Gabrielle Lynch

Gabrielle Lynch

Professor of Comparative Politics, University of Warwick
Gabrielle studied at the University of Oxford for a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, an MPhil in Politics, and a DPhil in Politics. She joined the department in 2011 after holding posts at Newcastle University, Keele University, and the University of Leeds.

Research interests
Dr Gabrielle Lynch’s research interests lie in understanding the nature and political salience of ethnic identities, politics of being indigenous, causes of inter-communal violence, impact and utility of reconciliation and transitional justice mechanisms, and elections and democratisation.

Her research to date has focused on Kenya, and between January 2011 and January 2013 she undertook a three-year project on ‘Truth and Justice: The search for peace and stability in modern Kenya’, which was funded through an ESRC first grant. Together with Nic Cheeseman (University of Oxford) and Justin Willis (University of Durham), Gabrielle was then awarded two further ESRC grants – an ESRC Knowledge Exhange Grant (2013-2014) to work with the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office on contemporary Kenyan politics, and an ESRC Standard Grant (2012-2017) to conduct a comparative study on elections in Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana.
Gabrielle is an elected member of council for the African Studies Association of the UK (ASA-UK) and the British Institute in Eastern Africa (BIEA). Gabrielle is also the chair of the editorial working group of the Review of African Political Economy, and writes a twice monthly column for the Saturday Nation (the Saturday edition of Kenya's leading national newspaper).
You can follow Gabrielle on twitter @GabrielleLynch6.

Teaching and Supervision
Gabrielle is on research leave in 2016/17. She is interested in supervising PhDs in a range of comparative and African politics fields.

Kenya: why elite cohesion is more important than ethnicity to political stability

Feb 22, 2020 00:25 am UTC| Insights & Views Politics

Kenyan politics is often depicted as a battle between different ethnic Big Men who can mobilise their supporters with a click of their fingers. The ability of successive generations of the Kenyatta family to rally the...

Social Media Revolution Series

The hidden costs of social media use in elections: A Ghana case study

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Social media is becoming increasingly central to election campaigns around the world. In the process, it is transforming politics in a number of ways. Unsurprisingly, journalists and analysts have focused on the more...

Transitional justice: lessons from Kenya on what works, and what doesn't

Aug 27, 2018 15:31 pm UTC| Insights & Views Life

In todays world its almost expected that transitional justice mechanisms such as criminal trials, reparations, memorialisation, and truth commissions will be introduced to help consolidate a countrys transition from...

Bribery and buying favours: why Uganda's MPs want longer terms

Aug 13, 2018 14:32 pm UTC| Insights & Views Politics

Ugandas Constitutional Court has removed the constitutional age-limit for presidential candidacy. It was previously 75. As a result, President Yoweri Museveni who has been in office since 1986 and is 73 years old can now...



Canceled bookings cost hosts to lose thousands of dollars a month

A number of Airbnb hosts in the United States are planning to sell their properties as well as the furnishings they bought to adorn their homes due to the financial fallout from the pandemic. Canceled bookings cost...

Imports of Japanese beer fell 89 percent to $630,000, while Japanese vehicles dropped 59 percent to $62 million

South Korea imported US$249 million worth of Japanese consumer goods in April, down 37 percent from last year, mainly due to backlash from Korean consumers against Japans export restrictions. Imports of Japanese beer...

The country's economy already struggled before it had to deal with the outbreak.

Indias economy would plummet for the fiscal year of 2020-2021 despite a rebound in activity in the coming months, says the head of Indias central bank Shaktikanta Das. He gave his projection while announcing a slew of...

However, overall exports dipped 1.4 percent in the first quarter.

South Koreas exports of eight new-industry goods in the first-quarter jumped 17 percent from the previous year to $21 billion despite a drop in overall exports. The goods include aviation products and drones, biohealth...

The rise in inequality is attributed to the shrinking wages of low-income households, and a cut down in temporary positions

The income disparity between the top 20 percent and bottom 20 percent of households widened with many of the countrys low-paying jobs being slashed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The average monthly income of households...


President Donald Trump says Republican Convention may be moved out of North Carolina

President Donald Trump is up for reelection and will highly likely go up against former vice president Joe Biden. As the season for both Republican and Democratic conventions draw closer, Trump has threatened North...

US President Donald Trump accuses Democrats of planning to rig November elections

As the elections in November draw near, many have assumed that President Donald Trump will be facing off with former vice president Joe Biden for the presidency. Following his threats made towards Michigan and Nevada...

Joe Biden makes first public appearance paying respects on Memorial Day

For weeks, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has been campaigning remotely and following the social distancing restrictions. After two months, the former vice president made his first public appearance by honoring...

Donald Trump shares insulting tweets targeting Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi

President Donald Trump shared a series of social media posts over the weekend that contained personal insults and sexist taunts targeting female Democrats. One tweet called Hillary Clinton a skank, another mocked the...


Aliens: Expert says China is making progress in searching for alien life

Space agencies all over the world are determined to search for alien life in upcoming studies and missions. One expert, in particular, says that among the countries that are keen on searching for extraterrestrials, China...

Aliens: Mud from Mars suggests Red Planet once had liquid water

Space exploration has given scientists and space agencies all over the world an opportunity to learn more about the neighboring planets and what lies beyond Earth, including the possibility of alien life. New research...

Black holes: Scientist says black holes could potentially make time travel possible

Time travel is generally known to be impossible, and a concept that only exists in fiction and pop culture. However, one scientist says that black holes may actually make it possible. What lies beyond a black hole...

Archaeologists discover mammoth graveyard under airport in Mexico

The most surprising discoveries could be found in the most unlikely places such as an airport. Archaeologists came across a major discovery when they unearthed a mammoth graveyard underneath an airport. A group of...


AirPods Studio with high-tech play/pause detection system reportedly entered production already

Much of the information from the Apple supply chain about AirPods recently is not about the third generation or the next AirPods Pro. Reports have been focused on an all-new production being dubbed as AirPods Studio, and...

iPhone 12 would not ship with free wired EarPods

The Whats in the Box corner for the iPhone 12 production page later on Apples official website is expected to look a little different later this year. A well-known industry insider reported that the tech giant is planning...

iPhone SE Plus: Is it the official name for the third iPhone SE iteration slated for a 2021 launch?

Some Apple fans were a little hesitant about immediately ordering the new iPhone SE when it launched last month. They were hoping that it would soon be followed by the unveiling of the iPhone SE Plus, however, it looks...

Tesla Cybertruck’s size can’t be scaled down, Elon Musk confirms

People who have pre-ordered the Cybertruck should no longer expect its dimensions to get any smaller once it enters production. Tesla CEO Elon Musk settles it and confirms they can no longer make the electric pickup...
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