John Jewell

John Jewell

Dr John Jewell is the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Cardiff BA in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies.

Research and teaching interests include the representation of asylum seekers and refugees in the British media and the history and development of the popular press. I am also interested in advertising, propaganda and political communication.

It's all too easy to switch off from bad news – and it's dangerous too

Jun 17, 2017 16:32 pm UTC| Insights & Views

The full horror of the Grenfell Tower fire in west London is still to emerge. Like millions of others, I watched live as TV breakfast reports showed the blaze in its intensity and eyewitnesses told of their devastating...

Why Car Share is the one of the greatest comedies ever made

May 03, 2017 02:00 am UTC| Insights & Views Entertainment

This evening sees the final episode of series two of Car Share, the Peter Kay and Sian Gibson BBC One sitcom, which revolves around the developing romantic relationship of the two lead characters as they journey to and...

If Facebook ruled the world: Mark Zuckerberg's vision of a digital future

Feb 28, 2017 06:34 am UTC| Insights & Views Technology

Mark Zuckerberg, the 32-year-old multi-billionaire co-founder and CEO of Facebook has published his manifesto for the future. Its a comprehensive vision, running at nearly 6,000 words and the political and media elites...

US under Trump Series

Everything you wanted to know about @realdonaldtrump's Twitter habit

Feb 02, 2017 15:23 pm UTC| Technology Politics

Another day, another tweet, another incident. This time Donald Trump, the prolific and seemingly indiscriminate tweeter who just happens to be leader of the free world has damaged diplomatic relations with Australia by...

Regional newspapers are starving to death but can local journalism survive?

Aug 04, 2016 09:58 am UTC| Insights & Views Business

In October 2015, at a cost of 220m, Trinity Mirror, the parent company of Mirror newspapers and the Sunday People, took complete control of Local World publisher of around 100 local newspaper titles. The purchase has...

Come on Wales – outrage over Mars support for England football team is storm in a tea-break

Jun 01, 2016 02:06 am UTC| Insights & Views Sports

Welsh football fans are up in arms. They are calling for a boycott of Mars bars after claims that the confectionery super company has snubbed Wales and its fans by flaunting its support for England in the forthcoming...

New Day barely dawned: here's why UK's latest paper closed after just two months

May 05, 2016 16:02 pm UTC| Insights & Views Business

So, barely two months and 50 editions since Trinity Mirror launched its bright new newspaper venture, The New Day, the company has announced its closure. Confirming widespread industry speculation and the worst fears of...

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UK gilts slump after wage growth remains upbeat in August; investors await September retail sales

The UK gilts slumped Wednesday after the countrys wage growth remained upbeat during the month of August, adding to riskier sentiments among the investors. Further, investors now wait to watch the countrys retail sales for...

FxWirePro: UK unemployment report preview

The UK continues to suffer political trouble since the last election, where Prime Minister Theresa Mays Conservative Party fell short of an outright majority in the Parliament and is being forced to govern a minority...

EUR/PLN likely to witness further downside over near-term, says Commerzbank

The EUR/PLN currency pair is expected to witness further downside risks over the near-term, driven by concerns about accelerating inflation and possible rate hikes next year, according to the latest report from...

New Zealand bonds jump at close after dairy prices decline for second straight month

The New Zealand bonds jumped at the time of closing Wednesday after Global dairy prices slumped for the second time in a row at an auction held early on Wednesday, suggesting an earlier rally was running out of steam....

FxWirePro: The Day Ahead- 18th October 2017

Not many economic data and events scheduled for today but some with high volatility risks associated. Upcoming: Eurozone: ECB President Mario Draghi is set to deliver a speech at 8:10 GMT. August construction...


As China prepares for its Communist Party congress, what will it mean for the rest of the world?

Of Chinese President Xi Jinpings many achievements in his time in office about which much will be made in the official propaganda one of the most surprising was the more confident and assertive approach to foreign policy...

Las Vegas: the US is racked with impossible divisions over rights and freedoms

In the immediate aftermath of the October 2 Las Vegas massacre the USs 273rd mass shooting in 2017 alone it seems neither President Donald Trump nor his Republican colleagues will entertain a review of current gun...

Trump speaks at the UN: 5 takeaways

It is a short distance from Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue to the United Nations headquarters on First Avenue, but these are different worlds. Donald Trumps native world is one of unilateralism and competition, with more than...

Angela Merkel wins a fourth term in office – but it won't be an easy one

Angela Merkel will continue as chancellor of Germany. But following an election that saw the rise of smaller parties most notably the far right her fourth term will probably be an eventful one in ways she would not wish...

US under Trump Series: President Trump signs new travel ban with additional countries as old one expires

President Trump has signed a new executive order travel ban that was first initiated on the very first week after his inauguration and created quite a furore not only within the United States but around the world too. The...


New Treatment For Blindness Gets FDA Panel Recommendation, First Of Its Kind

Providing hope to thousands of people suffering from hereditary blindness, advisers for the US Food and Drug Administration just gave a critical recommendation to a new type of treatment. Using gene therapy, the treatment...

VP Mike Pence Heads NASA’s Revived Moon Council, SpaceX To Do The Heavy Lifting

After months of hinting that a Lunar mission is in the works, US vice-president Mike Pence announced via The Wall Street Journal op-ed that NASA would be sending humans to the moon. The article was published just before...

Scientists Makes Hydrogen Fuel Production Cheaper With Seawater And New Nanomaterial

Solar and wind energy might be the renewable resources that are growing in popularity, but hydrogen fuel has proven to be incredibly reliable and powerful as well. Now, a University of Central Florida (UCF) scientist has...

Ikea Now Has Indoor Vertical Farm, Huge Potential For Solar Partnership

With the worlds climate constantly becoming hotter by the year, industries such as farming are going to experience massive problems such as drought and daylight heat thats too much for plants to handle. Thats why products...

Genome editing of human embryos broadens ethics discussions

For several years, scientists have experimented on human embryos with a powerful genome editing tool called CRISPR to see if they could correct genetic errors or reduce the risk of disease. In September, Kathy Niakan at...


EA Axes Yet Another Studio, Shuts Down Dead Space Developer

Entertainment Arts (EA) has earned a reputation for buying video game studios and ruining them, and it seems it has done it again. This time, the victim is Visceral Games, the studio behind the Dead Space series. EA just...

Google AI Creates Better AI Than What Humans Can Develop

Just to prove that practically no one is safe from being replaced by robots, Google recently revealed that its AutoML project has created another artificial intelligence thats even better than what humans can make. The...

CD Projekt Red Addresses Ex-Employee Complaints Alleging Mistreatment Of Workers

The Polish video game company CD Projekt Red is known for running the digital distribution platform and producing the massively popular The Witcher franchise. However, rumors of poor working conditions and...

Google Photos Can Now Recognize Pets, Much Better For Sorting

Tech companies have been able to recognize humans faces for years but now, Google just revealed that it can now recognize pets. Through Google Photos, pictures of pets can automatically be tagged as either dog or cat and...

Netflix Revenue Could Exceed $11B, To Spend $8B On Original Content In 2018

The movie streaming mega giant Netflix is on track to exceed expectations with regards to its revenue by racking up $11 billion. This is largely being attributed to the growth of faster internet access and the spread of...
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