Tim Lang

Tim Lang

Professor of Food Policy, City University London

Tim Lang has been Professor of Food Policy at City University London's Centre for Food Policy since 2002. After a PhD in social psychology at Leeds University, he became a hill farmer in the 1970s which shifted his attention to food policy, where it has been ever since. For years, he's engaged in academic and public research and debate about its direction, locally to globally. His abiding interest is how policy addresses the environment, health, social justice, and citizens. What is a good food system? How is ours measured and measuring up?

He has been a consultant to the World Health Organisation (eg auditing the Global Top 25 Food Companies on food and health), FAO (eg co-chairing the definition of sustainable diets) and UNEP (eg co-writing its 2012 Avoiding Future Famines report). He has been a special advisor to four House of Commons Select Committee inquiries (food standards x 2, globalisation and obesity), and a consultant on food security to the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House). He was a Commissioner on the UK Government's Sustainable Development Commission (2006-11), reviewing progress on food sustainability. He was on the Council of Food Policy Advisors to the Dept for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (2008-10), and was appointed to the Mayor of London's Food Board in 2010. He helped launch the 100 World Cities Urban Food Policy Pact in Milan 2015.

He and the Centre for Food Policy at City University London work closely with civil society organisations, through Sustain the UK NGO alliance (which he chaired in the past) and the UK Food Group. He has been a Vice-President of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (since 1999) and President of Garden Organic (since 2008). He currently chairs the Food Research Collaboration, an inter-University, inter-disciplinary academic collaboration with UK civil society (, and leads his University's involvement in the 5 University IFSTAL partnership ( which shares food systems thinking for post-graduates in a wide range of disciplines.

He has written and co-written many articles, reports, chapters and books. His most recent books are Food Wars (with Michael Heasman, Routledge, 2015), Unmanageable Consumer (with Yiannis Gabriel, Sage, 2015), Ecological Public Health (with Geof Rayner, Routedge Earthscan, 2012), Food Policy (with D Barling and M Caraher, Oxford University Press, 2009) and the Atlas of Food (with E Millstone, Earthscan 2003/2008). He writes frequently in the media and wrote a monthly column in The Grocer 2000-15.

He was elected Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health in 2001, and Fellow by Distinction in 2014; is an Hon Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Cooks (City of London); and won the Agri-Bagri Award of the Australia-New Zealand AgriFoodNetwork. He rides a bicycle to work, doesn't own a car and grows vegetables and fruit in his London garden.

His current research interests include:
- The political and policy battles over sustainable diets and the meaning of food security;
- Institutional failure to create coherent food policies;
- Food democracy and the growth of democratic experimentalism about the future of food;
- The shape and status of EU, UK and global food policies

Briferendum Series

UK food faces historic realignment after Brexit

Jun 30, 2016 13:14 pm UTC| Insights & Views Business

The situation created by the British vote to leave the European Union is momentous for UK food. It is on a par with the Repeal of the Corn Laws of 1846 when Britain decided its Empire could feed it, not its own farmers....



If approved by SAMR, the formula will give Bubs access to the remaining 80 percent of China’s $25.9 billion infant formula market.

Bubs Australia will manufacture and distribute Bubs Chinese-label goat milk infant formula in China according to new Chinese standards. under an agreement with Heilongjiang Ubeite Dairy Group (HUG). The new standards...

Sukyoung Textile worked for the intermediate agency but Nike made every business decision, including production methods.

Nike and other foreign companies could easily evade the fair trade law in South Korea even if they exploit their dominant position over domestic subcontractors by abusing them, according to a lawmaker. According to Rep....

This service allows users to control their avatar in a metaverse-based virtual model house.

The South Korean construction industry is using metaverse technology as an option for building and operating expensive real model houses and reaching a wider customer base Lotte Engineering Construction Co. rolled out...

Singapore-based ONE’s revenue grew 19.1 percent on year to $67.7 million.

