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DUG Drinks: World’s first potato milk launched by Swedish vegan dairy brand

Photo by: DUG Drinks/Instagram

DUG Drinks, a Swedish startup that produces vegan dairy products, just developed the very first potato-based milk in the world. The company has already launched the plant-based milk, and it has been receiving good feedback so far.

The Swedish vegan dairy maker stated that this milk made from potatoes does not just foam like the real dairy milk but is far more sustainable since it is plant-based. According to Green Queen, DUG Drinks was founded by Veg of Lund, a food innovator in Sweden. It was able to develop the potato milk based on Professor Eva Tornberg’s research at Lund University.

World’s first potato-based dairy

Most of the milk alternatives today are made from almonds, oats, or soy, and this time, DUG introduced the very first milk that was made from potatoes. This vegan alternative dairy does not have the typical ingredients used in traditional plant-based milk as well, so this is really different from the rest.

The company stated that it uses potatoes as the base for milk production and some other ingredients include rapeseed oil, chicory fiber, pea protein, maltodextrin, and natural flavorings. It does not have lactose, sugar, gluten, and sugar. The DUG potato milk formulation also includes vitamins such as folic acid, B12, and vitamin D.

“We have a good product that we are proud of,” Veg of Lund chief executive officer, Thomas Olander, said in a statement. “Our choice to use potatoes as a base means that we have a super-sustainable drink. Potatoes don’t need much to grow at all, making them a super-sustainable crop compared to others like soybeans, almonds or oats. Not to mention dairy products.”

Flavors and availability

In any case, DUG Drink’s new potato milk is available in three flavors and these are the original, unsweetened, and barista. It can be used in any way that ordinary dairy milk is used, such as in baking, cooking, and lattes.

The DUG potato milk is just as foamy and creamy, so they are versatile. This vegan dairy is already out in the Swedish and U.K. markets. It was first unveiled in Sweden in May and recently in Europe via Amazon. Finally, Totally Vegan Buzz reported that DUG potato milk was recently recognized at the 2021 World Food Innovation Awards, where it received the Best Allergy Friendly Product award.

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