Serge Hercberg

Serge Hercberg

Professeur de nutrition Université Paris 13, Directeur de l'équipe de Recherche en Epidémiologie Nutritionnelle, U1153 Inserm/Inra/Cnam/Université Paris 13, Département Santé Publique Hôpital Avicenne (AP-HP), Université Paris 13 – USPC
Equipe de Recherche en Epidémiologie Nutritionnelle (EREN)

Thématique de recherche : Etude des relations nutrition santé et des déterminants des comportements
alimentaires et de l’état nutritionnel

Co-responsable du Master 2 Nutrition Humaine et Santé Publique.

Professeur des Universités-Praticien Hospitalier Classe Exceptionnelle (PU-PH EX)
Professeur de Nutrition (CNU 44-04), Université Paris 13/Praticien Hospitalier,
Département de Santé Publique (Hôpital Avicenne, Bobigny)

• Directeur de l’EREN, U1153 de l’INSERM (UMR Inserm/Inra/Cnam/Paris13) :
« Epidémiologie nutritionnelle ».
• Directeur de l’Unité de Surveillance et d’Epidémiologie Nutritionnelle, USEN
(InVS/Paris 13)
• Président du Programme National Nutrition Santé (PNNS)

Docteur en Médecine , Paris 6, 1979
• Docteur es Sciences , Paris 7, 1986
• Post-doc aux USA (Kansas University Medical Center, 1986).

Front-of-pack nutrition labels: 'The parmesan and prosciutto war'

May 13, 2019 12:58 pm UTC| Insights & Views Health

In a May 6 press release, the Italian government openly criticised an upcoming report of the World Health Organisation (WHO) intended to provide guiding principles and a framework for front-of-pack nutrition labelling in...



U.S. Treasuries steady ahead of January manufacturing, composite PMIs

The U.S. Treasuries remained steady during Fridays afternoon session ahead of the countrys manufacturing and composite PMI for the month of January, scheduled to be released today by 14:45GMT, amid an otherwise, muted...

UK gilts mixed following better-than-expected rise in January flash PMIs

The United Kingdoms gilts remained mixed during European trading hours Friday following a better-than-expected set of the countrys flash PMIs for the month of January, released today. The yield on the benchmark 10-year...

German bunds tad down following upbeat January manufacturing PMI

The German bunds remained tad down during European trading session Friday following an upbeat manufacturing PMI for the month of January, released early today. The German 10-year bond yield, which move inversely to its...

Australian dollar likely to weaken a little further in short term, says Commerzbank

The Australian dollar is expected to weaken a little further in the short term, particularly owing to the destruction caused by the recent bushfires, according to the latest research report from Commerzbank. The...

RBA unlikely to feel urgency to cut again as soon as next month, says St George Economics

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is not expected to feel an urgency to cut interest rates again as soon as next month, but rather, stand pat and assess incoming data, according to the latest research report from St....


Melania Trump shock: FLOTUS' non-attendance at Davos reportedly a 'subliminal message' to Donald Trump

If there is one thing to know about First Lady Melania Trump, it is that she tends to make subliminal messages. Her absence at the Davos Forum may reportedly be a subliminal message to her husband. Recently, Donald...

Donald Trump fury: POTUS rants about impeachment being weaponized for 2020 election

The United States President Donald Trump is currently facing an impeachment trial at the Senate while running a reelection campaign in this years presidential elections. Even though he does not need to be present at the...

Melania Trump humiliation: Stephen Colbert mocks FLOTUS' MLK Day tweet in opening monologue

United States First Lady Melania Trump is not exactly known for sharing lengthy captions on her social media accounts. Her recent tweet regarding Martin Luther King Jr. Day, however, caught the attention of Late Show host...

Melania Trump and Donald Trump ignore their wedding anniversary for these reasons

Melania Trump and Donald Trump should have celebrated their 15th year wedding anniversary on Jan. 22 but it appears that both of them did not even mention the occasion. The public wonder why the First Couple did not mark...


Antarctica: Scientists discover fossil of 40 million-year-old animal

Just when we think all the fossils of long ago were all found, we end up getting surprised at sudden discoveries in recent years. A new report emerges as scientists in Antarctica discover fossils belonging to an animal 40...

Taal volcano predicted to have explosive eruption

The Philippines was suddenly placed on high alert when the Taal volcano erupted. However, it appears that it is only just beginning as a new report reveals that the volcano may be gearing up for an explosive eruption...

Asteroids: Footage of Chelyabinsk meteor collision reveals the actual devastation caused

In 2013, a meteor made an unannounced visit and crash-landed in the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia. Now, footage capturing the incident shows just how bad the impact of the meteor was. The Chelyabinsk meteor incident is...

Asteroids: NASA spots space rock traveling 25,433 mph towards Earth

Another asteroid is set to make an approach towards Earths orbit, as NASAs asteroid trackers have noticed. It is now down to whether or not the asteroid will strike, and if it does not, how close is it going to...


New iPhone 9 leaked renders insist the device will feature Touch ID, not Face ID

Tech fans likely know by now that Apple is anticipated to have a much earlier smartphone unveiling event this year. But it is not for the iPhone 12 series the company has been rumored to release another mid-range...

Tesla cars could soon have ‘The Witcher’ game in Tesla Arcade

The software operating system installed in every Tesla car is one of the features that sets the companys products apart from other long-time major players in the automobile industry. It is also what makes popular video...

‘World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ pre-purchase are now live starting at $39.99

Last years BlizzCon was made extra special with the announcement of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands the games next expansion title. It has been the tradition in the video game industry to acquire perks when buying upcoming...

GoPro HERO9 Black could arrive with double video frame rates, but no 8K support yet

The tech rumor mill has nothing much to offer yet about the successor of GoPro HERO8 Black since it was just released last October but that has never stopped tech fans from speculating. The action camera company is...
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