Peter Wells

Peter Wells

Professor Peter Wells has vast experience of research into the global automotive industry around which he has developed his academic and theoretic interests in socio-technical transitions, business models, cultures of automobility and sustainability.

Research interests:
- Alternative local economies
- Automotive industry
- Celebrities, wealth and sustainability
- Corporate strategy
- Government transport and environment policy
- Mobility
- Sustainable business models
- Transitions to sustainability

Rich and famous lifestyles are damaging the environment in untold ways

Jan 25, 2017 00:21 am UTC| Life Nature

To be rich is a thing that many in our society spend their whole lives striving for. Not having to worry about money and indeed, splashing it on designer clothes, chains of diamonds and private planes is seen by some to be...

Climate Change Series

Can a battery factory ever be fully green?

Jul 26, 2016 06:11 am UTC| Technology Nature

Like Henry Ford before him, Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk is taking a new approach to car making. Where Ford focused on manufacturing a car that the mass market could afford, Musk is keen to build a vehicle that the...

Volkswagen, emissions and the 'crisis spiral'

Apr 29, 2016 14:59 pm UTC| Insights & Views Business

The event that triggered the Volkswagen emissions scandal which saw the group admitting that it had allowed cheat devices to be used in US emissions tests was just the start of the downfall of one of the worlds largest...

Why are sports car manufacturers moving to Wales?

Mar 09, 2016 22:28 pm UTC| Insights & Views Business

Most British journalists with an interest in cars and the car industry live in and around London, where the majority of the sectors publishers are to be found. Yet vehicles are often pictured carving a dynamic arc...



Oil price reaches highest level since March due to promising vaccine, Biden transition

Oil surged to $47 a barrel Tuesday, its highest level since in March on Tuesday, due to AstraZenecas promising coronavirus vaccine that spurred demand recovery hopes and US President-elect Joe Bidens transition to the...

Taiwanese money supply continues to see strong growth, CBC likely to keep rates on hold in December

Taiwanese MIB and M2 money supply continued to record solid growth in the month of October. On a year-on-year basis, MIB money supply grew 12.85 percent, while M2 money supply rose 7.05 percent in the month. This is the...

UK inks stopgap trade deal with Canada to get ready for Brexit

The UK signed a stopgap agreement with Canada, allowing trade between the two countries to continue under the same terms as Canadas existing treaty with the EU. The two countries are working on a new bilateral...

UN agency's heavy fuel oil ban in Arctic criticized as outrageous

The Clean Arctic Alliance criticized as outrageous the UN agency International Maritime Organizations (IMO) ban on the use and carriage of heavy oil fuel (HFO) by ships in Arctic waters as it would come into effect only in...

Vietnam only Southeast Asian country poised for economic growth this year: IMF

Vietnam is the only Southeast Asian country identified by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to be on track for economic growth this year, forecast at 2.4 percent. The IMF attributed the countrys decisive steps to...


Ivanka Trump pokes fun at husband Jared Kushner's date night suggestion

First daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner and their future after their stint in the White House have been heavily speculated as of late. Prior to her father becoming president years...

Joe Biden Cabinet: POTUS-elect weighs in on possibility of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren taking Cabinet positions

During his campaign trail, president-elect Joe Biden has often touted uniting with his former Democratic rivals, a strategy that helped him win the presidency and the popular vote. As Biden prepares to appoint people to...

World War 3: Experts say Joe Biden's plan to reaffirm US relations with South Korea could help prevent conflict with North Korea

Relations between the US and South Korea have somehow hit a slight setback when Donald Trump was criticized for failing to make North Korea sign an agreement to reduce its nuclear arsenal. However, that may be repaired,...

Donald Trump grants pardon to Michael Flynn

With less than two months left as president, Donald Trump is spending his last Thanksgiving holiday as Commander-in-Chief at the White House. As well as spending the holiday in the executive residence, Trump has also...


Reincarnation: Top NASA scientist believed there is scientific proof of life after death

One of the biggest mysteries in life is the concept of the afterlife, something that could only be viewed in a more spiritual sense than scientific. However, one top NASA scientist believed that there is scientific...

Climate change warning: Antarctica's ice sheet may become unstable if global warming continues

The whole world may be suffering from climate change, but the icy region of Antarctica is among the worst-hit. As the ice has already melted at a concerning rate, scientists have warned that the ice sheet of the continent...

NASA discovery: Cassini probe detects elements for life in Saturn's moon Enceladus

There are certain places in our planetary neighborhood that scientists believe can host life or may have hosted life. One of those places, as NASA has discovered, might be Saturns moon Enceladus. Seen in the Discovery...

NASA news: Agency tests new solar thermal propulsion system for future launches

Agencies like NASA are already exploring possibilities in faster space travel including ways to launch satellites or probes into space. Recently, NASA is already testing out a new kind of propulsion system for launching...


AirPods 3 could be launched in H1 2021, Ming-Chi Kuo predicts

It has been more than a year since the second generation of the entry-level AirPods was released, and its successor is expected to arrive next year. While the AirPods 3 is anticipated to sport a new form factor, it is a...

iOS 15 might no longer support three iPhone models in 2021

It has only been a few months since the iOS 14 update was released, but the potential list of compatible devices with iOS 15 already emerged online. Apple could ditch at least three devices next year, according to the...

iPad Pro 2021 might not have OLED displays yet

An article got Apple fans excited this week as it mentioned the preparations for OLED adoption have begun for iPad Pro models arriving in 2021. However, major display suppliers Samsung and LG Display, have reportedly...

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ will let players avoid nudity, developer confirms

It is already a known fact that Cyberpunk 2077 is a game not made for the younger audience. However, a developer also confirmed that players will have an option to avoid nudity once the RPG is out. Cyberpunk 2077...
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