Peter Fisher

Peter Fisher

Adjunct Professor, Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University

Peter Fisher is an Adjunct Professor in in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at RMIT University. He has spearheaded a large number of projects at all levels of government as well as private industry including stormwater, creating cooler cities through the use of vegetation and a systemic integration of the water and electricity sectors. He has further been involved in education and training writing tertiary level courses on water management as well as climate change adaptation and water management; some for AusAid. He has also contributed a chapter on Melbourne to a new book, Resilient coastal city regions: Planning for climate change in the United States and Australia as well as to another new book, Managing Urban Disaster Recovery on infrastructure. He has just published with D Trainham, a PhD candidate, Naturizing outside-in: Reconnecting buildings with the natural world through a design innovation metric in the January 2013 issue of the Singapore based journal, CITYGREEN This has recently been incorporated into the Green Building Council of Australia's Innovation Challenge program. A Green Star naturizing index can now be found at

As an environment and science writer Dr. Fisher has published thirty eight articles since his first for the Australian Financial Review in 1999. Those of relevance to the carbon/climate change arena are: Water industry guilty of burning too much energy, Water Special (AFR, Tuesday 14 August 2003), Susceptible to calamity: Extremes of climate are a fact of life and we should be better prepared for them, The Australian, (Tuesday 21 March, 2006); Cold comfort in climate change, Sydney Morning Herald, (Saturday 6 January 2007); Canberra Times, Climate: Time is against us (Monday 8 January 2007.); and Why we need the urban forest, Urban magazine, (July quarter, 2007). His most recent pieces to with adaptation have appeared as OpEds in The Age - Ready for heavy weather, Monday 23 April 2008; Planning for a flood, Monday 29 September 2008; Big solutions for our water needs will use even more energy, Monday 9 March, 2009; It's time literally to go green, Monday 23 January, 2009; followed by A lack of ingenuity is evident in dealing with our water crisis, Tuesday 28 July 2009. And, a week before the latter, All change for the future, The Australian, Wednesday 22 July 2009. Further pieces appearing in The Age and National Times since then have been Rack ’em and stack ‘em: a silly solution to population growth, Thursday 18 March 2010. When everything's connected, one fault can be catastrophic. Monday, June 21, 2010 and Building for a cantankerous planet, Monday October 11, 2010, and Energy hungry water providers need to get with the power, Monday 3 January 2011.

When things go wrong in an automated world, would we still know what to do?

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We live in a world that is both increasingly complex and automated. So just as we are having to deal with more complex problems, automation is leading to an atrophy of human skills that may leave us more vulnerable when...

We can learn a lot from disasters, and we now know some areas don't recover

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Natural disasters were once regarded as a problem for the developing world, with reports of these rarely leading the news. Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy punctured that insularity in the US thanks to a malevolent combination...

Taking the city’s pulse: we need to link urban vitality back to the planet

Jun 08, 2016 05:59 am UTC| Insights & Views Nature

Back in the 1960s, the influential urban planner and journalist Jane Jacobs put American cities under the microscope. Jacobs was aiming to explain, and suggest ways of remedying, the hollowing out, or doughnut effect,...



U.S. Treasuries gain on short-covering amid muted trading session

The U.S. Treasuries jumped in an uneventful day with no economic data of note due for release. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury, slumped 2-1/2 basis points to 2.24 percent, the super-long 30-year bond yields...

UK gilts tad higher in silent trading; investors eye Q2 GDP next week

The UK gilts traded tad higher Friday ahead of the countrys Q2 gross domestic product (GDP), scheduled for release early next week amid a silent trading session that witnessed data of little economic significance. The...

FxWirePro: Recession in US still far-fetched idea

There are many indicators like PMI reports, jobs reports, inflation, industrial output, business sales etc. that we take a look into in determining whether the US economy is slowing down and heading for a recession but...

Eurozone periphery bonds jump ahead of benchmark German manufacturing PMI

The Eurozone periphery bonds jumped as investors wait to watch the benchmark Germanys manufacturing PMI, scheduled for release early next week. The benchmark German 10-year bond yields, which moves inversely to its...

