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‘The Elder Scrolls 6’ rumors: Why the game could not have an official title right now

From “The Elder Scrolls Online: The Dark Heart of Skyrim” trailer | Photo credit: Bethesda Softworks/YouTube screenshot

There has been plenty of claims made on several details of “The Elder Scrolls 6,” especially about its title. It is understandable if fans find it easy to believe the rumors and so-called leaks. However, there is one good reason there might not even be a final title for the next game yet.

The Elder Scrolls 6’ title rumors

For several months now, there have been rumors that “The Elder Scrolls 6” would be officially titled “Redfall.” What sparked this speculation is not entirely absurd.

ZeniMax Media, the developer of the video game series, was previously found applying to trademark “Redfall” just as when the rumor mill started turning for “The Elder Scrolls 6.” The video game company was even caught in a legal scuffle that was ultimately settled.

While “Redfall” has a nice ring to it, fans might want to think twice before believing anything said about “The Elder Scrolls 6’s” title. For one, Bethesda Softworks bosses have been very careful not to give any false hopes that the active development of the sequel has started. Simply put, it is still not clear what stage of development the game is in right now.

Considering that ZeniMax and Bethesda have to present “The Elder Scrolls 6” as something even more glorious than “Skyrim,” fans better believe it will take many years to finish the game. With that said, it is likely that developers already have a working title for the game. But avid video game fans know that final titles are usually decided right at the end of the timeline of development.

The Elder Scrolls 6’ release date

Game Rant recalls that the developers confirmed they have yet to start working on “The Elder Scrolls 6” back in 2017. That might have changed in 2018 when Bethesda officially announced the game at E3 2018, but that is still not a guarantee that the game is anywhere close to completion.

If any, the 2018 announcement could just be a mild assurance for excited fans that “The Elder Scrolls 6” is on the horizon. There is also a possibility that it marks the start of the game’s active development. But less than two years is not much time for a video game as complex as this franchise.

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