Boaz Dvir

Boaz Dvir

Assistant Professor in Journalism, Pennsylvania State University
Boaz Dvir teaches writing and production in the journalism and film departments.

An award-winning filmmaker, Dvir is the writer, director and producer of "Jessie’s Dad," which captures Mark Lunsford’s transformation from an uneducated truck driver to a savvy child-protection activist; "Discovering Gloria," which paints the portrait of an average inner-city schoolteacher who becomes a trailblazing innovator and a national model; and "A Wing and a Prayer," which tells the virtually unknown story of World War II aviators who launched a secret, illegal operation in 1948 to prevent a second Holocaust.

Dvir has taught writing, storytelling and documentary filmmaking at the University of Florida.

He has written for many publications, including Newsday, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Tampa Bay Times, The Miami Herald, the Jerusalem Post, Scripps Howard’s Treasure Coast Newspapers, the Times of Israel and Explore magazine.

Dvir served as editor of the Jacksonville Business Journal and managing editor of the South Florida Business Journal, which are part of Newhouse’s American City Business Journals. For several years, he appeared on “Week in Review” and wrote commentaries for WJCT, Jacksonville’s NPR/PBS station.

Dvir has won six Florida Magazine Association awards, including first place for his communigator column. He also won numerous awards from the Florida Press Association, including first place for his Business Journal column.

Dvir received a Lilly Endowment grant from the Religion News Service to research spiritual aspects of the Holocaust. He served as an officer and a military journalist in the Israel Defense Forces, where he gathered vital information during 1991 Gulf War, providing material to foreign correspondents, James Baker’s office and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Global Geopolitics Series

Biden and Trump agree on strong US-Israel relations – Bernie, not so much

Mar 16, 2020 06:02 am UTC| Politics

President Donald Trump has claimed for himself the title of historys most pro-Israel U.S. president, while characterizing his Democratic opponents as radicals seeking to destroy the special bond between the United States...

US under Trump Series

In the terrorism fight, Trump has continued a key Obama policy

Jan 27, 2020 03:20 am UTC| Insights & Views Politics

President Donald Trump has rescinded, reversed or otherwise ended many of former President Barack Obamas signature policies but not a prominent one. When it comes to fighting terrorism, the current commander-in-chief...



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Canadian data announcements have been lined up for the next weeks, with unemployment data scheduled for today, BoC monetary policy is on 15thfollowed by press meet, while retails sales and CPI flashes to print on 21stand...

FxWirePro: A Glimpse At ZAR’s RV And Delta-Hedge Trades On Looming South African Debt Crisis

Due to global recession fears and rising risk aversion yesterday brought a further sell-out for many EM currencies. The rand was amongst the biggest losers over the past days and reached new lows against USD and EUR. This...

FxWirePro: Sterling Still Edgy Amid Pandemic Saga - Driving Forces, OTC Outlook & Hedging Strategies of GBP/USD

GBPs performance ranks mid-table over the past month (+0.5% vs USD, -2.5% vs EUR) as the global impact of the coronavirus has come to dominate GBPs local difficulties with Brexit. But even though Brexit is now being...

FxWirePro: Take Prudent Look At Short Euro Trades Amid Pandemic Outlook

Pandemic COVID-19 impact has broadened, eliciting abrupt financial market moves. We all know that the strength of a relationship can be severely tested during times of crisis. This is currently very obvious in the EU, and...

FxWirePro: Driving Forces, OTC Outlook And Hedging Strategies Of EUR/JPY

Universal fact is that the strength of a relationship would be severely tested during times of crisis. This is currently very obvious in the EU, and the euro is not taking it well. There is no agreement about how to...


Donald Trump says over 2 million coronavirus tests were completed

President Donald Trump took to the podium for the latest White House briefing regarding the coronavirus crisis in the country. Trump revealed that over two million coronavirus tests were done. As reported by CNN, Trump...

Melania Trump shares face mask photo to further encourage Americans to wear face masks in public

Contrary to her husband Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump has been stressing the importance of following the advice given by the Centers for Disease Control Prevention lately. The First Lady shared a photo of herself...

Joe Biden announces proposals on Medicare and student debt

As former Vice President Joe Biden is now the presumptive Democratic nominee, the pressure is now solely on him to unite the party in time for the November elections. In an effort to get Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders...

Ivanka Trump bashed online after showing her kids washing their hands with $40 soap and here's why

Ivanka Trump is on the headlines this week after she was bashed by the public for using an expensive soap in this time of a global pandemic. Apparently, people got upset even if the First Daughters intention was only to...


NASA: Agency shares photo of latest ISS crew launch

Despite the world battling the coronavirus pandemic, space exploration continues, with NASA recently sending a few more people into space. The agency released a photo of the latest rocket launch, sending the new batch of...

Scientists explore the hidden ecosystem in Antarctica

Over time, scientists at Antarctica have made discoveries that shed some light on the Earths history. In a 2014 documentary, a group of divers made a move to explore the almost pristine ecosystem that the frozen continent...

ESA satellites detect an unusual hole in the ozone layer above the Arctic region

Over the years, some progress has been made in restoring the giant hole in the planets ozone layer. However, satellites from the European Space Agency or ESA noticed something unusual about the ozone layer in the Arctic...

NASA: Agency commemorates 50th anniversary of Apollo 13 mission

Ever since the historic Apollo 11 mission in 1969, NASA tried to gain momentum by sending in more people to the moon with Apollo 12 and Apollo 13. 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 13 mission. Express...


iOS 14 will allow users to test features of yet to be installed apps

Apple has reportedly started the development of iOS 14 for a while now, and bits of information allegedly coming from early builds are making its way to the rumor mill. More recently, the next operating system update is...

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AirPods X for athletes and runners reportedly arrives in fall

Apple is reportedly working on a new AirPods-branded device that will be quite different from the other products in the lineup. It is dubbed as AirPods X and, no, it is not a truly wireless headphone. AirPods X specs,...
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