Robyn Schofield

Robyn Schofield

Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Environment and Sustainability), The University of Melbourne
I performed my PhD jointly at the School of Environmental Sciences at Auckland University and the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research at Lauder, Central Otago, New Zealand looking at the vertical distribution of BrO (a ozone destroying radical) by conducting and inverting spectroscopic measurements made at both Lauder and Arrival Heights, Antarctica.

I then spent two years in Boulder, Colorado as a CIRES visiting fellow working at the NOAA Chemical Sciences Division looking at spectroscopy of clouds, aerosols, sulfur, nitrogen species in our atmosphere and at ozone trends.

Between 2006 and 2011 I worked at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Potsdam as a Humboldt visiting fellow looking at Polar ozone loss kinetics and then a Marie Curie International Incoming Fellow looking at tropical tropopause layer transport of chemical species to the stratosphere.

Since June 2011 I have been working at the School of Earth Sciences as part of the Climate and Weather Sciences Group at the University of Melbourne. From March 2014 I took up a lecturer for Climate System Science position. I am now an Associate Professor in the School of Geography, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and since August 2021 the inaugural Associate Dean (Environment and Sustainability) within the Faculty of Science.

My current research interests are:
Spectroscopic observations of trace gas species
Radiative transfer modelling
Stratospheric ozone loss kinetics
Tropical tropopause layer processes driving stratospheric composition
Microphysical modelling
Coupled chemistry-climate modelling
Urban air quality and health
Airborne transmission and indoor air quality

Defunct satellites burning up in the atmosphere could damage the ozone layer. Here’s how

Jun 20, 2024 05:46 am UTC| Business

Communications companies such as Starlink plan to launch tens of thousands of satellites into orbit around Earth over the next decade or so. The growing swarm is already causing problems for astronomers, but recent...



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China Commits to Economic Growth and Reform Amidst National Security Concerns

The Communist Party of China concluded a significant conclave, pledging to boost economic development through comprehensive reforms while maintaining national security. The Central Committees communique outlined objectives...

Japan Sets Visitor Record in June as Weak Yen Spurs Tourism Boom

Japan achieved a new monthly visitor record in June, with 3.14 million foreign visitors, driven by the weak yen. This surge positions tourism as a critical economic driver, with expectations of surpassing pre-pandemic...

Philippine Economy Grows Over 6% Under Marcos, Outpaces Regional Neighbors

Since President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. took office in 2022, the Philippine economy has grown by an average of 6.1%, surpassing the growth rates of neighboring countries. Economic administrators attribute this success to...


JD Vance, Trump's Pro-Crypto VP Pick, Demands President Biden's Resignation

JD Vance, the pro-crypto VP pick of Donald Trump, has demanded President Joe Bidens resignation, intensifying the political landscape and affecting market sentiments. JD Vances Call for Bidens Resignation Shakes...

Joe Biden Shock: Leaked Messages Reveal Democratic Delegates Doubting POTUS' 2024 Candidacy After Debate Performance

Democratic delegates voiced concern regarding President Joe Bidens debate performance in private online discussions, which cast doubt on the feasibility of his candidacy. Politico acquired a collection of messages...

Elon Musk Called Donald Trump a 'Stone-Cold Loser' in 2020, Now Backs Him in Shocking Reversal

A New York Times story indicated that Elon Musk, a wealthy donor to Donald Trump, referred to the former President as a stone-cold loser in 2020 and expressed disapproval of his character. According to an anonymous...

Donald Trump Accepts GOP Nomination, Criticizes Democrats for 'Destroying' Nation in RNC Speech

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NASA and SpaceX Reveal $843M Plan to Deorbit ISS Safely in 2031

NASA and SpaceX have unveiled plans to deorbit the International Space Station by 2031. The $843 million contract awarded to SpaceX includes designing and constructing a deorbit vehicle to guide the ISS to its final...

SpaceX Reveals Cause of Falcon 9 Anomaly After Engine Failure and RUD Incident

SpaceX announced a liquid oxygen leak caused the Falcon 9s second-stage engine failure, resulting in a RUD. Despite the anomaly, the second stage was passivated successfully. SpaceX Identifies Liquid Oxygen Leak as...

SpaceX Moves Starship Booster to Launch Pad for Historic Flight 5 Test Attempt

SpaceX has moved its rocket booster to the launch pad for the fifth Starship test flight, following a series of prelaunch tests. This test, set for next month, includes the unprecedented attempt to catch the first stage...

Study: Alcohol and Energy Drink Mix Impairs Memory and Learning in Rodents

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$138M Token Unlocks Loom: 6 Altcoins at Risk of Major Liquidations Next Week

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US Spot Bitcoin ETFs Soar with $17B Inflows in 2024 – What’s Driving the Surge?

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