ONE Championship expects to turn a profit in three years after its losses increase 125 percent on year to US$111 million for 2021. Singapore-based ONEs revenue grew 19.1 percent on year to $67.7 million, with...

Subscription streaming service Bally Sports+ provides access to the Bally Sports Ohio regional sports network.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will cover Bally Sports+ subscription streaming costs for Cavs United members with full or half-season tickets. The NBA teams move follows the nationwide US launch of the Bally Sports+...


Khamenei also accused Israel and the US of trying to destabilize Iran and derail its progress.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei sought to blame its rivals Israel and the United States for the ongoing protests in the country over the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. Khamenei accused the two countries of trying to...

Despite no imminent invasion, China is also trying to normalize its increased military activities near the island, says Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

United States Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that an invasion of Taiwan by China is not imminent at this time. However, Austin noted that Beijing was trying to normalize its military activities around the island...

Thousands of Russians that reported for enlistment were sent back as they were deemed unfit for duty, according to the Khabarovsk regional governor.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin ordered a partial mobilization of the countrys reserve troops to fight in Ukraine in response to Kyivs advances in the eastern territories. Moscow appears to experience more setbacks as...

The agency is looking to the public for a way to better invoke the Defense Production Act to boost power grid reliability.

The United States Energy Department this week moved to advance a Cold War-era law in order to bolster the reliability of the electric grid and deploy clean energy. The department sought the public on how to determine the...


The NPS has been focusing on anthocyanins, the antioxidant-rich pigments that give blackberries and blueberries their signature shades.

The US Department of Agriculture approved the genetically modified purple tomato to extend its shelf life and boost nutritional quality almost 15 years after its development. According to biochemist Cathie Martin, she...

Celltrion will receive US$10 million in milestone payments after successfully passing key stages of the development and approval cycle.

South Koreas Celltrion Inc. will jointly develop and work on the market release with Abpro Corp. of the US on a breast cancer treatment candidate ABP 10 Under the deal, Celltrion will receive US$10 million in milestone...

Current Canadian and American management efforts do not go far enough to decrease entanglement hazards and encourage the recovery of the North Atlantic right whale.

The Monterey Bay Aquariums Seafood Watch program added the American red lobster, caught in both US and Canada to its red list. Other species also added to the list are the snow crab, Atlantic rock crab, and others that...

The microscope unit, which also manufactures industrial endoscopes and x-ray analyzers, will be transferred to Bain on January 4, subject to antitrust regulatory approvals in Japan and elsewhere.

Olympus had agreed to sell its microscope unit to private equity firm Bain Capital for $3.1 billion as it speeds up the overhaul of its business portfolio to focus solely on medical technology The microscope unit, which...

The research team discovered that steamed mealworms emit a strong, corn-like odor, and when grilled or fried, they gave off a shrimp and frying oil-like scent.

South Korean researchers from Wonkwang University have developed a new process that uses edible insects to create meat-flavored seasoning. The research team came up with 98 volatile compounds with varying amounts of...


Leaked Pixel Watch 'Active' bands will cost $49, but the more expensive metal bands will launch at a later time

Google was previously reported to be working on several types of bands for the upcoming Pixel Watch. And it appears that at least two of them have already leaked online with only a few days left before the Made by Google...

TikTok live shopping feature is reportedly heading to North America

TikToks live shopping feature is expected to launch in more regions before the year ends. The social media giant is reportedly making arrangements to bring its in-app shopping tools to North America in time for the holiday...

Tencent reportedly takes an aggressive approach to gain major stakes in more gaming companies outside China

Tencent Holdings could be named a majority stakeholder in more gaming companies. The tech giant is reportedly aiming to replicate its recent deal with Ubisoft to expand overseas investments, following new regulatory laws...

SIE president Jim Ryan reportedly voiced his concerns on Microsoft-Activision Blizzard merger directly to EU regulators

Sony is naturally one of the most vocal companies about the looming Xbox and Activision Blizzard merger. But the PlayStation maker appears to be doing more than just giving press statements as Sony Interactive...
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