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‘PES 2020’ has been designed to be slower; Players needs to be more calculated in their approach

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“PES 2020” made some pretty significant changes to its graphics and mechanics to the delight of the gaming community. The most notable upgrade is how Konami managed to dial down the pace of the game.

In last year’s version, every game was a blistering match leaving players to employ an aggressive playstyle and not much else. “PES 2020” breaks away from that and offers a variety of angles on how to approach the game and come away with the victory.

What’s more, the new version also forces people to learn the deeper nuances of the game to take better advantage of what each team offers on the pitch. For instance, “PES 2020” has created each player t be unique defensively and offensively, especially the superstars of each club.

PES 2020 has a certain weight to it

There’s a sense of weight to playing the game, too, that may jar some fans who are used to last year’s faster gameplay, but there’s no denying that by the time you get used to it, you’ll realize why Konami went this route. “PES 2020” having slower gameplay also makes people more calculated in their playstyle rather than liberally passing the ball across the field hoping to get closer to the net and try their luck.

It also helps that the graphics have been given a polish shine. These changes are more prominent on stadiums that are only exclusive in “PES 2020.” Indeed, taking out the stamina and icons on top of the player’s head and one can easily mistake the game to be a real football match.

PES 2020’s AI is awesome

Another important aspect of “PES 2020” that’s worth mentioning is its AI. Konami has done a great job of having AI assist players when they find themselves wandering at a dead end, Gamespot reported. Superstars, for instance, would come to your aid if you’re in a corner and is at risk at turning the ball over.

If you’re ahead, the AI would play more defensively rather than going all out to try and score another goal. Put simply, the AI has been programmed to win not to showboat although you can certainly change that. But as great as “PES 2020” is, there’s still some room for improvement.

The Master League needs a serious upgrade, the commentary is uninspired, and the cut-scenes becomes an irritation once you’ve seen it several times. Overall, however, “PES 2020” delivers an immersive football simulation that is a huge step from its previous iterations. With the next-gen console coming out next year, it would be interesting to see what Konami will do to push this game forward, especially since the company is adamant in knocking “FIFA” off its pedestal.

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