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‘GTA 6’ release date: Next entry won’t come out until April 2021 at the earliest, market analyst claims

Photo via Grand Theft Auto V Facebook Page

Another prediction about “GTA 6” – specifically its release date – has surfaced on the web again. This time, the leak came from market analyst Alex Giaimo who’s working for Jefferies.

Giaimo contends that “GTA 6” is a long way off from being completed and has placed a hold rating for Take-Two’s stocks due to this sentiment. Although he considers Rockstar as one of the most talented developers in the gaming industry, he believes that the next entry for the franchise will not come out until after April of 2021.

“We struggle to find a near-term catalyst to push the multiple much higher at these levels...Despite the undeniable success of ‘GTA’ & ‘RDR’ [Red Dead Redemption series], we believe TTWO is now in a ‘soft spot’ when considering the timing of the next release,” Giaimo said. So is there any weight to the “GTA 6” claim?

New GTA 6 is just another prediction

Given that Giaimo is a market analyst, it should be remembered that this claim is just another prediction. This is especially true since Take-Two and Rockstar have yet to break their silence about “GTA 6.” They haven’t even announced that they’re making the game despite multiple rumors claiming that production has already begun.

But Giaimo’s prediction does echo the previous claim of gaming analyst Michael Pachter who said that the best case scenario for “GTA 6” would be a 2021 release date. Giaimo’s statement comes one week after a Reddit leaker released a laundry-list of features for the sixth installment. The post has been deleted since then, but you can still check it here and judge for yourself if there is any authenticity to it.

New GTA 6 leak likely fake according to gaming journalist

Renowned gaming journalist Jason Schreier already weighed his thoughts about the leak and declared it as fake. Schreier said in a tweet that if a leak contains massive information about the game that’s too good to be true, then it’s more than likely to be fabricated. The fact of the matter is that aside from the people at Rockstar and Take-Two, no one really knows about “GTA 6.”

What’s certain at the moment is that it’s going to be a next-gen title. Sony and Microsoft will be entering a new era of console wars next year so new information about “GTA 6” will likely come out during that time as well.

By J Russ Isberto
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