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Donald Trump sparks rumors his cognitive decline continues; POTUS lambasted for failing to pronounce United Arab Emirates

DOD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jette Carr/Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump recently sparked rumors that he is struggling with his speech when he failed to pronounce the United Arab Emirates.

On Twitter, the POTUS was lambasted for the crucial error especially after it seemed as though he pronounced UAE as United Arab Air Mattress.

“Trump makes a mockery of everything he touches. He devalues everything… he is a moral bankruptcy standing at a podium, slurring through his speech,” Twitter user @Midwestny1 said.

“He did it. #Adderall Trump thanked an air mattress! Next: We want him to thank the dodo bird for giving us the Brooklyn Bridge and New Zealand for inventing air!” Twitter user @Emmett_Stone said.

“PEACE on the world! or was that piss on the world? And would that include the United Arab air mattress?” Twitter user @pumpsiegreen said.

“Trump’s cognitive decline continues. Good luck with that, Republican sycophants. Enjoying managing your [expletive] as it slowly goes south,” Twitter user @whakatupu said.

“The emperor has dementia. Can we say it?” Twitter user @duty2warn said.

“Today, he’ll evade justice. Tomorrow, he’ll do a live spot for United Arab Air Mattress,” Twitter user @SanAntoneJose said.

Meanwhile, USA Today previously claimed that there have been some obvious signs that the POTUS could be suffering from dementia. John Gartner, an opinion contributor, and a mental health professional said that the red flags suggesting that Trump’s cognitive deficits seem to be getting worse are alarming.

Two years ago, Gartner and over 70 others, penned a letter to the president’s physician in an attempt to urge him to administer a cognitive exam during the POTUS’s physical.

Dr. Ronny Jackson heard the public’s pleas, and he indeed administered the exam. Results revealed that Trump passed. However, the 10-minute screening test only reportedly ruled out one thing: that the POTUS doesn’t have full-blown dementia.

Unfortunately, the test didn’t rule out if Trump could be suffering from the early stages of dementia. Gartner and other experts also predicted that Trump’s mental health could only get worse if what he has is an organic cognitive decline.

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