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‘PUBG Mobile’ backlash: Tencent nerfs Mysterious Jungle mode following complaints on feature requiring worship of totems

From a promo image of Mysterious Jungle mode | Photo credit: Tencent via PUBG MOBILE page / Twitter (@PUBGMOBILE)

One of the biggest features launched on the “PUBG Mobile” patch v0.18.0 is the Mysterious Jungle mode. While it offers new game mechanics, Tencent faced immediate backlash as it required players to worship totems to acquire certain game boosts.

‘PUBG Mobile’ developers face backlash over the worship of totems in new game mode

Less than a week since the Mysterious Jungle, “PUBG Mobile” developers have reportedly tweak certain features of the latest Classic game mode. This was done following a widespread disappointment that the mode requires players’ in-game characters to pray to totems.

Power Totems, Strategy Totems, and Protection Totems were some of the main themes featured in the Mysterious Jungle mode when it launched on “PUBG Mobile” last week. When players find these figures in the game, they give out “blessings,” such as repairing armors and restoring health and energy. To receive said blessings, however, the game was requiring characters to perform gestures mimicking worshipping or praying movements before the totems.

However, idol worship or idolatry, which are often demonstrated by praying before religious statues or symbols, are viewed as sinful acts by some religions. It caused major concerns among players whose religions do not subscribe to idol-worshipping leading to calls of boycotting the game.

In response to the backlash, Tencent told Gulf News, “We are deeply sorry that some features in the game have offended some of our players. We respect the values, traditions, and practices of our players and regret the hurt and anguish that we’ve caused.” Tencent added that they have removed the worshipping gesture from “PUBG Mobile” along with the removal of “relevant visuals” -- likely referring to the totems.

‘PUBG Mobile’ update v0.18.0: What is the Mysterious Jungle mode?

The Mysterious Jungle is one of the new modes included in the “PUBG Mobile” 0.18.0 patch notes. Players queuing in Sanhok under Classic can be randomly sent to this mode.

The main concept is adding some mystical themes to “PUBG Mobile’s” forest map as it primarily features Jungle Food. They are described as special fruits that players can loot and consume. Consuming these fruits can bring buffs like health and energy restoration or allowing players to sense where the Air Drops are. But it also has a debuff effect of causing dizziness.

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