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Hotels play vital role in relief efforts when disaster strikes

By Rick Lagiewski

Hotels are more than a place to stay while on vacation. They are also critical for destination disaster relief and recovery. When major hurricanes strike, relief organizations like FEMA and the Red Cross are usually...

Urban growth, heat islands, humidity, climate change: the costs multiply in tropical cities

By Taha Chaiechi Et Al

Some 60% of the planets expected urban area by 2030 is yet to be built. This forecast highlights how rapidly the worlds people are becoming urban. Cities now occupy about 2% of the worlds land area, but are home to about...

How rivalries between doctors and pharmacists turned into the 'turf war' we see today

By Philippa Martyr

Would you like to go to your local pharmacy and buy prescription medicines without seeing the doctor first? Or would you like to collect your prescription medicines at the local supermarket? These are some of the...

Keep your job options open and don't ditch science when choosing next year's school subjects

By Tracey-Ann Palmer

Thousands of Year 10 students are in the process of choosing subjects for their final years of school and half will probably choose to ditch science. For someone like me who thinks science is one of the most worthwhile...

Best on ground: why Australians think sporting bodies provide strongest leadership for public good

By Adam Karg Et Al

Australians love sport. Whether it be record crowds at the recent Boomers v USA basketball game, or the record numbers who sign up as loyal members of our professional teams, sport plays a major role in the Australian...

With a federal election looming, an appeal for politicians to stop buying us off

By Gregory C Mason

As Larry the Liquidator said in that not-so-classic film Other Peoples Money: I love money more than the things it can buy … but what I love more than money is other peoples money. With the federal...

How to conduct job interviews with candidates who have autism

By Katherine Breward

The unemployment and underemployment of capable workers with autism is a well-documented phenomenon, as a British study showed. Employers are gradually getting better at recognizing the value of including neurodiverse...

The profound perspective of geoscience can unite students

By Stephen R. Meyers

Its 1 p.m. and students gather in long lines as they wait to enter the lecture hall, a spacious wood-adorned auditorium at the top of Henry Mall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Its a charismatic octagonal space...

Does extra testosterone reduce your empathy?

By Simon Baron-Cohen Et Al

Cognitive empathy is the ability to recognise what another person is thinking or feeling, and one way it can be assessed in the lab is by using the reading the mind in the eyes test or eyes test, for short. This involves...

Introvert? You may just be bad at recognising faces

By Karen Lander

Although most of us can distinguish between and remember hundreds of different faces, some people are better at it than others. Super-recognisers can accurately identify faces even when they have only seen them briefly...

Here's why the internet will always have enough space for all our devices

By Andrew Smith

It seems that every five years, news emerges that the digital sky is falling in. Back in 2010 and 2015, rumours spread that the internet would soon run out of IP addresses. Now, the regulator of Europes internet domains...

How disinformation could sway the 2020 election

By Paul M. Barrett

In 2016, Russian operatives used Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to sow division among American voters and boost Donald Trumps presidential campaign. What the Russians used to accomplish this is called disinformation,...

Why your employer-sponsored insurance may ultimately not be good for you

By Dana Goldman

The Democratic presidential debates, which resume Sept. 12, have highlighted a deep disagreement over the future American health care system. Reflecting the anger of voters over medical costs, Sens. Bernie Sanders,...

To save honey bees we need to design them new hives

By Derek Mitchell

Honey bees are under extreme pressure. The number of honey bee colonies in the US has been declining at an average rate of almost 40% since 2010. The biggest contributor to this decline is viruses spread by a parasite,...

WeWork IPO: why investors are beginning to question the office rental firm's value

By John Colley

WeWork looked set to become the latest tech startup to launch on the stock market at an astronomic valuation. It still could. The office rental company was initially valued around US$47 billion. Now theres talk of this...

Dialogue does not mean defeat: rethinking Africa’s stance on counter-terrorism

By Akinola Olojo

When neither opponent can achieve the upper hand in a game of chess, its only a matter of time before a stalemate is declared. In a protracted battle in which no-one enjoys the upper hand, the question is not if but when...

In Brazil's rainforests, the worst fires are likely still to come

By Robert T. Walker

The number of fires this year in the Amazon is the highest since 2010, reaching more than 90,000 active fires. Farmers and ranchers routinely use fires to clear the forest. But this years number reflects a worrisome uptick...

