Piers Forster

Piers Forster

Professor of Physical Climate Change; Director of the Priestley International Centre for Climate, University of Leeds

Professor of Physical Climate Change, University of Leeds (2008-present)
Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award holder (2011-2016)
Roberts Research Fellow/ Reader, University of Leeds (2005-2008)
NERC Advanced Research Fellow, University of Reading (2000-2005)
Visiting Researcher, CRC for Southern Hemisphere Meteorology, Melbourne (1999)
PDRA, University of Reading (1994-1998)

PhD Meteorology, University of Reading (1994)
BSc Physics, Imperial College, London (1990)

Royal Meteorological Society, American Geophysical Union, American Meteorological Society, Sustainable Aviation Stakeholder Panel

Research Interests

Climate change, Radiative forcing, climate modelling, climate change impact, climate change adaptation, aviation and climate

Climate Change Series

The most influential climate science paper of all time

Oct 09, 2021 08:29 am UTC| Science

After the second world war, many of Japans smartest scientists found jobs in North American laboratories. Syukuro (Suki) Manabe, a 27-year-old physicist, was part of this brain drain. He was working on weather forecasting...

The 1.5℃ global warming limit is not impossible – but without political action it soon will be

May 03, 2021 05:47 am UTC| Nature

Limiting global warming to 1.5℃ this century is a central goal of the Paris Agreement. In recent months, climate experts and others, including in Australia, have suggested the target is now impossible. Whether Earth can...

Climate Change Series

UK target to cut emissions 78% by 2035 is world-leading – but to hit it, policies must be rolled out now

Apr 23, 2021 11:51 am UTC| Nature

Everyday Im inundated with fresh news of businesses and governments declaring new deadlines for when theyll reach net zero emissions. The announcement of one climate target in particular caught my attention recently, for...



Study probes use of owls in helping California vineyards get rid of rodents

A Humboldt State University team is attempting to prove that owls can be an effective eco-friendly option at protecting grapes from rodent attacks. Graduate students at the universitys Department of Wildlife under...

Paris Baguette partners with Erajaya Group to bring its bakery chain brand to Indonesia

Paris Baguette is one of the leading and largest bakery chains in South Korea, and it is now expanding to Indonesia. Through a partnership deal between the bakerys operator, which is SPC Group, and Indonesias local firm,...

Amazon is hiring 150,000 workers in the U.S. as the holiday shopping season approaches

Amazon announced on Monday, Oct. 18, that it would be hiring additional 150,000 workers in the United States. The new recruits will be part of the companys seasonal workforce which means they will be temporarily employed...

Google to offer new mobile subscription bundle

Google is reportedly set to launch its new subscription-based bundle, and this offer includes a package of a smartphone and some exclusive Google services. Googles strategic move is meant to attract more customers in...

Camp takes over Toys R Us Garden State Plaza mall store as the holiday season begins

Camp, a toy retailer in the United States, is set to launch its new store where the famous Toys R Us store was once located. The company will be opening its doors to shoppers in time for the holiday season. While this...


Capitol insurrection: Rep. Adam Schiff reveals House Committee's plan on Steve Bannon, warns other subpoenaed Trump aides

The House Committee investigating the Capitol insurrection is moving forward in taking action against Donald Trumps former strategist Steve Bannon for refusing to comply with his subpoena. Rep. Adam Schiff made another...

Afghanistan: Iran to host meeting with Russia, China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan on Afghanistan

As the Taliban now have control of Afghanistan, the rest of the world looks to decide how to approach the nations new administration, including its neighbors. Iran will be hosting a meeting with five other nations...

South China Sea: China blasts US, Canada for conspiring to disrupt stability in region as tensions with Taiwan rise

Tensions in the South China Sea are not just limited to the increasing assertions of control by China over the vast majority of the waters, but it also includes its pressure campaign on Taiwan. With the US and Canada...

Kamala Harris to talk about climate change in visit to Lake Mead

With climate change becoming more and more of a major issue in the world today, its effects are also becoming more and more evident. In her visit to Lake Mead, US Vice President Kamala Harris will be highlighting the...


S. Korean researchers develop process that uses agri-waste to produce biofuels, plastics

The Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) had developed an enzymatic process that uses agricultural waste to produce the 4-hydroxy valeric acid--an ingredient for biofuels and plastics. The KIERs enzymatic process...

France probes Nestlé, 100 other firms over bisphenol-A use

The French government is investigating 101 companies, including Nestlé, for not disclosing their use of bisphenol-A in food packaging. In its statement of objections, Frances competition authority accused the 101...

Kansai found to have more genetically predisposed coffee lovers than elsewhere in Japan

Tokyo-based genome data analysis firm Euglena found that those with rs671 genotypes of ALDH2 are more predisposed to liking coffee and more prevalent in people from the Kansai area than other parts of Japan. Euglena...

S. Korean researchers develop eco-friendly fertilizer tech using greenhouse gases

A Kyung Hee University research team had developed a new eco-friendly technology that can turn methanol generated in livestock and agricultural areas into a hormone that promotes plant growth and rooting. The technology...

S. Korean researchers to limit carbon emissions during battery manufacturing

The Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) will invest 11.4 billion won in developing a solvent-free process that does not emit carbon dioxide in electrode manufacturing for lithium-ion batteries. The process...


‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ PC requirements on Steam include 150GB storage space

The next video game adaptation based on the Marvel universe will be Square Enixs Guardians of the Galaxy. While developer Eidos-Montreal has yet to unveil the full list of system requirements for PC players, the...

Apple AR/VR production might begin in late 2022

Apple has been rumored to release its own AR/VR headset for some time now. However, tech fans might have to wait longer than previously reported as the device is not anticipated to enter production until late...

FromSoftware announces ‘Elden Ring’ closed test following launch delay

The lack of new updates about Elden Ring has led to speculations that the game could be delayed. On Monday, speculations turned to reality as FromSoftware moved the games launch. On the bright side, the developer also...

MacBook Pro launches with two new Apple silicon chips

Just as expected, Apples October event highlighted the release of the latest MacBook Pros. However, the tech giant was still able to surprise viewers of the online launch by announcing that there will be two new Apple...
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