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POTUS called Melania Trump ‘one of the most successful models in history’; FLOTUS has no Zed card

Regine MahauxWeaver, Hilary/Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump once proudly called Melania Trump one of the most successful models in history. However, a writer was able to debunk the POTUS’s claim.

On Twitter, Quinn Cumming revealed the one thing that has been bothering her about the FLOTUS’s modeling career. She suggested that it’s hard to call the first lady a supermodel because this is hardly the case. In fact, Melania’s modeling career never reached the careers of Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and more.

“I keep thinking about Melania's zed card. If you aren't near the modeling business, a zed card or a comp card is the modeling equivalent of a headshot. It's slightly different because their stats will be on it and headshots are mostly of the actors, well, head,” she tweeted.

“A zed card will have at least one full-body shot. Back before the Internet, this was the only way models could be submitted for work. As the assistant to a casting director back then, I saw thousands of these. It was both my work and a fun way to assure I always felt fat,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet.

The writer uploaded some photos of models with their Zed cards, and she also shared the FLOTUS’s photos that look nothing theirs.

“Which is why her zed cards keep bugging me. We have never seen one. Models are constantly refreshing and updating their books as they get work. The better pictures become a new zed card. You are being hired because of your looks,” she wrote.

The writer also pointed out that there’s an entire decade that Melania couldn’t account for when it comes to her modeling career. But there are indeed some nude photos of the FLOTUS that could still be found online. However, they are not the kind of photos that could describe someone as a supermodel.

Some netizens have reacted to Cummings’ tweets by saying that Melania got a break in her modeling career only because she dated Trump.

“She’s Trumpski’s long-time handler. She reports to Papa Putin…” Twitter user @JMahoffer said.

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