Far fewer Mexican immigrants are coming to the US -- and those who do are more educated

By Rogelio Sáenz

Once upon a time, not long ago, Mexicans dominated the flow of migrants coming to the U.S. Mexican migration expanded over the course of much of the 20th century and into the start of the 21st century. That is no longer...

I create manipulated images and videos – but quality may not matter much

By Christye Sisson

Lots of people including Congress are worried about fake videos and imagery distorting the truth, purporting to show people saying and doing things they never said or did. Im part of a larger U.S. government project...

How to increase access to gifted programs for low-income students and children of color

By Jonathan Wai Et Al

Many of the public school gifted and talented programs that serve high-ability students dont reflect the diversity of their communities. New York City, with roughly 1.1 million students, is an extreme example. While...

Boris Johnson's dodgy delivery is only fuelling feelings of mistrust

By Stephen Coleman

Boris Johnsons speech at the police academy in Wakefield certainly raised some serious questions about how political authority is performed these days. By most standards, Johnsons speech, delivered in front of 34 uniformed...

Why 'macho culture' is not to blame for violence against women in Mexico

By Catherine Whittaker

In recent weeks, hundreds of women have taken to the streets of Mexico City protesting against murder, rape and other violence against women in Mexico. Many commentators blame macho culture for the violence they are so...

Drugs don't affect job seeking, so let's offer users help rather than take away their payments

By Nicole Lee

The Morrison government is having another shot at getting its proposal to drug test people on welfare through the Senate. Welfare, health and drug treatment experts have consistently opposed the proposal since it was...

Environment laws have failed to tackle the extinction emergency. Here's the proof

By Michelle Ward Et Al

Threatened species habitat larger than the size of Tasmania has been destroyed since Australias environment laws were enacted, and 93% of this habitat loss was not referred to the federal government for scrutiny, our new...

There's an obvious reason wages aren't growing, but you won't hear it from Treasury or the Reserve Bank

By David Peetz

Wages growth for Australian workers is among the worst in the industrialised world. For more than a third of workers on individual contracts, wages arent growing at all. This is odd, given Australia is in a record 28th...

Rudd's rental affordability scheme was a $1 billion gift to developers; Abbott was right to axe it

By Brendan Coates Et Al

Most Australians are spending more of their income on housing than they used to, but low-income households are being squeezed the hardest. Many are in poverty, and many more are suffering financial stress. A growing...

Where 'woke' came from and why marketers should think twice before jumping on the social activism bandwagon

By Abas Mirzaei

First used in the 1940s, the term woke has resurfaced in recent years as a concept that symbolises awareness of social issues and movement against injustice, inequality, and prejudice. But popularity has diluted its...

Genetic screening for athletes: how to adopt the science without discriminating

By G. Gregory Haff

Since the first mapping of the human genome there has been interest in understanding which genetic factors underpin performance in sport. With the rise of genetic testing among athletes, it remains to be seen exactly...

How green are green bonds? Ratings can help investors know

By Florian Kiesel

Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have invested in machines and other technologies to help them increase productivity and improve their lives. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of many of these advances is that...

Getting to the bottom of things: Can mining the deep sea be sustainable?

By Anna Metaxas Et Al

It is completely dark, just above freezing cold and the pressure is crushing: this is the deep-sea floor. Food is very scarce in this huge region, yet a great diversity of animals have adapted to exploit and recycle...

How buildings in Johannesburg could benefit from green roofs

By Anne Fitchett

There are about 500,000 square metres of green space in Chicago in the United States. Many of these are visible, not on the ground, but on building roofs across the city. Green roofs can be seen in a number of other cities...

Horizon Europe: the EU plans to spend €100 billion on research – here's how to get the most from it

By Ferran Giones

Imagine that you could decide how to invest 10 billion in research projects. Now imagine that you have to make this decision not once, but every year for the next decade. This is effectively what the EU needs to do in...

Destroying parliaments leads to war – just look at history

By Aristotle Kallis

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnsons recent prorogation of parliament has led many to fear that parliamentary democracy in Britain is unravelling. And now the High Court has ruled that Johnson acted lawfully in suspending it....

Zao's deepfake face-swapping app shows uploading your photos is riskier than ever

By Alexandros Antoniou

The latest photo app craze can make you look like a movie star. Zao uses artificial intelligence to replace the faces of characters in film or TV clips with images of anyone whose photo you upload to the app. The effect...

