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‘Jack Ryan’ season 3 release date, cast, plot rumors: Will the series follow Tom Clancy’s ‘Ryanverse’?

From the trailer of “Jack Ryan” season 1 | Photo credit: Amazon Prime Video / YouTube screenshot

Amazon Prime Video’s take on Tom Clancy’s very popular franchise, dubbed as “Ryanverse,” has been a huge success for the streaming platform. As fans wait for the release of “Jack Ryan” season 3, avid fans of the original stories might be wondering if the TV series adaptation would draw stories from Clancy’s original works.

Jack Ryan’ season 3 plot

Looking back to the plot in the first and second seasons of the show, fans would immediately get the idea that this version of “Jack Ryan” is aiming to tell quite a tale of its own. This says plenty about what to expect in “Jack Ryan” season 3.

The next installment, which has been renewed for over a year now, will most certainly pick up from the events of season 2. And it is already shaping up to be significantly different than what was told in the “Ryanverse.” For one, Cathy Mueller was part of Jack’s life for a very long time – they even got married eventually in the novels.

While Cathy was introduced in the TV show, portrayed by Abbie Cornish, she mysteriously did not appear in season 2. Jack (John Krasinski) did not even mention her once or seemed to be mourning from heartbreak through the second installment. This a major hint that whatever Jack’s next mission is, he is most likely staying single in “Jack Ryan” season 3 – a huge deviation already from the “Ryanverse” plot.

Jack Ryan’ season 3 cast

The cast of “Jack Ryan” season 3 is not guaranteed, too. Except for Jack, the characters returning in “Jack Ryan” season 3 is uncertain. If fans would recall Greer’s last words in season 2, they would also see how his return is not sure as well. “It's been a hell of a run, but it's over. Time to move on,” Greer told Jack after he was saved from being a hostage by a corrupt South American president.

Jack Ryan’ season 3 release date

TV fans are used to getting a new season every year, but that format has long been changed with the advent of shows originally produced by streaming platforms. There are also several indications that “Jack Ryan” season 3 might not be released within a year from season 2. For one, it does not seem like filming for the upcoming episodes has already started leaving not much time for the production to be completed for a 2020 premiere.

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