Roberto Musotto

Roberto Musotto

Research Fellow in Cyber Security and Law, Edith Cowan University
I am an Italian-qualified lawyer (Avvocato) with expertise in serious crimes commercial and cyber aspects. I use theory and methods from network science and law & economics in my research.

I hold a PhD in Economics from Università degli Studi di Messina 2017 and a Laurea Magistrale in Giurisprudenza (LLB+LLM) from Università degli Studi di Palermo 2007-2012.

Some areas of law & economics I investigate include:

- Contractual mechanisms and corporate structures exploited by criminal organisations in legal and illegal markets
- Transnational forms of organised crime and terrorist networks in a changing socio-legal context
- Social and spatial network analysis techniques applied on criminal groups
- Linking organised crime to cybercrime, specifically on Booter Services (Stressers), Ransomwares and Crypto-currencies

Until August 2019, I conducted my research under the 3.5 million Euro Horizon 2020 TAKEDOWN project at the University of Leeds, UK. More information about the project itself and results are on the website:

I published my works in acclaimed peer-reviewed academic journals, details of which can be found on my Google Scholar page:

Is your super money safe? Here's how you can dodge cyber fraud

Jun 03, 2020 14:55 pm UTC| Investing

Alongside growing concerns over a possible resurgence of the coronavirus during winter, the pandemic is now creating even more victims as cybercriminals aim to capitalise on the economic upheaval. According to news...

Ransomware attack on sheep farmers shows there's no room for woolly thinking in cyber security

Mar 06, 2020 03:46 am UTC| Technology

While many Australians were preoccupied with panic-buying toilet paper, sales of another commodity encountered a very different sort of crisis. Wool sales were severely disrupted last week by a ransomware attack on IT...

Hackers are now targeting councils and governments, threatening to leak citizen data

Nov 11, 2019 09:19 am UTC| Insights & Views Technology

In recent weeks, Johannesburgs computer network was held for ransom by a hacker group called Shadow Kill Hackers. This was the second time in three months a ransomware attack has hit South Africas largest city. This time,...



S. Korea to back up 1,000 hydrogen businesses over 20 years

South Korea will support 1,000 businesses in the hydrogen industry over the next 20 years to develop a hydrogen-based ecosystem and economy. Consequently, the country will help create at least 500 companies in...

FxWirePro: Can USMCA & PMIs Bring In Optimism For Mexican Peso? Uphold USD/MXN Call Spreads

The recent publication of the PMIs in a number of countries illustrated a significant improvement of sentiment. It seems questionable though whether sentiment in Mexico has improved to the same extent (publication of the...

S. Korea's SMEs struggle due to shortage of migrant workers

Over half of South Koreas 1,062 small to medium companies (SMEs) reliant on the foreign workforce are struggling due to a COVID-19-induced shortage of migrant labor. According to the response to the Korea Federation of...

S. Korea braces for record-high electricity demand during summer

South Korea will roll out energy-saving campaigns while avoiding face-to-face contact as it braces to supply 100.1 million kW in summer, up 1.8 percent from the last years peak. An additional 7.29 million kW of reserve...

India blocks 59 Chinese to safeguard sovereignty

The Indian government blocked 59 Chinese Apps for engaging in activities prejudicial to its sovereignty, integrity, defense, the security of the state, and public order. The ban against what India termed as malicious...


Donald Trump shock: Judge blocks publishing of a book by POTUS's niece Mary Trump

President Donald Trumps niece, Mary Trump, is set on publishing her upcoming tell-all book about her family, most especially her relationship with the president. Following a failed first attempt in blocking its publishing,...

Joe Biden shock: Ex-VP says Donald Trump has 'surrendered' to the coronavirus pandemic as the number of cases rise

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the United States the worst over the past several months, with almost 130,000 Americans dying from the pandemic and 2.6 million people infected. Former vice president Joe Biden ripped into...

Melania Trump revelation: Wife of publisher served in an unpaid advisory role to FLOTUS

Throughout the years of the Trump administration, there were many changes and shifts among personnel, especially within the White House, most, if not all, were announced. However, recent reports have revealed that the...

Barack Obama’s 25-minute phone call to George Floyd’s family was emotional, Al Sharpton confirms

Former President of the United States Barack Obama reached out to the family of George Floyd in early June through a phone call. A recent report has described their conversation as being emotional and had lasted for around...


Author says 2,400-year old coin artifact may be proof that Atlantis is real

Atlantis is one of the most popular myths in history, with many wondering whether the city is actually real, based on the stories that have been told over time. An author and researcher may have unraveled the mystery...

Asteroids: How an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs could trigger an apocalyptic event today

66 million years ago, an asteroid 10 kilometers in diameter triggered the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. Now, experts have weighed in on what would happen if an asteroid that same size would collide with the Earth...

Temperatures at South Pole rising three times faster than everywhere else on Earth

Climate change remains to be one of the biggest issues in the world today despite the sudden shift in focus towards the coronavirus pandemic. Recent reports have revealed that this problem is becoming more and more evident...

Astronomers find out what caused the mysterious disappearance of a massive star in the Aquarius constellation

The process of a dying star is gradual, or at the very least easily monitored because of the changes it goes through. However, astronomers were left surprised when they saw that one particular star in one constellation...


‘eFootball PES 2021’ could be imminent as Konami delivers ‘final’ Data Pack on ‘PES 2020’

Questions start to pile up about eFootball PES 2021 as its rival franchise has announced its next title while Konami is still mum about its next football sim. On the other hand, the developer has also labeled the Data Pack...

Future of ‘The Last of Us’ franchise does not include ‘Part 2’ DLCs

Depending on how a gaming fan views the plot twists in The Last of Us Part 2, they could see the sequel as either the best game of the year or the reason they lose interest over the series. But with more fans finishing...

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ will get a free, full-fledged PS5 and Xbox Series X versions

Many video game fans are worried about one thing right now. They are wondering if newly released and upcoming games would be playable on the next-generation consoles when they have been developed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox...

‘World of Warcraft’ weekly event comes with passive Honor buff

Playing World of Warcraft rarely gets boring or repetitive, thanks to various limited-time events that Blizzard events. This week, players who are in need of gathering more Honor gains are lucky as it is the main prize of...
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