Hanabeth Luke

Hanabeth Luke

Lecturer, School of Environment, Science and Engineering, Southern Cross University
Hanabeth's previous and current research focus consist of:

- Social license to operate
- Barriers to uptake of research and development
- Farmer land management and planning strategies
- Community perceptions of natural resource management
- Extension of GeoScience research, including the rehabilitation of East Trinity, Cairns
- Gender equity in STEMM

In regards to teaching, Hanabeth is the Unit Assessor for Global Environmental Issues and Science in Society. She has been involved with the delivery of a number of units offered by the School of Environment, Science & Engineering since 2011, including Protected Area Management; Geology; Hydrology and Climatology; and Water and Catchment Management.

She began her degree in Coastal Management at Southern Cross University in 2001, graduating in 2005. In 2006 she spent some time in the United Kingdom, gaining a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Plymouth. After teaching Environmental Science, Geography, World Development and Sociology for several years, she returned to SCU in order hone her teaching and research skills at the School of Environment, Science and Engineering in 2011.

During her Honours year, Hanabeth focused on social dynamics within the growing social movement responding to coal-seam gas (CSG) industry developments in Eastern Australia, with a focus on the use of mind-mapping as a communication tool for group decision-making.

In 2012 she worked with stakeholder groups to develop the question for the Lismore City Council Poll on CSG, implementing an extensive community survey in order to determine voter motivations behind differing community perspectives of the industry. In 2013 she carried out a comparative survey in the neighbouring Richmond Valley area, as well as numerous interviews with residents of the Queensland gasfields.

Her PhD, completed in 2016, is titled: The Role of Social License for Industrial Development in Rural Areas, with a Case Study of Coal Seam Gas in Eastern Australia, she has since published several papers and reports on this topic, with more in process.


Journal Articles

Luke, Hanabeth, M Brueckner, and Nia Emanouil. 2018. "Unconventional gas development in Australia: a critical review of its social license." Extractive Industries and Society 5 (4):648-662.,52IrqZHQ

Luke, Hanabeth, Elisabet Dueholm Rasch, Darrick Evensen, and Michiel Köhne. 2018. "Is ‘activist’ a dirty word? Place identity, activism, and unconventional gas development across three continents." Extractive Industries and Society 5 (4):524-534.,oMyQDWYo

Stimpson, K., Luke, H. & Lloyd, D. (2018). Understanding macadamia grower demographics and management practices to improve engagement and extension: a case study in the Northern Rivers, Australia. Australian Geographer, 49(2). Available from:

Luke, H. (2017). Social resistance to coal seam gas development in the Northern Rivers region of Eastern Australia: proposing a diamond model of social license to operate. Land Use Policy, 69(Supplement C), 266-280. doi:

Luke, H., Martens, M. A., Moon, E. M., Smith, D., Ward, N. J., & Bush, R. T. (2017). Ecological restoration of a severely degraded coastal acid sulfate soil: A case study of the East Trinity wetland, Queensland. Ecological Management & Restoration, 18(2), 103-114. doi:10.1111/emr.1226

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Luke, H., Lloyd, D., Boyd, W., & den Exter, K. (2014). Unconventional gas development: why a regional community said no. Geographical Research, 52(3).

Luke, H., Lloyd, D. and den Exter, K. (2014). Improving Conservation Community Group Effectiveness Using Mind Mapping and Action Research. Conservation and Society, 12(1).

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Book Chapter

Luke H, Evensen D. (2018). Community representations of unconventional gas development in Australia, Canada and the United States, and their effect on social licence. Chapter in Governing Shale Gas, eds. J Whitton, M Cotton, I Charnley-Parry, K Brasier. London: Routledge, pp. 130-148.

Conference papers

Luke, H. (2016). The role of community engagement initiatives in establishing social license for industrial projects. RUN Regional Futures Conference, CQUniversity, Rockhampton, 21-24th June.

Luke, H. (2015). Socio-political dimensions of fracking. Paper presented to The XXVI European Society for Rural Sociology Congress: Places of Possibility? Rural Societies in a Neoliberal World, Online Proceedings. Aberdeen, Scotland, 18-21 August. Available from:

Luke, H., Lloyd, D. (2015). 'Unconventional gas development and deliberative democracy: a report of findings from the 2012 Lismore election poll and exit-poll survey (New South Wales, Australia)'. Presented to the XXVI European Society for Rural Sociology Congress: Places of Possibility? Rural Societies in a Neoliberal World, Online Proceedings. Aberdeen, Scotland, 18-21 August. Available from:

Luke, H. & Stimpson, K. (2014). Macadamia grower aspirations and challenges in the Northern Rivers. Paper presented at the Australian Macadamia Society 40th Anniversary Industry Conference. Lismore: AMS.

CRC CARE. (2018). Remediating and managing coastal acid sulfate soils using Lime Assisted Tidal Exchange (LATE) at East Trinity, Queensland, CRC CARE Technical Report no. 41, CRC for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment, Newcastle, Australia. Available from:

Luke, H., Martens, M. A., & Smith, D. (2017). Lime Assisted Tidal Exchange (LATE). East Trinity: a demonstration site for the remediation and management of coastal acid sulfate soils. Technical Report. Brisbane: Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science.

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Luke, H., Lloyd, D. (2013). Report to Lismore City Council on community perspectives of coal seam gas developments. Lismore: Southern Cross University.

Luke, H. and Lloyd, D. (2013). Preliminary report on community perspectives of gas industry developments in Page: Results from an election-day survey at the 2013 federal election. Lismore: Southern Cross University.

Luke, H. (2012). Shock Waves, Finding Peace after the Bali bomb. Self published. Available from:

Luke, H. (2016). East Trinity remediation and rehabilitation after acid sulfate soil contamination, north Queensland. ASSAY 68, March 2016. Sydney: Department of Primary Industries. Available from:

Luke (2013). We need more research into the safety of CSG, says community. The Conversation. February 7. Available from:

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