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Whole Foods' nutritional supplement brand recalls Whey Protein Powder product

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A recall has been issued for one of Whole Foods’ own nutritional supplement label’s products. It was revealed that its 365 Everyday Value’s vanilla flavor Protein Powder is being recalled due to mislabelling and undeclared allergens.

Cause of the latest recall

The mishap stemmed from mistakenly packaging the product with soy protein powder, and it needs to be called back due to the danger of allergic reactions for some people. As per Fox Business, the containers of some Whole Foods’ 365 Everyday Value’s Whey Protein Powder has soy protein powder that should not be there.

The issue is the undeclared soy, so its manufacturer, Arizona Nutritional Supplements, decided to issue the recall, and this was done voluntarily. Based on what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated in its announcement, the affected products are the 13.9-oz. containers of the 365 Everyday Value Whey Protein Powder Natural Vanilla Flavor. The reason indicated was "due to the potential of an undeclared soy allergen."

The said item was sold to Whole Foods Market across the U.S., and since this poses a serious life-threatening risk to individuals who have an allergy to soy, it needs to be pulled out from the stores immediately.

On May 11, the FDA announced the recall through social media post to easily alert the public about the undeclared soy allergen that was erroneously packed in Whey Protein product containers. Then again, it was clarified that there is no report of illnesses yet due to the recalled item.

Details of the affected batch of nutritional supplement product

The recalled 365 Everyday Value’s Whey Protein Powder that is being sold in Whole Foods stores are the vanilla flavored ones that were sold across the U.S. states between March 24, 2021, and May 6, 2021. The FDA further indicated that the consumers can identify this batch by the UPC 9948228764.

Prior to this incident, it was reported that the FDA already sent a warning letter to Whole Foods Market after the agency discovered that undeclared allergens were the cause of the company’s product recalls last year. Finally, it was mentioned that from October 2019 to November 2020, the supermarket chain had to recall 32 products due to food allergens not being listed on the labels.

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