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‘The Last of Us 2’ new release date predictions: Game is removed from May launch due to COVID-19

From “The Last of Us 2” reveal trailer | Photo credit: PlayStation/YouTube screenshot

April opens to saddening news for those excited to get their hands on the action-adventure sequel “The Last of Us 2.” The game will no longer be released in May due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Sony is leaving a huge question mark for its new release date.

The Last of Us 2’ release date immensely affected by the coronavirus

It can be recalled that Sony Global previously implied that there are “risk of delays” to some of the major titles being worked on by developers under the Sony Interactive Entertainment. It now turns out that “The Last of Us 2” is one that is directly affected.

The official PlayStation Twitter account announced the unfortunate update last April 2 stating that logistical issues have forced them to remove “The Last of Us 2” from its May 29 release date. “Marvel’s Iron Man VR” has also been delayed “until further notice” for the same reason.

The COVID-19 crisis is practically unpredictable. Even forecasts made by experts on the pandemic’s timeline or when it would peak in different countries keep changing. It then seems like a smart move for Sony and Naughty Dog to leave the new “The Last of Us 2” release date unknown for now.

However, if one would have to guess, it could take months before the game gets a new release date. At this point, Sony is not changing its timeline for the retail launch of the PlayStation 5, which is planned for a holiday-time release. If it stays that way, this could be a good option for the video game company to officially launch “The Last of Us 2.”

The Last of Us 2’ gameplay: Development to be completed soon?

If fans would like to see something good out of this disappointing adjustment, it comes with Naughty Dog’s assurance that the development of “The Last of Us 2” is almost complete. This suggests that, unlike what some fans believe, the logistical aspect of releasing the game is the main cause of the second delay and not the development timeline.

In a statement, Naughty Dog told fans its developers are working on eliminating the “final bugs.” This means “The Last of Us 2” could be going gold very soon and would have been ready for the May 29 release date if not for the pandemic-related issues.

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