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Ivanka Trump backlash: Why her message of encouragement amid coronavirus pandemic and social distancing guidelines is met with criticisms

Ivanka Trump speaks at the G20 Women’s Empowerment Event in Osaka, Japan on June 29, 2019. | Credit: Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead (Public domain) via Wikimedia Commons

Ivanka Trump joins the many American public officials who have posted words of encouragement amid the coronavirus global pandemic. However, the Advisor, the President’s latest video messages have been receiving both supportive and dismissive replies on Twitter.

Ivanka Trump encourages Americans to stay at home and to ‘be kind’ amid coronavirus crisis

The Presidential daughter, posted a two-part video on her social media page on late Sunday after the White House announced the extension of the social distancing guidelines through April 30. Trump’s first video focused on reminding people of the importance of social distancing and emphasized why people need to stay home for now.

“Each and every one of us plays a role in slowing the spread [of coronavirus] and social distancing saves lives,” she said. It also appears that Trump is aiming to connect with people who are staying in their homes as her video appears to be filmed in a less formal setup. Trump, during her video message, appears to be sitting in a room in her house and not wearing makeup.

Most parts of the second video were dedicated to the frontline workers. “Express your gratitude loudly and often to those on the front line ensuring that this country can function,” Trump added. She mentioned those who work in the health sector, trucking business, and supermarkets.

Ivanka coronavirus message faces mixed reactions online

While Trump’s message was about reminding people of social distancing and recognizing frontline workers, several replies on Twitter do not seem impressed. Some called her out over a report that her husband, Jared Kushner, is allegedly demanding their tenants to pay rent despite the public health crisis.

Non-essential businesses have been mandated or advised to close temporarily, affecting many workers across the United States. This has led to calls for a suspension on mortgage and rent payments. However, MSNBC host Joy Reid reported last weekend (via Raw Story), “Rather than relax the rent requirements for [Kushner’s] tenants, and some of his tenants are in tough positions, in Maryland and other places, that they are enforcing to the maximum that they want their money.”

On the other hand, Trump still found support from other Twitter users responding to her videos, thanking her and her father’s work during the coronavirus pandemic. Trump also got a shout out from the American Trucking Associations as the organization’s official Twitter page shared Trump’s part 2 video, where she encouraged people to appreciate truckers.

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