A globalised solar-powered future is wholly unrealistic – and our economy is the reason why

By Alf Hornborg

Over the past two centuries, millions of dedicated people revolutionaries, activists, politicians, and theorists have been unable to curb the disastrous and increasingly globalised trajectory of economic polarisation and...

Timely intervention: how Doctor Who has shaped public attitudes to science

By Lindy Orthia

Lindy Orthia, Senior Lecturer in Science Communication, Australian National University `Scientists and science fans love to discuss the science in Doctor Who. Were interested in how its theories and gadgets stack up...

Can we really know what animals are thinking?

By Jacob Beck

Sarah, the worlds smartest chimp, died in July 2019, just before her 60th birthday. For the majority of her life she served as a research subject, providing scientists with a window into the thoughts of homo sapiens...

Working the system: 3 ways planners can defy the odds to promote good health for all of us

By Jennifer Kent

Many of the chronic and costly diseases Australians face are related to how we live in cities. The speed of modern life clashes with poorly designed urban areas. As a result, health-promoting activities, such as regular...

Sure, economic growth is low, but think about what's gone right

By Richard Holden

Official figures released Wednesday show the Australian economy growing at the slowest pace since the financial crisis. GDP growth was only 0.5% for the June quarter, meaning that in the past year output grew by a...

US tariffs on French wine: big talk, potentially unintended consequences

By Florine Livat Et Al

French wine has been the subject of an ongoing trade dispute between the United States and the European Union. In November 2018 President Donald Trump threatened to increase US tariffs on French wine, and in July he...

UK general election: when and how could it happen?

By Chris Stafford

Despite repeatedly insisting he didnt want a general election, Johnson has now tried and failed to get parliament to support one. It now looks like hell try again or seek a vote by some other route. Having lost his...

South Africa's new economic proposals highlight the role of services

By Justin Visagie Et Al

South Africas Finance Minister Tito Mboweni recently published a package of economic policy proposals that warrant serious consideration. They are aimed at reviving the flagging economy whose growth over the past five...

How Brexit uncertainty is hurting the UK economy in four charts

By Costas Milas

Each day brings with it new drama in UK politics and the course of Brexit and its playing havoc with the UK economy. The following four graphs show the extent that the UK is at risk of a recession and I conclude that the...

Clean, green machines: the truth about electric vehicle emissions

By Jake Whitehead

Despite the overwhelming evidence that electric vehicle technology can deliver significant economic, environmental and health benefits, misinformation continues to muddy the public debate in Australia. An article in The...

Apple iPhones could have been hacked for years – here's what to do about it

By Leslie Sikos Et Al

For many years, the Apple iPhone has been considered one of the most secure smart phones available. But despite this reputation, security issues that might affect millions of users came to light last week, when researchers...

How 'gamification' could revolutionise creative thinking in the workplace

By Agnessa Spanellis

Coming up with a good creative idea is hard. We do not fully understand how this process works, but there are certain techniques that have proved successful in fostering creativity, such as mind-mapping, brainstorming or...

Artificial intelligence in medicine raises legal and ethical concerns

By Sharona Hoffman

The use of artificial intelligence in medicine is generating great excitement and hope for treatment advances. AI generally refers to computers ability to mimic human intelligence and to learn. For example, by using...

For some children born abroad, US citizenship has never been a guarantee

By Victoria Reyes

The Trump administration announced on Aug. 28 that it would revoke the longstanding policy of granting citizenship to some children of parents stationed abroad who are U.S. citizens and government employees or members of...

Why we've the weakest economy since the global financial crisis, with few clear ways out

By Peter Martin

The Australian economy is tepid, with consumer spending the weakest in ten years, business investment shrinking, and economic growth too weak to cover population growth. Were it not for very strong growth in export...

Indonesia needs to fix 'authoritarian' clauses in bill on cyber security before passing it into law

By Tangguh Chairil

Indonesia, a country with the fifth-highest number of internet users in the world, plans to issue its first law on cyber security this month. Currently, Indonesias law enforcement institutions are not equipped with...

Brexit: what will the EU's next move be?

The latest political drama and developments surrounding Brexit in the UK have had a distinctly domestic focus. There has been little consideration of the other side in the Brexit negotiations. The UKs prime minister,...

Australian bonds suffer tracking U.S. Treasuries on hopes of trade deal, softer auction demand

04:30 AM| Commentary Economy

The Australian government bonds suffered during Asian trading session Friday tracking a similar movement in the United States Treasuries on burgeoning hopes of a trade deal amid softer demand at a 30-year auction. The...

