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‘Jack Ryan’ season 3 release date, plot speculations: Will James Greer still join Jack Ryan in his next dangerous assignment?

Wendell Pierce as James Greer in ‘Jack Ryan’ season 1 | Photo credit: Amazon Prime Video / YouTube screenshot

Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) is obviously the main star of the show, but his partnership with James Greer (Wendell Pierce) is one of the foundations of the series. However, that dynamic is now in question following the season 2 finale.

Jack Ryan’ season 3 plot speculations: What’s next for James Greer after what happened in South America

James may have started to appear like a conceited superior toward Jack, but their collaboration in their on-field missions have brought them success. Their friendship and professional relationship was also the highlight of season 2. One of the running storylines was that they trusted each other enough to get them out of very dangerous situations while taking down a corrupt regime in South America.

However, things did not exactly go easy for James. One of the main conflicts in season 2 was that he was taken hostage by the enemies, brought to a prison camp, he was tortured, and came so close to facing his demise. While Jack arrived in time to save him, James’ demeanor changed on their way home, leading the questions about his appearance in “Jack Ryan” season 3.

Some of James’s final lines in season 2 implied that it might be time for him to stop going to these missions. This is quite out of character for James since he is known for being the superior who does not like to be tied to his desk. On the other hand, James is one of the main characters in the series, and there is almost no doubt about his return in “Jack Ryan” season 3. But the scope of his involvement in the next mission is another topic to discuss.

Aside from James’ appearance, Michael Kelly’s Mike November was also a nice addition to the band of CIA agents running around South America in season 2. However, his return in “Jack Ryan” season 3 is still unknown.

Jack Ryan’ season 3 possible release date: Are new episodes arriving in 2020?

A season of “Jack Ryan” was released for each year since it debuted in 2018 on Amazon Prime Video. So it is only natural for fans to expect that “Jack Ryan” season 3 will also be released this year.

Unfortunately, there is a good chance that 2020 will pass without a new episode of the show arriving on the streaming platform. It was reported last month that the script of “Jack Ryan” season 3 was just being written making it quite impossible for the next installment’s overall production to be completed in time for a premiere in 2020.

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