 2077 is being billed as one massive immersive experience. And among the factors that will contribute to that immersion is how well the quests and stories have been designed. To provide some insight on how the...
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