FxWirePro: Asian markets in green, gold trades flat at $1,497 mark

04:57 AM| Commentary

All the major Asian indices were trading on a higher note on Friday. Gold was trading around $1,497 mark while silver was trading around $18.03 mark. Japans Nikkei was trading 1.04 pct higher at 21,986.77...

U.S. retail sales likely to have grown 0.3 pct in August

18:56 PM| Commentary

U.S. retail sales data for the month of August is set to release tomorrow. According to a TD Economics research report, retail sales are likely to have risen 0.3 percent, a slowdown from 0.7 percent recorded in the prior...

Danmarks Nationalbank cuts interest rate on certificates of deposit to -0.75 pct

18:08 PM| Commentary Central Banks

Danish central bank, Danmarks Nationalbank today cut the interest rate on certificates of deposit to -0.75 percent. It kept the current account rate and the lending rate on hold at 0.00 percent and 0.05 percent,...

Indian headline inflation accelerates modestly in August, RBI likely to cut policy rate by 40 bps in October

16:59 PM| Commentary

Indian headline inflation accelerated modestly in August. On a sequential basis, the consumer price index dropped to 0.49 percent sequentially in August, down from 0.91 percent in the prior month. Nevertheless, the annual...

Central Bank of Turkey cuts one-week repo rate by 325 bps to 16.50 pct

13:54 PM| Commentary Central Banks

The Central Bank of Turkey cut its one-week repo rate for the second straight time today. The central bank lowered the rate by 325 basis points to 16.50 percent. Todays rate cut might seem dovish on the surface, but the...

Singaporean retail sales rebound sequentially in July, jobless rate remains at 2.2 pct

13:07 PM| Commentary

Singaporean retail sales recovered in July, growing 2.6 percent sequentially, after shrinking in the prior two months. However, retail sales continued to shrink on a year-on-year basis, contracting 1.8 percent, as compared...

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Cryptocurrency Derivatives Series: CME Group Writes CFTC to Increase Open Positions of Bitcoin Futures Contract

05:45 AM| Research & Analysis Digital Currency Insights & Views

August month for the crypto-asset markets saw a bearish end. Market benchmarkBTCfell 6.67% and 4.6% July and August months respectively, while the overall crypto market cap pulled back 5%. The underlying price has been...

The next battles against tobacco must be fought in the world’s major cities

By Steven J. Hoffman Et Al - 10:53 AM| Insights & Views Law

Global cities like New York and London were among the first to pioneer effective tobacco control policies like smoke-free workplaces, public cessation services and higher tobacco taxes. These life-saving policies were...

All this overinflated talk about an index-fund bubble is very passive-aggressive

By Richard Holden - 10:54 AM| Insights & Views Economy

If youve seen the movie The Big Short you will remember Christian Bales quirky character Michael Burry the manager of the Scion Capital hedge fund who realises the US mortgage-backed security market is a massive bubble....

Most innovation originates from customers, not companies

By Tim Schweisfurth - 10:54 AM| Insights & Views Technology

The mountain bike wouldnt exist if it wasnt for disgruntled customers. In the 1970s, some cyclists wanted to ride off-road but were let down by existing bikes that werent suited to rugged terrain. They adapted road bikes,...

How bankruptcy works for companies and creditors

By Lindsey Simon - 10:55 AM| Insights & Views Business

More than 20,000 companies file for bankruptcy every year. Although companies follow many different paths to bankruptcy, each one encounters a process that is carefully designed to balance the rights of debtors and...

FxWirePro: The Key Driving Forces of Surge in Gold Prices and Spotlight on ETFs

11:41 AM| Research & Analysis Insights & Views

Gold has once again recovered slightly after hitting a low of $1486 yesterday. Markets awaited ECB policy today for further direction. The central bank is expected to restart asset purchases by 30 or 50 bn and to cut...

The problem with the push for more college degrees

By Johann N. Neem - 10:55 AM| Insights & Views

In a 2009 speech, President Barack Obama proclaimed that by 2020, the United States will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world. As we near 2020, it is worth asking how close are we to...

Econotimes Series


USD/CNY seen to decline towards 7.0 as US-China Washington talks likely to achieve a breakthrough, says Scotiabank

The USD/CNY currency pair is expected to decline towards 7.0 as the US-China Washington talks are likely to achieve a breakthrough, particularly if considering USD/CNH trading at a discount to USD/CNY recently, according...

