Aurore Julien

Aurore Julien

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Design, University of East London
I am a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Design at the School of Architecture in the University of East London. I have 17 years’ experience as a consultant in environmental sustainability for buildings. I also provide Green Building design courses for Green Building Councils around Europe, and am an Environmental Assessor for festivals and outdoor events with A Greener Festival.

My research interest relate to sustainability, green buildings, green events and energy use.

Selected Publications:

Julien A. (2014). Rapid Energy Savings in London’s Households to Mitigate an Energy Crisis, PhD Thesis, University College London, UK.

Julien A., Hamilton, I., Croxford, B., (2014). Environmental Masterplanning: Defining an Integrated Approach, In Carmona, M., Explorations in Urban Design, An Urban Design Research Primer, Ashgate, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, London, pp. pp. 135 – 143.

Darby, S.J., Griffin, P.W., Julien, A., Killip, G., Morton, C., and Summerfield, A. (2014) Demand Reduction - Synthesis of Findings from the UKERC Phase 2 Demand Theme, 2009-2013 (Working Paper). UKERC Report UKERC/WP/ED/2014/001. UKERC: London

Julien A., Barratt M., Croxford B., (2011). Rapid Energy Savings in London’s Households to Mitigate an Energy Crisis, BECC Conference 2011, Washington.

Selected Conferences and Talks:

Conference talk at the RGS-IBG Mid-term Conference 2013: Geographical Transitions, 25-27th March 2013, University of Birmingham, UK

Conference talk at the International Conference on Affordable Sustainable Housing 2013, Procure, Produce, Perform - 7th January 2013, Sheffield School of Architecture (SSoA), UK.

Debate secondment and presentation and for the UKERC Annual Assembly 2011 29 June to 1 July, and 2013 University of Warwick, UK.

Conference talk at the “BECC (Behavior, Energy and Climate Change)” conference, 30 November to 2 December 2011, Washington, USA.

How to keep buildings cool without air conditioning – according to an expert in sustainable design

Jul 29, 2019 01:29 am UTC| Insights & Views Business

The warmer it gets, the more people crank up the air conditioning (AC). In fact, AC is booming in nations across the world: its predicted that around two thirds of the worlds households could have an air conditioner by...

The environmental cost of abandoning your tent at a music festival

Jul 12, 2019 10:00 am UTC| Insights & Views Nature

After years of depressing images of huge fields strewn with abandoned tents and rubbish in the aftermath of music festivals, it was heartening to hear Glastonbury Festival organisers claim that 99% of festival-goers tents...



Canceled bookings cost hosts to lose thousands of dollars a month

A number of Airbnb hosts in the United States are planning to sell their properties as well as the furnishings they bought to adorn their homes due to the financial fallout from the pandemic. Canceled bookings cost...

Imports of Japanese beer fell 89 percent to $630,000, while Japanese vehicles dropped 59 percent to $62 million

South Korea imported US$249 million worth of Japanese consumer goods in April, down 37 percent from last year, mainly due to backlash from Korean consumers against Japans export restrictions. Imports of Japanese beer...

The country's economy already struggled before it had to deal with the outbreak.

Indias economy would plummet for the fiscal year of 2020-2021 despite a rebound in activity in the coming months, says the head of Indias central bank Shaktikanta Das. He gave his projection while announcing a slew of...

However, overall exports dipped 1.4 percent in the first quarter.

South Koreas exports of eight new-industry goods in the first-quarter jumped 17 percent from the previous year to $21 billion despite a drop in overall exports. The goods include aviation products and drones, biohealth...

The rise in inequality is attributed to the shrinking wages of low-income households, and a cut down in temporary positions

The income disparity between the top 20 percent and bottom 20 percent of households widened with many of the countrys low-paying jobs being slashed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The average monthly income of households...


Donald Trump's tweets accusing Joe Scarborough of murder will not be deleted, says Twitter

If there is one thing to know about Donald Trump, it is that he is very active on social media, Twitter most especially. Following his continuous accusations towards Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough of murder, Twitter said...

US President Donald Trump criticizes Gavin Newsom over orders for mail-in ballots

President Donald Trump is heavily against mail-in voting, especially for the upcoming elections. Recently, he criticized California Governor Gavin Newsom on Twitter for his decision to provide mail-in ballots. Trump...

AFL-CIO endorses Joe Biden for President

Former vice president Joe Biden is known for being able to connect with the working-class people. Following his endorsements from several labor unions comes another one, from the AFL-CIO. The Hill reports that the...

Joe Biden calls for cancellation of rent, mortgage payments during coronavirus pandemic

The United States has the highest number of coronavirus cases with over 1.7 million Americans infected with COVID-19. To ease the burden of the millions who lost their jobs due to the economic disruption brought by the...


Asteroids: Asteroid-comet hybrid spotted by NASA's asteroid warning system

Hybrids of objects seen in space are very rarely sighted, until recently. NASAs asteroid warning system in Hawaii recently spotted one hybrid of an asteroid and a comet known as Trojans. Express reports that astronomers...

New powerful infrared telescope scheduled to be completed within the year, says scientists

While NASA has the James Webb Space Telescope that will be launching in 2021, space agencies in other countries are also in the process of developing their own. However, scientists from the Australian National University...

Expert says text from the Merneptah Stele proves the Israelites occupied Canaan

Many archaeologists and experts continue to study artifacts to find proof that lands and events that existed in the biblical times really existed. A breakthrough appears to have been made as of late as two lines from the...

Aliens: Expert says China is making progress in searching for alien life

Space agencies all over the world are determined to search for alien life in upcoming studies and missions. One expert, in particular, says that among the countries that are keen on searching for extraterrestrials, China...


Free Games with Gold June 2020: “Sine Mora,” “Destroy all Humans” and other Xbox One and Xbox 360 games next month

Microsoft has officially unveiled the rooster of titles included in its Games with Gold for June 2020. Next months free Xbox One and Xbox 360 games include Destroy all Humans, Sine Mora, Shantae and the Pirates Curse, and...

‘GTA 6’ release date is likely happening in 2023

There has been quite a debate among fans and industry insiders about the release date window of GTA 6. Some of them may have gotten it right, as it now appears that the next game will not be launched until 2023. GTA 6...

iOS 14: Jailbreakers and hackers reportedly had access to an internal build since February

A wave of iOS 14 leaks have made it online over the previous months, and it turns out Apple-focused blogs and publications are not the only ones who had access to this information. It was previously revealed that...

AirPods Studio with high-tech play/pause detection system reportedly entered production already

Much of the information from the Apple supply chain about AirPods recently is not about the third generation or the next AirPods Pro. Reports have been focused on an all-new production being dubbed as AirPods Studio, and...

iPhone 12 would not ship with free wired EarPods

The Whats in the Box corner for the iPhone 12 production page later on Apples official website is expected to look a little different later this year. A well-known industry insider reported that the tech giant is planning...
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