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‘Halo Infinite’ release date and gameplay feature teased by toy manufacturer

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One of the highly anticipated title releases this year is the “Halo Infinite.” While developer 343 Industries has not officially announced a specific date. However, that’s not stopping some from making their own speculations on when it will likely come out.

Weapon skins allowed in ‘Halo Infinite’

As previously reported by Econotimes, one of the most exciting aspects of ‘Halo Infinite’ is its intricate customizations that people expect to be on par with “Halo Reach.” On such customization has already been confirmed by an unlikely source when toy brand Nerf.

Hasbro’s toy gun brand Nerf just announced a new line of Halo replica toy guns, reported. The new toys include the Needler, the MA40 Blaster (AR) and the SPNKR, which are weapon designs taken from the upcoming “Halo Infinite.”

What’s interesting is that the MA40 Blaster comes with a code that will unlock a specific color scheme of the weapon in “Halo Infinite.” This basically confirms that the title will allow customization of weapon skins. It’s also likely that the game will have entered into partnership agreements with other toy manufacturers aside from Nerf.

Of course, that’s not so surprising since “Halo Infinite” developer 343 Industries has been touting the title to have Reach-level customization options. Fans can expect more diverse ways to personalize their avatar’s gears in the future.

“Halo Infinite” release date

The latest announcement about the “Halo Infinite” release date is that it would come during holiday 2020. Unfortunately, this would mean a relatively large release window as holiday usually means late October, the entirety of November until the early part of December, according to RadioTimes.

However, the publication is betting that “Halo Infinite” will likely be released sometime in November. It would make sense to time its launch with the launch of Microsoft next-gen console, the Xbox Series X.

However, VG247 offered another possible “Halo Infinite” release date. This speculation is based on the Nerf toys previously announced.

All of the three “Halo Infinite” inspired Nerf guns will be available starting October 1. This could mean that the game will be released around that time since it makes no sense to offer the merchandise long before the actual game is out.

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