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GoPro HERO 9 announcement is still elusive despite the company’s recent launch of 'Lifestyle Gear' merch

GoPro HERO7 mounted on a helmet | Photo credit: Marco Verch / Flickr under Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0 (

GoPro will start selling a lineup of new products in a few weeks following a surprise announcement recently. However, it does not include the much-awaited HERO 9 camera.

GoPro unveils new ‘Lifestyle Gear’ product lineup

When someone goes to the GoPro website now, they will find that a new tab has been added to the menu options for the online store called the Lifestyle Gear. Clicking it will lead customers to a page filled with new bags and other GoPro merch priced between $24.99 to $99.99.

Avid fans of the brand can now order different kinds of bags from a small crossbody bag, a waterproof backpack, and a much larger duffel bag. GoPro’s Lifestyle Gear also features an insulated water bottle, a hat, and two new Casey cases designed for camera and accessories storage.

In a release, GoPro advised its fans to wait for more products to be launched on Aug. 19. Meanwhile, GoPro PLUS subscribers can enjoy a 30% discount on any Lifestyle Gear product. Unfortunately, the company has not mentioned anything about launching a new camera anytime soon.

GoPro HERO 9 release date, specs, design: Here’s what to expect

Despite the action camera company’s silence, there are some indications that GoPro HERO 9 is already in the pipeline. More recently, a photo leaked online showing the front side of an unknown GoPro camera shell. The hole for the front screen appears bigger than the HERO8 Black, so it is possibly meant for an upcoming device.

The bigger space for the front-facing screen also corresponds with earlier rumors that GoPro HERO 9 could feature a vlogger-friendly second screen similar to the DJI Osmo Action. An FCC filing submitted by GoPro was also discovered previously and was making references to a device with model number SPBL1. These should be enough reasons to expect that at least one new camera is slated to be launched this year.

It is not strange for GoPro to remain quiet about its next action camera until the day of its launch. In that case, tech fans should not expect any confirmation or announcements until later this year. In previous years, new HERO cameras arrive in the market in September or October.

Featured photo by Marco Verch under Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0

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