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‘World of Warcraft Classic’ gameplay update, tips: How to join the new 20-man raid in Zul’Gurub

From the ‘World of Warcraft Classic’ announcement trailer | Photo credit: Blizzard Entertainment via World of Warcraft / YouTube screenshot

“World of Warcraft Classic” players will have one more thing to do while they are stuck in their homes as developers released a new raid. Meanwhile, fans of Blizzard Entertainment games might have to expect a major change in the manner of how the company conducts its annual conference due to COVID-19.

World of Warcraft Classic’ gameplay update

Blizzard announced Wednesday that a new raid is live on “World of Warcraft Classic.” Qualified players can now join a 20-player raid that comes with plenty more activities and rewards.

The raid is called Zul’Gurub, named after the ancient troll city where it will be taking place, is tucked within Stranglethorn Vale. Note that the new raid is not for newcomers. “World of Warcraft Classic” players who have reached level 60, the game’s highest level, can participate. But it is going to be rewarding as a total of 120 new rare and epic items are confirmed to be available as loots while completing the raid.

World of Warcraft Classic’ tips: How to tackle the new boss encounters wisely

A total of 13 boss encounters are also included in the new “World of Warcraft Classic” raid, but four of them will only show up once weekly on a rotation basis as all included in the Edge of Madness encounter. Players can face these enemies in any order, however, it is best to defeat the five High Priests first.

While they are alive, they can pass on their powers to another boss enemy called Blood God that makes it impossible to defeat. So, like any other raids, it is still best to plan ahead.

World of Warcraft’ Classic: How to reach Zul’Gurub

Qualified “World of Warcraft Classic” players can access the 20-man raid by going to the entrance to Zul’Gurub. They can find it on the eastern part of Lake Nazferiti within Stranglethorn Vale.

The location can be reached in different ways. Horde can fly their way to Zul’Gurub by reaching Grom’gol Base Camp and then traveling east to arrive at the dungeon entrance. Alliance players will have to travel to the south from Duskwood.

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