USD/INR likely to showcase supportive tone in near-term given prospects of further RBI cuts this year, says Commerzbank

The USD/INR currency pair is expected to showcase a supportive tone in the near-term given prospects of further interest rate cuts by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) this year, according to the latest research report from...

Risk-on sentiment likely to continue during rest of September on hopes of US-China talks achieving a breakthrough, says Scotiabank

Risk-on sentiment is likely to continue during the rest of September on hopes for the US-China Washington talks achieving a breakthrough, according to the latest research report from Scotiabank. It was widely reported...

Australian ANZ-Roy Morgan consumer confidence falls 1 pct last week, inflation expectations remain stable

Australias ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence fell 1.0% last week. The fall was accentuated by a sharp decline of 7.1 percent seen in the Time to buy a major household item sub-index. Current finances fell by...

Australia’s demand for mortgages picks up sharply in response to rate cuts in June and July, RBA unlikely to be impressed

Australias demand for mortgages picked up sharply in response to rate cuts in June and July, with 5.1 percent m/m growth in July. The strength was reflected across both owner-occupiers and investors. The Reserve Bank of...


John Legend tweets Melania Trump should praise Donald Trump more

The United States President Donald Trump has once again had a tweetstorm directed, this time, at John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. The All of Me singer responded by suggesting that POTUS might have calmed down if only the...

Donald Trump insists she loves Tiffany Trump

Over the past week, another member of Donald Trumps family made headlines following alleged explosive revelations from a fired White House staff. The United States Presidents daughter with Marla Maples, Tiffany Trump, is...

Netizens accuse Donald Trump of calling Melania Trump like a pet

A video that recently went viral online is not helping eliminate speculations on the marriage of United States President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. The gesture Mr. Trump made seemingly to call the attention...

New research shows vast majority of Hong Kong protesters support more radical tactics

Three months on, theres still no end in sight for the Hong Kong protest movement. What started as a demonstration against a bill to amend the citys extradition laws has now morphed into a broader movement challenging the...

In the Democrats' bitter race to find a candidate to beat Trump, might Elizabeth Warren hold the key?

Conservative former congressman Joe Walsh recently announced he would challenge Donald Trump for the Republican Partys 2020 Presidential nomination. Challenging an incumbent president is not new: both Gerald Ford and...


Cancer cells naturally die in microgravity, scientist finds

The possibilities are endless when it comes to studying potential factors that could stop the growth of cancer cells. For one, a scientist based in Australia discovered that cancer cells naturally die when exposed to...

HIV cure study finds good results from a rare muscle illness

One of the greatest tasks of medical science experts today is finding a cure for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). While that has not been achieved yet, many studies have resulted in further understanding the...

Indonesian students treat cancer tumors on a mouse with a local plant

A couple of Indonesian high school students are catching worldwide attention after winning an international invention contest. They were awarded the gold medal for reportedly showing proof they were able to treat cancer on...

HIV suppression can be prolonged even without ART, study shows

There is not a complete cure found yet to eradicate HIV from a patient. But medical science has come a long way in developing other treatment strategies to suppress the virus. So even if it stays dormant in a patients...

An exoplanet within arm’s reach: the Earth

Exobiology is an exciting discipline. It is based simultaneously on the latest data from astrophysics, planetary geology and the origins of life on Earth, all of which are evolving as we continue to study them. It could be...


HIV cure: Scientists see minor success in CRISPR-based study

Major strides in the field of HIV cure study have been reported this year alone by various groups of scientists from different parts of the world. The complete cure may not be available yet, but these promising results...

PlayStation 5’s another important component is the SSD

PlayStation 5 is billed as a next-generation console, and that means its specs and features are not mere upgrades from what is available now in the PS4 platform. The anticipated hardware components on PlayStation 5 make it...

'Clash Royale' League opens in the West this weekend

This weekend is another important time for the Clash Royale community as the fall season for the West division of the league officially opens. Luckily, fans around the world will be able to watch the first match...

‘Borderlands 3’ beginners’ guide to level up fast

Borderlands 3 is one major video game title that fans can start playing this weekend. With the popularity of the franchise, a large number of gamers may be new to the series. Luckily, gameplay tips are now widely available...

‘Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise’ adds Unranked mode, removes several maps

Most players might be looking forward to the release of Rainbow Six Siege: Ember Rise primarily because of the new Operators and the new gears introduced with them. However, this particular seasonal update comes with a...
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