Bank Indonesia unlikely to change current monetary policy stance thorough 2017, says ANZ Research

Bank Indonesia (BI) is expected not to change its current monetary policy stance through 2017 and is keen to preserve the on-going stability in the bond and FX markets. The central banks decision to remain on hold in its...


Law expert: where the Brexit battles over the Repeal Bill will be fought in parliament

The most important national law governing the Brexit process has been tabled before parliament by the UK government. The proposed European Union (Withdrawal) Bill previously known as the Great Repeal Bill is likely to...

Modi's polarising populism makes a fiction of a secular, democratic India

After Donald Trump was sworn in as US president, The Times of India published a piece titled Why both Modi and Trump are textbook populists. Citing Jan-Werner Mllers What is Populism?, the journalist, Amit Varma, was...

Politicians jeopardise the safety of whistleblowers with bad technology

The Western Australian Liberal Party has created a website,, encouraging whistleblowers to report on WA public officers, government ministers and members of parliament. The site has already been...

Malawi set out to give students skills to support democracy. But it's not been easy

Like many other countries, Malawi was caught in the wave of democratic change that swept sub-Saharan Africa in the early 1990s. The wave was triggered by the fall of communism along with military and civilian dictatorships...

US under Trump Series: Donald Trump Jr. may be called to testify before Senate over his meeting with Russian lawyer

President Trump eldest son Donald Trump Jr. might be called upon by the Senate Intelligence Committee to question about a meeting that took place in June 2016 at the Trump Tower between Trump Jr., President Trumps...


Scientists Create Material 5x Stronger Than Steel And Soft As Rubber

Researchers in Japan recently succeeded in creating a soft and flexible material that is five times stronger than steel but feels like rubber. Such a material could have numerous applications including the development of...

Scientists Create Super Spinach That Can Function As Bomb Detector

For the most part, the leafy green spinach has only ever been super in the animated classic Popeye the Sailor Man when the quirky main character would down a whole can of the leaves to gain strength. Recently, scientists...

The Most Advanced Artificial Heart Can Perform As Well As A Real One

Scientists have been trying to create artificial versions of human organs for decades, be it the liver, skin, eyes, and above all, the heart. These efforts are aimed at solving one of the biggest challenges in the medical...

93% Of Patients Prefer Medical Marijuana To Opioids, Study Says

For years, medical marijuana was the only means of people to legally acquire a batch of cannabinoids. It was used by folks who suffered from actual medical problems and those who just preferred to get high alike. In a...

Google Subsidiary Wants To Eliminate Zika Virus By Releasing 20 Million Mosquitos

Fighting fire with fire is a phrase that many have used over the years to indicate the intent to answer aggression with the same. A Google subsidiary called Verily is taking the concept a step further with its goal of...


Musk Announced New York To D.C. Hyperloop Given The Go-Ahead

In case there was any doubt that Elon Musk can do the impossible, the Tesla boss recently announced via Twitter that he received a verbal green light regarding plans to create a Hyperloop connection from New York to...

Nintendo N64 Classic Could Be Coming, Trademark Filings Indicate

The SNES Classic isnt even out yet and already, there are indications that Nintendo could be producing N64 Classics down the road. This is what publications are interpreting from trademark filings that the company recently...

Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy Is Offering A Free Previously Unreleased Level, Limited Time Offer

The Crash Bandicoot franchise has been around for a long time but it seems the original games still had content that players never got to try. One previously unreleased level is actually on offer right now for free, but...

It Could Fail, Elon Musk Dampens Expectations Regarding Falcon Heavy Launch

SpaceX is set to launch its Falcon Heavy rocket, the much bigger brother to the Falcon 9 soon, but the companys CEO is already trying to dampen expectations. According to Elon Musk himself, the launch could end up as a...

YouTube Finally Gets Serious About ISIS Recruitment On The Platform, It’s About Time

While it might sound odd that YouTube, one of the biggest and most influential video sharing platforms in the world has not exactly stamped out ISIS recruitment videos yet, this is exactly the case. Somehow, there are...
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