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iOS 14 new features speculations: Is iPad finally getting a stock calculator app this year?

iOS 13 | Photo credit: Apple/YouTube screenshot

The development of iOS is one of the reasons why Apple has maintained a loyal customer base for the iPhone and iPad lineups over the years. The company, however, still has some questionable decisions, including the choice of not adding a native calculator app for iPads, making it one of the changes that Apple fans hope to see in iOS 14.

iOS 14 new features rumors: Will it deliver that highly requested Calculator app on iPad?

Tech fans are still left wondering what is the reason behind holding off on the release of a calculator app for iPads, especially since it has already been done for iPhones. Apple's tablets have been advertised as productivity-focused mobile devices, making it even more interesting why the company has yet to release the supposedly very common feature on a mobile operating system.

Shortly before the announcement of iOS 13 last year, the addition of a stock calculator app for iPads was one of the highly rumored features in the software update. It did not pan out, but the tech rumor mill is known for being relentless, so it would not be surprising to see this remain an anticipated feature on iOS 14.

Apple has yet to explain why it has not added a calculator for iPad through the iPadOS and iOS 13 updates. Some fans think that the app's availability on iPhones could be one simple explanation. Luckily, there are many third-party calculator apps that can be installed on the iPad if Apple will not budge on this matter.

iOS 13 security features: Apple’s plan to let users have more control over location tracking is apparently a success

Data collection via location tracking has always been a huge cause of concern for internet privacy advocates and ordinary users in recent years. On the bright side, Apple issued a couple of improvements in this aspect via the iOS 13 update last fall.

Users will get reminders about the location tracking permissions they approved, especially for apps that do it in the background, along with the option to turn it off at once. iOS 13 users can also choose to receive notifications every time an app attempts to access their location data.

Fast Company reports this has resulted in a 68 percent decline in location tracking in the background. This figure suggests that the new security features introduced in iOS 13 were well-received and, hopefully, Apple would further improve this in the iOS 14 update this year.

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