Maria Garcia

Maria Garcia

Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Bath

Prior to joining Bath in 2014, I was a Marie Curie International Fellow at the NCRE, University of Canterbury (New Zealand) and the University of Nottingham. During this time I conducted research on the various free trade agreement strategies of global economic powers in the region, and the effects of strategic competition on their strategies.

Previously, I lectured at Birkbeck College, London and the University of Nottingham. I have been also been a visiting fellow at ANUCES, Australian National University, Monash University in Melbourne, the University of Salzburg and ULB in Brussels.

My current projects include a book on the divergent free trade agreement strategies of large (China, USA, EU) and small economies (Singapore, Chile, New Zealand) in Asia-Pacific and their effects on the development of future economic governance in the region.

Alongside Annick Masselot of the University of Canterbury, I am investigating Asian resistance to European norm promotion through free trade agreements.

Research interests:

International trade and economic governance
EU-USA trade negotiations (TTIP) and Transpacific Partnership negotiations (TPP)
EU-Asia, EU-China, EU-Australasia and EU-Latin America Relations
Regional integration and inter-regionalism
Societal impacts of trade agreements/ Values and trade
International Political Economy

Briferendum Aftermath Series

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Customer in Indonesia threatens to sue KFC for deceptive chicken sandwich ad

A KFC store in Indonesia had agreed to settle allegations of deception by a customer through mediation and abide by his four demands, including the company feeding orphanages for a month. The customer Erwin Sandi...

Rice strain developed as oral vaccine against cholera

Researchers primarily from the University of Tokyos Institute of Medical Science (IMSUT) have developed a rice strain packed with a protein that protects against cholera symptoms, including diarrhea. Cholera is mostly...

Burger King Canada expands King lineup of sandwiches with limited-edition Peppercorn King

Burger King Canada expanded its King lineup of sandwiches with the introduction of the Peppercorn King at participating BK locations nationwide for a limited time. The Peppercorn King features a flame-grilled beef...

Adidas partners with Coinbase as it prepares for Metaverse launch

Adidas Oroginal has announced a partnership with Coinbase via Twitter as it teases plans to launch a metaverse. The Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange Coinbase tweeted back with a handshake emoji. Adidas recently...


Kamala Harris praises guilty verdict in Ahmaud Arbery murder trial

The verdict for the trial on the murder of Ahmaud Arbery was delivered this week as one of the two monitored trials that recently took place. US Vice President Kamala Harris weighed in on the verdict, praising the jury for...

Donald Trump investigation: New York prosecutors to look into 'pattern of fraud' in probe

Among the number of investigations that twice-impeached former President Donald Trump is at the center of is one regarding his business empire. New York prosecutors are reportedly looking into whether the former president...

Joe Biden nominates Shalanda Young for OMB director

There are still spots in US President Joe Bidens administration that have yet to be filled. In his second attempt to fill in a key role in his White House, Biden nominated Shalanda Young to lead the Office of Management...

Nancy Pelosi buying $25 million Florida mansion rumors are false, says real estate agent

Rumors have circulated that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is set to purchase a $25 million mansion in Florida. A real estate agent debunked the rumors, saying that there is no association between the multimillion-dollar...


7-Eleven to test autonomous outdoor delivery robot in Seoul

7-Eleven will begin test-driving Neubie, an autonomous, short-range delivery robot equipped with a camera-based autonomous driving system at a store in Seouls Seocho district. According to the convenience store chain,...

S. Korean scientist discovers plants absorb microplastics

South Korean Yoon Hak-won found that agricultural crops also absorb microplastics, just like in fishery products, which could be harmful to humans. Yoon, a Korea Institute of Toxicology researcher, found microplastics...

Heinz's Mars-inspired ketchup faces Hunt's Uranus edition

Hunts has come up with its Uranus Ketchup in response to Heinz Ketchup Marz Edition, developed to mimic flavors sourced on Mars. The Heinz Ketchup Marz Edition was made of tomatoes grown under controlled soil,...

Dogecoin-funded space mission to launch in Q1 2022

Elon Musks Dogecoin-funded space mission is set to launch in the first quarter of 2022, making Doge the first crypto and the first meme coin in space. The billionaire had tweeted about the space mission in May,...

More eco-friendly frozen water bottles found better than gel packs for food deliveries

The Korea Federation for Environmental Movement (KFEM) found that frozen water bottles are more than effective enough to replace gel packs, which are difficult to recycle, for fresh food deliveries. KFEMs...


Huawei Nova 8 SE gets a 4G-only version in China

Earlier this week, there were rumors that Huawei was gearing up to announce an LTE-only version of the Nova 8 SE. And that quickly became a reality. The company reportedly launched the Huawei Nova 8 SE 4G early Friday...

‘Monster Hunter Rise’ PC will be updated with all Switch content at launch

More console-only games are getting their PC ports recently, and Monster Hunter Rise will follow the same fate in a little over a month. Capcom has also given PC gamers more reasons to look forward to the titles port after...

‘Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection’ might launch without a multiplayer mode

One of the biggest announcements Sony made during an event last September was that the beloved Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy titles are launching on PC and getting a proper PS5 version. But it now appears that...

Xiaomi 12 is rumored to launch on December 12

Xiaomi is reportedly aiming to be the first smartphone maker to announce its flagship phone powered by the upcoming Snapdragon 8-series SoC. And the company is rumored to launch the Xiaomi 12 series in time for Chinas...

‘Genshin Impact’ version 2.4 could officially introduce the Enkanomiya area

The Genshin Impact 2.3 update had just gone live a few days ago, but leaks are already out about the potential additions coming to the game in version 2.4. Aside from anticipated events and characters, sources have...
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